Graduation Present

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I didn’t expect much for graduating from college, but my present was definitely unforgettable if you get my drift.

The day started with waking up at my dad’s apartment and having lunch at my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. He gave me a card, some money, and after finishing my fish tacos, he drove me across town to my mom’s and step-father’s mansion in the hills. Two years after the divorce and you could still see the hurt on his face when he pulled up in front of that white stucco mansion with palm trees and a flat roof. My step-dad had a flair of throwing big cookout celebrations (not to mention the schmuck wooing mom away from my father) and that was something dad could never keep up with.

After a solemn handshake, I left my father’s beamer and went on to join the party.

The party was pretty much a routine affair for my step-dad. It definitely paid to be a CEO of one of the most successful yacht and speedboat companies along the Jacksonville-St. Augustine coast. Work colleagues and customers wealthy enough to live a life of luxury littered the backyard, getting drunk on sangria, as Jimmy Buffet-esque music belted from a stereo system. My step-dad stood behind the grill in his goofy chef’s hat and smock, giving me an exuberant wave with his tongs. You could say I was less enthusiastic about returning the gesture. Like most parties, I was the oddball out in the crowd of mid-life crises yuppies and bitchy spoiled housewives. The only tolerable two were mom’s longtime friend’s Nancy Hoskins and Trisha Cruz-Beatty, who lounged out by the pool in their swimming suits.

Nancy and Trisha were like surrogate sisters to my mom. They were all friends since the eighties, taking part in both high school soccer and varsity cheerleading. The years since then have been alright with them. They honestly weren’t bad for being in their early forties. Nancy and Trisha weren’t necessarily chubby, but there was a “soccer mom bod” thickness to their thighs, stomach, and hips that naturally came with age and having kids. But even through their rolls and vague cellulite, they still possessed the athletic frames for their youth — just with more to grab. The one thing that did stand out between the both of them were their tits, which spoke nothing but volume and mass from under their bathing suits.

Nancy was the alpha of the two and being thick, domineering, and an inch or two taller than me, you could understand why. She also was the one who fully ignored her age, wearing a pink and yellow spaghetti string two top. The outline of her heavy cleavage pressed up against each other in her tiny bikini and her long curly blonde came down over her left shoulder. Trisha was shorter, with small feet, wide hips, and longer tits that were held up her navy blue one piece. Her mocha skin made the white pearls she wore stand out and the golden hoop earrings gleamed under from her wavy raven hair. And where Nancy’s domineering personality flourished, it still was no match for that Puerto Rican allure that Trisha had.

It was obvious they were dressed to impress. Trisha and Nancy, according to overhearing mom’s past conversations, were insatiable when they wanted to be. I didn’t know how much truth there was to that, but their husbands were nowhere in sight, not even their kids were there that day. Maybe it was dad’s turn to entertain the kids, while mom enjoyed her weekend. The attention they were trying to attract, however, went ignored by most of the older guys there — too much money and that youthful gold digger pussy clogged their brains.

Then again, maybe I just had respect for the classic, instead of the new. Dad said it best: never take a sleek, eco-friendly sedan for a cruise, if you can still burn rubber in a ’76 Camaro.

It didn’t take much for mom to spot my arrival, and she greeted me in her typical long sundress and bug-eyed sunglasses. After giving me a big hug and congratulating me, she then began to lead me around the party and introduce me to my step dad’s business partners, loyal customers, and co-workers. Most were vapid, ego-driven men who were insecure about their middle age and could only hold a conversation about money. Some even eyed me down as competition, holding their trophy wives at bay.

I don’t blame them, really. Not to break the fourth wall or anything, but I am pretty much the living caricature of the “Latin Lover” depicted in any smut novel. To put it simply: I’m built for fucking. I’m half-Cuban, half-Sicilian; my body is lanky yet muscular; and from past girlfriends, my penis can only be described as “long and girthy”. (How’s that for tooting your own horn?) That’s probably why most of those WASPy assholes saw me as a threat. All the money in the world canlı bahis couldn’t stop their girlfriends or second and third wives from desiring a good romp, even if it was for just a quickie — just ask my old neighbor, Mr. Lennard.

