Going to Prom with My Crush

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*This is female point of view and involves cheating. All characters are over 18.


Prom is a big deal for a teen girl. That’s why one needs to make sure to get every detail just right. That’s why I decided to go with someone besides my boyfriend, Scott. Don’t get me wrong, Scott is perfect marriage material; unconditionally committed, takes great care of me, he’s even the perfect height (a couple inches taller than me) for a husband. But Prom requires someone really special; the man of my dreams, somebody I can reminisce about. Luckily, I met that perfect guy: very tall, strong, powerful, very sexual charged. His name was Rob.

I never thought I would have two potential dates interested in taking me to Prom. I was not fat but I definitely wasn’t skinny either. I constantly felt the need to work out to make sure I didn’t put on any extra weight, mostly doing aerobic exercises like the elliptical. I have to say that I have a great set of legs and buns because of it, at least Scott tells me that. I really love him because he adores every aspect of my being. He tells me I have nice boobs too, but I always wished they were bigger. He says I have the perfect pretty face and he even encouraged me to be a model. Being on the shorter side, 5’4″, I knew that would not be a career path for me. I am really more of an artist, I liked photography and sketching. Scott wasn’t too much into art, so when I took art classes he would never join me.

Line drawing and figures class, which I call Sketch class is actually where I met Rob. He needed an arts/music credit in order to graduate. He said he wanted to learn how to draw, but I’m sure he thought he’d see a naked model, or something.

One fateful lunch period, about a week or two before the Prom, I met up with Scott in the courtyard, it was a beautiful day. I decided this was the day I was going to break my good news to him. I was hoping that he would see how it was so great for me so I really tried to give a positive spin rather than focusing on the negative.

“So you’ll never guess who I’ve been hanging out with in Sketch class,” I riddled.

“I don’t know, who?”

“Do you know Rob?” I wasn’t sure if the two of them had ever met, “He’s tall, muscular, good-looking, I think he does basketball or something?”

“ROB!?” He exclaimed incredulously, “That guy is the biggest jerk! He used to pick on me in middle school. One time he was doing pull-ups for gym class and I called him a show-off under my breath. He must have heard me because he dropped off the bar and challenged me to do even one pull-up. As soon as I got my hands on the bar and started to hang, he kicked the box from underneath. Then he pulled my pants and underwear down in front of the whole class. Then he was like ‘now, who’s showing off?’ as I hung onto the bar and the whole class laughed at my privates.”

I couldn’t suppress a giggle.

“It’s not funny, I hadn’t really even started puberty so every one started calling me ‘shrimpy’,” he whined.

At that point I burst out laughing. That is the funniest thing I heard in a while.

“Why are you laughing at my torment?” he pouted, not becoming of a boy who turned 18 many months ago.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have tried to bully him?” I countered, “Did you ever think that maybe he was good at doing pull-ups because he is so strong and he had to do extra to make sure he got a good workout? It serves you right for getting so jealous of him and trying to humiliate him,” I felt good defending Rob.

“Why are you standing up for him?” He questioned, “he’s just a dumb jock jerk -face,” stumbling while trying to be clever.

“He’s not a jerk-face,” I giggled, “He’s actually really sweet to me. He’s funny if you got to know him like I have.”

I could tell Scott was backing down, finally. He proceeded to continue the conversation: “So you’ve been hanging out with him in art class?”

“Yeah, so he is really nice and charming. We sit next to each other everyday so we can chat.”

“That is great that you are, like, best friends with my bully,” he contributed sarcastically.

“Hey, he’s not a bully. You started it,” I interjected. “So we were talking last week and he let it slip that he actually had a crush on me and wanted to take me to Prom. Can you believe it? He is probably the cutest man in school and he has a crush on lil-ol’-me?” I felt my face get warm with blush.

“It looks like I will have the last laugh then,” he mused, “What did he do when you told him you had a boyfriend and you were going to Prom with me?”

“Actually,” I fidgeted not knowing how to say it, “I told him I had a crush on him too. And, I agreed to go to Prom with him.”

“But you’re my girlfriend and I did that big Promposal for you, I already made a deposit on the Limo and made a restaurant reservation at the new steak house I wanted to try, Giorgio’s, I have everything planned out. They made me put the reservation on a credit card and they said they will charge me if I don’t go or if I tried to dine-n-dash.”

