Guilty Pleasures

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Double Penetration

His Story

Karl picked me up at the airport. I debated what to wear and chose a short plaid skirt, black panties, and knee socks. For a top I went with my tightest tshirt and a black bra. Karl said I was to rape him with his eyes whenever I was in his presence.

I could tell by the way his speech was disjointed walking to his car that the way I dressed was affecting him. I also noticed he was doing his best to hide a growing bulge in his pants.

We got to his car in the parking garage. Karl put my bags in his trunk and closed it. Timing the snap of the truck with a well aimed kiss. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me firmly against his body. I could feel one hand slowly working its way down to my ass but he stopped. He took me by the hand and lead me around to the passenger door. Ever the gentleman, he was going to open the door for me. But oddly he led me past the passenger door. His gentle guidance turned slightly rough, somewhat pushing me to the front casino siteleri of his car.

“Do you think I can wait?” he asked.

“I would expect you to…”

That’s all I could say before Karl put a hand over my mouth. With his other hand he lowered my back onto the hood of his car and then hiked up my skirt, exposing my inner thighs and panties. Karl pulled down my panties until they dangled around one of my feet. He gently spread my legs. His hand came to rest of my damp pussy lips. His middle finger traced their folds and then glided up to my clit. With the barest amount of pressure his finger gently teased the tip. His finger started to probe my hole. He was seeing if I was yet wet enough. He slipped a finger in to check. I gasped.

“I know our first time should be… romantic but I won’t be able to drive with an concentration. I need to relieve myself.”

He undid his belt and unzipped. He released a thick, hard cock. It looked almost canlı casino angry. I looked up at his face. His normal sweet, reserved look was now one of lust and desire. What was going through his mind? Was he looking at me like I was just a piece of meat to empty a load of cum in?

“Kim, you’re beautiful. You are like a gift.”

With that he entered me. Slowly. Very slowly at first. He listed to the sound of my breathing, thrusting just a little deeper every time I took a breath and released.

“God. Wet. Tight. I never imagined how good a 19 year old could feel.”

It was then I understood why being attracted to older men was such a rational choice. Guys my age you need to fuck like a porn queen. With an older man, he makes love to you. Makes love to your body. Consumes you.

“Slowly,” I asked.

“Yes, passion.”

Despite my request, his gentle, slow, long in and out thrusts because faster. And harder. Karl pulled all the way out, kaçak casino pulled my legs up. They were spread out like a V.

“Your tits. I need to see your tits.”

I quickly hiked up my tshirt. Karl pushed my bra up over my boobs.

“God, just beautiful. Kim. You are a work of art.”

Karl entered me again.

“God, I need to be in your pussy always.”

He started pumping me wildly. That’s when I noticed the parking garage security camera. It had clearly turned on us and I could see the lens zooming in. We were being watch. Maybe recorded. Oh god was this going to show up on the internet? “Teen slut fucks man old enough to be her dad” I could imagine being the title.

I probably should have pushed him off of me and ran but nothing, even public shaming, could make me want to stop the waves of pleasure between my legs.

Karl suddenly pulled out and shot a long stream of hot cum all over my tits. He reached down, took my panties still dangling off my foot, and wiped his cock clean with it and then did his best to clean my boobs. He casually tossed my panties over the side of the parking garage!

“But. I’ll need…”

“Don’t worry, beautiful. I buy you more. Much more.”

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