Going Goth Ch. 04

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“Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” – Benjamin Franklin


Such was the case with Mike Hutchins, Private Investigator, who, in a relaxed mood of drunken, post-coital bliss, casually mentioned to his girlfriend/lover that one of his clients was engaged in a Lesbian affair as were her daughter and her friends. Said girlfriend, one Connie Peterson, was immediately curious and threatened him with no further sexual favors until he immediately supplied more details. He did and now she had names to accompany the titillating news which she promptly conveyed to her BFF, in the strictest confidence of course, who shared it with her hair stylist, just between them, you know, and so on and so on, the story growing more bizarre with each telling until …


Leslie Dean was relaxing on her back deck with a romance novel and a cool drink when her phone chirped; it was a number she didn’t recognize.

“Hello, this is Leslie.”

“Leslie Dean?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“You don’t know me, but I wanted to warn you that the Board of Directors of the Legion of Decency’s called an emergency meeting about you.”

“About me, what’s this all about?”

“You’re having Lesbian sex with other women and teenage girls.”

“Why that’s ridiculous, where did you hear this?”

“A friend of a friend, I just wanted to warn you, sweetie. Goodbye.”

“Wait, who are … Damn, they hung up.”


Susan Crawford had stepped from the shower and was toweling off when her phone trilled; it was Leslie.

“Hi baby, what’s goin’ on?”

“Plenty, someone just called me and said that there was a rumor going around that I was having Lesbian sex with teenage girls and the Legion of Decency’s Board of Directors is calling an emergency meeting about me. I’m scared, baby.”

“Be cool, I’ll be right over.”


Teri Dean and Keri Crawford were having lunch in the school cafeteria when one of their Goth friends walked over, sat across from them at their table and said “What this about you guys getting’ it on with your mom’s? The whole school’s talkin’ about it.”

“What the hell,” Keri snapped, “Who told you that?”

“That’s bullshit,” Teri added, “Our mom’s wouldn’t do that.”

“I’m just tellin’ ya what I heard,” Keith Somers said, defensively. “They say your sisters involved too, Teri. The five of ya are lezzin’ it up big time. I think it’s kinda hot.”

The girls glanced around and saw students at other tables looking at them and talking among themselves. Three girls at one table waved shyly at them and smiled.

“Thanks for cluing us in, Keith,” Keri said. “I dunno who started this bullshit, but I’m gonna find out.”

“I just lost my appetite,” Teri said, standing up, “C’mon Keri, let’s get outta here.”

Keri stood up and they walked towards the cafeteria exit doors, feeling every eye in the place on them. Once they were out in the hall Teri said “How did everyone find out? Has somebody been peeping in our windows? Mom and Susan are gonna be so pissed when they hear about this.”

“I’m callin’ mom now,” Keri replied, taking her phone from her purse and punching the speed dial. “Mom, y’know what I just heard, there’s a rumor goin’ around school that we’re getting’ it on with each other … yeah, the whole town must know if these kids do … what, you guys heard it too … a phone call … they said what … no shit? Look, we’re comin’ home … naw, we won’t miss anything important … don’t worry, we’ll catch a ride … see ya in a while … bye.”

“What’s goin’ on there?” Teri asked.

“The shit’s hit the fan, babe, your mom got a call that someone ratted her out to that Decency crowd she hangs with. Those people are nuts. She thinks they’re gonna kick her out of the Legion because she’s a Lesbian.”

“Those fuckers,” Teri said angrily. “Poor mom, she must be freakin’ out.”

“She sounded almighty pissed to me; I heard her cussin’ in the background. Let’s get outta here.”

Three girls and two boys emerged from the cafeteria doors, saw Teri and Keri and began snickering and whispering.

“What the fuck’s so funny,” Teri snarled, clenching her fists.

The group continued to snicker and hurried off, looking back at them.


Brittany Crawford was relaxing in the break room at the Bargain Barn with a cup of tea and a muffin when the door opened and Fred Wheeler stumped in, beady eyes gleaming in his pudgy face. Being Associate Floor Manager gave him a limited amount of authority and he never missed a chance to lord it over any subordinates. He had asked Brittany for a date several times and she had politely turned him down.

Brittany groaned inwardly as he headed for her table and heaved his bulk into the chair next to her. She pasted a smile on her face and said “Hi Fred,” as pleasantly as she could. He mopped his sweaty brow with a soiled handkerchief and replied “Now I know why you’d never go out on a date with me.”

