Good Friends: The First Encounter

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Laura had been working out now for several months, and it showed. She had lost 10 pounds and several inches. She caught herself spending more time getting ready in the morning, usually this time was spent brushing her hair and looking at herself. She had got into the habit of wearing a short little robe. Every once in awhile she allowed the belt to loosen and the robe to open slightly. She tried to convince herself that it was accidental and not purposeful. This morning had been one of those times. She could see the inside curves of her small breasts and her flattening tummy and a hint of her muff. She often got lost in her dreams as she looked in the mirror. And her dreams were not always sexual. She would dream about being outdoors, or being with friends or watching a rainstorm through a picture window. This morning she was imagining a rainstorm. Thunder, lightening, raindrops against the window.

Her eyes opened, looking into the mirror, but she wasn’t focusing on anything in particular. Then, she slowly blinked and saw her little bush. Her hair was very fine and her bush was no exception. Thin, dirty blonde, soft, sparse waves of loose curls covering her mound. She remembered seeing other women in the locker room of the gym. The younger women seemed to be heavily trimmed or even fully shaven. Women her own age seemed to have dense mounds of hair above their personal parts. She had never seen another woman with as fine and light of a muff as her own. This usually made her self-conscious on the way to the shower stall. So, she usually wrapped herself in her towel quickly after getting undressed. This morning, however, she thought her light, little muff looked nice… even slightly attractive!

She lifted the robe belt to one side in order to get an unobstructed view. It could be that she thought it was attractive because her tummy was getting flatter or that there was more of a gap between her thighs or possibly her self-confidence was increasing. For any reason, it was and she smiled. She ran her fingers slowly through it, enjoying the tingly feelings that ran through her body as she did. Laura was moving slowly and purposefully. She enjoyed the pretty triangle felt and saw in the mirror while her fingers traced the outline of her bush. Laura used her pointer and middle fingers to trace either side of her muff, up and down, up and down. Then she pushed her hand down further; her pointer and middle fingers moved between her legs, tracing either side of her pussy next to her thighs. Laura moaned slightly.

The heat between her legs was easily noticeable to Laura’s fingers. As she moved her hand up and down, Laura noticed her lips swelling and becoming a little puffy to the touch. And that her breath was quickening. Laura was far from an expert at masturbation. She had tried infrequently and succeeded even less. There were numerous occasions when Laura’s attempts at self pleasure ended with her crying into her pillow instead of screaming into it. Unconsciously, Laura squeezed her fingers together, pinching her lips between them. She felt herself quivering and even smelled that unusual fragrance emanating from down there. Laura couldn’t believe what she was seeing, feeling and smelling… especially just standing here in front of the vanity. She enjoyed the feelings her two fingers were giving her in the form of a V on either side of her pussy, not even penetrating her lips. Maybe she was confused about what masturbating actually was.

Laura shifted her position standing in front of the mirror. As she did, she felt the material of the robe shift as well and move against her breast, which was obviously quite sensitive right now. Laura reached up with her free hand to pull back her robe a little to reveal a wonderful sight. Her little breast was currently crowned with a hard nipple. So hard in fact that it was as big as the end of her pointer finger! She brushed it lightly and felt electricity shoot through her body. As she admired her nipple, she noticed her areola was also hard and rose from her breast. She smiled and just gazed at her single exposed breast. Unconsciously, Laura squeezed and cupped her pussy and rubbed her muff with the palm of her hand,

Laura was a just about take her breast in her free hand when her cell rang. She screamed and jumped a mile. She hurried into the bedroom and picked it up. It was Leann; she wanted to get together for coffee. Laura happily agreed but said she had to finish getting ready; she just got done working out. Oh, okay. Well, it will take me awhile to get over there. I’ll be over in 30 minutes. Sounds good. See you then. I’ll leave the deck door open for you. K, bye. So Laura started down the stairs to open the back door for her friend. Half way down the stairs, she realized her robe was still open and allowing any and all to see her partial nudity. Of course, no one was home; the kids were off to school and he was always at work. It struck her that he hadn’t seen her nude in some time. Laura liked the way her robe flapped as her hurried down to unlock the door. She bursa escort bayan made no effort to close her robe and let it remain open. When she got to the door, she could smell the fabulous spring day through the open windows. She paused… wondering if she should… and then walked out on the deck! Just as she was. Again, with no effort to close her robe. She was alerted immediately to the spring morning chill by her quick hardened nipples! They froze and were rock hard. Also, the slight moisture she had manufactured between her legs chilled and sent a shiver up her spine. Laura stood on her deck for several minutes enjoying spring and also enjoying sharing her body with nature.

