Girls Last Night Out

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The Girls:

Paige- A bachelorette, looking to get the most out of her last weekend of freedom. She has black, wavy hair, down to the middle of her back; Bright green eyes, fair complexion. She is 5’5″, about 135lbs. Nice perky, B-cup tits. She’s wearing black stilettos, a short, red halter dress with a matching red, lace thong and no bra.

Leah- Paige’s work-b.f.f. and bridesmaid. She is the edgiest of the group, with straight, bright-red hair (shoulder length).She has brown eyes, tan skin(of Hispanic decent). She is 5’8″tall, about 125lbs. She is very toned with a firm, round ass and $10,000 perfect c-cups. Leah is wearing a very low-cut, backless, top; It’s a glittery, silver color paired with a skin-tight black leather mini skirt, silver 7 inch heels and absolutely nothing else.

Tasha- Paige’s friend from college and a bridesmaid. Mia is a sexy lawyer. Mia is half African American. She has light brown, curly hair and big brown eyes. She is an even 5 feet tall, and about 135lbs. She is mocha-brown and the most voluptuous. She has big, natural double ds and a big ass to match. She is wearing her little black dress that hugs every curve and barely covers her ass. Underneath she’s rocking a matching black strapless bra and satin boy-short panties.

Mia- Paige’s B.F.F. since high school casino oyna and her maid of honor. Mia is a beautiful Italian women with long, brown hair, brown eyes, and olive skin. She is a model, working in Chicago. Mia is 5’11” tall, about 120lbs. She has a very thin and toned body with perky, A-cup tits, and a small round ass. She is wearing a sheer, white blouse, and designer blue mini skirt. She makes it even sexier by forgetting a bra, letting her dark pink nipples show thru.


I’m excited about this trip, Leah, I can’t wait until this plane lands!

Oh yeah, I know, same here. I have a feeling that we’re going to have the time of our lives.

Ha, yeah, at least the time of MY life, after this trip I am going to be Mrs. Paige Rodgers. So, no more trips to Chicago with my girls.

Later that afternoon…

Paige and Leah, we’re over here!

Hey! Mia and Tasha, oh my goodness I missed you too!

So, are you ready for the big weekend, or better yet the big day???

Yes, especially the big weekend!

The four girls enjoyed catching up with each other at dinner before heading out to some bars and night clubs. They partied and did body shots on each other…and a few lucky guys. They danced with each other, catching everyone’s attention as they grinded up against canlı casino one another. Leah rocked her hips and spanked Tasha as she bent over and bounced her ass. Paige held Mia at the hips as she grinded her ass against Paige’s pussy to the music. After the night clubs all closed they caught a cab to their hotel.

Wow, ladies did y’all know this suite has a private hot tub!

No. damn, and we didn’t pack bikinis.

Well I am not shy, Leah. I’m about to get in naked!

Yeah, me too, who cares, we’re all girls aren’t we?

Come on Leah, let’s just get in. They’re right.


Mia, will u reach behind you and turn on the jets?

Yeah, good thinking Paige.

Ahh, this is nice… Leah, are you alright?

Yeah, sorry, I got to get away from this jet, it’s tickling my womanhood!

So, I like it. After all that fun at the bar my pussy needs some tickling!

I’m with you on that one girl!

The ladies all giggled and agreed that they wanted some stimulation. After the giggling stopped, it got very quiet. Then all of a sudden Tasha turned around on the hot tub bench and positioned her pussy right on the water jet. Paige, Mia, and Leah looked at her in disbelief, then looked at each other. Then they all followed suit. The room was full of different kaçak casino moans of ecstasy as the vibrations from the water stimulated their clits. Then, Mia got some courage and reached over and began to play with Tasha’s erect nipple. Tasha looked at her and got up from the jet. Mia turned around and sat on the edge. Tasha began to eagerly lick and munch her sweet mound.

Ohhhhh Tasha! Yes!

Paige and Leah watched for several moments. Then Paige got up and went behind Tasha and started fingering her pussy from behind.

Mmm, there you go Paige! Now put another finger in my behind!

Hold on Paige, I got something you’ll like.

Leah leaves the tub and returns with a 10″ dildo. She gets behind Paige and and begins to massage her cunt. After a couple minutes she shoves her dildo up Paige’s dripping wet pussy from behind. All the girls begin to climax at the same time. When they come back down they decide to continue their orgy on the bed. Leah and Mia sixty nine as Paige fucks Tasha in the ass with Leah’s dildo. After several minutes they decide to switch it up. Paige and Leah scissor each other while they take turns licking and sucking each other’s tits. Mia plays with Tasha’s huge tits while Tasha pounds her pussy with the dildo. After about an hour they all pass out on each, Leah didn’t even bother pulling her dildo out of her pussy.

They spent the last two days partying, dancing and fucking each other’s brains out.

I guess I can say It was my trip of a lifetime!

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