Hannah’s First Play Exam

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Hannah hadn’t been looking for a play exam per se when she logged onto the fetish site that random Wednesday morning. She wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted. She just knew she wasn’t completely satisfied by vanilla sex. She wanted something different. With this in mind, she read through the Classifieds. Most were gross. But one ad caught her eye.


Hi, I’m Scott. Or Dr. Scott, if you’d like. I’m an experienced play doctor. I am looking for patients to give detailed, thorough, mostly realistic exams to. No preference regarding age, physical appearance, or experience.

During a play exam, you as the patient hold a lot of the power. I will examine any part of your body that you’d like and in as much detail as you’d like. While I’m not a real doctor, I do have a fair amount of know-how and am comfortable with using speculums, giving injections, catheterization, and more. All play is safe. I of course especially like gynecological exams, but am open to nearly any other possibility. I travel frequently for work and will likely be able to meet you, if located in the U.S. Message if interested”

It took about a minute for Hannah to decide that she was interested. Or curious at least. So she sent a message. “Hey, my name is Hannah. I think this is maybe something I’m interested in. How do play exams work exactly?”

The response came just a few hours later. “When you were a kid, did you ever play doctor? It’s a bit like that… but there are more obvious sexual elements at times. Or at least, if you’d like, I would examine you in great detail. I typically do exams that are like an extended physical and/or Pap smear. We won’t have sex and I’ll remain fully clothed the entire time. How does this sound to you?”

Hannah knew it sounded at least a little good, based on the fact that she could note wetness in her underwear.

The conversation continued until they had exchanged Skype usernames and were video chatting that way. Scott was only a few years older than Hannah and was kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. And he only lived a state away. Soon plans were being made. And just about a month after that initial message, Scott was on his way. They would do the exam in a hotel room.

Like many women, Hannah was self-conscious of her appearance. She didn’t think she was remotely attractive. But Scott didn’t really seem to mind any of that. He just wanted to give her a play exam. That was comforting. The morning of the exam, she shaved her legs and underarms. She had already gotten a bikini wax a few days before. She wore a simple black dress (easy to remove), plain cotton briefs, and the most comfortable bra she owned.

Scott texted her upon his arrival. “I’m in Room 204. See you soon!”

Hannah was ready. She arrived at the hotel feeling nervous but incredibly excited. She hadn’t thought that this would be so exciting and yet she was looking forward to this more than anything. Not so much sexually… although there would be obvious sexual overtones to the procedures that Scott described. But also just to satisfy her own curiosity. What would this actually be like?

Arriving outside of Room 204, she knocked on the door. Scott opened. He was of average height and build, with closely cropped dark hair and a warm smile. “Hi Hannah.” He gave her a gentle hug. “How are you?”

“Good,” she replied. “A little nervous but I am excited too.”

“Perfectly normal,” Scott reassured. “Come on in.”

The hotel room was very plain and nondescript. Scott had clearly stowed some items away for there was nothing that screamed hotel room. No coffee pot with prepackaged coffee or a room service menu by the phone. He had stripped the bed of its blankets, leaving only the flat sheet neatly draped across. On the desk was a large white towel, clearly covering up all the tools and instruments he was about to use on her.

Scott sat on an ottoman in the corner. “Please, sit,” he said, motioning towards an arm chair. Hannah sat across from him, crossing her legs tightly.

“I figured we’d chat for a bit first to make sure you’re comfortable. Seeing as how you’ve never done this before, I thought that was important.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” Hannah said.

“So first, just let me remind you again that we’ll be doing a play exam exactly as we’ve discussed. There will be no surprises. Everything that I’ll be doing to you is something that you’ve already agreed to. Now with that said, you can choose to end the exam or any particular procedures at any point. There’s no obligation for you to do anything you don’t want to do and you can change your mind about any of it or all of it.”

“Okay,” Hannah said, nodding.

“So what we’ll do is just go through things as we’ve discussed. I’ll have you change into a gown in the bathroom and I’ll get the instruments out. If you want things to slow down, simply say the word ‘yellow.’ If you’d like for me to stop with a certain procedure or aspect of the exam, just say ‘red.’ And then, when you’re ready bornova escort to go ahead again, the word ‘green’ will resume the exam. Does this make sense?”

“It does.”

“Any questions?” Scott asked her.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

“Do you feel like you’re ready?” he asked her.

She nodded.

“Great!” He stood and retrieved a hospital gown from a drawer. “You can change into this in the bathroom. When I’m ready to start the exam, I’ll knock on the door. If you change your mind, you can leave at any point.”

“I won’t change my mind,” Hannah said quietly.

“Alright. Go ahead and get changed. Take everything off so that the only thing you’re wearing is the gown. I’ll see you soon.” He handed her the hospital gown.

She stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. She removed her dress, shoes, and bra. She quickly put the gown on. Finally, she slid out of her underwear. She neatly folded all of her clothing and left it by the sink. The gown was open in the back. She tried to tie it tightly, but her rear was still very much exposed.

Scott knocked on the door a few minutes later. She opened, finding that he had changed into blue scrubs. She was impressed with his dedication to realism.