“I know,” I Kolej Escort conceded, “But this is Prom and I have such a big crush on him. I want to have the night of my life with him.”

“Well if it’s just going to be a one time thing,” he accommodated, “It’s not like you are going to have sex with him or anything. I mean you said you wanted the first time to be special and you were holding out until we got married.”

“I dunno,” I squirmed, “It really will be a special night. A lot of people do end up sleeping with their dates at the end of the night. I’m sure he’s not interested in me like that, though. I think he just wants to get to know me better and have fun. He likes my personality. And besides could you imagine if such a hunk wanted to sleep with me? I mean that would be really amazing. I doubt he’ll want to do anything like that with me. I kinda wish he did though.”

“What about me, then?” he demanded.

“You can still go,” I tried to give it a positive spin, “You can even hang out with us, if you don’t mind a little PDA. Sorry! That reminds me, since you already paid for that Limo, do you mind if we use it?”

“I actually didn’t pay for it completely, I just put a deposit down.”

“Please, ple-ple-ple-pleeeeease?” I begged him

“Fine,” he could never turn me down. “I guess it can probably fit 3 people.”

“3 people? You can’t come with us in the limo, silly. We will need our privacy. I mean you would just be a third wheel anyways. What’s the fun in that?”

Scott looked dumbfounded. He was at a loss for words.

“So Rob and I will be able to really get to know each other in there,” I contemplated, “it would be awesome if we made out in it, wouldn’t it? Wow I have such butterflies in my stomach. I can’t believe the cutest guy in school is taking me to Prom. I really hope I can show him a really good time. Aren’t you excited for me honey?”

“Not really, I mean you are going with my bully and it sounds like you are going to sleep with him.”

“Oh hush, you are so negative. We are just going to have a good night together. But could you imagine if Rob and I got that intimate? That would be so…truly…beautiful. You are actually kinda building up my self-confidence with him. I’m definitely going to initiate things and see where it goes. Thanks for the pep talk.”

He grumbled something, I thought it was ‘You’re welcome’. Whatever it was, it made me giggle.

The two minute warning bell rang for us to get to the next class. I almost didn’t hear it because I was on cloud nine.

“Are you going to class?” Scott interrupted my day dream.

“Yeah! I have sketch class next, so I will tell Rob the great news. You’re the best, hon.” I gave Scott a polite peck on the cheek and a half hug.

I started walking quickly to class because I couldn’t contain myself. I may have broken out into a run at some point because I was out of breath when I got to class.

I was still breathing hard when I heard Rob’s voice.

“Did I take your breath away?” He joked.

“L-O-L!” I spelled out to him sarcastically. “I’ll have you know that I ran to class because I wanted to give you the good news; we are getting a free limo, thanks to Scott.”

“He really sprung for a limo for us?”

“Well he said he couldn’t get his money back on the reservation and I asked if we could use it.”

“A limo sounds awesome, better than road-head,” Rob joked.

“Shut-up!” I scolded him, “that is so dirty!”

“I can’t wait to meet the guy and thank him in person.”

“He said you guys already met,” as the words left my mouth I instantly wanted to retract them. I didn’t want Rob to know that I was associated with somebody he nick-named Shrimpy. I never really even told him we were going out.

“Really? When was that?”

“Umm, He didn’t tell me exactly where…” I lied.

“Great well I’ll have to thank him for the Limo, anyways.”

“He also said that he made dinner reservations, that I’m sure we can take since he won’t be using it.”

“Even better. I think I’m going to really like this guy. He’s done most of my work for me, already.”

For the next couple weeks, I still met up with Scott for lunch. He started sounding like he was getting fed up with me gushing on and on about how much fun Prom was going to be. He even projected his frustration into all the other girls excited about going to Prom. I guess he must have tried to get another date, but it was too last-minute; everyone was already taken. I would always half-heartedly apologize to him, but I never meant it because I was just so excited for my fantasy night with Rob.

The excitement for Prom hit a fevered pitch in the school on the Friday before hand. I had my dress picked out, a burgundy number that was a little short in front and draped down gracefully in back to about my knee level, like it was salsa-inspired. My hair and makeup appointment were set for Saturday. I could tell Rob was getting excited too. During class he was openly Sincan Escort touching me, the feeling from his hands was electric. The teacher reprimanded us at first but then gave up after scolding us three times. He made me so horny. I just wanted to feel his lips against mine. I could barely sleep a wink that night.

