Halloween Fun

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I’m Marie. As a kid, my Halloween’s were never exactly what you might call exciting. I never got invited to any Halloween parties or anything. That all changed one Halloween night.

One Halloween night, my friend Sheila invited me to a little “Halloween get together.” That Halloween night, it would just be her, my boyfriend, and me.

My boyfriend (at the time) was two years younger than I. We’d only been going out for a month or so when this Halloween get together had come up. He was 18, and I was 20. I’m about 5’2, aquamarine eyes, shoulder length brown hair streaked with blond. I have been told many times that I look like so innocent. This could be because in high school, I didn’t dress the way the people who “fooled around” did. I once had an older man tell me that he always pictured me as the “red riding hood” type that had no idea that sexual stuff existed. Of course, I had a much better clue about that than they thought.

My boyfriend, Robert, was pretty tall, about 6’ with chocolatey brown hair and honey-colored eyes. He was absolutely gorgeous! He had a great build, because he worked out at the gym. I had met him at a summer camp the previous summer. Because he was somewhat of a loner, I doubted that he had ever gone beyond kissing. As I would find out later, the only person he had ever kissed (or for that matter, done anything with) was me!

When we all arrived at Sheila’s house, none of us had any intentions of fooling around. However, that would change as the night progressed. The first thing we did was go trick-or-treating.

Rob was dressed in a BMX Racer costume. Sheila was dressed as dressed as a devil. I was dressed as a nun. Sheila thought that was absolutely hilarious, because she knew how much I had fooled around with my previous boyfriends.

Well, we ended up going trick-or-treating until 6:30. At that point, Sheila and I were hot because our costumes had lots of fabric in them and the trick-or-treat bags were heavy. So we were hot and heavy. We went back to Sheila’s house to relax. I had changed out of my costume into a shirt and jeans, but since Rob and Sheila had costumes that could almost pass for everyday outfits, they left theirs on. For awhile, we had all just been listening to music. Sheila had to call her parents (they weren’t home) to let them know that we all got home safely, so Rob and I were left sitting on the loveseat in her den. She couldn’t have been gone for more than a minute when Rob started to feel me escort izmit up over my shirt. It didn’t get anywhere, though, because Sheila ended the phone call and came back into the room. We still had a little while until we all had to go home, so Sheila turned off the lights and put on a movie.

Sheila sat down in a chair close to the TV. She couldn’t see Rob and I from her vantage point.

Rob and I made out for a little while, and then Rob started to feel me up again. He moved his hands under my shirt and started to roll my nipples between his fingers. He caressed my breasts with his hands. At that time I thought that he must have had lots of experience. In actuality, he had none, and was just a natural at it.

“If you want me to stop, elbow me or something.” At the time, he was not very confident about his abilities.


“No, seriously, if you want me to stop, do it.”

“Don’t worry, I will…”

For a little while, I let him feel me up. It was a small loveseat, and for us to both fit on it (while lying down) I was practically lying on top of him. I was at a disadvantage, because I couldn’t reach him, without completely reaching behind myself. And I would have had to hold myself up at the same time, which made it even more difficult. However, Rob kept shifting positions, and he finally moved into one where I could reach him. I slowly reached down until I felt the bulge in his pants. Because he was still wearing his costume, his pants were really tight and it was REALLY noticeable. I started to massage his bulge, drawing out a little moan from him.

“That feels really good…,” Rob said in a deep husky voice.

“I know…” I just had to be cocky. I knew what I was doing.

I continued to stroke him through his pants while we both watched the movie. Some time later, he decided to become more aggressive. He moved one of his hands and started to undo my zipper. He reached his hand under my jeans and underwear and ran his fingers up my slit. While doing so, he lightly brushed my clit and I had to hold in a squeal of pleasure. About that time, I realized that I wasn’t the only one that might want a little hand-on-skin action.

“Do you want me to?” The only reason I asked him was because he didn’t seem like a person who would rush a relationship. A lot of guys in our town liked to move fast, but there were a few who would have had some objections to what I would have done.

I don’t remember what he said—it was izmit darıca escort some kind of affirmative. So I tried to unzip the zipper and get the snap undone (with one hand) without making enough noise to let Sheila know what was going on behind her. That didn’t work out too well. His pants were so tight, and I was getting nowhere.

