Good Student No. 01

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Janelle was one of the good students. Not only did she come to class on time, do her homework consistently and participate in class, she was a stunner that didn’t use her looks to exploit the social structure. She was kind to everyone, as I could see, and had a great sense of humour. I’d only been a teacher for a couple of years, but students like her were rare. I taught English and Math at that time, she had me for both subjects. Though her English was superb, she struggled with Math.

I liked the school I worked at. It was liberal, with a fantastic graduation stats and motivated kids. They didn’t care that I was gay and the faculty had made my ex-girlfriend feel welcome at all staff-spouse events. The students knew I was gay and, although there were always the dumb questions to field and the pushing of boundaries, they had accepted it pretty quickly. I taught grade 13, so they were eighteen and surprisingly worldly and empathic. A few had definitely commented on how good-looking my ex was, Janelle included.

I guess I just never saw it coming? I had assumed that a girl like that would get a crush on a woman in university and not in high school…and I didn’t think it would be on a teacher. I didn’t think it would be on me. I mean, I dress very well and take good care of my body. I’d always been spoiled with the caliber of women in my dating roster. I made the kids laugh a lot and was always available for extra help or tutoring. I talked to them about sex or drugs or their parents and had always had a good rapport. There were the few misguided, depressed gay kids that had come to me before, but it had never been like this. Tutoring after school hours may have been a mistake…

Janelle came to me a two months after school started, after class, with a test she’d gotten 75% on.

“I need this changed. I can’t have this!” She slid the paper across my desk and made a mocked face of doom.

I laughed, “You get the stuff, Janelle, you just need confidence.”

She looked incredible that day — her body was perfect, her brown hair was thick and wavy, great smile, unbelievable ass. She always seemed to have a tan and her blue eyes were striking.

“Where do I buy that? Can I buy that from you? Do you sell that on your downtime?” She teased me and I blushed despite myself. I was always able to keep up the banter with kids, but sometimes the way that Janelle looked at me when she teased me brought me back to high school and I would clam up.

“We could do some tutoring after school, yeah? Do Tuesday’s work for you? It’s my only day.”

“Sure!” She flashed that massive smile and my stomach flip-flopped.

“Ha! Glad you’re stoked to learn math, that actually may be a mental deficiency — Resource Room, see you there.”

“You’ll make it funnnnn,” Mersin Eskort

she giggled at me and I gave her an inquisitive look that she just laughed off while walking out the door.

The first Tuesday went fine. The room is small and can get hot, so she was in a skirt and pulled off her sweater to reveal a tank top that was dangerously sexy. But, I allowed it. I’m a professional. Our heads were dipped together as we went through the problems and when she would get them right, she would get so excited I couldn’t help but laugh and she would giggle and we would fist bump and I would feel like a nerd, getting so hyped for her.

Her foot accidentally hit my leg a couple times, but she apologized like it was nothing. The first Tuesday was fine; the second Tuesday, too; the third Tuesday…

We were sitting at our usual table at the back and slightly out of view from the closed door of the Resource Room. There were kids getting out of clubs all evening so it was loud and best if we kept it closed. I was helping Janelle with a particularly hard question and she had her brow furrowed, chewing her pencil. I was leaned in, underlining the important parts of the question when I felt a soft hand on my inner thigh and a shock ran straight through my body.

“Jesus!” I pushed my chair back so hard I fell. I could feel my face was red. I got up and Janelle was laughing at me.

“Sorry! Sorry! Your face right now…sorry” She was laughing and picking my chair up. “Sorry, total mistake.”

“Absolutely, Janelle, what was that? Do we have to quit these session?” I was angry. More so, confused and un-fucking-believably aroused. I wanted to take a handful of her hair, slowly pull her head back and put my tongue in her mouth that second. Kiss her deep, slide my hand down her shirt and grab one of those soft, tiny tits.

Instead, I let her reassure me it was an accident, sat down at the table and tried to compose myself.

It wasn’t five minutes before it happened again. This time, I just stopped talking — stopped trying to explain the math problem — and felt my face go hot. We were both still staring at the picture, but her hand was stroking my leg…soft, lightly tracing the top of my thigh with her fingers and then she grabbed my inner thigh hard.

My breath did an uptake. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know.” Her voice was soft, girly and uncertain. I throbbed.

“I can’t do this. What is it you want?” My voice was low and syrupy. I could feel my ears burning and every part of my lower half was on fire. She hadn’t stopped rubbing my leg and I thought I was going to scream.

“I just…like you.” She sounded bashful. I looked at her face and her cheeks were red, her eyes were glazed. She was so turned on…

“This is Mersin Escort Bayan bad.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

I glanced at the closed door, the small window set into the top of it. Outside, the hallway was silent. We’d gone late that day and there was barely anyone left in the school.

