Gold Digger Ch. 04

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“He’s your stepbrother?” Dev shouted as he pulled out of Raymond’s ass. The last shot of cum landing on Raymond’s left ass cheek. “You never mentioned a stepbrother! Are all your family members hot? Can I see a picture of your dad so I know what he looks like and don’t unknowingly breed his ass?”

“Yeah, the ass you just nutted in belongs to Raymond Hart, my stepbrother. My Dad married his whore mom about twelve years ago,” Tyler sneered. “Did you seek out my roommate intentionally, Ray?”

Raymond sprung up from his knees willing to fight even with a load leaking from his ass. “First of all, bitch, you call my Mom a whore again I’ll shove my foot up your ass and ruin that bleached asshole that every gay in a thirty mile radius has seen. Secondly, Jack’s marriage to your mother was over by the time he got with my Mom. Thirdly, Dev was the one who messaged me on Dick Pig. I didn’t even know you lived here because we haven’t talked since Thanksgiving two years ago when I caught you fucking my then-boyfriend Alejandro,” Raymond ranted.

“You fucked your stepbrother’s boyfriend?” Dev said shooting Tyler a disappointed, but not surprised look. Unavailable men seemed to be Tyler’s type.

“Alejandro threw himself at me! And isn’t it better that he knew Alejandro found me more attractive? You’re welcome! And I’m sick and fucking tired of my Dad and everyone acting like you are so much better than me. ‘Raymond was class president! Raymond got a scholarship! The sun shines out of Raymond’s ass! Let’s stare in wonder at the bright light emitting from those perfect cheeks!’ Everybody loves Raymond and I’m somehow garbage,” Tyler yelled. “And my asshole isn’t bleached! It is a natural beauty.”

“Tyler, while I’m sympathetic to your feelings about your father, you shouldn’t take it out on Raymond. While I’ve just gotten a closeup look at his asshole and it was glorious, I can assure you the sun does not shine out of it. The only thing coming out of it right is my cum,” Dev said trying not to sound too proud landing such a hot piece for the night.

“Dev, can I use your bathroom? I seem to be leaking said load onto your carpet. And I don’t want to look at this insecure, raggedy bitch anymore,” Raymond said with a dismissive handwave at Tyler.

Dev smiled at Raymond. “You can use the master bathroom. Upstairs, through the first room on the left.”

“You’re letting him use your bathroom?! He’s some rando you picked up on Dick Pig. You’ve never let me use it,” Tyler whined as Raymond made his way upstairs.

“Because you have your own bathroom, Tyler. I am very disappointed in you. I know family can be complicated, but Raymond is my guest right now. I’ve never treated any of your hook-ups poorly. Not even the marketing major who ate my tikka masala leftovers and clipped his toenails on the couch!”

Tyler pondered that. “Kent wasn’t that bad. He did offer to clean the house naked if you’d write him a prescription for painkillers. Then you had to scare him off with a lecture about the opioid crisis and medical ethics.”

“I rest my case. Tyler, I don’t really want to deal with your theatrics right now. There’s pizza in the fridge. Don’t be surprised if you hearing moans and grunts coming from my room,” Dev said as he walked up the stairs.

Tyler stood there fuming. It was bad enough he skipped meals preparing to bottom for TV star Nick Donovan and all he got was a rimjob, little fingering and a bizarre proposition, but to come home to find Raymond getting bred by Dev was maddening. Everyone always preferred Raymond to him and didn’t exactly bring out the best behavior in Tyler. Before he could stalk off to the kitchen to eat cold pizza and sulk, his phone started ringing. Fishing it out his pocket, he looked at the caller ID and sighed before answering.

“Nick, can this wait until tomorrow? I haven’t eaten and I’m not in a great mood. I’m down for your whole revenge scheme and me being subjected to teens butchering Grease, but I won’t even meet Evan until Monday afterschool for rehearsals.”

Nick had offered Tyler $100K to seduce Yenibosna Escort the son of his former lover and co-star. Tyler figured Nick probably could get that done cheaper, but if Nick wanted to use his TV and convention money in a truly petty way, Tyler wasn’t going to argue with him.

“Don’t take that tone with me. I’m paying for your hole, not your mouth. My P.I. followed Evan to Zaddy’s. That place is 21 and over, so he must have a fake ID. Get your outsourced ass over there now, bitch,” Nick ordered.

“Um, I don’t even know what he looks like. Besides, wasn’t the whole point of me taking over the school production of Grease so I could get close to him that way,” Tyler pointed out.

“‘I’m Tyler and I don’t know how to Google. Durrr’,” Nick said in a really politically incorrect imitation of a mentally handicapped person. “He’s on Insta. Look at that twink on there, then drive to Zaddy’s and initiate contact. Maybe a little grinding. Maybe a little handie in a bathroom stall. That way you’ll have in when you walk into rehearsal. It would be harder to start a seduction around a bunch of teens trying to learn how to hand jive. Get it done, cum dumpster for hire,” Nick barked before hanging up.

