Girlfriends Spoil a Guy’s Getaway

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And the guys thought bringing the girlfriends would spoil their man-getaway weekend — Oh how wrong they were!

Every year, three of my best friends and I go to a secluded lake cabin in Wisconsin for a “guys-only” weekend. We play cards, golf, drink beer, swim, and smoke cigars in the lake, and generally just kick back. This year, we were sitting around talking and planning our vacation when our girlfriends announced that they wanted to come along. This was not a good thing, because this is our time to get away and just be guys.

One of the guys, Scott, said jokingly that the only way we would let the girls go was if they showed up naked and stayed naked. Scott is both the leader and jokester of our group. We all laughed. Later, as we sat around drinking wine and feeling good, the girls came out and shocked us saying that they would agree to our terms if they were allowed to wear their lingerie and not be totally naked. We thought they were kidding. My girlfriend Julie and I have been to topless pools in Las Vegas, but I was not sure she would be this open to this idea, so I was very skeptical. Julie is the total package, smart and sexy, light hazel eyes, 5′ – 9″, firm round bubble butt, sexy short blonde hair like Meg Ryan’s, and wonderful firm 32 D tits with delicious strawberry pink nipples.

Scott spoke and said, “We have a deal Ladies, except I need the following conditions to be added, no lingerie or bras, thongs only, and we get to pick the thongs you wear, along with proper shoes that go with each appropriate thong. That is the deal, no exceptions.”

The girls huddled together and whispered among themselves. They decided to leave it up to Penny, Scott’s girlfriend to make the decision it was her call. She shocked us by saying to Scott “you have a deal my dear, except we are allowed to bring a sexy silk robe of your choice.” Penny is a very sexy-looking woman with a killer body. She is 5′ foot 7″, with blonde hair, blue eyes, 32 C breasts, and an excellent firm small ass. We are all very attractive couples in our mid to late 20’s. I was looking forward to what would happen or not. I really thought the girls would chicken out or change the rules.

I decided to play along and see where this would lead. Friday afternoon we left for the cabin. My girlfriend wanted to pack, but I had already spoken with my buddies and we decided the girlfriends could only bring their cosmetics bags. I told her I packed her thongs and silk robe along with appropriate footwear. I handed her a very sexy micro white satin thong. Julie whined but finally went along. I’m sure she checked with the other women first, though, to make sure they were all doing the same!

When we got to the cabin, it was very warm outside and still light, but the sun was going down. There were two other cars already there when we pulled up to the cabin. I looked at Julie to see what she would do. I’m not sure if she wanted to cry, but she took a big breath and proceeded to strip off her clothes in the car leaving just her thong on. Reaching into the back seat and she grabbed her little orange sexy silk robe off the hanger and put it on. We got out of the car and walked toward the cabin. My girlfriend had on her “3 black high heel pumps, white sexy thong, and tiny robe that barely covered her ass as she walked towards the lake cabin.

Penny and Amy came out to welcome us. I think Julie felt better when she saw that Amy, her best friend, was also in just a black lacey thong and very short black satin robe that also barely covered her ass. On the back of her robe there was a dragon embroidered shooting out fire that added to her sexy attire. She was wearing knee high black boots. Her robe did not completely cover her thong, just her chest as it was loosely tied in front. Amy’s thong had the words “hot” in gold embroidered on her thong. Amy is a very stunning brunette. She has a tall lean hard body with dark brown shoulder hair, brown eyes, has a tight small ass, and firm perky 32B chest where her pink nipples stick straight out.

Penny had on a long red silk robe which was not tied well and became undone when she walked to meet Julie, exposing her breast and thong to us. She had on a hot pink thong with gold chains in front and on the side. She was wearing 4″ high sexy gold sandals with gold leather small bands that tied to her leg that went up to her knees. In all of this excitement she was not aware that her robe had become untied. It didn’t seem to bother her as she smiled at me. Both Penny and Amy looked extremely hot. The girls all embraced each other affectionately.