Laura wondered if any of her neighbors could see her. Modesty held on to her and she looked down to make sure she was mostly covered. She was. Her robe was still open but tied. Someone could see her breasts but not her nipples. And the lower part of her robe and the belt covered her mound. But she still felt provocative. Laura was basking in the sun of the chilly spring morning, nipples aching and pussy tingling. She loved it. But Leann was coming over; she needed to go in and get ready for the day. Laura closed the door behind her, didn’t lock it and scurried upstairs.

She knew she couldn’t try to enjoy an ‘extended’ shower this morning because Leann was on her way. But she couldn’t help feeling herself just a little. Even in the warm shower, Laura’s were still very hard and sensitive. As she washed, and brushed against them, electric charges shot through her body. The water rushing over her felt wonderful with the spring air and excited body. She lingered in the shower afterwards. The warm water felt wonderful. Laura couldn’t help but explore her body. Her hands slowly reached behind and massaged her lower back. In her mind, she still out in fresh air, enjoying a spring morning on her deck. One hand snuck down and traced her butt crack. Laura cooed. A finger ran up and down this crevasse, pushing a little more each time. She felt her tail bone… she felt short curly hairs… she felt a puckered little butt hole. When Laura pushed in a little, her cooing turning to moaning. She had recently discovered that she felt a dirty sort of pleasure when she touched her butt hole.

This morning, as she touched her butt hole, her breasts ached even more. Laura thought it was such a good ache too. She thought she would try something new… to see what it felt like to push the end of her finger into her butt hole. Laura pulled her hand back and lathered soap on it and placed her finger back on her little rosebud. As she began applying pressure, she was surprised at how easy the tip of her finger eased into her butt! Even with just the very tip inside her, she was worried the soap might sting. But it didn’t at all. The excitement was amazing. As her body shuddered, her butt hole constricted around her finger. Laura almost felt like wilting. The sensations in her butt hole and around her finger felt wonderful. She could barely remain standing. Laura held her finger motionless for as long as she could bear. She then just wiggled it. The sensations were agonizingly lovely. She fell against the side of the shower. Her entire body orgasmed, with just that tiny wiggle! Laura tried to catch her breath, not fall, and enjoy her aching and trembling body all at the same time.

Slowly, the lights turned back on for her. She couldn’t believe what just happened. Just barely inserting and wiggling did that much to her? She realized time had gotten away from her, so she rinsed off quickly and shut off the water. As she hopped out, grabbed the towel and began drying off, Leann suddenly appeared around the corner and entered the master bath. Both were extremely surprised. Oh hi. Oh my gosh, Hi. Umm, has it umm been 30 minutes already?? Laura asked as she tried unsuccessfully to cover herself. No, um, but I thought you would have been umm ready by now, Leann stammered Sorry, I’ll go wait downstairs. Leann continued, but as she continued, she couldn’t help but looking her friend up and down. Still shocked, but realizing she had never thought of Laura as being attractive, but now she was thinking that. Leann noticed Laura was flushed. Was she that embarrassed? Leann thought. Hardly possible since she was able to cover herself with that large towel. Both stood looking at each other for a minute. I’ll be downstairs, Leann finally said. Good idea, Laura concluded.

Laura’s head was still spinning as Leann turned and walked away. She was worried that maybe Leann may have seen her in the shower. That would be embarrassing. She dried quickly to get dressed. As Leann walked downstairs, she felt ashamed walking in on her friend like that. Why had she done it? She should have waited downstairs. I didn’t hear the shower. I didn’t see anything. It’ll be just fine, Lean thought. I am sure we are both embarrassed just as much. Just act ass if nothing happened. Wait, I didn’t even apologize. I need to apologize. She’ll be down in a minute. görükle escort Leann’s thoughts were in turmoil. Without anymore thought, she hurried back upstairs knowing that Laura would be dressed by now and just finishing up in front of the mirror. When Leann turned the corner this time, she was just as surprised. And so was Laura! Laura was in the walk-in closet dressing… well barely. Laura was standing there in her underwear… well, not just underwear. Laura had on a black thong and a white cami. Both women were shocked this time. Laura trying desperately to cover herself with just her arms, but to know avail. Why she had picked today to try out a thong for the first time now seemed like the absolutely most wrong thing to do! Laura was alternating between trying to cover her bare ass cheeks and her hardened, very visible nipples.

