Glass in the Ass Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Lying on my bed, I watched my soft tits rise and fall abruptly as I breathed heavily… the visual remnants from my previous mind blowing anal orgasm. Amazingly, my clit was still swollen, unsatisfied and aching. Still, I was too stunned and content to move and my mind started to wander.

Recently I was shopping at Macy’s and stumbled across a huge sale in the hosiery department. Checking out all the different displays, I found a 75% clearance bin, just my kind of sale! Ecstatic, I started rummaging through the bin and came across both hot pink and electric blue fishnet stockings. Secretly, I always had a thing for fishnets. I found them to be sexy and quite naughty at the same time. Thinking back, I realized I had only worn them about once or twice in my life, as a part of a Halloween costume. Since both pairs were only $4 each, I figured what the hell and bought them.

Honestly, I forgot about them until now. Instantly, I desired to model them for you. Finally I had regained the desire and effort to move and stopped in front of my white dresser. Grabbing the pair of hot pink fishnets from my top drawer, I ripped open the package. Slowly I pulled piece of cardboard out, being careful not to rip them. Holding them in my hand, I inspected them. These fishnets were unlike the standard black pair, the web holes were much wider and the netting was slightly thicker and softer.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, I leaned down and slid my left foot into the fishnets. Slowly, I pulled them up over my knee, letting the netting rub my freshly shaved leg. What a feeling this sparked, I felt as if I was slowly restraining my flesh, covering it, yet letting it peak through at the same time, what a tease! Stopping at my lower thigh, I did the same to my right foot. Standing up, I grabbed the sides of the fishnets and pulled them up over my bare ass and throbbing pussy.

When my lower half was finally encased in the pink web, I started running my hands up and down the sides of my hips. I felt alternating skin and fabric all over. When I pulled the fishnets up from my waist, the netting tugged against my pussy lips and clit, causing them to tingle. Running my hand slowly over my hot pussy, I felt my wetness against the netting, I was ready for more.

Lying back down in my fishnets, my mind was racing with thoughts. I couldn’t believe that I had just fucked my ass with my new glass buttplug, how scandalous! I didn’t tuzla ukraynalı escort even think it would feel that good, boy was I wrong, now I craved to have it stuffed in me again.

But I really desired something more than just the buttplug. I wanted to feel really filled. Lately, I found myself looking at a lot of double penetration porn. It was recent discovery for me; I came across it by accident viewing various porn websites. I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but nevertheless, I found it quite exciting. I always found it fascinating to see how much women could stuff into themselves.

I thought it would be fun to give it a try with my toys. I wondered if I could hurt myself doing so. Would it feel good? The women always seemed to really enjoy it in the porn I watched. So why not?

Leaning over the edge of my bed, I fumbled through my treasure chest. Aha, there it was… my red dildo! This was a really cool dildo, bright red, made of silicone jelly, soft to the touch and didn’t have that terrible plastic smell. It wasn’t too big or too small and was graduated in thickness. I thought this would be an excellent choice for my first double penetration experience.

I was extremely excited that I would be attempting this while wearing my pink fishnets. I grabbed my hand mirror and spread my legs, there was no way the dildo and the buttplug would fit through the web holes, they just weren’t wide enough. So I found a scissor and cut some of the webbing to make larger holes. How slutty!

Grabbing my freshly used buttplug, I squirted some more silicone lube right at the top, letting it trickle down the sides. I got some lube on my finger and rubbed it around my dark pink asshole. Mmmm. Pushing my finger in just slightly, then running it around in circles felt so naughty, my ass was smooth and warm. Grabbing the base firmly, I pushed the buttplug into my juicy ass slowly. It went in much easier than the first time. Such an intoxicating feeling it was, having the firm glass toy pushed deep into my ass. When my ass closed around the largest part of the plug, I gasped. Oh it felt amazing!

Looking in my mirror I watched myself twist the buttplug, move it from side to side, stretching my ass while I did it. At the same time, my hands found their way to my hard, pink nipples. I tugged on them, pulling them away from my body. Releasing them, my tits fell back against my tuzla rus escort body and bounced, I loved that feeling. My clit and pussy grew more and tinglier as I played. I couldn’t help it anymore, my pussy needed to be stuffed.