‘Because you’re a repulsive slob’ Brittany thought, but casino siteleri said sweetly “Whatever are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about,” he said with an evil grin, “You bein’ a Lez and all.”

“Excuse me? I’m a what?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, cutie. The whole staff’s talking about it. You and those other girls getting’ it on and …”

“Who told you this?” Brittany said, her anger rising.

“I heard it from Pat in Linens and Draperies and she heard it from …”

“I’m gonna get to the bottom of this,” Brittany said, arising from her chair, “See ya, Fred.” She threw what remained of her tea and muffin in the trash, stalked out the door and headed for the warehouse where she could make a phone call in private. What in hell was going on?


“Brit’s on her way,” Susan said as Teri and Keri came charging through the front door, embarrassed, annoyed and spoiling for a fight. They’d finally been able to catch a ride with two girls they knew from Math class and were pestered for details about their supposed relationship throughout the trip although they admitted nothing, saying it was so much bullshit.

“Who ratted us out, mom?” Keri shouted, “Someone’s lookin’ for an ass kickin’.”

“Calm down, sweetie,” Susan replied. “We don’t know anything yet. Evidently there are rumors about us all over town. We may never know who it was and until we do …”

“I just thought of who’d know about us, it’s that goddamn blabbermoutn Hutchins!” Leslie shouted as she emerged from the kitchen and stormed into the family room, “That lousy sonofabitch! I’m gonna rip his balls off and make him eat them!”

Teri was shocked; she’d never heard her mom use such language or seen her get this mad.

“Are you sure, babe?” Susan said.

“Who else knew about when the girls went to ‘Lover’s Island’ and who snuck into the house while we were making love? He probably watched us for a while, that goddamn perv. When I get my hands on him …”

“Who’s this Hutchins guy, mom?” Teri said. “How come he knows about us going to ‘Lover’s Island’?”

Leslie’s demeanor changed abruptly from anger to embarrassment.

“He’s a private detective I hired to keep an eye on you, baby. I thought you were fighting other girls over some boy and were having sex with him. I just wanted to protect you …”

“Mother, how could you!” Teri shouted. “Spying on me like that; don’t you trust me at all? Having some creepy guy following me everywhere, what were you thinking? ” She burst into tears and ran upstairs, slamming the bedroom door behind her.

Leslie collapsed into a chair like a punctured balloon. “I only wanted to protect her. Now I’ve ruined everything and she hates me. I was only trying to be a good mother, I swear.” She put her hands over her face and began to cry.

Susan, Brittany and Keri were stunned by Teri’s outburst and Leslie’s reaction to it.

“Go to her, Brit,” Susan said, “She needs you now.” She arose from the couch and sat on the arm of Leslie’s chair, stroking her hair and letting her cry.

Keri was unsure what to do, so she lay back on the couch and closed her eyes wishing it would all go away and they all could be happy again, then her phone played the opening chords to a popular tune.

“Hi Jen, what’s goin’ on, yeah, sure, lemme ask. Is it okay with you guys if I go to the mall with Jen and Maria?”

Susan nodded; Leslie did as well, wiping her eyes with a tissue as Susan caressed her neck.

“Pick me up in ten, thanks, bye.” She kissed them both and ran out the door to wait at the curb for her friends. Things totally sucked; maybe it would be fun to go shopping.


Brittany tapped on Teri’s door saying “It’s me, baby, can I come in?”

“Is she with you?”

“Nope, it’s just me.”

The door opened and Teri stood there, clothes rumpled from lying in bed, eyes red from crying. Brittany held out her arms and Teri came to her embrace saying “Why does she hate me, baby? I’ve always been a good girl. I’ve never given her a reason to doubt me. Why did she have me followed? Doesn’t she love me?”

Brittany eased her back into the room, closed the door and hugged her. “She loves you, sweetie, maybe a little too much. She was worried about you. You know how protective she can be.”

“Yeah, I know,” Teri replied, sarcasm in her voice. “Sometimes I think of her as the warden rather than my mother. If she hadn’t accepted us together, I would have left home and we could have run away.”

“I don’t think your mom’s quite the same woman she was when she hired that detective to follow you. She and my mom falling in love have changed her. She’s not judgmental like she was. She really loves you. Let’s go down and talk with her. You’ll see.”

“I always feel so safe when you hold me,” Teri said. “I know you’re right. Let’s go downstairs and talk.”

“That’s the woman I love,” Brittany said. They kissed and went down the steps hand in hand.


Being at the mall had done nothing to change canlı casino Keri’s mood. She had tried shopping with her friends and finally told them to go on without her; she’d meet them in the food court later. She sat down at the edge of the fountain in the middle of the mall having a major pity party. Everyone was happy; everyone had someone but her.