About one hour later, the last couple, Bob and Dana arrived. It was now after dinner and dark outside. All four women were just in their thongs and robes. The girls were acting very shy about exposing their breasts to us. We sat out on the deck on this warm summer night and drank wine by candlelight with stars and full moon above us. Within a couple of hours everyone seemed to relax after a few glasses of wine, Bob took the lead casino oyna and freed the strings of Dana’s white slinky silk robe exposing her boobs to all of us. We all promptly followed Bob’s lead and untied our girlfriends’ silk robes, taking them completely off and exposing their breasts.

The girls didn’t seem to mind being topless with just their thongs on as we drank another glass of wine and shared some of our personal sexual adventures and stories with each other. I don’t know about the other guys, but I was hard as a rock staring at my girlfriend’s tits and tiny thong while hearing these stories. I wondered if other guys were so turned so I looked around the room at the other guys. To no surprise to me everyone else was also sporting a good boner. Watching our women sitting around topless was awesome. That evening around ten I told Julie we needed to go our room and make an early night of it. I think she got the hint. When we got in the room, we were both so horny. We couldn’t wait to fuck our brains out. Julie said this was the wildest suggestion that Scott had ever made. She said she felt completely mischievous, even a little naughty, and very sexy.

The next morning the women made breakfast with their robes on; they were very loosely tied though for our viewing pleasure. We caught several glances of their naked boobs at breakfast as they bent over. This allowed us to catch sight of their boobs and I think this was done intentionally. It was very sexy of them. As we sat around the room, the aroma of hot sex was almost intoxicating.

We decided we would all go down to the lake for a swim. I took Julie back to our room and had sex with her again. She cleaned up, and we went down to the lake. The water was great and warm, and it was tempting for us guys to go skinny-dipping, but we had promised to keep our clothes on and only the girls could be semi-naked. So we couldn’t swim or sunbathe nude. The women were stunning as they swam and sat about in the warm sun topless drinking a few beers with us. Whenever they came out of the water, their nipples were erect and attractive. My eyes feasted on these wonders of nature. Pretty soon the girls said they would go back and get lunch ready, as we were all getting hungry.

When they left, us guys congratulated ourselves on our good luck. We all said our girlfriends were the horniest and the sexiest they had ever been. We were in a hurry to get back to the cabin for lunch, as we were sure it would be ready. When we entered the cabin, our girlfriends called out from the kitchen that they were not quite finished yet, so we should sit at the table and get comfy. There was both enthusiasm and laughter in their voices. I wondered what was up. Finally, they came out with their robes and high heel pumps on, each carrying a tray with food, and beers. At the same exact time all these sexy women untied their robes. All of our mouths dropped open in amazement and wonder. There stood all four women with the food, gigantic smiles, no panties on and completely shaved or very trimmed pussies, now entirely nude!

Penny announced to Scott, “Hey Darling you got your wish we are naked and properly groomed for y’all”, in a sexy southern draw voice. “Do you men like what you see”? Penny spoke with a seductive tone.

They all dropped their robes to the floor. My heart was pounding. The sight was absolutely breathtaking as all four stood there next to each other for several seconds, totally naked. What a dream come true for us. When they came to the table, it was all I could do to keep from grabbing Julie and fucking her right there. We struggled to eat, and as soon as we finished, we all made excuses to haul our women off to bed. Julie was enormously excited. I barely touched her soft, trimmed pussy and found that she was already very aroused. She became lady tigress, eagerly pouncing on my cock, sitting on it and taking it in her throbbing pussy in a single motion. Within minutes I was squirting deep inside my beautiful girlfriend’s pussy. It was like we when we first had sex.

Later that afternoon, the girls asked us if during dinner it would be permissible for them to wear their robes. This was going to be our last evening at the cabin. They indicated to us if this was acceptable that we would not be disappointed. They told us if we allowed them this request they would look especially sexy for us. That also told us that this may lead them to behave a little mischievous tonight. I wondered what that meant. We all easily granted their request. That evening the ladies took their time doing their hair and applying their make-up each one of them looked unbelievable. All of them had on sexy jewelry. During dinner, we all complemented them on how beautiful and gorgeous they each looked. Julie had decided to wear her diamond tennis bracelet and sparking jewel waist band also.

