Goodness Gracious Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

Hi again! Thanks to all who have passed along their comments and feedback on previous stories, I would greatly appreciate more of the same on this one.

All characters are of legal age. Thanks for reading.


Note to self : Never, never ever, never ever ever… do anything so incredibly stupid, ever again.

No matter how cute the girl is.

The worst part is… I couldn’t even remember exactly what I ‘d done.

I remembered going on a ski vacation with my friends, a bunch of twenty year olds. I remembered the little blonde ski bunny I’d met. I even remembered getting her into bed the night before, but that’s where it got fuzzy. The medical report just said ‘ski accident’.

I had woken up in the hospital, in traction, with casts and splints everywhere. Well, not quite everywhere. I hadn’t broken my neck, thankfully, my right leg was mostly okay, and one arm was merely taped snugly to my torso.

My friends had gone home, nearly two thousand miles away, leaving me all alone, other than daily calls from my parents. At least the Canadian medical system wouldn’t leave me high and dry, taking care of my multiple injuries for as long as it took to get me back on my feet.

The first time she came into my room, I was in tough shape. It was only a couple of days after the accident, and I was pretty woozy, but it was still seared into my brain.

I saw her walk in, dressed in the stereotypical starched, white nurse’s uniform dress. She was about 5′ 6″ tall, with luxuriant brunette hair, tied back in a long ponytail that almost reached her firm, round butt. She was polite, and pleasant, but all business, despite the sexy brown eyes behind the square rimmed glasses. The business-like demeanour was also in stark contrast to her body, which was voluptuously curvy, top heavy, and decidedly attention grabbing. I would have guessed she was in her mid-thirties.

Her name placard said ‘Grace’, but I wasn’t staring at her tits to find out her name. She picked up my chart and read it.

“You did one hell of a job, young man. Ski accident? One broken leg, one wrecked knee, one dislocated shoulder, one broken arm, and one concussion. Also three cracked vertebrae. I guess I’ll be seeing a lot of you. I’m Grace, and I’ll be your nurse, at least five days a week anyway,” she smiled. “We’ll get you better.”


She was right, of course. The urge to sleep perpetually eased as the concussion cleared up, and traction was deemed no longer necessary soon after that. That left my right arm in a sling, and the bulk of my left side in plaster. Mobility was a relative term, but the doctors didn’t want me to get too comfortable in bed, so the catheter was removed. I was glad I’d been unconscious when they put it in, because it hurt like hell coming out. Grace held my hand, while the other nurse removed it, but the pain wasn’t quite over.

Now, I had to ask someone to help me pee, not only to get me into the restroom, but to hold my spigot during the act. Talk about embarrassing, even more so when the assistance came from a female, which inevitably resulted in some ‘swelling’.

My progress was slow, but steady, and I started to make friends with my caregivers, but none more so than my busty brunette beauty Grace. Over the weeks, we started to get closer, talking about all manner of things, including what an apparently lousy skier I was. She laid claim to being much more proficient, and I found myself wondering what that body looked like in snug fitting ski clothing.


“Hey there, how’s my favourite patient?” Grace asked as she glided into my room. She wasn’t working today, but she knew I was alone, so she stopped in for a quick visit, toting a handful of magazines in front of her bountiful chest. She was wearing a tight, v-neck sweater that showed a lot more cleavage than her usual work attire. “I brought you something to read.”

That’s great, I thought, now move the fucking magazines so I can see your tits better.

As if psychically connected, she put the stack of reading material down on my table, and smoothed the sweater down her torso, giving me the peek I’d asked for. I thanked her for her kindness, although I didn’t add that I was also thanking her for the view.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t give Sheila too hard a time, or you’ll answer to me,” she threatened, smiling in jest. I watched her leave, relishing the rear view as well. Sheila, the little blonde stick of a nurse who had been in the room during Grace’s warning, followed.

Okay, let’s see what we’ve got, I thought, picking through the pile with my one, semi-functional arm. Sports Illustrated. Good, but unfortunately not the Swimsuit Edition. Popular Mechanics, Popular Science… Okay, maybe something interesting there. And the last one… Penthouse Letters? What the fuck? My nurse gave me stroking material? That’s just mean. She knows I can’t do anything. Hell, I can’t even pee by myself yet.

The next day, Grace stuck her head in my doorway. Seeing no one else in the room, şişli escort she stepped in and closed the door. She looked a little embarrassed, blushing as she approached my bed.