“Is this seat taken?”

Keri looked up and saw a beautiful blonde girl standing there, smiling sweetly, white teeth gleaming. Her blue short shorts and magenta cut off t-shirt appeared to be sprayed on and the high heeled sandals she wore displayed her delicate feet and decorated toenails.

“Uhhh … sure,” Keri replied, quite taken with the girls beauty. Then she remembered, it was the sales clerk Veronica from Lover’s Island. Oh man, she was gorgeous.

Veronica sat down in a graceful movement, crossed one shapely leg over another and said “Are you shopping?”

“Naw, jus’ hangin’ out,” Keri replied, gazing lustfully at the girls full breasts, her stiff nipples plainly visible under the thin fabric, “You?”

“I needed a few things,” Veronica said, showing her a Victoria’s Secret bag she was carrying. “They’re one of the few places that keep my bra size in stock.”

“It sure doesn’t look like you need a bra,” Keri said, then giggled, “They’re beautiful.”

“You’re sweet,” Veronica replied, “Are you here with your friends? They make such a cute couple.”

“They’re home, it’s just me. I’m surprised you remembered me with all the people you meet at the store.”

“I never forget a pretty face. Are you with anyone?”

‘You already asked me that’ Keri thought, and then ‘She thinks I’m pretty’, then she caught on, “No, I’m not.”

“I was gonna call you, but I didn’t know if you were, you know, seeing anyone.”

“You were gonna call me?” Keri said, incredulous.

“Well, sure,” Veronica replied, “I think you’re hot.”

Keri was blushing profusely. This gorgeous woman thought she was hot? She could have any man or woman she wanted just by crooking her finger and she thinks I’m hot?

“Um … ah … gee thanks,” Keri replied, thinking ‘Jeezus, how lame is that? She’ll think I’m a dweeb’.

Veronica laughed, breasts jiggling provocatively. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you, Keri. I do think you’re hot though.”

“Me?” Keri blurted, “You’re the one who’s hot. When first I saw you in the store my panties went damp.” She blushed again, “I mean …”

Veronica laughed again, “It’s okay, babe. I seem to have that effect on people. Would you like to get some coffee or something?”

“Um … sure,” Keri replied, there’s the ‘Coffee Bean’ in the food court and a Star…”

“Let’s have coffee at my place,” Veronica said, winking at her.

Keri’s heart skipped a beat at the not-so-subtle invitation “Yeah, Let’s do that.”


Susan and Leslie were cuddling on the couch when the doorbell rang. “Now who could that be?” Leslie said, getting up and going to the door. When she opened it, four members of the Legion of Decency’s Executive Committee were standing on her doorstep. They did not look happy.

“Hello, Prudence, Olivia, Henry, Matthew,” Leslie said brightly, “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“We are here concerning a matter of the upmost importance,” Prudence replied in a reedy voice, “May we come in?”

“Of course,” Susan said, “Let’s go into the family room so we can talk.”

When they entered the room, Susan arose from the couch and smiled at them. “This is my dear friend, Susan,” Leslie said, “Susan, this is Prudence Mather, Olivia Smollett, Henry Weeks and Matthew Priestly; my colleagues in the Legion of Decency. Please sit down. Would you care for something to drink, some tea, perhaps?”

“No thank you,” Henry replied, his sonorous voice like the bass pipes on a church organ, “We will not be staying long.”

Leslie’s forehead knotted and she said nothing. She saw Susan had moved from the couch to the large chair so the visitors could sit down. She seated herself beside Susan so their bodies were pressed together. Susan put her arm around Leslie’s waist as they smiled at their guests and Leslie said “Now what is it you wanted to see me about?”

Matthew coughed nervously, the obvious intimacy between the women making him uncomfortable, and then said “Some disturbing rumors have come to our attention concerning you, Ms. Dean; quite disturbing rumors.” He coughed again, “They concern certain deviant sexual practices occurring between you and young girls. Is this true?”

“Nothing could be further from the truth …,” Leslie began, her voice and anger rising.

“Be cool, babe,” Susan whispered.

Leslie took a deep breath and continued “I have an affectionate and loving relationship with my daughter and her friends; in fact her best friend’s mother is sitting here with me. Susan and I are friends and also have an affectionate and loving relationship, there is no deviancy involved whatsoever.”