Later that night, we were seated around the table playing poker while the women served drinks and snacks with their thongs on. An hour later they opened up their silk canlı casino robes exposing their breast to us. The music was playing and there were candles lit everywhere. Julie was wearing a super cute green micro Side Tie thong that barely covered her pussy along with her 4″ high heel, thigh high black boots, and her tiny jet black silk robe. She looked hotter and sexier than I had ever seen her. The atmosphere was hot, hot, hot! Everybody was in high spirits, and the girls were dancing to the music, flirting shamelessly, sitting in our laps and getting our cocks very excited. They had become so uninhibited about their semi-nakedness that it was as if they were trying to outdo each other in their efforts to attract our adoring eyes. Each of them had taken off their silk robes for our admiring eyes.

Penny came over to me and sat down on my knees, placing her arms around my shoulder and asked me how the game was going and if I needed anything. I saw her glance down at my aching crotch. My cock was rock hard and she knew it. I told her I was fine. She just gave me a sinful pleasing smile and a wink. She leaned over, kissing me on my cheek as her right breast and nipple touched my arms. I almost lost my self control and reached out to grab her tits with my hands. Dana walked by me stroking my hair through her fingers and said, “He looks just fine, Penny!” as she also stared down at my stone-hard cock.

“Hey Penny let’s take off Mitch’s shirt”, Dana suggested. Off it went as both girls tugged my shirt over my head. Now I was just wearing my gray night shorts with no underwear on.

Dana walked over to sit on Bob’s lap to see how he was doing and if he desired anything. Jokingly, like he often does, he reached up his hands said “I need to feel to these babies!” as he massaged Dana’s tits. Dana moaned with pleasure for a few seconds, forgetting where she was. I guess she was lost in the moment. She told Bob he would have to wait a little bit longer to fool around with them as she took his hands away from her breast.

I think the sensual play along with the fine wine was getting to all of us. We were all getting very horny. I could feel the sexual tension in the air building as the semi-accidental touching along with the intentional groping started to occur, and most likely would escalate. I was not sure what would happen next, but I sensed that girls were not done with their sexual teasing and maybe a little naughtiness to come later.

Scott now asked Julie to bring him a cocktail. Julie brought Scott his drink as he watched her walk, her firm boobs bouncing up and down. Scott could not take his eyes off them. He asked her to stay to watch him play his hand. Scott casually rested his arm around Julie’s waist as he explained what was going on with the hand. I watched intensely as he mischievously patted her firm sexy bottom and lightly rubbed it while Penny rested herself on my knees across the table, stroking my thigh with her hand only inches from my fully hard cock. Scott was openly flirting very suggestively with Julie. Julie continued to sip her ZD Napa Cab and was feeling no pain as Scott continued to caress, probe, and gently squeeze her ass. He told her he loved her thong that it was cute and sexy. He played with side strings on it that held it secure on her waist. I could sense she was becoming quite aroused.

Suddenly we all kind of stopped. No one said anything, but all of our eyes were riveted as Julie bent over to peek at Scott’s cards. Her firm huge breasts were right in front of his face within inches of his lust and desire tempting him to take action. He could no longer resist her tits. Scott looked up to her as she inched closer to him. Slowly with both hands he reached for her breasts played with Julie’s tits for a couple of minutes. She began to purr with pleasure as he continued massaging and playing with them, gently squeezing her pink nipple. She stepped even closer to him, moving her pussy right in front of his face. Scott moved his hand over Julie’s green side tie thong and started rubbing her pussy through it. This continued for several minutes as Scott gently probed her pussy as she dared him to make the next courageous move. Julie let out a small pleasurable moan that’s all it took for Scott. Scott took his hand and with slow great caution slid his fingers into Julie’s thong, and began playing with her twat. He stuck one finger into her pussy, finger-fucking her. Right there in front of us all! She just stood there and groaned with intense pleasure, closing her eyes and leaning her head back.

