Great Afternoon at the Pool

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I watch the beautiful young lady across the street walk from her house to her car. She has a bounce to her step and an inviting grin on her face. Her shoulder length brunette hair sways from side to side as she makes her way. As she steps off the curb to walk in front of her car to the driver’s side, she sees me watching her from my chair on the front porch where i enjoy the warm morning. She gives a wave and says, good morning Mr. Johnson, with a huge smile that reveals her cute dimples. She is wearing a blouse that shows off her taught young midriff above a skirt that is almost too short… almost.

The view of her brings a stir deep inside me. Like i haven’t felt in years. I may be in my early fifties, but I’m still a man. I retired at an early age. A widower for a few years now, I am longing for the touch of a woman.

I already talked to Tina’s parents earlier in the day. They were planning to take a long weekend away. Tina’s brothers we staying with friends, but Tina was taking her maiden voyage to stay at home alone for the weekend. They asked if I would keep an eye on things, and if they could leave my number with Tina if she needed anything. Of course I would and they could.

Friday night was uneventful. She called me after she came home from work and told me she was staying in. I’m old, but I’m not dead, I knew better. I was enjoying myself a bourbon on the rocks as her friends showed up after dark. The night was night was hot and tomorrow was supposed to be unbearable. I was blessed to have a pool to keep cool in.

Saturday morning started off without promise. I woke early to get my chores done before the cursed heat started. I was relaxing in the shade on my back yard deck around the pool when the phone rang. It was Tina. She was having friends over to escape the heat in their pool, but the pool was GREEN… Could i come see if I could do anything. I told her that i would be over in a few minutes. I grabbed my test kit from my pool shed and headed out the gate.

I walked across the street and Tina met me at the front door. She was wearing a tiny top that barely covered her very ample young breasts. There wasn’t even a hint of tan lines. Her bottoms were just visible through her beach cover up. Not a thong, but minimal material to cover her nice little bottom. I followed her through the kitchen toward the back of the house and their pool. Her succulent hips, swaying perfectly from side to side, were mesmerizing. I think I was caught staring at her posterior by the young lady that I didn’t see sitting quietly at the bar in the kitchen. Damn auto tinting glasses.

The pool has a funny green tint to it. I set my test kit down on the table and open it up. I get to testing the water. The results reveal that the pool needs a treatment of algaecide and shock treatment. I got into their pool shed and got canlı bahis out the needed chemicals. I measured up the chemicals and treated the water. Tina came back out as i was finishing up adding the chemicals to the pool. I grabbed the pool rake and gave the water a quick stir. I told her it was a simple solution. Just need some chemicals added. I told her to not get in the water for today as I was packing up.

She was extremely sad at not having a pool to cool off in on a day like today. I told her that her and her friends were move than welcome to use my pool if they’d like. She said they might take me up on that. After all, I lied, I had no intention of using it. I was planning on staying inside in the air conditioning and enjoying a cold beer. She smiled and said that sounded good too. She thanked me as i was leaving and said they would be over after a while.

I hurried home to spruce the place up. As i was finishing up the front door bell rang. I hollered for them to let themselves in. I was coming into the kitchen as the entered. There was 3 young beautiful ladies in my kitchen.

Tina introduced me to her friends, Rachel, a skinny, short strawberry blonde cutie, and Amanda, the raven haired eagle eye from the kitchen. I showed them to the deck and pool. As we walked through the dining room I pointed out the bathroom down the hall. I told them they had the run of the place and if they needed anything, I’d be inside, just holler. I left them to the pool and walked inside.

I decided on that beer, and grabbed one from the fridge on my way through the kitchen. I decided I’d try to get some cleaning done. I went upstairs to put a box I had packed from the spare bedroom in the attic space. The attic is actually an unfinished bedroom. I could hear the girl’s music from on the deck through the dormer window. I decided to sneak a peak through the same window. I had a perfect view if the gorgeous girls in tiny bikinis.

Rachel and Amanda were laying on the lounge chairs with the cutest little butts showing. Tina was sitting on the end of the diving board with her feet dangling in the pool. She stood revealing the most beautiful ass anyone had a right to have. She looked over her shoulder at the other two girls and jumped up landing in a cannonball in the pool. A wave of spray drenched the two girls in the chairs. They jumped at the shock. Rachel had undone the neck string on her top, her little boobs with light colored nipples flashed as she jumped up. Amanda was much more conservative, her tiny little titties were safely covered.

As Tina climbs the ladder from the pool, her once flowing hair is smoothed to her neck and shoulders. The refreshing pool water runs down the length of her. The suit clings to her sleek tanned body. The tingling returns to my body. I start to get hard as a watch, from my hideout behind bahis siteleri a curtain. I have to get a closer look. I throw caution to the wind and walk back downstairs.

