Gloria’s Diary Ch. 06

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Preface: This is Gloria’s POV of “Mrs. MIlls’ Predicament Ch.10 Pt. 2”. It’s the end of the first part of the series, but just the beginning of Shawn’s return from college and the rest of the story. If you haven’t read the “Predicament Series” yet, I hope you will!


It was barely an hour into our weekend and I had been surprised, humiliated, shamed, and embarrassed. Then I was aroused, spanked, fucked and loved… And, to top it off, I realized that I was attracted to someone of the same sex.

It had to be all downhill from there, right? Well… It wasn’t. I experienced more love, passion and pleasure that weekend than I had in a lifetime previously.

And though I never said it, I think this was when I knew that I loved Shawn… Not just loved him as a friend and lover. I wanted to be with him… always. In addition, I became quite fond of Brooke that weekend… In all honesty, I think I fell in love with her just a little as well.

After our love making session on the couch, I noticed Shawn and Brooke talking quietly… It was then that I found out that Brooke had never had intercourse and she wanted Shawn to take her virginity… In the bedroom… Right then.

I was pretty surprised by the revelation, and all I could do was think about when I was in her shoes… I was a college freshman at the time. My first time was rushed, lacking passion, and ultimately meaningless. I could only have wished to have someone like Shawn as my first.

I was prepared to be left out, at least temporarily… And I understood. I wasn’t mad or upset… But, I was shocked when Brooke asked me to join them. She was probably nervous, maybe she wanted support from a female… But regardless of the reason, I immediately felt a bond with Brooke.

First, we showered together… All three of us packed ourselves into what I would describe as a small, stand-up, fiberglass shower… It was possibly the most sensual experience of my life. There was no actual sex… Or, I should say, no actual penetration.

We kissed, we touched, we caressed, we massaged. We washed each other’s bodies. We washed each other’s hair. There was no competition between us… We paid each other equal attention… It was loving and affectionate right up to the end, when we took turns drying each other off.

The thought of this night in the shower was probably the reason Shawn and I showered together so often several years later, during a different point in our relationship… More on that later.

I can’t imagine that there is another person on earth that had ever lost their virginity the way Brooke did. OK… It’s a big world… But it certainly can’t be many.

Brooke actually directed me. I know she was nervous… But she barely showed it as we all stood naked next to the bed. She piled some pillows up near the headboard of the bed and had me sit on the bed, then lean back so my head and back were propped up by the pillows.

Brooke climbed on the bed, slid between my legs, and laid back into me… My body tingled as her still damp hair fell over my breasts.

Shawn climbed up on the end of the bed and leaned into Brooke… He dropped his head down over Brooke’s breasts… I watched as he gently licked and sucked on her hard nipples.

As Shawn dropped his head lower, he slid his tongue downward, running it over Brooke’s flat tummy. Brooke’s breathing got heavier as she pushed herself back into me even tighter.

I had watched Shawn do this to me, from almost the same angle that I was watching from now… And I was getting aroused… I fought the temptation to slip my hand down behind Brooke’s back and touch myself… Instead, I reached around Brooke and held her tight, pulling her back into me.

Shawn was now down between Brooke’s legs, and Brooke’s legs were spread wider. I watched the top of Shawn’s head moving as Brooke let out soft, feminine moans of pleasure. As she moaned, I raised my hands up over her breasts from behind and softly caressed them, occasionally brushing her hardening nipples with my fingertips. Brooke was squirming in pleasure, shifting her body every time Shawn’s head moved.

Almost out of breath, Brooke said, “Put it in me… now.”

Shawn slid forward and moved his body in between Brooke’s legs. I watched as he, very cautiously, pushed his hard cock into her. I knew matadorbet it was painful as Brooke let out a soft cry of pain. But Shawn was gentle… He worked slowly and carefully… He pushed in just a little at a time… then a bit more… Eventually, lightly pushing himself deeply into her.

They started slow, but eventually got into motion with each other… An even, steady rhythm. As Shawn leaned down and put his mouth over Brooke’s right breast, I lifted my hands and ran them through his hair.

After several minutes, Brooke, almost urgently, said, “Leave it in… Cum inside me.”

I could feel my body move with every steady, but firm thrust of Shawn’s body into Brooke… Brooke was now moaning loudly… And seconds later, I could tell she had cum when I felt her body shudder against mine… Then, just after, Shawn pushed himself forward just a bit harder than he had been. He groaned in pleasure as he released into her.

I watched as they collapsed onto the bed and kissed passionately for several minutes.

Eventually, Brooke turned over onto her stomach, then rose to her knees. She looked straight into my eyes and said, “Thank you,”

It was undeniably heartfelt… And she leaned forward and gave me a soft, sensual kiss.

We fell asleep together not long after… Our three naked bodies touching, and tangled together in the sheets.