As I was paraded around by my mom, I was eventually led to Nancy and Trisha. Even behind their sunglasses, I could see they were eyeing me up and down. It was a little awkward, to be honest. I’ve been acquainted with these two since I was a kid, yet here they were eyeing me the same way my neighbor’s trophy wife did when I’d take my shirt off (man, I miss those thighs of hers!)

“And I’m sure you know who this handsome fellow,” mom said them both.

“Yep!” Trisha said with excitement.

“We sure do,” Nancy added.

I smiled, giving into my childhood shyness, and waved.

“So Mike, a little birdy told me you just graduated,” Trisha said.

“I did.”

“Really? Congratulations!” Nancy said. “What did you graduate in?”

“Business marketing.”

My mom’s friends looked at each other and nodded in approval. Looking back to my mom, I could see her eyes narrow in suspicion, until my step-dad called her over. After patting me on the shoulder and giving me a look as if to say, “watch yourself”, she left me with her friends.

The two drank their daiquiris as they continued to eyefuck me from head to toe.

“So,” Nancy began, “you graduated with a girlfriend?”

“No, not really.”

“Really?” Trisha said. “Cute, college grad like you? I find that hard to believe.”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “just been unlucky I guess.”

Pausing, I wondered if that could be perceived as flirting or just a joke.

“Well, maybe you’ll find one or two here,” Nancy added, “just keep your eyes open.”

Putting my mouth into a smiling, crooked grin, I nodded and said sure.

Reminding myself that these two were my mom’s best friends, I told them to enjoy the party and left the scene quick. I was stuck here until the morning when dad picked me up again, so I did my best to privately celebrate on my own. I raided out the good stuff in my step-dad’s study: a small bottle of hundred proof rum and a couple nugs of some good purple kush. He was always trying to get on my good side for stealing mom from dad, so he didn’t care. I then took the stuff back outside and made my way toward the pool house I used as my bedroom.

Following the edge of the pool, Nancy and Trisha continued to eye me down from afar. Thier thickly, curvacious bodies were intoxicating in the afternoon sun, especially in the glow of lotion they had equally applied to their thighs and mammoth breasts. I hated to admit it, but I was thinking it more than saying it: fuckin’ cougars.

As the muffled sounds of Carribean and country music pressed against the tinted windows, I alternated between the bite of the rum and the spark of bud, playing video games until I passed out. Anything was better than having to socialize with those people, but Nancy and Trisha? Those two were a different story.


I woke up early. Really early with a slight headache from the rum and the wavy after effects of the weed. Oddly, my cock was semi-hard and I didn’t even have to piss. In my dazed state, I was unsure how that was even possible until I felt a pair of hands under my tank top caressing my defined abs. I was half-awake but came to when another pair of soft hands pushed themselves up through the pant legs of my shorts and grabbed a double-handed grip on my cock.

Opening my eyes, I sat up to find that it was nighttime, somewhere in the wee hours of the morning. The festivities outside were done. I couldn’t even see the mansion through the pool house’s windows. Looking around, the pool house carried a low red neon light from the ceiling: enough to illuminate the small room, but not enough to bleed through the tinted window or doors.

Blinking the sleep from my eyes, that’s when I saw that it was Nancy and Trisha who were touching me.

“Oh shit,”I said, laughing nervously. “What the hell is this?”

They just laughed. I had passed out with my legs dangling off the foot of the bed. Trisha had kneeled between them, her arms shoved deep into my pant legs. The roving fabric of my shorts described the motion of her tugging on my hardening cock. The mattress then sunk to my left, and I looked over to find Nancy kneeling down next to me, putting both arms around my shoulders. My cock stiffened as Trisha’s grip tightened around the skin.

“Whoa, whoa, wa—”

Nancy silenced me by clasping a hand over my mouth, using the other to caress my stomach and chest.

“Shhhhhhh,” she said. “We want to give bahis siteleri you something.”

I shook my head, still, the seeing the look my mom gave me earlier.

When Nancy pulled her hand away, I said, “I-I don’t know about this.”