“Um, did you read your magazines?” she asked nervously.

“Yes, I did. Some of them, anyway.”

“Yeah, well… How many did I give you?”

“Four,” I replied, watching her eyes. She looked like she was going to die of embarrassment.

“Shit! I’m sorry… one of them was actually not for you. I’m sorry.”

“Which one? The Popular Mechanics?” I knew it was cruel to tease her, but then again, I’d had this magazine full of sex stories, which I had been unable to resist reading, and no way to deal with the resulting hard problem.

“No, actually, it was the, um… the, uh…” she said her voice trailing off.

I held my hand to my ear, sort of, as I still had no functioning arms.

“The, uh, uh… Penthouse… Letters…” she whispered, barely audible.

“Oh, that one,” I said quietly, letting her twist. “You can have it back. Who’s it for?”

“Um… It’s mine,” she admitted reluctantly, stuffing the evidence into her bag. “Thank you,” she smiled, leaving quickly.

She was back a little later, all business again. Well, maybe not all business, as she was still blushing. I tried to use my only leverage for entertainment purposes.

“So, Grace… what do you do with the magazine?” I prodded.

She was writing something on my chart. Her blush deepened, and a little hint of a smile tickled the corners of her mouth.

“Obviously, you’re feeling better!” she giggled checking a box, clicking her pen, and putting the chart back. “The equally obvious answer to your question is… the same thing you’d do with it, only in my own way.” She sighed, looking me in the eye.

“Well, I would have if I could have, but… ” I shrugged, glancing at my incapacitated arms. One was still in a cast, and the other was in a sling, the latter giving me just enough mobility to turn pages, but not enough to manipulate or masturbate.

“Yes, I apologize for that. You didn’t have to read it, you know?”

“I assume that, if you hadn’t left it with me by mistake, you would have read it, wouldn’t you? I mean, you noticed it was missing, didn’t you?” I replied, jabbing again.

“No comment,” she laughed, wiggling her succulent behind as she left.

Late that afternoon, she was back. She came in, flipped the doorstop up, and closed the door, moving silently over to my bedside. She looked at me, and smiled slightly.

“I want to apologize again for what happened yesterday, with the magazines. It was totally my fault, and I feel bad that I made an already bad situation worse. I want to make it up to you.” Another smile. She made a quick trip to the restroom, coming back with a warm cloth. She reached into her pocket and came out with a pair of rubber gloves, which she donned with professional skill, and rolled the sheet back off my lap.

Be still, my heart, I thought, is she gonna do what I think she’s gonna do?

She lifted the bottom of my gown, bringing my soft dick into view.

“I hope you know that this is not standard practice,” she whispered, taking my penis into her hand. She stopped, and reached up, unzipping the top of her uniform about halfway. Her big, pillowy breasts bulged out of her bra cups, showing a deep crease of cleavage that made my mouth water.

“Consider it inspiration… I’ve seen the way you look at my boobs.” Her hand wrapped the warm cloth around my rapidly growing cock, stroking gently. I was nearly fully erect, and she was inspecting my hard flesh.

“You’ve got a very nice cock. Big, and thick… you must make women very happy,” she breathed, stroking faster.

“Oh god, that feels so good! May I?” I asked, reaching weakly toward her chest.

“Oh, alright,” she said after a few seconds consideration. She switched hands and moved up the bed slightly, within range of my least damaged arm. I touched her breast, and she moaned softly. She was very soft, and I managed to get a few fingers into her heavenly cleavage.

“Your tits are fantastic. God, I’d love to do so much more than just touch them!”

“Sorry Honey, but I shouldn’t be doing any of this, so a little fondle will have to do. Are you getting close?” She was stroking faster and faster, never moving her gaze from the eight inches of hard meat in her hand.

“Fuck, yes, you’re going to make me cum! Keep going! So good!” I grunted, clenching my teeth as my orgasm neared.

“Okay, but keep the noise down. We don’t need an audience,” she whispered, still locked onto my cock with her eyes.

“Oh fuck… gonna cum… gonna cum… Oh… Yes!” I hissed, feeling scalding cum race up my shaft. It exploded from the tip, arcing easily three feet into the air, to land in a wet glob on her chest.

“Oh shit!” Grace whispered, staunching the flow with her free hand, and then with the cloth. I came like I hadn’t cum in months, which was close to being true, mecidiyeköy escort finally stopping when my guage reached empty.