I awoke the early the next morning to the warmth of Brooke’s body pressed into my naked backside. Shawn was on the other side of the bed pushed into Brooke, who was sandwiched between us. I slipped out from beneath the covers and rose from the bed quietly, as not to wake them.

I put on some long pajama pants and a t-shirt and went down to the kitchen… I wanted to make a nice breakfast after our exhausting but beautiful night. Even before a morning cup of coffee, I noticed I was moving at full speed as I cooked… I was on a natural high… I felt more exhilarated than I ever had before.

I set the table… Eggs, bacon, hash brown, orange juice, coffee. I probably over did it, but I wanted everyone to be happy and nourished. Then I returned to the bedroom to wake Shawn and Brooke.

As I walked through the bedroom door, I said, “Get up lazy heads…,” but stopped short. Shawn was lying on his back naked and Brooke was giving him a handjob. Her head was resting on Shawn’s stomach staring at his erect penis, just inches away.

I immediately dropped my hand and started rubbing my pussy over my pajama bottoms. Brooke told me to come help… She giggled and said her arm was getting tired. I immediately joined them on the bed, where I knelt on Shawn’s other side, directly opposite from Brooke.

I put my hand over Brooke’s and we masturbated Shawn together, while I kissed her tenderly, just above Shawn’s stomach. We gently stroked Shawn’s cock together for several minutes, before Brooke slid her hand out from under mine and caressed his balls.

I took over and stroked Shawn’s hard cock alone for several more minutes before I noticed his breathing get heavier… Then he started pushing his hips up as I slid my hand up and down his shaft a little faster.

I smiled to myself while watching Shawn squirm at my touch… I was more content than I had been in years… I could still please my partner. It wasn’t so long ago that I didn’t think that was the case.

I picked up the pace as Shawn started letting out soft moans while continuing to push his hips upward… Brooke was watching in amusement, her eyes glued to my hand on Shawn’s cock.

Shawn let out a short grunt and his cock spasmed as he came. Semen spurted several inches into the air, landing on my wrist, as Brooke giggled in delight… Shawn continued ejaculating as cum flowed down his shaft… As I continued to jerk Shawn’s cock, Brooke’s hand rejoined mine. We gripped him tightly as we slid our hands upwards, squeezing every bit of cum out of him.

We leaned in together and licked the cum from Shawn’s cock… Our tongues touching as we cleaned every bit from his body.

The three of us took a brief shower before heading down for breakfast… And, though the food got a little cold, we ate every last bit. We ate, we talked and we laughed. I got a big kick out of watching Shawn and Brooke playfully laugh and joke with each other. Their youthful exuberance matadorbet giriş was contagious. They made me feel young again.

After pulling the towel from his waist, Brooke joked that Shawn needed reviving… and that she needed my help. We moved to the family room. Shawn sat on the couch and watched as Brooke and I danced together in the middle of the room… Really just a fun, silly dance… But one that eventually led to us kissing and stripping each other.

Looking over at Shawn, I noticed that he had come back to life… He was sitting on the couch stroking his hardening cock and watching us intently. He started to get up to join us, but Brooke rebuffed him… She said, “It’s our turn now… But you can watch.”

Brooke led me to the couch where I laid down on my back… My stomach flipped with excitement in anticipation of Brooke’s soft hands touching my body. She laid down on top of me and kissed me… soft, gentle passionate kisses… Our tongues touched and tangled sensuously.

Brooke moved lower, briefly pausing at my breasts to lick my erect nipples… Then lower, until I could feel her warm breath on the inside of my thighs. Then I felt her lips on my labia as she pushed her tongue against my pussy.

Shawn had moved next to the couch and knelt down… His cock was now inches away, just above the cushion of the couch. I turned my head and sucked it in… He began to push it into me… I held my mouth open as he pushed his hips forward and back… Fucking my mouth.

But, after just a few seconds, Brooke found my clit… I let Shawn’s cock slip from my lips as I moaned in pleasure. Brooke continued to run her tongue over my clit and I closed my eyes. Just seconds later, I felt something warm and wet drip onto my chest. I opened my eyes to see Shawn masturbating while standing above me next to the couch. I watched as a second shot of semen erupted from his cock and landed on my stomach.

I closed my eyes again as Brooke continued licking my clit… I was breathing heavily and I could hear myself moaning loudly… I was about to cum and pushed my pelvis down into Brooke… A long gasp escaped my throat, and a warm feeling of bliss took over my body… My first orgasm from another woman.

As Brooke rose from between my thighs, I could see that I came on her… Her hair was wet and matted. I quickly sat up and gently pushed Brooke down onto the other end of the couch.

I was determined to return every bit of pleasure she had just given me. It took me a few minutes, but eventually I got the hang of it. I did to her exactly what I would want done to myself. I completely lost track of time as I became intoxicated with Brooke’s taste… Several orgasms later, we collapsed into each other’s arms and fell asleep on the couch.

