Glory Hole Revisited

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At the time I couldn’t help thinking that everyone who saw me after my impromptu visit to the adult bookstore KNEW.

They knew what naughty things I had done on my business trip to Philadelphia.

They could tell, simply from my demeanor, that I had visited the dark, dingy booths in the rear and their x-rated peep shows. That I had played with myself while watching the small screen. That I had been intrigued by what I now know to be a “glory hole.”

What is worse, they knew that I had taken City of Brotherly Love to a new level and I had anonymously sucked a rock hard cock.

Not one slab of male meat, but several.

Me, an upstanding, heterosexual, married male junior executive had slipped down onto my knees and performed fellatio on someone I couldn’t even see. A nameless, faceless human being with a terribly delicious cock was my partner. Not one anonymous partner, but more than one. The men had presented me with hard, pulsating and enticing cocks. Cocks that grew, spasmed and shot their seed into my mouth and onto my virgin face. These were disgusting yet exciting cocks.

For several weeks I couldn’t look people directly in the eyes. I was embarrassed, I lived in fear that I had been observed or that I wore a look of a cocksucker…whatever that is.

Still, late at night after my wife was asleep, I’d work my dick into frenzy as I though of the nasty, raunchy acts I had committed in that adult bookstore. The memory of the men who watched me leave the facility was etched into my brain. Deep into one lovemaking session with my wife I fantasized my cock was slipping out of one of those glory holes and being satisfied by an unknown person on the other side of the wall instead of slipping and sliding out of her wet pussy. She didn’t know what had gotten over me that night, but after the act she mentioned how great our session was. Little did she know I was fantasizing about a warm, wet mouth while pounding her soaking wet pussy.

I made a pact with myself never to get into the disgusting position of being with another male again. Heck, I had been on my knees on a dirty floor, servicing an unknown male like a whore on South Street. No, I hadn’t been a whore; I wasn’t paid with anything but sticky spunk.

Yet I couldn’t shake the nasty thoughts from my brain. They were etched there, and like the movie Groundhog Day, it replayed over and over and over again.

As luck would have it, my boss scheduled us for a meeting in Philadelphia and we took the Amtrak express there early in the morning. We made our way to the Rouse Building, strutted out stuff, and were asked to return the following day to seal the deal. My boss celebrated the pending sale by treating me to a great dinner at a restaurant alongside the Delaware River, and we returned to the Marriott to have a couple drinks before heading up to our rooms.

It was only 10 p.m., and as I changed into more comfortable clothing I felt the magnetic pull of the bookstore on Market Street. Oh, I know, I think my mind was made up long before that I’d end up there once again, but the angel in me attempted to convince the devil that it wasn’t a bright idea.

Angels don’t always win.

I grabbed my overcoat and left the downtown Marriott, my alibi story in case I ran into my boss simple: I was just going for a walk to work off all the calories I’d swallowed. Deep inside I longed to gobble something else.

I made my way up the street bursa escort and through City Hall, continuing through the business district. After a bit I spied the neon lit storefront a block ahead. The bookstore was open, and I made the decision to continue my trek.

As I approached I noticed a couple shady looking characters standing outside the door, and had a brief thought of walking right past. But the magnetic pull of the dingy booths pulled me inside, as I longed to return to the scene of the most exciting time of my life.

The store wasn’t crowded; a few men were glancing at skin magazines, books and tapes. A couple, he in his 30s, she a lot younger, gigged in the corner where dildos of varying shapes and sizes graced the wall. The girl in the mini-skirt and tee top was visibly quite embarrassed being there, but that made her all the more attractive. I wandered the store, attempting to get the nerve up to head to the video booths.

For whatever reason, I started having second thoughts about my dark desire. I stopped in front of a wall which displayed the cover boxes of many of the films which were showing in the booths, then glanced around to see who was near by. A couple men walked the hall by the booths, oblivious to the “No Loitering” signs which appeared at every corner. One of the men opened a door of a booth and entered, and I heard him feed tokens into the machine.

Taking a deep breath, I turned and headed toward the rear, selecting a booth at the end of a row. There was nobody in the booth next to me, so I made myself comfortable — so to speak — before dropping a handful of tokens into the slot. The booth was dark but I was able to see used tissues on the sticky floor once the movie came on the screen, and there was the faint aroma of cum in the air.

I flicked through the films, settling on a young blonde girl getting screwed doggie style while sucking on the huge cock of a man standing in front of her. The film was quite erotic, and I marveled how she gracefully moved in time with the two men. She obviously had practiced this sexual move.

Before long I heard someone enter the booth next to me. I looked down and noticed the hole in the wall, the Glory Hole, and wondered if the person in the next booth noticed it too. My eyes watched the screen, but every so often they darted down toward that enticing hole.

But nothing happened. No finger, no cock, no prying eye. I watched the screen as the man getting the blow job erupted on the blonde’s face, soon to be followed by an eruption from the man doing her from behind. Her face and ass soon became covered with man juice as she smiled for the camera. The door next to me closed, and I surmised its inhabitant wasn’t interested in the movie or anything else for that matter.

I flicked around the videos for a while before settling on a couple rutting in an office while being watched by a young voyeur. The watcher, a young guy, masturbated to the humping of the two lovers. It was quite hot watching the girl, dressed in a short black skirt and tight red sweater, take it while being observed by the youngster. She looked adorable with her skirt over her back and her black crotch less pantyhose displaying her tight white ass. I was so engrossed in the film that I didn’t hear anyone enter the booth next to me. That is, until I heard the girlish giggle.

Looking through the peephole, I realized it was the couple I had seen earlier scrunched bursa escort bayan into the booth. Both were standing but attempting to move into a more comfortable position. The guy finally sat down with the girl sitting on his lap. She continued to quietly giggle before letting out a gasp as she saw some of the action on the screen.

