Go Slowly

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I looked at Holly. “Now that we’re both 18…”

She gave me a smile. “After the prom, Dan.”


“My mom’s house.”

“Just out of curiosity, why there?”

“She wants to supervise.”

“Just because we’re both virgins doesn’t mean –“

“I think it’s more her being a helicopter mom. Once she’s convinced that you know how to take my needs into account, she’ll relax.”

I pulled my girlfriend of four years tightly against me and chastely kissed her cheek. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a very firm hug.

“I think she knows me better than my own parents do, given how much time I’ve spent with you since meeting you.”

Holly’s eyes smiled at me. “That was the first day of freshman year. We were put in the same English class.”

“And I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the willowy blonde. Back then you didn’t have much chest.”

“Now I have C-cups. You were so awkward trying to even speak to me.”

“Thankfully, you were OK with it, and eventually I managed to not stammer around you.”

“That’s one of the things Mom likes about you. You’re still kind of shy around me, and you let me set the pace.”

“You’re still so beautiful, Holly, that I can’t believe I’ve won your heart.”

“You flatterer, Dan. You’re good-looking yourself.” I blushed. “Almost as tall as I am, toned without being muscle-bound, very handsome face, and I love your short brown hair.”

She ran a hand through it, making me shiver. I was in fact almost as tall as my six-foot-one girlfriend, who weighed, in spite of her C-cups and not-totally-flat butt, just 147 pounds. My five-foot-ten frame had enough muscles on it to make me weigh 168. Neither Holly or I had any excess fat.

“I’m the luckiest high school senior in town,” I grinned, kissing Holly’s cheek again. “And I’m looking forward to making you very happy after the prom.”

“That’s one of the things I like most about you, Dan. Always making sure Holly’s needs are taken into account. I couldn’t ask for a more considerate boyfriend for my daughter.”

I blushed deeply.

“Before you ask, I heard *all* of your conversation just now.”

I blushed even more deeply. “I hope –“

“You izmit escort bayan didn’t say a word out of place, Dan. Relax. Now I suggest you two love birds go back to my house with me and study. You’re both so close to escaping high school and it would be a shame to stumble at the finish line.”

Holly and I passed our exams easily, getting the results the night before prom. Now we really had something to celebrate.

“You look stunning, Holly.”

Her elegant blue dress showed off her lean, tall figure without being the slightest bit slutty. I’d never felt more in love with her.

“You look very nice, Dan.”

I didn’t have to rent a tux, as my father had had something suitable. He and I were just about the same size. It was in fact what he had worn to his senior prom. The girl who would become my mother and who had been dating Dad for three years had thought he looked stunning in it. 23 years later, they were still a happy couple.

“You two have fun dancing.”

“We will, Miss Greene.”

“I’ll be fine, Mom.”

The music started off with a few fast songs, and Holly and I twirled our way through them. Then came the slower, more romantic stuff. Slow-dancing wasn’t what I was as good at, but I didn’t embarrass myself. And having Holly so close was certainly not something to complain about. We kissed several times.

Around 9:30, we headed back to her mom’s house.

“Did you two enjoy yourselves?”

“Yes, we did.”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, we are.”

Holly’s mom took up a supervisory position in the corner of Holly’s room, while Holly and I slowly and carefully removed our clothes and hung them up. Holly’s bra and panties, and my boxers, ended up on the floor. We climbed onto Holly’s bed and started by holding each other.

“Kiss me, Dan.”

I placed my lips against Holly’s, and after a moment, we allowed our tongues to probe each other’s mouths.


We broke the lip-lock, and I carefully kissed my way to Holly’s neck. When I tentatively nibbled at her flesh, she shivered. I felt Holly’s arms wrap around me, and I continued to nuzzle and kiss at the boundary between her neck and shoulder.

After izmit eve gelen escort a minute or two, Holly moved my head. “I think you should try kissing my chest.”

I slowly traced a zigzag pattern with my lips from her neck to her upper chest. and Holly’s soft purrs indicated that I was keeping her happy.

“Trail your tongue gently through her cleavage.”

I had almost forgotten that Holly’s mom was still present. I did exactly as she instructed. Holly’s breathing seemed to deepen.

“Now kiss your way slowly up her breasts.”

I lifted one of Holly’s globes and kissed my way in a helix from the base to the nipple, then treated her other breast the same way. Without being prompted, I then placed my lips over Holly’s nipple and extended my tongue to touch the tip.

“Mmmmm,” Holly murmured. “Keep going.”

I suckled with more intensity. Holly’s arms secured my head against her chest. I wrapped my own arms around my loving girlfriend and placed them on her butt, very softly groping her. I made sure to switch back and forth between her nipples.

After a few minutes of that, I disengaged my mouth and rotated my body 180 degrees. I kissed and caressed Holly’s calves, while she did the same for me.

We slid our bodies a bit so we could kiss each other’s thighs. We were both kind of lying on our sides as we did so. Holly lifted her leg and placed it over my neck, giving her a scissors grip.

“Be careful not to crush his neck.”

“Okay, Mom.”

As I carefully kissed and caressed Holly’s perfect thighs, her body began shivering. I could feel the little pulses of pleasure shooting through her skin. And she was having the same effect on me.

We shifted position again, and Holly half rolled over, leaving me underneath her. Her slit pressed against my lips. I ran my tongue along it, tasting her.


One of her hands was stroking my pole. I gasped slightly. Her other hand was teasing my balls.

I touched my tongue to her clit. She let out a lustful cry and pressed down more firmly,. My tongue found its way between her folds and I began licking, tasting her juice directly from the izmit otele gelen escort source.

Holly moaned and her body trembled as I continued to tongue her. I felt her lean forward. Then her tongue flickered over the head of my rod, and I was in heaven.

I drove my own tongue deeper inside Holly. “Don’t stop, Dan…”

I sped my tongue up and Holly’s mouth took in the top third of my pole. Between her tongue and the movement of her hands, stimulating my shaft and balls, I was getting very turned on.

I kept working her, and her legs tightened around my head. A gusher of warm fluid squirted onto my face. I gulped down what I could and licked up as much as possible off her skin as she trembled violently.

Holly, after a moment, regained control of her body. She lifted herself up and gave me a soft smile. “I got the five-year shot last month.”

“Does that mean…?”

“Exactly what you think it means.”

With that, Holly slowly lowered her very wet box downwards onto my pecker. I was expecting some resistance, but there didn’t seem to be any.

“She used one of my toys yesterday to break her hymen. That way this part will be pure pleasure.”

Holly was very tight. I lay still and watched as she carefully finished lowering herself down, leaving my full length inside her.

“Lie still and let her set the pace.”

I did exactly that, moving my hands to Holly’s hips to help her keep her balance as she slid slowly up and down. Every time she slid down, her internal muscles would tighten around my pole. It felt incredible. My breath turned into a series of moans.

“Why don’t you kiss my breasts?”

Holly leaned forward, and I secured a nipple in my mouth. She was moving faster now, her long legs locking around my hips. I felt my body starting to stiffen up.

“Go ahead and fill me up.”

Holly’s body was shuddering again as she rode me and I suckled her nipple. She used her internal muscles to try and actively milk my cock. When she climaxed, screaming loud enough to wake the dead in the process, I fely the cum surge through my shaft and start jetting into her. We both violently shuddered and then collapsed, Holly lying on top of me, as we tried to recover.

“Bravo. I don’t think I’ll need to supervise in the future.” We looked at Holly’s mom. One hand was between her legs. “But I might watch anyway.”

Holly rolled off me, and the two of us waited a few more minutes before we decided to clean up in the shower…

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