Finishing my beer as I enter the kitchen, I go to the fridge to replenish. I open the door to the deck and step into the almost unbearable heat. I say hello and ask the girls if they need anything. Tina smiles as she eyes my beer. She grins and asks if she can have one. Knowing that her parents are okay with her having a drink, I say sure… as long as your’e not driving. She giggles and says no. Rachel and Amanda ask for water as they have to work in a couple of hours. I return from the house and hand out the drinks.

I pull up a chair from the table and have a seat. We make small talk about the searing hot weather among other things. I find out that Amanda is 19, Rachel is 21, and they all went to school together. Amanda and Rachel work together at the local swim park as lifeguards.

When I finished my beer I decided that a dip in the pool would feel pretty good, so I stand and pull off my shirt. As I walk to the diving board i kick off my flip flops. I take a bounce and dive in. The water is a rush. It helps to cool the burning inside as well as out. I swim to the edge and climb out. I walk to pool shower cabin and pull the shower on. I rinse off and walk away toweling off, towards the fridge and a refill for us.

I go back to my guests. Amanda says that she is going to have to get ready to go to work soon, and starts to gather her things. Rachel pouts her lip and says, you’re my ride, so I have to go too. I stand and say it was really nice to have you girls over, you are welcome to use my place as your own whenever you want. Tina says I’m going to stay if that’s okay. Absolutely I say.

After the girls leave, I ask if she needs anything. She says I’d love another beer. I return to the pool with a fresh beer for us. We lounge by the pool, sipping beer and cooling off in the pool for most of the afternoon. As it starts to cool off a little I get up to grab my shirt.

As Tina stands to go in to use the restroom she is a little tipsy. She trips on my flip flops and stumbles. I reach to steady her. She ends up in my arms. We embrace. She wraps her arms around my waist and I around her. Our lips meet. She is as eager as I am to explore each other’s bodies. My hands drift down to her hips. I pull her into me. My hardening manhood presses against her belly. I can feel her hard nipples rubbing on my chest.

She pulls away to continue to her original destination to relieve herself. I collect myself as she walks away biting her bottom lip and grinning. I take in the striking sight of her as she disappears through the doorway. I smile to myself thinking about what just happened. I turn to the sound of the door opening.

As she steps onto bahis şirketleri the deck I realize she had removed top of her bikini and was cupping her breasts in her hands, arms crossed on her chest. She wiggles her hips and asks if she can do anything for me. As I walk towards her, she drops her hands, revealing young perky breasts. Hard nipples with dark pink areolas atop beautiful orbs that stand free of her chest like only young breasts can. I pull her to me as our mouths meet, our tongues exploring each other. She reaches between us and unbuttons my swim trunks and tugs them down my thighs letting them drop to the deck. I caress her hips and pull her strings untying her bikini bottoms. The back falls off her plump ass. She reaches between us and sheds her bottoms. We stand, entangled in or nakedness. My hard cock pressed between us is aching.

I pick her up and carry her to the hot tub. I set her bare bottom on the lid. She wraps her legs around me in anticipation. I pull myself back from her. I lay her back down on the hard top. I kneel in front of her. Bringing my face in line with her smooth shaven pussy. I can see the wetness forming on her lips. I run my tongue up sliding it into her sweet folds. Collecting the nectar of her juices. Her legs clamp against my head as she grabs my hair, forcing my face deeper into her.

I reach up and fondle her boobs. Grasping her nipples between my thumb and forefingers, squeezing hard as I do. She squeals with delight. I suck her lips into my mouth one at a time, biting down softly as i pull back, letting them pull from my mouth as they stretch from her mons. I dive my tongue in deep as I slide up to her clit that is swollen and protruding from it’s hiding place. I suck it into my mouth and flick it back and forth with my tongue. This drives her wild. Her hips start lifting off the lid. Her thighs glisten with juices as cum runs down across her tight little asshole.

I stand and she pulls herself up and pulls my mouth eagerly to hers. Our tongues mingle sharing the taste of her lust. My cock rubs her swollen lips. She eases back down as I slide myself slowly into her. I ease in further as I feel her expand to except me. I pause when I am fully inside her. I can feel her muscles contracting on my shaft. Gripping me. I pull slowly out of her grip. We feel perfectly in tune with one another. I start moving quicker with each stroke. She is lifting her bottom to meet me with ever increasing force. The muscles in her pussy are squeezing relentlessly. I can feel myself getting ready to explode. She is coming hard, juices are soaking us both. She senses what is about to happen.

She pushes hard, causing my throbbing cock to pop out of her wetness. She falls to her knees and grabs my cock and strokes until I cum all over her beautiful body. We fall into each other’s arms on the deck where we linger in the afterglow of or passion.

I stand and help her to her feet. We walk across the deck to the pool cabin. We shower each others body clean. From the shower we slide into the pool to relax and cool off. …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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