Grins and Bears Ch. 02

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Things had now changed for me a bit. My mind had started to wander. It had been a few weeks since the night I had made out with two different, aggressive, hairy, older bears, sucked their cocks and swallowed their cum – in a bathroom stall of a gay bar. Now, I kept thinking that I wanted to have another sexual encounter with a guy.

There was something very gratifying about knowing I was giving someone pleasure. Hearing a man moan. Being encouraged. Making myself available so that a guy could get what he wanted.

I was too nervous to get back on the train and travel into the city to go back to that gay bar. Too afraid that someone I knew would see me and give me endless shit. Or worse. So I started spending way too much time looking on-line for ways to discretely find a guy to hook up with.

Looked at some gay/bi sites and personal ad sites and noticed a lot of guys posting times they would be at the ABS. There were a couple of adult bookstores within a few miles but had never checked them out. Started thinking that maybe this would be easier than answering an ad and this also avoided having to decide to invite a guy over or trust to go to another guy’s place.

Each time I thought about it gave me a little more courage. Whenever I needed to run out for something I went out of my way to drive by one of the ABS and look at how many cars were in the parking lot. Wanted to figure out a good time to go because if it was real crowded I’d probably chicken out. Lunch time weekdays seemed the best. Always 5-6 cars but never much more. Plus, I had days were I could work from home.

I picked a day and stared at the clock until it was 12 noon and jumped in the car. Pulled into the lot, took a deep breath and started the walk from the parking lot.

As I got to the front door it suddenly swung open and I moved aside as a guy walked out. My eyes were looking straight down at my feet to avoid eye contact but I could see he was in work clothes, wasn’t that much taller than me and had a pretty decent size beer belly. Nice. Hope there was a guy like that inside that wanted me to suck his cock.

Walked in. There was a counter with a sign saying tokens were needed for kocaeli escort the viewing booths. Smiled and handed the guy at the counter a ten and asked for tokens. Tokens in hand I stepped through plastic curtains to the booths.

It was dark and smelled like an old locker room. There were 2 rows each with about 8 booths per side with shower curtains instead of doors. The first aisle was empty as I walked slowly to the end, hearing snippets from porn movies playing from a few of the booths. Only a few of the curtains were closed

Turned the corner and that aisle was empty too. Hmmm. Guess I should just choose a booth, spend my tokens and come back another time.

The booth at the end of the room furthest from the entrance was open and I walked in. Found one of the tokens in my pocket, popped it in and reached for the curtain to close it. I was surprised to see a guy standing by the opening. Same guy who I had passed walking in.

He looked at me, smiled and asked “Looking for some company?” as he stepped in and dragged the curtain closed behind him. He was a black man, balding with a short beard, my age or a bit younger. At least 50 pounds heavier than me. I said something. Can’t remember exactly what. Maybe I said, “Hey. Sure.” and he moved in closer.

We were now inches apart and he smelled like he had been working outside that morning. Maybe landscaping? Then he told me that he was glad he didn’t leave otherwise he wouldn’t have met me. He took me in his arms and kissed me.

His beard and mustache felt weird but after 30 seconds or so it started to really turn me on. His tongue filled my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of it. At one point he thrust his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it hard causing him to moan a bit.

He had me pressed against the wall opposite the curtain while we made out and explored each other’s bodies with our hands. He squeezed my left nipple a few times. He grabbed hold of each of my ass cheeks and squeezed as he lifted me off the ground a bit. My right hand found his crotch and I fondled the bulge in his work shorts. It didn’t take him more than 10 seconds before he undid his belt buckle and I slipped my hand under the elastic kocaeli escort bayan of his underwear. Our mouths never separated.

His cock wasn’t completely erect but it was getting there. Bigger than my hand and thick. I was really enjoying kissing this guy and stroking his fantastic tongue with mine, but it was time to drop to my knees and suck another cock like I had hoped I would get to do.

I gave his tongue one last suck and then lowered myself along with his white jockeys. He took off his t-shirt. The light of the porn on the crappy tv revealed that he had short, thick pubic hair and a cut cock that looked like it was gonna be at least 8 inches long, thick, veiny with a fat head.

He gently pet the top of my head as I opened my mouth and took maybe a third of his cock into my mouth. I sucked on the head. I swirled my tongue and sucked some more as he got fully erect.

I worked my head back and forth trying to get a bit more of his cock into my mouth and throat each time. “That’s it baby. Just like that.” and then the movie shut off. I quickly found the rest of my tokens, handed them to him and got back to work.

The light from the tv came back after I heard him drop in 2 tokens. “Don’t forget my balls, baby.” So, I ran my tongue on the underside of his amazing, thick cock and started to lick and gently suck his hairy, salty, black balls. The more spit I used the easier it was to get more in my mouth. He stroked the back of my head and then asked, “Want some?”

Have no clue where it came from, I had been pretty occupied, but when I looked up he was holding a small brown vial. He cracked open the seal and lid and lowered the vial under my nose. “Hold one of your nostrils closed with your finger and breathe deep with the other.” I few seconds later my head was spinning. “Now the other nostril, sniff deep.” My brain felt like it was disconnecting and I just did what he said. “Again baby and this time hold it in.”

I was in a trance. I wasn’t too clear about anything except wanting his cock back in my mouth. I didn’t have to do a thing. As soon as I opened my eyes and opened my mouth there was his fat cock sliding in. He grabbed the sides of my head izmit escort and began to thrust. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. Pounding my mouth and throat and ignoring my gags. I grabbed onto his ass with both hands trying to slow him down and thick drool leaked out of my mouth. His thrusts finally began to slow down and I tried to take over, bobbing my head to match the action he liked.

My lips wrapped around my teeth, my tongue swirled around and there was more and more drool. I gagged some more, choked, caught my breath and kept at it.

My head was now frantically pumping away, up and down, up and down, as his big black cock slipped through my mouth and into my throat again and again. I realized I had started making gurgling sounds and “Mmmm, Mmmmm” sounds but I could think of nothing except making him cum.

“You like sucking black cock? You like it?” and as I looked up to acknowledge, yes, I noticed we had an audience. The shower curtain was now half open behind his back and there was a young skinny black guy and a tall, older white guy watching. The white guy was slowly jerking his cock poking out of his fly.

I ignored them, continued sucking, looked up into the eyes of this chubby, hairy black guy I was pleasuring as he played with his nipples. More choking, a bit more gagging, another stream of drool. A minute or so later he murmured “Oh yeah”. “Oh yeah” a few more times. Then he moved his hands from his nipples to the back of my head.

He quickly forced all of his cock in three or four times and I couldn’t breathe. Then one more “Oh yeah” and I felt him tense and sensed a spasm and the first squirt of his cum. Then another squirt. He began thrusting again and my mouth was filling with cum and I swallowed what I could. More cum and drips of it fell out of the corners of my mouth.

There was my drool and his cum hanging from my face as I swallowed again and then he grabbed his cock and gave a few jerks so a gob of his cum landed on my face next to the rest, and a last little bit oozed to the floor.

He stood there squeezing his cock for a few more moments, then pulled up his shorts, put on his t-shirt and without saying anything turned to leave. The 2 guys that had been watching scattered as he opened the shower curtain fully and walked out. I watched him leave, still on my knees, out of breath with a puddle of cum and spit on the floor in front of me.

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