Greeting New Members

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“Doctor, Captain, these are new members, Doctor Adams and his wife Doctor McVeigh.” The Commodore is a bit of a prig at times.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Tom, this is my wife Judy.”

“I’m Dennis.” Said Doctor Adams.

“And I’m Irene.”

They were a nice looking couple. His accent was English, there was a bit of Irish in hers. We were at a party at the yacht club following a regatta.

“Were you racing today?” Asked Irene.

“No,” Judy replied, “We’re strictly cruisers any more.”

“And party goers.” I added.

“I see your drinks are empty, what are you having?”

On the way home Judy said, “They seem nice.”

“Ya. I got the sense she’s a kindred spirit. Not sure about him.”

“Oh yes. Her for sure.”

I was soon half way down the bed eating Judy out. I have to run a couple of miles almost every day to keep in shape, but she rarely does anything remotely like exercise and still has the trim fit body she had in her twenties. The roll of the genetic dice has been very lucky for my Princess.

“I saw Irene today. She’s in pediatrics, and was accepted as a member of the hospital. What do you think of inviting them for a sail sometime?”

“Sure. Good idea. Any weekend that fits your schedule,” I don’t work weekends unless someone is sick, or on vacation. Judy’s on call some weekends.

I was at the hardware store the next Saturday.

“Hi, Dennis. Tom, we met at the yacht club.”

“Yes, Tom. How are you this fine day?”

“Good, and you?”

“Couldn’t be better.”

“We were wondering if you’d like to come for a sail tomorrow?”

“Have to check with the hen, but sounds good to me. What should we bring?”

I pulled out my business card. “Got a pen? I’ll give you Judy’s number and she and Irene can decide.”

“Hi Tom.” The solid black man came over.

“Oh,Hi. Nigel, this is Dennis. He just moved here.”

‘Hello Dennis. Are you getting through?”

“Getting through? You must be from the Caribbean.”

“Yes, Grenada. Been there?”

“Yes. Chartered there a few years ago. Grenada, Carriacau, Petite Martinique. Wonderful. What brings you to Canada?”

“I came for university, then stayed for the winters.” Laugh.

“Nigel’s wife is from Penetang, this is her family’s business.”

“Mother in law wouldn’t allow her grandchildren to be brought up in a ‘third world hell hole’ of a country” He laughs again, “So my father in law hired me as a clerk in the store.”

“Don’t believe a word of it. Nigel is the CFO of the company.”

“Sh man! See that redhead with the big tits that just came in the front door? I’ve convinced her I’m a poor oppressed nigger with a twelve inch dong. She invites me over when her husband is out of town.”

The redhead scans the store and comes our way.

“Hi Tom.I saw you looking. What did Nigel say about me?”

“Hi Lynne. This is Dennis. He and his wife Irene just moved here.”

“Hi, Dennis. OK, gotta run. Pick up Mandy at her soccer practice. See you at six Nigel.” and she headed towards the back door and the parking lot.

“And that was Nigel’s wife. Got a pen I can borrow?”

I took Nigel’s pen and wrote Judy’s number on the back of my card.

It looked like it would be a beautiful sailing day. We met at the marina and the club’s launch took us out to ‘Sable’s’ mooring.

“Is this a Gunboat?”

“No. Judy wouldn’t buy me a million dollar yacht. She’s an Atlantic 42.”

We stowed the supplies the ladies brought, showed Irene and Dennis where everything was, dropped the mooring and ankara moldovyalı escortlar sailed away.

“Either of you like to steer?”

“I would, Judy.”

Irene slid onto the helm seat beside Judy. I noticed her hand sliding down Judy’s back as she moved in. Nice.

“Dennis wanted to see the engines. We’ll go start the coffee.”

We talked about the engines and other mechanical systems as the coffee perked. We’re guys. What can I say. Let the ladies decide.

We filled the Thermos with coffee and took the milk sugar and mugs to the cockpit where the girls were still sitting very close together. Good omen.

“There’s lots of sea room. Lets let Merv (the autopilot) steer, then we can all sit around the cockpit table.”

Our boat has a forward cockpit. So there is no big saloon blocking the view forward. That means we can all sit together and see where we’re going.

“Mm. That sun feels nice.”

Wow. That is some engineering. How can such a small bikini top corral such big boobs without them escaping as Irene pulls her hoodie off?

Judy and Dennis sat opposite Irene and me.

“I’m glad Ray (the Commodore) introduced us. Judy says you’re a pediatrician?”

“That’s right. He introduced you as ‘Captain’. what kind of captain?”