Tyler looked up Evan’s Instagram on his phone. He saw the standard inspirational quotes and pictures of his parents volunteering at a soup kitchen. He stopped when he finally saw a picture of Evan. He looked like a half-Latino Timothée Chalamet. His dark hair was a little long, but framed his face charmingly. There was a rueful look in Evan’s eyes that made Tyler’s dick twitch. If he got the chance, he’d do a little more in a bathroom stall than just jerk him off. Tyler smirked. Skipping those meals might not have been in vain.


Tyler entered Zaddy’s about ten minutes from midnight. “Party For One” by Carly Rae Jepsen was blaring as a drag queen who was second out on RuPaul’s Drag Race years ago lip synced to it. He went to the bar and ordered a lemon drop and sipped it as he surveyed the club for Evan. He finally found the 18 year old in a corner. He looked to be about the same height as Tyler’s 5’8″ and was a slender build. Evan was nervously looking around the club like he was questioning his choice to come there. Tyler figured this was his first time around this many gay men and it was overwhelming for a young man from a religious background. He finished his drink and made his way over to Evan as the song changed to “Close Your Eyes” by Kim Petras.

The music was too loud to really carry on a conversation and people in the club were busy lining up to tip the drag queen, but Tyler knew you didn’t really need a whole ass conversation to get a man into a sexual situation, particularly a horny virgin. When he was in front of Evan, he decided to go with the direct approach since that had always worked for him. Tyler did the universe gesture for blowjob with his hands and mouth. He poked his cheek with his tongue inside his mouth like it was a cock.

Evan looked at Tyler bewildered. Tyler just gave him a “Do you want to get your dick sucked or not?” look while extending his hand. Evan apparently liked what the way Tyler looked even if he was nervous, so he grasped Tyler’s hand and they went made their way to the men’s room.

The men’s room was deserted because the patrons were too busy watching the performance, so Tyler pulled Evan into a kiss as soon as the door closed. Evan was shocked, but opened his mouth to allow Tyler’s tongue in. Evan was unsure where to put his hands as Tyler sucked on his tongue. He eventually settled on Tyler’s ass squeezing the full cheeks.

Tyler broke the kiss. “You like that ass?” Tyler asked with a mischievous grin.

Evan gulped. “Yes, sir. I do.” His hands never left Tyler’s ass like it was his favorite new toy and he didn’t want to give it up. His boner was harder than it had ever been in his life. Pre-cum was already staining Evan’s plain white underwear.

“Good because you are going to do a lot more than squeeze it. First we need to get that dick wet,” Tyler ordered Yenibosna Escort Bayan leading him to the handicapped stall.

Tyler locked the stall. He noted the floor looked clean, so he didn’t hesitate to get on his knees and work on Evan’s belt. Once that was undone, he unzipped Evan’s jeans and pulled them down with the underwear and was promptly smacked in the face with a eight and a half inch cock.

“Does everyone in this town have a cock bigger than mine?” Tyler asked himself. He grasped the base of Evan’s fat circumcised cock. “Very nice.” He teased the piss hole with his tongue licking up some pre-cum. He then moved to lick on along a vein on the girthy member. “Do you want me to suck this big cock for you?”

“Yes, sir. Please uh, suck my penis,” Evan begged making eye contact with Tyler who was making kittenish licks along the dick.

“You look 18. Are you 18?” Tyler asked already knowing the answer. Evan nodded in affirmation. “Then you are old enough to not say penis. This is a cock, dick, dong, a hole destroyer. Anything about penis. And as you wish.”

Tyler then moved to envelope that meaty cock until his nose was being tickled by Evan’s wiry pubic hair. You don’t need to deepthroat for a good blowjob, but Tyler figured shock and awe was best in this situation. He needed to have Evan eating out of the palm of his hand. The way Evan was moaning made Tyler think he was getting to cumming and he couldn’t have that quite yet.

He pulled back and started jerking Evan’s cock that was dripping with his saliva. “Did you like that?” Evan nodded. “Good. I’d suck you off more, but you seem like you are ready to nut and before that happens, you need to fuck my ass.”

Tyler got off his knees and dug a small bottle of lube out of his pocket and handed it to Evan. “Saliva is a good start, but if you don’t use lube, the bottom will be really sore the next day. Spread that on your cock and then you’ll fuck me.” Tyler dropped his jeans and stared at Evan as he nervously worked the lube onto his shaft. “Good. Now you can get your first piece of ass.”

“Why would you say that?” Evan asked sounding a little offended as Tyler waddled three steps to face the wall with his jeans around his ankles and arching his back to present his ass to Evan.

“Because of the excited, yet scared look on your face that every closet case has when they get to fuck a man for the first time. Now fuck me,” Tyler commanded. “Hurry up. That queen’s set can’t last forever and I’ve been wanting to get fucked all day.”

Evan kicked his jeans to side by the toilet, so now he was just wearing a red polo and sneakers like a perverted twink Winnie the Pooh. He hesitantly took hold of Tyler’s cheeks and spread them to gaze at Tyler’s pink hole. He took his other hand to grasp his slippery dick and lined it up with the hungry ass and the head slipped in. Evan had to fight the urge to cum right then and there.