Realizing what had just happened; Scott reluctantly took his hand out of Julie’s moist pussy and thong, maybe he perhaps thinking he had gone too far. Julie, exceedingly naughty and unhurried, started to play with the ties that held her thong on while looking directly at Scott as she did this. She started to gradually unfasten one side of her thong, both teasing and seducing him. With a stare of delight at Julie, Scott took his right hand placing it on her firm kaçak casino thigh and started to play with the strings of her thong on the other side. With great anticipation and caution Julie teasingly untied one side of her thong. She let it fall off her waist partially exposing her pussy. Now Scott’s intuition took over as he did not know if she would allow him to untie other side of her thong revealing her pussy. Scott thought he had permission and untied the other side of her sexy green thong. It fell completely off her firm body. She was now fully exposed, naked with just her thigh high black boots on as Scott moved his hand over to Julie’s aching pussy again. He proceeded to play with my girlfriend’s pussy from his chair for a couple of minutes while she was standing right next to him. Julie was moaning with great sensual pleasure. Julie gathered herself, picking up her thong from the hardwood floor, and I think she was going to put it back on. Scott reached for it though, grabbing it from her hand.

“I raise one very sexy thong,” Scott announced to the table. He tossed the thong on top of the chips in the middle of the poker table, stunning all of us.

Scott then slid his large black leather chair back from the table inviting Julie to sit on his lap.

Julie now nude to all of us hesitated for a moment looking across the table at Penny and myself, I guess looking for our consent. Penny just smiled at Scott and Julie, indicating it was her choice by her stare at the both of them. I smiled with approval to her. I was both anxious and excited of what was going to happen next. I definitely did not want it to stop. Scott slipped his hands around Julie’s waist as she proceeded to sit down on his lap with the possibility of giving him better access to play with her moist pussy. I could sense she was somewhat shy about allowing him to play with her some more in front of everyone. Scott placed his hands on her firm thighs and slid his hands next to her pussy. Gradually he opened her legs and gently began playing with her at first just massaging his hand over her pussy and then slowly placing his finger into her again. Now thoroughly hot Julie, spread legs wide open, giving Scott total access to her throbbing moist pussy that desired his attention. His hands were all over her body, first her pussy then her breast as he massaged them taking his time to play with her erect nipples, kissing her neck as she leaned back into him on the large chair.

I glanced over at Amy who was sitting on her husband’s Mark’s lap next to me. All of this sexual playing was having an effect on them. She began to stroke her boyfriend’s cock through his pants while kissing him passionately. Making the next brave move, Amy proceeded to unbutton and unzip his pants. She jammed her hand inside his pants to play with his erect sex tool. He offered no resistance as he groaned with pleasure as she stroked it. Mark’s started to play with Amy’s petite perky tits. Mark took Scott’s lead and slid off Amy’s thong exposing her pussy to all of us. He started to kiss her neck. She closed her eyes as his hands probed down to her dark trimmed pussy. Amy could no longer resist, slowly opening her toned long legs so that Mark could play with her. She sighed and closed her eyes as he placed his middle finger into her. Mark slid off his shorts and underwear tossing them on the floor releasing his cock from its entrapment. Amy began to grind her ass into Mark’s cock several times to the beat of the music playing. She slightly raised herself off Mark’s lap, reached back and inserted his cock into her tight pussy. Little by little they started to fuck each other in front of all us.

As all this was happening, Penny, Scott’s girlfriend, moved from sitting on my thighs and now sat on my lap. She started giving me a lap dance to the music that was playing. Penny reached for my hands and placed them on her firm breast. I played with her tits for several minutes. She grabbed the back of my neck, moving my head to her tits. I knew she wanted me to lick and kiss her breasts, so I did so. Her nipples become erect as I licked and sucked on them. She began to relax and began panting as I continued sucking her nipple into my mouth. I reached down to touch her and rub her pussy through her thong. My cock was super hard like it had never been before. Penny then worked her thong downward off her legs and kicked them up to me. I told Scott I would call his thong tossing it on top of Julie’s thong on the poker table then with a wiggle of her naked ass, she repositioned herself so that she was sitting directly on my cock through my gray polo shorts. Then she leisurely lowered herself onto me.

“Oh Mitch your cock is so hard. Oh, that thing of yours would feel so good against my aching pussy. It feels so gigantic and hard,” Penny sighed as she began to slowly undulate and her ass writhed in a circular motion for several minutes.

She got up off my lap, looking over at Scott for a few seconds then back directly into my green eyes and with a devilish smile said “Mitch, I think I need to raise Scott’s hand.” I was pleasantly shocked and astonished when Penny snatched off my gray polo shorts freely releasing my massive seven inch boner from its confines.

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