“Oh my god!” she whispered. “She’s sucking two dicks at once!” I quickly sped through the clicker to find the video they were watching, and sure enough a sluttish girl was kneeling between two men, each of their cocks stuffed in her mouth. “Wow” was all the guy replied, obviously not one for making conversation.

I watched as the two studiously watched the screen. The man had his arm around his girlfriend and was stroking her breast through her top. Soon the girl on the screen brought her two lovers to orgasm. It was an erotic sight and the two lovebirds in the next booth were riveted to the screen.

Soon I heard movement, and then the girl asked her boyfriend why there was a hole in the wall between the booths. “It’s a glory hole, where guys can suck cock,” he matter of factly replied, bringing another gasp from the girl.

“You’re kidding, right,” said the shocked-sounding girl, to which he replied he was being perfectly honest. “You mean you can get a blow job from someone you don’t even know?”

“Uh huh,” came his knowing reply. “How hot is that?”

I sat back, pleasured myself, and listened as there was further movement in the booth next to me, and soon I heard the girl say that there was a guy stroking his cock in the next booth. That guy was me, and she had observed me through the two-and-a-half inch wide hole in the wall separating our booths.

I was afraid to move, I didn’t want to scare her, but I did want to see what was going to happen. The two whispered to each other a bit, but it wasn’t long before I knew what they were talking about. Keeping my eyes on the hole in the wall I soon was rewarded with a massive sight of male meat. The guy was offering me his hardened dick.

It was sort of a cautious offer, as he didn’t put it all the way through the hole. He inserted only a couple inches, but what a sight it was. The anonymous cock was huge in its girth; it barely fit through the hole in the wall. It was at least two inches wide, and I couldn’t help but bend over and give its tip a kiss.

The cock shivered as I kissed the sticky tip. After a bit kisses became licks as I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, lapping at the underside of the manly meat. The cock was pulsating, and soon more of it appeared through the hole in the wall. Soon I was able to stretch my fingers around it, and slowly stroked it while sucking on the tip. I heard a groan from the other room, and listened as the man described what was going on.

“He’s sucking my cock,” said the faceless voice, “oh, he’s sucking it. Oh yes, keep fingering my butt honey. Don’t stop.”

Apparently my newly found “lover” was getting duel excitement as I sucked his cock while his girlfriend played with his ass. My own cock jumped as my mind offered a vision of the man against the booth wall with a girl fingering his backside while I was lapping his long meaty spike.

I slowly moved my lips down his manhood, sucking more of his meat into my longing mouth. I moved my head all the way down to my fingers, and then moved my head slowly back up the dick. Removing my head from the cock, I noticed escort bursa I had sucked about four inches into my mouth.

“More!” suggested the insistent, whispered cry from the other booth. “Don’t stop now. I’m close, more!”

I couldn’t have stopped my actions if I had wanted to, and I surely didn’t want to. I wanted the man to enjoy himself. I wanted to please him. I wanted to be his sperm receptacle and satisfy his horny desire.

Reinserting his cock into my longing mouth, I concentrated on the tip before moving into blow job mode. His cock was pulsing as I began bobbing my head up and down. Seconds became minutes and after a bit my mouth began to tire, but not before I heard him say he was going to spurt.

I stroked the middle of his dick as I sucked and licked the tip, and soon I was rewarded with several hot spurts of sticky man juice. One, two and three blasts shot out of his dick and I moved my mouth off his cock, taking the rest of his load on my face. I couldn’t help but swallow some of the sauce, even though I knew I shouldn’t, and then rubbed his slowly shrinking cock on my wet face to rub in the sticky residue.

Moving away from the wall, I sat back and smiled. I had done it again!

The movie on the wall continued to play, but it didn’t hold my interest as I basked in the satisfaction of having conquered another cock, satisfying the craving I had to rekindle the excitement which had been etched in my mind for weeks.

On one hand I was petrified that someone would somehow find out what I had done, but on the other, I was happy to have done the man a favor. So lost was I in the scene that I almost didn’t see the fingers coming through the hole in the wall. If not for a brief break in the on-screen action, allowing me to hear the fingers rubbing the wall, I might not have noticed. But there were clearly two small fingers rubbing the edge of the hole.

I couldn’t believe it, but I surmised it was my turn! I was going to get sucked off tonight.

I slipped over to the wall and stood as close as I could against it, reaching down to insert my cock through the hole. Once inside the other booth I felt two sets of lips licking and lapping the tip of my rock hard cock. The feeling was amazing as the couple worshiped my fully extended dick. It was difficult, yet I somehow held back from cumming because the action was so intense.

Soon a hot mouth began sucking my cock, and I to this day don’t know if it was “him” or “her”, but the feeling of the blow job and the environment made it the best ever. My wife rarely sucked my cock, yet here I was having my dick worshiped by an unknown assailant who obviously knew what she or he was doing. The mouth on the other side of the wall was clearly practiced in the art of cocksucking.

My skin tingled and my midsection rocked as I savored the attention on my dick. I rocked into the mouth for no more than a minute before shooting all I had into the willing mouth. I bounced and pistoned and rocked into the faceless mouth, feeling the pent-up cum drain out of my dick. Fully spent, I again leaned back to relax.

The shutting of the door of the booth next to me sparked me to attention, and I quickly pulled up my pants and attempted to make myself presentable in hopes of at least leaving the booth and thanking the couple for the time of my life.

It wasn’t to be, though, as I felt a dick poke through the hole in the wall against the top of my leg. Could it be the same guy again? I looked down, but it clearly was a different dick. It was hard, throbbing, black and in need of some excellent mouth magic.

Let me ask you, how could I say no?

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