All I wanted to do was apologize for barging in on you in the bathroom! Leann explained. And now… I am so sorry, Laura… I didn’t mean to… I am so embarrassed… During her apology, Leann’s eyes were admiring Laura’s scantily clothed body. I wouldn’t have guessed she wears thongs, Leann thought. I wished my butt looked that nice. Laura didn’t even notice Leann taken extra time looking at her. She was also very embarrassed and was behaving like a deer caught in headlights, not even moving with a dumb look on her face. Well, umm, I’m gonna go. I have made enough of a fool of myself today. With that Leann turned to leave. Before she could… umm, no, don’t leave. Just wait for me to get dressed. I’ll be down in a minute. okay? Laura surprised even herself with the control and confidence she showed. She had managed to stop waving her arms trying in vain to cover herself. Subconsciously, she knew why wanted to try a thong. She thought she had a very nice looking butt and wanted to see what it looked like in one. She just didn’t think that her best friend would be the first one to see her wearing it! Laura even managed to produce a ‘shooing’ motion to Leann… who smiled thinking that looked extremely cute. oh, okay. I will, Leann replied and turned and walked out.

Laura breathed a heavy sigh and realized she was actually shaking with nervousness. Oh my gosh, what was that? she thought. She stepped out of the closet where there was a full-length mirror… she didn’t realize why. She looked at herself in the mirror. She wanted to know what her friend had seen. Oh my, Laura thought, my nipples are like rocks! Leann had easily seen them. She turned to the side… looked at her butt. Smiled. That is why I bought this thong, she thought. But also wondering if Leann had seen her butt. Must have. And with that conclusion, she felt a little electricity run through her body tingling her pussy and making her nipples throb. I better get dressed, Leann is waiting. Soon she was down in the kitchen.

Okay, I’m ready.

Me too.

Hey, I am sorry about barging in on you.

Not a problem, accidents happen.

But Leann didn’t really know if it was truly an accident. Had she wanted to step into a situation like that? She knew she was certainly feeling a little funny… a feeling she found hard to describe. She wanted to try to explain it to Laura, but didn’t know how. She tried something…

Anyway, I thought you looked nice, I mean, cute… uuhhh, like the workouts have been working. …the thong… and your nipples! oh shit! Totally flustered, Leann just leaned over and kissed Laura on the mouth! It didn’t last long, but felt long to both of them.

Well, thank you… I think. Tell you what. Let’s forget that this morning happened and go enjoy a coffee! Deal?

Good idea.

As they walked out to Leann’s jeep, both thought that it was going to be a long time before they forgot about this morning. Each one had so many questions she wanted to ask the other. Both were confused, intrigued, embarrassed, curious, guilty, excited. There was no further talk about it the rest of the days… and for several weeks for that matter.

They had seen each other several times over the last few weeks. Nothing had felt awkward. However, there seemed to be a mild undertone that neither addressed but both felt. Today, they were meeting at the fitness center. As usual, Laura was early and Leann was running late. Little did Laura know that the reason Leann was running late was because she was deliberating what to wear. After that one morning, Leann had gone out and bought a couple thongs and tried to find a cami as sensual as the one Laura was wearing and that gave her enough support. You see, Leann had large breasts. She really wanted to find a cami and a sports bra that supported her and also allowed her nipples to show through… not an easy conversation to have with a store clerk. She had tried on many varieties. She had to continually massage her breasts, pinch and roll her nipples to keep them hard to test the different articles. Not a bad thing, but her pussy was sopping wet. Finally, she scored. She found both a sports bra and a more casual bursa escort bayan cami that provided decent support and let her nipples show through.