“Relax, Mike,” Trisha said, her hands stroking my hard cock. “We’ve always thought you were a cutie. Mary is lucky to have such a good son like you.”

“Yeah, but if she finds out about this—”

Nancy leaned in closer to me. Her plump tits smashed up against the side of my face. She smelled of mango body lotion and her bulging breasts were so soft that the temptation became overwhelming.

“Think of this as your graduation present, Mike,” she said. Nancy’s free hand slid down from my chest to breaking just under the elastic and massaged my cockhead with her fingertips. “Let’s just have some fun. From us to you.”

I gave her my answer by wrapping my left arm around her waist. Exhaling deeply, I pulled her body closer and shoved my face deep between her tits. Nancy welcomed it by holding the back of my head there with her hands. My mouth frantically kissed and sucked the outer edges of her thick cleavage. I eventually brought my hands up and scooped out both tits from the bikini top. Her mature tits slumped out in front of me, a little saggy with large areolas.

Pressing them back together, I pursed my lips and continued to suck and kiss them, holding nothing back at that point.

Trisha, meanwhile, eventually let go of my cock. Grabbing my swim trucks, she yanked them down to my ankles and left them there. Grasping the bottom shaft of my cock, she squeezed hard enough for my entire penis to throb, and slid her thick lips over it. She sucked my penis tightly, pressing my cockhead against the inside of her wet and silky cheek.

I sucked in a short breath from the sensation, pulling my mouth from Nancy’s left tit. She responded by angling my head up to her mouth and kissed me hard. We exchange tounges, making out intensely for lord knows how long, all while Trisha sucked and smacked on my cock. The extasy at that moment was so overwhelming I experienced brief moments of light-headedness. I have always had an attraction to slightly older women, but Trisha and Nancy being firm and assertive in their passion made me want to fuck them till the sun came up.

To show them I meant business, I pushed a hand between Nancy’s legs. The thickness of her inner thighs pressed against both sides of my hand as I wiggled my middle and ring finger up around her bikini bottom and through her fat pussy lips. Curling them inside, I felt Nancy gasp in a sharp breath and lean into me so I could feel her body weight.

We fell back onto the bed as Trisha’s head bobbed up and down on my cock, our lips continuing to suck on my each other’s tongues.

“I want to ride the shit of that young cock,” she whispered through our kissing and my grasping of her tits.

I happily played her game, even if a little amateurish to cliched dirty talk. “You do that and I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you more than your husband ever could.”

Briefly, we connected eyes in the red dimness and I watched her mouth make the words: do it.

Trisha pulled her mouth off my cock with a sharp pop and Nancy sat back to straddle me. Trisha hopped on the bed next to me and took Nancy’s position. She shoved her mouth onto mine, her lips a little firmer and thicker than Nancy’s. As we kissed, Nancy held my penis in place and lowered her wide hips down onto my cock. My dick penetrated slowly through her fat lips; her pussy was a little loose but the girth of my cock filled her right up.

As Nancy gave me a couple of slow, warm-up bounces, Trisha pulled her mouth from mine and threw a leg up over my face. I pulled aside the one piece bikini bottom and shoved my tongue deep into her pussy. Her shaved lips pressed tightly against my mouth and she moaned softly as I began to suck and lick on her clit. Trisha’s body trembled as she moaned, and I ran my hand up her cellulite thighs to hold her in place.

Our moans and breathing quickly filled the quiet room, arising in synonymous groans and heavy exhales that grew in intensity. Soon, Nancy bounced up and down my cock like a wild banshee, alternating between that and rolling her torso like a wave. Trisha did the same over my face, leaning into her friend and kissing her firmly. I eventually moved my hands from Trisha’s thighs to Nancy’s, wrapping around her hips, and cupping the outer edges of her basket seat butt.

“You like this milf pussy?” she asked, panting heavily.

I gripped Nancy’s ass with one hand and slapped it with the other. She laughed and moaned, going bahis şirketleri back to twerking her ass up and down on my cock. To compliment her bouncing squats, I thrust frantically upwards over and over, lost in the darkness and the passion of the moment. Nancy bounced with my cock until her body suddenly froze.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, pressing her hands against my chest and holding her trembling body upwards.