I felt her shudder slightly. The look in her eyes was wild, wanton, and sexually hungry, but was replaced by Nurse Grace in a few seconds.

“You made quite a mess,” she laughed, wiping my shrivelling dick with the cloth, but she decided more help was required to clean up, and scooted off to the restroom. As she went, I saw her lick my spunk off her gloved hands. I heard her gloves come off, with an elastic ‘snap’, then a quiet moan of desire. She came back with a handful of tissues and another warm cloth, her boobs still on display, and cleaned me up. When she was done you’d never know I’d just blown a huge load in her hand.

Except, of course for the big, white gob just left of her cleavage.

She looked me in the eye, scooped up the offending evidence of my orgasm with her fingers, and licked them clean.

“Mmmm. Very tasty,” she breathed, pulling her zip back up. She stopped in the restroom, tossing the tissues, and putting the washcloths in the laundry.

“Have a good evening. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said quietly, smiling as she left.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…” I croaked, drifting off to sleep.


The next day, you couldn’t pry the smile off my face with a crowbar. When Grace made her rounds, I couldn’t help beaming at her.

“Someone’s in a good mood today,” she laughed. “Sleep well?”

“Like a baby,” I replied, staring at her tits again.

“I’m up here,” she whispered. “You are a very bad boy. If you don’t stop smiling like a lunatic, someone’s going to start asking questions.If you ever want my help again, cool it!”

Again? You mean I might get it again? Yes Ma’am! Consider it cooled! I raised my eyeline, and relaxed my face.

“That’s better,” she chirped, smiling back. “So, we’re going to start rehabbing your shoulder today. I’ll come and get you in a couple of hours, and we’ll go down to the exercise room.

I smirked like an adolescent at her use of ‘come’ and ‘go down’. She rolled her eyes, turned and walked out, holding the chart behind her bum playfully. She knew full well I’d be watching her ass.

When she returned, I behaved myself. She helped me up and into the wheelchair, which entailed my upper arm in contact with the soft fullness of her chest, making it worth the effort. Once seated, she wheeled me downstairs, and into the exercise room, which was empty.

I had really wrecked my shoulder, so Grace kept the weight low, no more than five pounds, helping me increase my range of motion, stretching me out. When it came to the rotational exercises, I was sweating and ready to give up, but she had other ideas.

She knelt in front of my chair and grinned.

“Come on… I know you’re sore and tired, but you can do it. You want some motivation?” she asked, unzipping slightly, then a bit more. She positioned herself so that her chest was where my hand would go, if I completed the exercise. “There. All you have to do, if you want to cop a feel, is pull your hand forward. Or, I could just put them away, and you can quit. What’s it going to be?”

That was a pretty big carrot, an F cup one at least, and she knew exactly which button to push.

I pushed, grunting in pain and my hand moved slightly, closing the gap to her magnificent chest. Just six inches more… Five… Four. My fingers reached out desperate to make contact, but the gap widened. The crafty fox was pulling away.

“No fair!” I gasped, laughing through the pain. The further I went, the less painful it was though.

Grace giggled, her strategy blown. “Okay, I’ll hold still. If you can reach them, you can feel my breasts all you like. Unless someone comes in. Fair enough?”

I nodded, and gritted my teeth, turning my shoulder enough to reach her chest. Rewarded with a handful of glorious femininity, I squeezed gently.

“Alright,” Grace said, pushing my hand back to the starting position. She dropped her zipper another few inches. “Again.”

I had the bit in my teeth now, and quickly had another handful of her tits. Back to the start position again, this time on my own, I looked at her and nodded to her chest.

“Shit, I’ve created a monster,” she sighed, unzipping further. Now open to just below her breasts, it let her uniform gap open, showing a fair bit of delicious flesh, and her bra. I was liking this form of physio. “Don’t expect Sheila to do this,” she chided.

“Sheila’s not…” I grunted, making contact again, “…qualified for this!” I was referring to her distinct lack of boobs.

“No,” Grace laughed, jiggling her breast in my hand, “I don’t suppose she is!”

I had wormed a fingertip inside her bra cup, and was fiddling with the erect tip of her nipple. She was watching, and a little flush came across her face. I squeezed her boob firmly, and she moaned. She let me grope her for a while longer, then stopped me.