Since the limo was going to pick us up at Scott’s house I went with my dad to pick up Rob and he dropped us off at Scott’s. Rob immediately jogged to the limo as soon as we got there. Since my dad got to know Scott from the several times I brought him over to my house, they actually struck up a little bit of a friendship. I wasn’t expecting him to stick around and chat with Scott but he did. I could distinctly overhear their conversation.

“Hey Scott!”

“Hey Mr. P!” Scott responded to my dad.

“You look Schnazzy!” My father trying to compliment Scott’s suit was embarrassing. “For some reason I thought you were going to be taking my daughter to Prom. Aren’t you two dating?”

“Yeah, well she said she wanted to go with the ‘Man of Her Dreams’,” Scott used air-quotes, sarcastically, but he was telling the truth.

“Hey man, don’t worry about that,” My dad consoled him, “Rob may be a better looking guy and all, but I would have rather she went with you. At least with you, I knew I could trust your intentions. I feel like I’ll be waiting on my porch with my shotgun in my lap, if you catch my drift. They couldn’t even keep their hands off each other when I brought them over here.”

“Thanks man,” Scott was a little relieved, “At least someone is worried about things getting out of hand tonight. Did you give her a curfew?”

“Well, no. She is a grown woman now and she can make her own decisions. I just encouraged her to be responsible. She said she would probably be sleeping with, er I mean, sleeping over at Rob’s tonight. I have always encouraged her to be honest, that’s why she’s such a good kid. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah she is a good kid,” Scott recollected, “She definitely is honest. She also has a way of getting what she wants too.”

“You can say that again!” My dad chuckled, “If I were you I wouldn’t stay up all night worrying about how she is getting it.”

He patted Scott on the shoulder just as Rob emerged from the limo to thank Scott.

“SHRIMPY!?” Rob realized loudly. “Oh my god, is that you?!

“Yep.” Scott was nearly petrified by Rob’s presence.

“I can’t believe you would go so far to let us take this Limo.” Rob cackled.

“No problem” Scott could only exchange pleasantries.

“I mean I know you tried to be mean to me in middle school but this is going too far to pay me back. Let’s just say apology accepted. This is great.”

“Uh huh,” Scott paused as if he were waiting for Rob to say something.

“This thing is crazy, it has a fully tinted windows for privacy!” Rob bragged, “I’m gonna be able to do whatever I want with her in there and no one can see it.”

I had to step in so I walked over and slapped Rob in the shoulder, “Maybe we’ll just keep it our little secret then, Rob.” I hinted to him.

“Ohhhh!” Rob realized my insinuation and winked at me. “So how do you know each other?”

“We’re just friends,” I blurted out before Scott could respond. “Well we don’t want to keep the Limo driver waiting!” I needed to redirect before the conversation got too in depth.

“Right,” Rob pointed at his head, “Isn’t she smart?”

“Yeah, well, I guess I’ll see you there then,” Scott fully conceded.

Rob and I got in the limo. It was gorgeous and romantic. Scott must have sprung for the romance upgrade. I’m so happy that it will set a romantic mood for us.

Giorgio’s wasn’t too far away and our Limo pulled out front before Rob and I could really do anything. He dropped us off at the front door and we walked to the Host.

“Good evening and welcome to Giorgio’s, we are no longer taking walk-ins, could we have the name on the reservation.”

Rob cleverly responded with Scott’s name to get us the table. I felt myself blush, I felt a little naughty taking his reservation for ourselves.

“Right this way, and we hope we can make your Prom night extra special for the lovely couple,” Scott must have told the restaurant we were going to Prom, on the other hand, they could have guessed and been right.

As they were seating us I overheard Scott’s voice, “What do you mean that reservation was taken?”

I looked back and saw Scott. Our eye’s locked and I gave him a flirty wave. I didn’t see him in the restaurant after that. He must have realized we took his reservation and didn’t want to embarrass me.

They served us a delicious 5 course meal. I had the Fillet and Rob treated himself to the surf and turf, Lobster with a T-bone. After dessert, the waiter asked us if we would like to put it on the credit card on file. I thought about it for a second: could I be so daring and put our whole meal on Scott’s card? I looked over at Rob who was patting himself Yenimahalle Escort down looking for his wallet.