“Gimme more! Wait. You’re a virgin. I should do the work. Just stay still and try not to cum too soon,” Tyler ordered as he threw his ass back impaling himself on the teen cock. He grunted when he felt Evan’s pubic hair and balls.

Evan was stupefied as Tyler fucked him. He didn’t know a bottom could take control like this. The times he snuck and watched gay porn he thought bottoms were subservient and just a vessel for the cock. He didn’t imagine they could twerk on your dick and grip you so deliciously.

“Watch my ass eat your fat cock! Ohhh,” Tyler moaned as he jerked himself while fucking the hell out of Evan. He couldn’t hold out any longer and sprayed his load all over the wall. “Fuck yeah. Get out of my ass. I want to swallow your cum.”

Evan eagerly pulled out. He was proud of himself for not flooding Tyler’s ass with his cum the second he penetrated him. Though now he had another thought. “But my dick was just inside you.”

Tyler turned around and got on his knees. “Extra flavor!” He then took the ass flavored cock in his mouth and got to work. He kneaded Evan’s balls with one hand and jerked the base Escort Yenibosna with the other. Evan’s cum was the little snack he needed right now. The poor teen could only handle about 30 seconds of this until he went off like a firehose in Tyler’s mouth. When he finally stopped nutting, Tyler opened his mouth to show Evan the cum and then swallowed it.

“Thanks for the dick, kid. I’ll see you around!” Tyler said breezily as he pulled up his jeans and exited the stall.


Dev’s hairy ass was parked on Raymond’s face as Raymond lay on the Dev’s king size bed. Dev didn’t usually have his ass eaten, so this was a real treat for him.

“You like how that brown hole tastes, don’t you?” Dev asked teasingly knowing Raymond wouldn’t be able to answer with the face full of ass as he stroked himself. Raymond just moaned in response and tried to get his tongue even further into Dev’s ass.

The combination of Raymond’s tongue fucking his ass and his hand was too much and his cum came cascading out onto Raymond’s glistening ebony pecks and abs. “Damn, that was great.” Dev dismounted from Raymond’s face and gazed on the mess he had made on his sculpted chest. “I’ll clean that up, but I don’t think I need a towel to do it.” Dev then proceeded to lick his own cum up slowly. He dipped his tongue into Raymond’s navel to suck up a little cum that had pooled there. He used his finger to the last bit on Raymond’s left pec and offered the finger to Raymond who greedily sucked on it. He released it with a smile and pulled Dev into a kiss. Raymond giggled a little with Dev’s beard tickling his face.

“You’re so fucking hot. Let me take you out on a real date,” Dev requested when he pulled away from Raymond’s luscious lips.

Raymond made a face. “What about Tyler? Won’t it be awkward for you to be dating his stepbrother who he is insanely insecure about? He threw a hissy fit when his dad complimented my shoes at his high school graduation. My shoes went mysteriously missing the next day. He is a petty little bitch.”

“Don’t worry about Tyler. He isn’t my boyfriend. He just rents a room. We have messed around a little bit recently, but we both know it was just fun and nothing serious. I just met you, Raymond, but I really like you. I think we could have something. We could go to the movies. I think Killer Twinks 4 is in theaters. Or if you don’t like that, we could do anything you want. Within reason. I refuse to do karaoke since my singing voice makes Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia sound good in comparison,” Dev said stroking Raymond’s cheek while still on top of him.

“If you want to go out with me, you have to do something first. You have to participate in my friend group’s roleplaying game. It is like Dungeon & Dragons, but with sex. We call it Dungeons & Dicks,” Raymond nervously said.

Dev pulled back from Raymond and sat up on the bed. “So for me to get a real date with you, I have to participate in a gay nerdy orgy? Huh?”

“We’ve been doing this for the last year. You know how hard it is to be a person of color on a gay dating app. Some people are overtly racist or just want to fetishize you. It is comforting to be supported by other gay men of color and also have fun with lots of dick and ass. I dated a guy two months back and he couldn’t understand the group and why I didn’t want to be strictly monogamous. That’s why I want you to join us for a D&D session. To quote my Mom’s favorite song ‘If you want to be my lover, you’ve got to get with my friends,'” Raymond explained. “Let me just add that all of the men in the group are hot and we could use another top.”

Dev pondered this carefully for a second. “To get a date with the hottest guy I’ve ever met, I have to top some other hot guys. I’m in,” Dev said grinning.

Raymond looked giddy. “You are going to have so much fun. Our next orgy is Monday night. We usually try to have it on weekend nights, but Tyrone and Duc had to go to a wedding in Florida this weekend. You’ll need to fill out a character sheet. I’ll provide the dice and the lube.”


Nick sat in his trailer on set and looked at the “Mission accomplished” text he got from Tyler and smirked. He went to his contacts and called someone. “Everything is going according to plan. The dumbass really thinks he’s going to get 100K. He’s in for a rude awakening when we’re ready.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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