“Umm…fuuuuck…no. Just keep looking at your paper and let’s keep talking. You don’t have to stop. Here, come closer to me.” I pulled her chair closer to me. It didn’t look completely appropriate, but my thinking was not clear.

I kept talking about the problem and she kept stroking my leg, becoming a bit more adventurous since I had agreed to go rogue. She was wearing a skirt again…come to think of it she’d worn one every Tuesday…and finally I reached under the desk and touched her knee. The minute I touched her, her hand stopped roaming and squeezed. I glanced at her face and her lips were swollen, her eyes closed momentarily. I took that as a sign and started moving my hand up her thigh. It was so hot and smooth, she parted her legs slightly for me and I thought I would pass out. I was halfway up her thigh when she pushed her chair forward and tipped my hand straight onto her lace panties. I touched the soaking wet material, felt the heat and my head was immediately dizzy. She let out a tiny moan and I almost fainted.

“Do you want me to stop?” I whispered and she shook her head. I told her to chew on her pencil and focus on the page in front of her. She nodded her head.

I slowly pushed her panties aside and slid my finger into her throbbing, hot pussy. The minute my finger pushed onto her clit, her whole body rocked.

“Relax” I had to whisper.

“Feels so good, don’t stop.” She was staring at the paper.

“How long have you wanted this?”

“A long, long time.”

“I had no idea…”

“Are you serious? I thought I was so obvious…why do you think I’m in both of your classes?”

“My progressive and efficient teaching practices?”

She giggled, “That’s part of it…”

I hadn’t stopped lightly running my finger up and down her swollen pussy and clit. She was subtly rocking on the chair and her free hand was gripping the side of the table, the other squeezing my inner thigh, still.

“Can I go inside?” I was teasing her pussy, but wanted to fuck her deep.

“Fucking please? Please go in,” her voice caught.

Against my better judgment, I reached around the back of her chair to pull her closer for leverage and slowly started fucking her incredibly tight pussy with my two fingers. She started to buck her hips against me and I had to stop and get her to slow down. Her pussy was clamping on my fingers, throbbing like a pulse.

She calmed down and I would resume fucking her slowly, deeply. Mersin Escort I could feel her getting close. She was so turned on that I knew it wasn’t going to take long. I started going a little faster and she started making little whimpering noises, telling me in a whisper not to stop. She was dripping onto my fingers, into her panties and her cum was slick as hot oil.

Finally she came hard — tight as a vice on my fingers — when I couldn’t help myself, slowly grabbed her hair and whispered in her ear that I wished I was sucking her tits. I held on and fucked her hard for ten seconds as her mouth opened and she closed her eyes. I kept my fingers in her until the throbbing subsided, then gently pulled them out and wiped them on her inner thighs. She was a wet mess.

I sat up, pushed my chair away from her a half foot and put my face in my hands.

“Wow…that was really inappropriate! That was very inappropriate, Janelle.” I was shaking. I hadn’t cum, but having made her was sobering.

She looked relaxed and kind of sheepish. She laughed a bit and put her hand on my arm, “Don’t worry — can I call you by your first name? I figure I should be able to!”

I groaned and nodded yes.

“Don’t worry Alex, that was on me. I just like you and I went for it and if you don’t want to do that again that’s fine. I still would like to get tutoring from you…if that’s okay? I won’t tell anyone and we don’t have to do that again.”

“If you have a crush on me, it’s not about learning the subject.”

“…I guess. What do you want to do?”

“What I want to do and what I should do are two completely opposite, absolute extremes of the spectrum.”

She giggled and bit her lip, “You’d want to do that again?”

I looked directly at her, “How are you so calm about this? Have you done this before?”

“No,” she replied immediately, “but I just feel like it’s been a long time coming here.”

I gave a sharp laugh, “Janelle, I’m your teacher! I’ve never done this before! This isn’t a normal situation of two people being attracted to each other.”

“You’re attracted to me?” She looked genuinely pleased.

“I am obviously attracted to you, based on what just happened. Look, if you need tutoring you need tutoring. But, that can’t necessarily happen again.”


I moved in closer and motioned to the desk so it looked as though we were conspiring over calculus and not a clandestine affair.

“Janelle, I wish you could straddle me and dry hump your soaking hot pussy all over my lap. I wish I could put you up on this table and make out with your pussy until you cum all over my mouth. I wish you could fuck my face and that I could let you taste it after.”

She looked like she was going to cum again without anyone touching her.

I straightened up, “But it’s just not right.”

She cleared her throat, “So we just keep it clean? Keep it about derivatives and functions…?”

I sighed, “We have to try.”

…To be continued.

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