“Yes you can put it on the card.” I said with the straightest face I could muster. After the waiter left to retrieve the bill, Rob and I burst into laughter.

Rob signed the bill ‘Shrimpy’ and gave the waiter a generous tip.

Rob really is a sweet guy, I don’t think Scott would have given such a generous tip. He is such a cheapskate sometimes. Just because he has to work a job after school and in the summer, he pinches every penny until Lincoln cries. Rob needed to make sure the waiter was well accounted for, he is so much more considerate.

After we got back in the Limo, we had a long ride to the banquet-hall. I really wanted to jump Rob’s bones there and then. I snuggled up along side Rob, I felt so close to him, in that moment. I just hoped that I could be as considerate to him that he was to other people.

We got stuck in some traffic, which was fortunately going to add more time to our trip. I started noticing Rob getting fidgety like he needed to get up and move around.

“What’s wrong Rob?” I cooed.

“Nothing. I just really hate traffic.”

“Hmm, well maybe…” I reached deep to dig for all the self confidence I had, “I could do something to get your mind off of it.” I daringly moved my face towards his. My heart was beating out of my chest, this was going to be our first kiss.

Our lips met and I felt a surge of electricity move through my whole body eventually residing in my nipples and clit. I felt like my body was just buzzing with excitement. I couldn’t believe this was happening and that Rob was such a good kisser.

We moved quickly to french-kissing which was even more intoxicating. It is incredible how time runs both more quickly and more slowly, while we were making out. Before we knew it, a half hour passed and Rob was sporting a large lump in his pants. I hope he doesn’t get blue balls because we made out! Rob seemed anxious at this point, he was moving around making it difficult for me to kiss him some more.

“What’s the matter? You seem anxious, you never get anxious.”

“Well I’m just nervous that I will show up with this sticking out.” He pointed to his sizable bulge.

“Oh dear!” I said seductively, “Maybe we could do that suggestion you made, what did you call it ‘Road-head’?” I began to undo his button and fly on his pants. I couldn’t believe my audacity. I would never try anything like this with Scott. “This is my first time giving head so you may have to give me some pointers.”

“Rule number one make sure you lick the entire thing first,” he chuckled at the obviousness.

“Hmm. I like that rule.” I said as I fished his large dick through the fly and circled around in front of him. As I was about to put my tongue on his manhood, I noticed the car behind me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was Scott in his mom’s minivan. He had to know it was our limo right? I immediately felt a surge of adrenaline as I thought about all the things he must be envisioning us doing right now in front of him but obscured from view.

I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it because all I could think about was wanting to lick Rob’s dick. I couldn’t believe the musk that was emanating from it; so manly and bold, nothing like when I’ve seen Scott’s little thingy, which smelled like old yogurt. I saw a droplet of precum forming on the tip of his dick and my mouth instinctively dropped to it. The first time my tongue came in contact with his engorged member, I couldn’t believe the ecstasy that was coursing through my veins; not only from pleasing Rob in such an intimate way, but the added bonus that I could almost see Scott as I had another man in my mouth. Rob lifted himself slightly so he could pull his pants down for me, exposing his balls to me. They were large enough to match his dick but almost purple colored with an increase of blood flowing to them.

“Rule number two, you have to lick these guys too,” Rob instructed.

I took a break from slathering my tongue all over his penis to begin actively sucking in his balls. Rob was really moaning with pleasure now, I must be really hitting the spot on my first try! I never wanted to do this with Scott because I never liked the way he smelled and I would just give him a hand job into his sock.

“Rule number three, you have to get my whole cock in your mouth and down your throat.”

I was really nervous to get the whole thing in and I was worried I was going to gag, but something came over me. It was like I no longer had a gag reflex because I just wanted him so badly. I couldn’t believe I was deep-throating Rob right in front of Scott, I was loving it!

I felt Rob’s hands grab hold of the sides of my head as he proceeded to force his hot prick in and out of my throat.

“Rule number four, you have to swallow everything that comes out,” he grunted as he was holding himself back.

I couldn’t believe how much I needed his cum down my throat at that moment. My eyes were welling up but I was enjoying this so much. He somehow grew even larger blocking my entire airway with his cock as he grunted manically. He held it in place for about 30 seconds as his cum was shooting down my throat into my stomach. At that moment I couldn’t breath, but I loved it, if this is going to be the way I die, I couldn’t pick a better way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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