Nancy’s body shook intensely and finally became dead weight atop me.

“Is it good?” Trisha asked her.

“Oh…fuck…I just cummed. He’s great!”

“My turn, Nancy. Let me give him some,” Trisha finally said.

Nancy pulled my cock from her pussy without question. As both bodies slid off the top of me, I went to a kneeling position, hoping to give my penis a few strokes before going at it again. The two women, however, threw themselves at me on my both sides, drowning my face in their heavy tits, and stroking my cock for me. We threeway kissed, swapping tongues once more; their hands pulled my already hard cock and I squeezed down on their ass cheeks.

Finally, Trisha fell down onto her hands and knees, shifting that jiggly plump ass of her’s toward my penis. Nancy meanwhile shifted her body behind me and pulled my tank top up over my broad shoulders. Naked and hot, I pressed my hips forward and pushed my cock into Trisha. Her pussy was slightly tighter than Nancy’s, and the sensations rippled a little bit more as my crotch popped against her chunky butt cheeks.

Her moaning grew louder with each thrust of my hips, eventually, she groaned only in Spanish and demanded me to give it to her harder. Nancy tits pressed up right up against my back, as she ran her hands up and down my chest and abs. Licking my neck and nibbling on my earlobe, she began to talk dirty.

“I want to jerk that cock. I want you to see that cum, baby.”

“Yeah, how bad you want it?” I asked her, thrusting my cock into Trisha.

“Bad. I saw you walk in today, and I immediately knew I wanted it. I don’t even care that your mom is my friend, I knew I was going to have it.”

We continued to talk dirty to each other, resulting in me thrusting faster and deeper into Trisha. Eventually, I was so aroused that I hit that pussy as hard fast and hard as I could, pumping my cock until Trisha gasped and lowered her upper body down into the mattress. My senses rose to see that I had made her orgasm, and instead of stopping, I only continued. Raising a leg and hooking it up over her waist, I continued my heavy-pounding.

“Yeeeeaaaah, that’s soooo hot! So fucking hot!” Nancy said, gently turning her fingernails into my skin.

“Oooooooooo I love…I love this young cock!” Trisha yelled.

“I told you this was a good idea!” Nancy added.

I continued until I grew winded in the lungs and slowed. As I panted and continued to hump slowly after her orgasm, I asked if they wanted this cock.

Neither responded at first. I looked back over to Nancy, who moved to the side of me again. Her eyes were wide and glossy with extasy as she looked at me. Without saying anything, I leaned over and firmly began to kiss her. She did the same and I ended it with nibbling away at her bottom lip.

“You want this cock?” I asked her again, running my hands under her pussy once more.

She just breathed heavily, wrapping her arms around me, and shoved her tongue down my throat. Trisha screamed out in orgasm a second time, and through her moaning, I heard Nancy finally say yes. Trisha then pulled her ass from my cock and spun back around to face me.

Standing there naked and so fully erect that it ached, Trisha quickly pushed me back down onto the bed. I fell right to my back with the two forty-year-olds pressing their doughy bodies between my stretched out legs.

“Suck that cock, give us that cum!” Nancy told Trisha, grasping the bottom of my shaft and squeezing tightly.

Trisha, still reeling from her double orgasm, moaned and panted, and wrapped her mouth on my cock. The sucking was intense and the sensations grew quick as I leaned my head back. She only continued this until I finally burst.

Nancy and Trisha’s moans reached their peak just as cum erupted from my cock. Nancy gripped my shaft even tighter in the climax. They pushed their faces into my penis, fighting to lick and suck away the cum. It eventually went to Nancy, who pressed my dickhead against her inner cheek and gently rotated her head. I orgasmed so hard that my legs tightened and toes curled. And even after my dick grew limp, Nancy continued to suck.

When it was over both sat back on the edge of the bed. Nancy rubbed away at her mouth and Trisha panted. Thier un-toned bodies came out in the red neon sweaty and slightly plump. After Nancy finished wiping away her mouth, she rocked forward and patted me on the stomach.

“Now don’t say we never gave you anything for graduation.”

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