“I’m a pilot. Harbour pilot, ‘though I mostly sail a desk anymore.”

“Toms the chief pilot, the big boss.”

“Sounds exciting bringing those big ships into a dock.”

Exciting indeed. Irene’s hand is stroking my bare thigh.

“Actually, other than jumping from the pilot boat to the ship, it’s more stress than excitement. Hopefully.”

We sit and chat. The breeze is just right, the seas calm. Blue sky, fluffy clouds, good company.

“Come Dennis. We’ll get lunch out.”

No sooner had Dennis and Judy gone below, than Irene stroked her palm up my chest.

“Sailing isn’t our only hobby. You and Judy seem very friendly. We like friendly.”

Irene is a very good kisser. We kissed and petted. I noticed another sail that would cross our path fairly closely.

“I guess we should do something,” said Irene seeing it too.

“Yes. She’s on starboard and we’re on port.” (The other boat has the right of way, we have to give way.)

By the time we tacked, trimmed to the new course and re-engaged the autopilot we were heading back towards port, and the other two were bringing out a tray of sandwiches, snack food and beers.

Judy gave me her ‘I just sucked a cock’ smile and wink. Lucky girl. Lucky Dennis.

We had a nice relaxed lunch. They like to laugh. Another thing we have in common.

“Can I help you clean up?”

Irene said to just put their things in their cooler and she’d pop them in the dishwasher at home. It only took a few minutes to wash and stow our stuff. Irene took my hand and pulled me into the aft cabin and sat on the edge of the berth. “OK, get it out, lets see if it’s as big as Judy says.”

I couldn’t get my shorts down fast enough.

“More than adequate!”

Now that is one eager knob gobbler! She just swallowed all the way right off the start.

“Gh. Gh, Gh.” All the way to her tonsils. I didn’t last long.

“I’m cumming!” I tried to pull back but her hands gripped my buns ’till she’d milked me dry. What a mouth!

“That was nice, big boy.”

“It sure was.”

“Hey you two. We’re almost to the fairway buoy!”

“Come on ‘Rene, get that cock out of your mouth and come help furl the main.”

A gay laugh. “That’s my captain. Not even his boat and he’s giving ankara ukraynalı escortlar me orders.” More laughter. Irene headed on deck as I pulled up my shorts and followed.

We picked up our mooring and called the water taxi on the VHF. (radio) The club’s bar was quiet when we went in for a drink. Only a half dozen hard bodied dinghy racers. We discreetly admired their youthful beauty. Nineteen year old boys and girls from the university.

Irene drew something on a paper napkin. “Here’s out address. This is Flemming, the Petrocan is on the corner of Mary Street, turn right, we’re a semi just past the four way stop, number three seventy five. Give us an hour. We’ll get a pizza, you bring the wine and something comfortable to change into.”

“Everyone like anchovies on their pizza?”

After showering Judy did her face in ‘slutty housewife’ while I threw my robin’s egg blue shortie plush robe, and the pink baby doll Judy wanted into the ‘Harken’ sports bag.

“Come in my loves.” Irene and Dennis answered the door. He was barefoot wearing a paisley print maroon silk robe, and Irene was wearing strappy extreme spike heels, and an ankle length black chiffon robe, with long full sleeves and a black satin belt and cuffs. As soon as we were inside Irene wrapped her arms around me and Dennis hugged Judy. We shared a sexy kiss. Then they changed partners. At first Dennis’ kiss was shy. We weren’t sure. I used my tongue so there’d be no doubt.

“Give Dennis the wine love, and I’ll show you where to change.”

We sat around the kitchen table. Pizza, wine and small talk.

“Nice place.”

“Thanks. We rented for a year while we decide whether to settle here and to check out the real estate market.. Sable is an interesting boat name.”

” Tom refused to register her “My Queen Judy The Most Beautiful Woman In The World.” like I wanted.”

We all laughed.

“I can see why, you’d need a yacht with a hundred foot wide transom to get it all in.”

“Actually it was the cost of the gold leaf for the lettering.”

“Funny story about the name. The Atlantic 42 was on our short list, and Sable was the second boat we looked at. She was perfect, and already registered as ‘Sable’. We both have a fur fetish, So we had to buy her.”

“Had to,” I chimed in.

We all chuckled.

Irene leaned over, “Pizzas all gone. Still hungry?” She took my hand and pulled me up.

The living room drapes were drawn shut. She lighted a couple of LED candles on the coffee table, then sat on the long soft black leather couch.