Slowly sucking on my red dildo to get it wet, my mind started to wander again. I wondered what it would be like to have two men at the same time. Multiple hands, tongues and cocks running all over my body. Secretly, I wanted to be the center of attention and they would be focused on my desires.

Would you succumb to my fantasy? Could you convince one of your friends to fuck me while you did? One thing is for sure, I want you in my ass. Your thick, hard cock stretching my ass and filling me. God I need to be filled!

Lowering the red dildo to my pussy, I pushed the tip in about two inches. This sent a shiver through my thighs as I pushed it in further and further. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. There was some resistance from the glass plug situated nicely in my ass, but the feeling was divine. Soon both toys were planted firmly inside, feeling full and stretched; I started to rub my clit slowly, teasing myself. What myriad of images to see in my mirror: glass, pink, fishnet, red, swollen and wet.

Now that my body was used to the toys, I started to fuck my pussy with the red dildo as the plug remained still. I loved how the buttplug made my pussy feel tighter as I thrusted the dildo deep within me. These new found sensations were addicting, I didn’t want to stop.

Soon, my mind wandered back into my dirty fantasy. I pictured you laying underneath me at the edge of a bed with your cock penetrating my ass. Leaning back with my legs planted on either side of yours, would give your friend room to stand in front of us, my pussy on display for his use. I could feel your hands on my hips holding me in place, just rocking me slightly, your cock slowly pumping in and out of my tight ass. Gazing at your friend, I smiled coyly, he knew what I wanted. To feel another set of hands on my body would be thrilling, not knowing who was touching me.

Kneeling in front of me, your friend pulled my fishnets aside further and began to run his tongue up and down my pussy lips, all the while your cock was in my ass. I wondered would he touch you? Caress you and me at the same time? Boy that would drive me nuts. Just the thought of your two escort bayan cocks rubbing against each other would be enough to push me over the edge, but I held back.

Soon he was sucking on my clit, drawing the sensitive skin into his mouth with his lips and flicking his tongue across. The sensation was just too much, coupled with your cock still pumping my ass. Feverishly licking my clit, I motioned for him to back off. I didn’t want to cum yet, I wanted to cum with your two cocks thrusting in and out of my pussy and ass.

Gazing back into my mirror, I watched myself thoroughly fuck my wet pussy. I kept thinking how I needed to feel both of you together at the same time. With my left hand, I pulled the buttplug out slightly. Then in sync, I thrusted each toy into my body at the same time. Oh god that felt amazing! Biting my lip, I tried to keep myself from cumming. Alternating each toy allowed my holes to close and then be forced open again, a truly naughty feeling.

In my mind, your friend positioned his cock at my hole. Resting his hands on yours, he pushed himself into me. What an unbelievable feeling, his thick head pushing its way through my wet folds. He let out a deep groan; I must have felt incredibly tight to him. Slowly he inched his way into my pussy until you could feel his balls rest against the base of your cock.

I want to hear the two of you moan as you feel your cocks sliding against each other. Feeling pressure in so many different places, all around your cock, underneath and above. Two ridges sliding against each other within my warm, wet holes. I want to feel you tense up before you cum. Could the two of you time yourself to cum at the same time? Filling me up with two loads of hot creamy cum? That would remain my ultimate fantasy.

My pussy started to spasm, one at a time, I was getting close. Feeling my ass tighten around the toy, the burning sensation in my thighs, the throbbing of my clit, I knew I was going to cum. With one last thrust, I exploded. Ohhhhhhhhh god! I no longer heard my surroundings. I didn’t even know what I did in that moment of time. All I know is that I came so incredibly hard. Both of my holes clenching and releasing against the toys, until my body had enough.

My hands released their grip from the toys and I lay back onto my bed. Panting heavily, my face and chest were hot pink and I realized there was a thin layer of sweat on my body. How I wished you and your friend were there to feel me cum around your cocks. For your friend to collapse on top of me after he came and for you to feel so incredibly close to me.

Lying in my bed, I continued to daydream about you and the other fantasies you would help me fulfill.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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