“Words such as ‘affectionate’ and ‘loving’ are often code kaçak casino words for deviant sexual practices,” Olivia replied, her raspy voice sounding like a buck saw cutting through a tree limb. “It is abundantly clear that all sorts of deviant behaviors exist in this town, Ms. Dean and your daughter and her friends are involved in them.”

“Just how do you know this?” Leslie said, bristling, as Susan hugged her as a signal to be calm.

“I saw them with my own two eyes in that cesspool of depravity named ‘Lover’s Island Boutique and Sex Shop,” Olivia said haughtily. “They were buying appliances to have sex with, laughing and talking about how they were going to use them on each other; shameful behavior that you appear to be encouraging, Ms. Dean.”

“So you’re the one who was spying on our kids?” Susan snarled, “What the hell were you doing in there anyway if this so called deviancy upsets you so much?”

“Be cool yourself, babe,” Leslie whispered in her ear.

“I was merely observing the latest trends in sexual deviancies.” Olivia said, primly. “One must keep abreast of the latest trends in that direction in order to crusade against them.”

“Where have I heard that before,” Susan said, nudging Leslie and grinning.

“There’ll be no pussy for you tonight, smart ass,” Leslie whispered, grinning back at her.

“Back to the reason for our visit,” Prudence said, drawing herself up stiffly, “Until we have determined whether or not these rumors about you are true, Ms. Dean, we have no choice but to suspend your membership in the Legion on grounds of sexual impropriety. You will not be invited to future meetings until further notice, nor will you be allowed to crusade with us when we target those establishments that promote degeneracy and lasciviousness. Good day.”

The League members stood up to leave and Leslie said “Before you go I have something to tell all of you.” She stood up and Susan stood up with her, their arms around each other. “Susan here is my lover and my love and I am hers. She makes me happy and I make her happy. When we make love it’s like a symphony and the music we make is delightful. We are Lesbians and proud of it. What you may think of us is immaterial. Go ahead and banish me. I no longer care to associate with the likes of you judgmental snobs.

Furthermore, if my daughter and her friends choose to live as Lesbians, so be it. They are over eighteen years of age and can make their own lifestyle decisions as we have made ours. Which of you are so Simon Pure you can presume to judge anyone?” She turned to Susan and they soul kissed.

The four, too amazed to speak, simply turned and left, closing the front door behind them.

Teri rushed into the room; she and Brittany had been listening to the exchange sitting on the stairway, nudging each other and smirking.

“You were wonderful, mom,” she cried happily, “You really showed ’em.”

Leslie embraced her saying “That was for all of us, my daughter. I love you.”

“I love you too, mom,” Teri replied, hugging her tightly.


“This is a cool place,” Keri said as they entered Veronica’s tastefully decorated apartment. The beige walls, indirect lighting, framed art hangings and Swedish Modern furniture imbued a welcoming and relaxing feel to the living area.

“I’m glad you like it,” Veronica said, removing her sandals, “Take your shoes off and relax.” Keri removed her flats and followed the woman into the small, but cozy kitchen. “What will you have to drink?”

“A root beer, please,” Keri replied, looking around at the collection of pots and pans hanging from hooks in the ceiling. “Do you do a lot of cooking?”

“Not as much as I’d like to. I seem to be out of root beer, how about a glass of chilled white wine? This Chardonnay is quite nice.”

“Yeah, sure,” Keri replied, taking the wineglass from Veronica. Their hands touched and the feeling was electric. “Let me show you around,” she said, taking Keri by the arm; causing a delicious shiver.

“You’ve seen the kitchen and the living room,” Veronica continued, “Now this is my office,” she said, indicating a room filled with books and a computer table with a laptop and speakers on it; “And this is the bathroom and this is my bedroom.”

Keri’s pulse quickened as she stared at the canopied bed that dominated the room covered with a colorful quilt. A nightstand, a bureau and an armoire completed the room’s furniture. “It’s beautiful, Veronica.”

Veronica took the wine glass from Keri’s hand and placed it with her own on the bedside table. She took the already excited girl in her arms and said “Not nearly as beautiful as you, precious. Let’s get naked. I want to lick and suck every inch of your gorgeous body.”

Throwing their clothes on the floor, Veronica turned down the comforter and they climbed onto the soft linen sheets. Keri lay back as Veronica began to kiss and caress her, willing and wanting to let this goddess do what she pleased with her young body and make her cum and cum.

Virginia made good her desire to kiss and lick Keri, her lips and tongue dancing over the smooth skin, teasing, touching, tickling, and giving the trembling girl a tongue bath, moving up one leg and down the other, sucking her pretty toes until Keri was agonized with need.

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