Had Fun at Work Ch. 02

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Big Dick

(true story like the other one)

I found out last night when I got to work at the convenience store that the floor people was coming tonight to strip and wax the floor. And I had an hour to move a few things into the office so they had more room to work.

By the time they got to the store, the office was almost full to the top with very little room to move around. The floor guys found more stuff to move and put them in the restroom. I was thinking, I hope none us has to go to the restroom before they get through.

So when they got started, customers wanted to come in but they had to chain the door to keep them out since we did not have a key to the store to lock it. Don’t know why that was though and never found out. Had a irate customer that night that even came in before we chained the door and just because we could not serve him at the time, he still grabbed a case of beer and ran out of the store. I had to call the police on that one and they took a statement and left.

So when the floor guys finally got to the point where there was too much stripper on the floor to walk, they made me go to the office and stay but could keep the office door opened if I wanted since it closed and opened within the office and the door would not be in the way of the stripping machine they were starting to use.

Then this guy that worked at another store came to the door and got one of the guys attention and the glory izle he told the guy he was a employee down the street and just came over to keep me company. The guy came to the office and asked me if I knew him as an employee and I said yes. So they unlocked the padlock and let him in and told him to stay in the office.

The guy came in and sat with me and we visited for awhile but he kept looking at me like he was undressing me. I finally asked him if he liked what he seen and he said he did but wanted to see more. I walked over to the office door to see how close the floor guys were. They were on the other side of the store and were not likely to come close for a while cause while one was stripping the floor the other one was mopping up as much stripper as they could get.

So I shut the office door and locked it and I took my top off and my bra and the guy leaned over and took one nipple in his mouth and started sucking on it while fondling my other tit. He was sucking on my tit like there was no tomorrow and had it so swollen that my nipples were almost hurting. I had to stifle my moans cause I did not want the other guys to hear me but just knowing they were on the other side was so exhilarating and so naughty that I was even wetter.

He moved to the other tit and sucked on my nipple as he fondled my other tit but this time he started rubbing my pussy through my pants and he the heartthrob tv changed he didnt izle looked up at me and took his mouth off my tit and told that my pants were very wet. I had him back up so I could put on my bra and pants just in case the other guys came to the office door.

I then pulled my pants and bikini panties down to my middle thigh and bent over a chair and he aimed his cock into my pussy entrance and since I was so wet it was not hard to go in. His cock slid in easily and he started pumping away so much that I had to stifle my moans cause I started cumming right on the start. He stopped for a little bit I guess to keep from cumming and when he got his self under control, then he started thrusting into my wet pussy.

I was about to cum when I heard a knock on the door and the guy pulled out and I pulled my panties and pants back up. I looked over at my friend and he was behind a shelf I had put in the office from inside the store earlier so I knew he was hidden from the waist down. I opened the door and one of the guys asked me if the guy was ready to leave cause they were going to wax the floor and there was going to be 4 coats on it. I told him my friend was staying.

I shut and locked the office door back and walked over to my friend and told him to get in the office chair. I squatted down and took his semi erect the last hour izle cock in my mouth and started sucking on him. I licked all around the head and started sucking on the head with suction and he started humping my face. I then had to stop him before I started gagging but still I deep throated him in my own speed. He then told me he wanted more of my pussy.

I pulled my pants and bikini panties down mid thigh and he entered my pussy after he rubbed his cock head over my slit to get the head wet. He rammed home and I started moaning but he clamped his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. I needed him to keep fucking hard, fast and deep but I knew time was a limited process cause of the floor guys. So he started fucking me hard and faster till I bit my lip from cumming so hard to keep me from making a noise and when I clamped down on his cock he exploded and I could feel his cum shoot into my pussy and it was so much that it started coming out of my pussy that it dripped onto my pants and panties.

He found some paper towels and we cleaned ourselves off and then we opened the door to see how their progress was on the floor. They were halfway through the last wax so we waited till they were done and then they yelled at us to make sure no one came in the store.

They then left and while we waited 45 minutes for the wax to dry, a guy came in and grabbed some beer like the first guy did and ran out of the store. I called the police for the second time that night and gave a report. The police knew the floor had been stripped and waxed cause the floor was still a little wet and the last guy messed it up. My friend finally left and I reopened the store for customers around 4 am and did my cleanup for the next day plus moved everything back to where everything went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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