By the time we woke up, later in the afternoon, Shawn had made us lunch. Then, we spent the rest of the afternoon and a lot of the evening cuddled up on the couch together… Even ordering pizza delivery for dinner rather than get up.

Later that evening, Brooke and I showered together… This time without Shawn. We touched and kissed while bathing each other, but it was more of a much needed, ‘practical’ shower.

Afterwards, it was decided that Brooke should be clean shaven… And, yes, it was Shawn’s idea. But he gave me the honors. It was a brief shave… Brooke had just a narrow strip of hair above her vagina. I found myself touching my pussy with my left hand, as I ran the razor between her flawless, athletic thighs with my right hand.

As I finished up the shave and cleaned Brooke with a wet washcloth, I found Shawn, just inches away watching… We dropped our heads down together and kissed and licked every part of Brooke below the waist… And as much as I enjoyed pleasing Brooke, I enjoyed Shawn’s mouth even more… We swapped wet, passionate kisses as we lapped at Brooke’s smooth, soft cunt.

Brooke was beginning to twist and turn… shifting her hips and moaning in near ecstacy when she asked… almost begged Shawn to fuck her.

Shawn directed me to lie on my back in the middle of the bed, then had Brooke get up on her hands and knees above me… Brooke immediately leaned forward and plunged her tongue into my mouth… Then, just seconds later, her body began rocking forward. She lifted her head and moaned… I watched as her boobs swayed gently back and forth above me while Shawn fucked her from behind.

As I softly caressed her swinging boobs, she moaned louder, and within just a few minutes she came, before collapsing down on me, then eventually rolling off of me… Almost immediately, I felt Shawn’s hard cock pushing into me. Brooke continued kissing me from the side as I lifted my legs, allowing Shawn’s cock to go deeper…

Shawn stayed inside me longer than he ever had before… Before finally cumming inside of me, then collapsing onto me. We fell asleep together kissing and holding each other.

And, at that, our weekend was all but over… We showered together the next morning… We playfully kissed and touched, and affectionately hugged and caressed. Even now, not a day goes by that I I don’t think about some part of that weekend.

Over the next year, maybe year and a half, I saw Shawn and Brooke regularly. We spent a few days and nights together when we could find time, or create the opportunity. But they were nothing quite like the passionate weekend we had together.

I saw less of them as time went on. They seemed to have a pretty serious relationship blossoming… Spending more and more time together, alone. Young love at its finest. It was hard for me at first, but I came to realize that their future was with each other… and not me.

Eventually, they both went off to different colleges… When Shawn’s mom Pam mentioned that they had broken up, I was heartbroken… for both of them. I even shed a tear or two that night while lying in bed thinking about them.

For the next couple of years, I rarely even saw Shawn, though I was hoping we might rekindle some of what we had. But he stayed at school, got a job, and even spent summers away… The only times he came home were during a couple of holidays when I was busy with family and dealing with a broken marriage.

Shawn and I did run into each other a few times during his rare visits… And our conversations were always warm and friendly, if not everything I had hoped for. I just don’t think either of us knew what to say to each other after so much time… The conversations always seemed to end uncomfortably… We both seemed to run out of the right words.

A year after that, during Shawn’s junior year in college, Bill and I divorced. I found out that Bill’s frequent trips away from home weren’t just business… He was cheating on me. But, honestly, who was I to judge… I had a few things hidden in my closet as well. Bill left, and I kept the house… Our divorce was relatively amicable, and we simply went our own separate ways. Honestly, it was easy, with the exception of the kids. I know they will never get over it, but they have learned to live with it, and are doing OK now.

I went several months without dating or seeing anyone… After the divorce, Shawn was the only man I had on my mind.

Eventually though, I went on with my life… Just like I had several years ago when Bill stopped showing interest in our marriage. I started going to the gym on a daily basis… I’ll credit that to Shawn. I wanted to stay fit, stay young. I liked feeling attractive and I wanted to stay that way. Then, I really dove back into my volunteer work… But this time, more to meet new people than for any other reason.

I told myself that Shawn was away, and he wasn’t coming home. It was time to start anew. I met several men who showed interest, and I went out on a few dates… Though nothing that ended up serious, or even intimate. It was hard to do after so many years of marriage. But, eventually, I found myself enjoying the attention again.

As summer neared, I met a man named Rich. He was a older than me. And, at first, I was a bit hesitant to because of that. But he was a kind man, a genuinely nice human being, a gentleman… He was stable, he had a good job, and he had never been married. And, he didn’t mind that I had kids… Really, he genuinely liked my kids.

We started dating regularly. Nothing serious, and we took it slow… Or, I should say, I took it slow. I did not want to make a mistake that could cost me even more years of my life, or cause any more disruption to my daughters’ lives.

But, I was content… Maybe even happy. I had broken free of the past… My ex-husband was no longer on my mind. I had gotten over Shawn… And Brooke for that matter. It was time to get on with my new life.

Then, less than a week later, Shawn showed up. He was home for the summer…

… To be continued

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