“Okay, that’s enough ‘exercise’ for today,” she whispered, her voice shaking slightly. She zipped up, clicked the brakes off, and wheeled me back to my room. I was tired, and actually needed the rest, but I was disappointed at losing my playthings. She had such niiiice tits.

I slept for a good portion of the afternoon, dreaming of Grace’s big jugs. In fact, I was still dreaming about them when a sound woke me. It was her, and she was closing the door again. She stood, back to the door, looking at me with an evil grin on her face. Her hand reached up, toyed with the zipper for a few seconds, then tugged it down, not stopping until it reached her waist. When she walked over, the extra freedom her breasts had made them jiggle and bounce, drawing my eyes magnetically.

My dreams, her presence, and her display of rippling cleavage, combined to make my cock hard as a rock. It was standing straight up, and she had no problem finding it with her warm hand under the sheets.

“Ooooooo, all ready for me, I see. Thinking about this afternoon?” she asked, stroking me softly.

“Dreaming about you,” I said, honestly.

“So sweet!” she giggled, fishing in her pocket. She produced the condom in its foil packet with a theatrical flourish. “Ta da! Don’t get too excited… This is a housekeeping measure. Can’t have you squirting all over the room again. We’re going to corral those little spermies of yours in here.”

She pulled the sheets down, rolled the latex device over my cock, and began, spitting in her hand for lubrication. She looked at me, then down at her chest, then back at me, asking what I was waiting for. She was forcing me to use my arm if I wanted to touch her, and I definitely wanted to touch her. While she continued to jerk me off, I reached forward gingerly, getting my fingertips onto her breast. I caressed her gently, and she sighed, enjoying my touch. She smiled, jerking me faster, and I nudged her bra strap off the edge of her shoulder. Even though it was still under her uniform, the slack in the strap let her bra cup slip down.

A little bit of dusty rose areola peeked over the top.

“Cum for me, honey,” she whispered. “Such a nice, hard cock. Are you close, honey?”

“Oh yes, keep going… Pump it hard! Oh… Here it cums!” I said, as quietly as I could, as my cock flexed in her hand, spewing hot, white goo into the condom. Grace watched it fill up, mesmerized. When I was spent, she released me, adjusting her bra and uniform as she went into the restroom. She returned with tissues.

“This is much easier to clean up,” she giggled, pulling the condom off, and wiping my deflated dick. She held the rubber up, admiring the load it held. “That’s quite a lot of cum. Not as much as yesterday, she smirked, “but I guess that’s to be expected. Yesterday’s was epic.”

I slept like a baby again, as I did every time she took pity on me, which wasn’t every day, but often enough to keep me from climbing the walls. As predicted, Sheila wasn’t as much fun to exercise with, and I didn’t even ask if she’d like to match Grace’s skills at bringing me off manually.


About two weeks after the initial ‘magazine incident’, Grace stopped by on her day off again, toting a similar stack of reading materials, but with a slightly different expression on her face. She put the mags down, and we chatted for a few minutes, before she smiled and stood.

“Okay, well… I will see you in a couple of days. You catch up on your reading,” she said, winking as she turned away. She swayed her hips, glancing over her shoulder as she reached the doorway, leaving with a smile.

Just like last time, the newest issue of SI was on top, followed by Pop Mechanics and Pop Sci. I held my breath and fanned the stack once more.

My heart did a little backflip. There it was again, only this time, there could be no question it was deliberate. My buxom, sexy nurse had included an issue of Penthouse Letters, but… it wasn’t the most recent one, or even from this year, for that matter. Either she was just giving me one from her collection that I hadn’t read, or… the other option was far too much to hope for, that being that she had chosen this particular issue for a specific reason. Hopefully a decidedly lascivious one.

I looked at the top right corner of the magazine, and sure enough, one page was dog eared. The compilation was a few years old, and Grace had read it often, judging by the ink smears and wear marks. Then I sniffed the page, getting an unmistakable whiff of feminine arousal. She really did use the magazine the same way I would, and her gooey fingers had left their mark. I started to read what was apparently her favourite story, and my eyes opened wide. That wasn’t my only physical reaction.

The story was, strangely enough, about a nurse who gets involved with one of her patients. My cock was about ready to explode, it was so hard, and if I’d had a functional arm that would reach my crotch I would be flogging myself while I read it, every time I read it, which was often enough that I lost count. I could only guess at her motivation for giving me the story to read, but I prayed it was more than a tease. I’d have to wait until she came back to work, or visited again, to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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