“Want to help me a little here?”

I could NOT get that stupid snap undone. And when Rob unzipped the zipper, the sound broke the silence. In then movie, it was one of those serious scenes where no one said a word, so the sound of the zipper unzipping cut through the stillness as a knife. After a little struggling, Rob also got the snap undone. That was even louder than the zipper. It was loud enough that it erased all doubt from my mind whether Sheila had heard or not.

I reached my hand under his pants and briefs and started to stroke his 7.5 inch manhood. His cock was already oozing pre-cum. As I continued to stroke him, he stuck two fingers up my pussy. He started to pump his fingers in and out. The sudden penetration made me gasp sharply. This caused Sheila to completely turn around in her chair to see what we were doing. Sheila and I just looked at each other for a few seconds and then she turned around.

I then continued my stroking and he continued fingering me. As his fingers worked in and out of my pussy, I felt my orgasm building up. I could tell that he was close, ‘cause I could hear him breathing harder by the second. As he neared his orgasm, I could hear him moaning behind me. About time he started to moan, Sheila cleared her throat really loudly to remind us that she was still there. We completely ignored her.

I stroked Rob’s cock fast and hard until….


He said it in a completely hesitant way. I could tell that he hadn’t wanted me to stop, but (as I figured out) he also hadn’t wanted to make a big mess on Sheila’s loveseat.

As luck would have it, the phone rang and Sheila went to answer it. When Sheila found out that it was her friend from another state, she came back into the den and told us that she’d be on the phone for at least 30 minutes. She was definitely hinting at something. As Sheila went back to the phone, she closed the soundproof door from the den to the kitchen. Rob and I finally had some privacy.

“I’ll finish you in a sec…go ahead…”

So he kept fingering me. I could feel that I was right on the edge of izmit rus escort a mind-blowing orgasm when he reached his thumb up to brush my clit. Stars exploded in front of my eyes as I had the most life-shattering orgasm. It just continued and continued as my pussy contracted around Rob’s fingers and waves of pleasure wracked my body.

After I came down from my orgasm-high, I started kissing my way down Rob’s body. As I neared his cock, I slowed and came to a stop, inches from his shaft. As I looked up at him, I saw the urgency and need in his eyes. He knew that I was just teasing him, and he loved it.

“Please?” he muttered out his request.

I took his cock into my mouth and licked around his shaft. I softly sucked on it as I reached my hands down to play with his balls. At the same time he let out a strangled cry, I felt his cock and balls tense up. His cock let out a river of cum into my mouth. As his cock pulsed with his orgasm, he let out a long loud moan. As he came into my mouth, I swallowed his cum as fast as I could. Because of his age, he had a huge load and I had problems swallowing it all.

When he was finished, I moved back up on the loveseat to sit next to him. We started to make-out, at a much slower pace than before. As we played tonsil hockey, we heard a knock on the door. Again, we completely ignored Sheila. However, at this point, what was going on was nothing that she hadn’t seen before.

When Sheila came into the room, Rob and I broke our kiss and I looked up at her. She looked at us with a knowing smile and laughingly shook her head. She then turned her attention away from us and went to go mess around with the VCR.

“You are soooo sexy!” I quietly whispered to Rob.

“Ooooooook,” Rob said, obviously having no clue what I was talking about.

“There is no guy in this town that will kiss you after you’ve given them a bj. What you did was really sexy.”


About that time, the 3 of us realized that it was time for us all to go home. We all made ourselves presentable and then got ready to leave.

“I had fun tonight.” Yeah, I bet he did.

“Fun isn’t the adjective I’d use…”

“Is ‘fun’ a adjective?”

“Yeah, like in the ‘fun ride’…” (I SOOOOO did not mean the pun)

“Don’t say that, it sounds bad…”

“Ok, like in the ‘fun toy’…oh, wait, that sounds even worse.”

Well anyway, it was really getting late and I DID have to get up in the morning, so I started to leave. I didn’t get far. Before I left, I gave Rob a quick hug and kiss. As I walked out the door, I heard Rob call out to me.

“Are we gonna have another “Halloween Get Together” next Halloween?”

I just grinned as I walked towards my car.

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