When she arrived at the center, Laura was already on the elliptical. Leann jumped on the one next to her. They cycled through their usual routine of cardio, weights and core. The both worked harder than usual today… working up a good sweat. Time seemed to fly. When they were through, Laura said:

It was fun. See you later.

Um, I am really sweating. I was thinking about getting cleaned up here.

Oh, okay. See ya.

You look like you could get cleaned up here too. It was a hard work out.

Nah, I didn’t even bring a change of clothes.

Leann didn’t know what to say to Laura to get her to come to the locker room.

Would you come back with me and keep me company? Lame, but it seemed to work.

Sure. I have time.

And so Laura followed Leann to the locker room. When they got they got back there, both just stood there for an awkward time.

Um, you were going to get cleaned up and change??

Uh, right.

Leann mustered up all the courage she could. She reached down to her T-shirt with both hands and pulled it over her head. Leann could feel her cheeks getting a little red. But not as red as Laura’s! Laura’s gaze was fixed on Leann’s breasts. The new sports bra was achieving its purpose… supporting her large breasts while showing off her nipples. Without saying a word, Leann reached for her shorts, and in one swift motion, pulled them down and stepped out of them. Leann was now standing in front of her friend in a white sports bra and black thong. The similarity was not lost on Laura. There was still an awkward silence between them. Laura couldn’t help but admire Leann’s attire and body and Leann was watching her do so. Laura could believe the texture of Leann’s nipples showing through! The tension of the silence was becoming unbearable for Leann.

Well, what do you think?

Um, er, Laura began and then continued… I think you look nice, I mean, cute… uuhhh, like the workouts have been working. …the thong… and your nipples! oh shit! Totally flustered, Laura just leaned over and kissed Leann on the mouth! It didn’t last long, but felt long to both of them.

Both woman giggled a nervous and friendly giggle.

Someone walked in. Laura turned around and pretended to be getting in a locker. Leann draped a huge towel around her and acted like she was going to a shower stall. Both faces turned crimson red. The other woman grabbed a towel and left the locker room. Laura and Leann turned to each other. They both were silent but each had a ‘that was close’ look on their face. Leann removed the towel from around her and smiled. Laura smiled back. Both women couldn’t believe this was happening. In unison, they leaned toward each other. Their faces were extremely close. Each looked alternately at the other’s eyes and mouth. They could feel the warmth from the other’s breath. They stood like this for a minute or two. Then, again in unison, like they both knew the other was ready, they began to kiss.

It was a slow, sensuous kiss Their mouths were caressing the others. During the kiss, they didn’t break eye contact. Leann opened her mouth slightly and Laura followed suit. They kept their tongues in their own mouths, but continued open mouth kissing. There was both power and emotion in their kiss. It was the only place they were touching. Laura was feeling so much in the kiss and was hoping that Leann was feeling the same. Right when Laura was going to reach for Leann’s face and stroke her hair, the door opened again! Both women gasped and turned around quickly. This time Laura banged into a locker door and made a loud bang. Startling both women. Leann couldn’t reach for her towel quick enough. The person came around the corner, it was the trainer.

Morning ladies, how are we doing in here?

Um good thanks, Laura managed, not turning around knowing full well her face was quite flushed.

The trainer looked from Laura to Leann and a bit surprised, but not sure why.

Need any help? she asked.

Nope, I’m alright. Leann tried to sound casual. But she was pretty sure she didn’t relaxed and casual. She could feel her face flushed and nipples exploding for attention. She had purposely bought this bra because it revealed so much… and now she was having second thoughts.

Need any towels?

Um, nope.

Well, I am giving massages later today and your welcome to come back and see if you might find relaxing.

Thanks, I’ll think about it, Leann responded, knowing that she was now talking directly to her.

Ok then, there in juice at the front desk. Make sure to stop and have some before you leave.

Thanks again, Leann said quickly and nervously. As she was standing there in the ‘outfit,’ she realized that she had subconsciously planned ‘showing’ Laura a similar outfit ever since that morning a few ago. And now, Laura was turned toward a locker fumbling to pretend to be doing something. Instead, it felt like the trainer was the one enjoying it possibly making a move on her. Needless to say, Leann had never been in a situation like this before. She was nervous and embarrassed. But she was also excited. And her body was certainly not hiding that fact.

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