I got to my knees and spread her robe away from her legs. I lifted her left foot and began kissing. Slowly, slowly I kissed up her calf. Slowly I kissed up her thigh. Her bush was trimmed to a tall narrow triangle, like an arrow, pointing to her pussy.

I kissed and licked. Wet sloppy kisses. I breathed in her scent. Lick up. Lick sideways. Wiggle my tongue in. Kiss some more. Spread her with my thumbs and lick some more. She’s making some very contented moans. Her hands are stroking my head and rubbing my shoulders. Her pussy looks so young. No flaps.

She must have been asked before. ” You like? One of the advantages of being married to a reconstructive surgeon. He gave me my big tits too.”

I got back to the treat at hand. Time to send her flying. I kissed the girl in the pink canoe.

No English reserve here! Irene held my face down, she squealed and her legs wrapped around me. She bucked and her hands stroked my hair. Wow!

“Good boy.” She bent sincan minyon tipli escortlar forward and we kissed.

“Get up here and give me a good rogering.”

She lay back. I got to my knees. Her ankles were over my shoulders. What a toned pussy! What a ride! Then I came. That exciting feeling as my sphincter tightened and I felt the cum flowing along my cock into her cunt. She squealed again.

We cuddled and petted.

“Hard again? Well!” she began to go down, but I pushed her around so I could eat her as she sucked me off. I lapped the mix of pussy and my cum as she gobbled.

We kissed and fondled some more.

“Come love, lets see what those other two perverts are doing.”

A dark blue sheet and assorted pillows covered a king size mattress on the floor of the bedroom playroom. The ceiling light was dimmed. There was one of those odd shaped padded sex chairs and a padded waist high bench with soft cuffs half way down each leg. Under a small window was a three shelf unit full of toys.

Dennis was propped up on some pillows. Judy’s pretty behind was facing the door as she blew him. She sat back and turned. “More playmates!”

Irene dropped to the mattress beside them and reached for Judy. “Come my love.”

I saw my opening. I replaced Judy between Dennis’s legs. I haven’t had cock, other than Judy’s strapon, since Harry and Gwen moved to Edmonton.

Huh! He’s completely shaved. Nice circumcised knob. I kiss and lick up and down his cock. Nice size, not too big, but big enough. Still a hint of Judy’s cunt.

Mm. Swallow a bit. A bit more. All the way. “Mm. Mm.” I hum as I bob my head up and down. His hand is on the back of my head. I wonder if he will? I love it when they do. He’s close.

“Yes!” He cums. He does, holds me down. I love when they do that. Both hands hold me tight to his crotch as he pumps cum down my throat. I love the feeling.

When we play with Mike and Gwen I wish he wasn’t so straight. I’d love to get his big thick cock into me. At least Gwen goes both ways.

I climb on top and we share tongues and cum.

“You’ve got quite a pelt.” Dennis stroked the hair on my chest. “Irene likes me shaved.”

I notice the ladies have gone to the window and are looking at the toys. They turn toward us. Both are wearing big strapons. “Guess what Dennis is going to get.”

“On the bench Denny. This is your lucky night.”

Dennis was over the bench with arms and legs cuffed in a flash. Maybe I should make a bench like that for us.

Irene held a squeeze bottle of lube. Judy got to her knees and with a bunch of kissing rolled a ‘Trojan’ onto my recovered cock.

“Not sure how soundproof these semis are. You better stuff your cock into my little whore’s mouth Judy.”

Dennis had a twinkle in his eyes as he opened his mouth wide for Judy’s big pink weapon.

“You want to take my slut Tom?” Irene was working lube into his ass cunt.

One hand on his shoulder, the other guiding my tool at his tunnel, Judy and I blew each other kisses.

Tight hole, push a bit harder. “Ghh!” Oh boy, he’s a vocal one too. Push..And…I’m in! All the way! Oh ya.

Stroke. “Gh.” Stroke, “Gh.” Stroke. “Gh.” Judy synchronizes mouth fucking Dennis with my buggering. Stroke. “Gh.” Stroke. “Gh.”

“Bend forward Bitch,” Judy’s sweet voice whispers as her lubed finger slides into my ass cunt, “I’m the queen of this castle.”

“Ah!” She wastes no time pushing her ribbed purple cock all the way in. “Mm.” She strokes. All three of us stroke together. Irene rams me. I plough Dennis. Judy pushes at his tonsils.

“I’m cumming!” I unload into Dennis. Wow! This is a first for Judy and I.

We get cleaned up and cuddle and giggle to sleep on the big mattress.

I remember everyone agreed when Judy said we should anchor for a weekend in Big Bass bay sometime.

The End

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