“Hello Hannah,” he said. “I’m Dr. Scott. Please, follow me to the exam room.”

She followed him, clutching the gown so as not to reveal more than she wanted to reveal just yet.

“Please have a seat on the exam table, Hannah,” Dr. Scott said. Hannah sat on the exam table (bed) and tightly crossed her legs again.

Dr. Scott held a clipboard and sat across from her on the armchair. “Now Hannah, I understand that you’re here for your yearly physical. Since you’re a new patient of mine, I’d like to be a bit more thorough. This will help me establish a good baseline for your health. Some of the aspects of this exam may feel a bit more detailed, invasive even. But it’s all very important so that I can get a picture of your overall health.”

“Is anything going to hurt?” she asked. They had talked about this before, but she suddenly needed the additional reassurance.

“Some procedures may be a bit uncomfortable or even very slightly painful. However, nothing should cause excessive amounts of pain and we’ll talk about that when we get there, okay?”

She nodded and relaxed her legs slightly.

“So any questions or concerns regarding your health?” Dr. Scott asked.

“Nothing comes to mind.”

“Excellent. Any major illnesses or injuries this year?”

“No, nothing like that. Just a cold this winter.”

He nodded and made a note on his clipboard. “When was your last period?”

“Last Thursday,” she responded.

“Okay. And are your cycles regular?”

“Very,” she said.

“That’s good! Any breast tenderness or cramping?”

“Yes to both. But nothing terrible,” Hannah answered.

He made another note. “Okay. Are you sexually active?”

“Well… yes. It’s been a little while though.”

“Oh? How long?”

“A few months.” She couldn’t look him in the eyes anymore.

“Okay got it,” Dr. Scott said. “And do you have sex with men, women, or both?”


“And do you use protection?”

She nodded.

“Okay good. That’s important. Speaking of, are you taking any medications?”

“I take birth control.”

He made another note in his clipboard. “Okay Hannah, that’s it for now. I may have more questions for you as we get further in the exam.” He stood and sat again on a stool right next to the bed. “Hold out your arm for me. I want to get your blood pressure.”

He held the sphygmomanometer in his hands. Hannah was impressed with his skill. He quickly had it wrapped around her left arm, positioned correctly, and inflated it. She took deep breaths. Dr. Scott inflated it and held a stehescope to the inside of her arm as he released the pressure from the cuff.

“A little high. 130 over 80. Do you feel nervous?” he asked her, looking into her eyes.

“Yeah, a little,” she admitted.

“That’s perfectly normal. Hopefully as we continue, you’ll see that there’s really nothing to be nervous about.” He took her arm and closed his fingers around her wrist. “I need to get your pulse now. Try to relax.”

She tried, watching him carefully as he timed her pulse on his watch. After a minute he released her wrist. “Also a little fast. Again, that’s okay. I’m going to take your temperature now. Can you please lie on your stomach for me?”

Oh right. He was going to take her temp rectally. Her stomach launched itself into her throat but she carefully positioned herself on the bed, stomach down. She kept her legs together and tried to ensure the gown wasn’t revealing much.

“Okay Hannah,” Dr. Scott said. “I’m going to have you open your legs a little for me please.” She obliged, inching them open. “Good.” He stood over her. “I’m going to open up buca escort your gown a little bit. Try to stay still.”

She felt the slightly chilled air on her backside as he carefully opened the back of her gown. “Hannah, you’re going to feel my finger on the outside of your anus now. This will just be to lubricate you and help you relax.”

She was quiet. She couldn’t watch. In a moment, she felt his hand on her left butt cheek. Then his finger, slightly cool and very wet from lubricant, was gently rubbing the outside of her anus. She inhaled sharply, not used to the sensation.

“You’re doing great Hannah, just try to relax,” Dr. Scott said softly. He slowly moved his finger in small circles around her anus, trying to get her muscles to relax. Finally, after a few moments, Hannah felt her muscles loosen. It actually felt good.

“Might be a bit cold,” Dr. Scott said. “The thermometer is going in now.”

She had never had anything go inside her bottom before. The sensation was a bit chilly. She took a slow breath out. “Ooh,” she gasped, as it slid inside.

“Everything okay?” Dr. Scott asked her.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Good. The thermometer is inside now. We’re just going to give it a few minutes to register. Please hold still. I’m going to get a few things set up.”

Hannah laid very still, not wanting the thermometer to slide out (or further in). It didn’t feel very significant more, only a vague feeling of something there. Her face pressed into the pillow, she couldn’t see what Dr. Scott was doing. She could hear the soft clanging of a few instruments that must have been metallic.

Finally, after a few minutes he said “Okay I’m going to remove the thermometer now.” She felt his hands part her cheeks and then felt the thermometer slide out. Now she felt it again. But the feeling passed. “99 degrees even. That’s actually quite normal, often times the rectal temperature is a bit warmer. You can sit up again.”

She drew her knees up and turned in one fluid movement so that she was sitting again, legs hanging off the bed. Dr. Scott was holding a penlight.

“Follow the light for me,” he said, holding it just above her right eye then left. She obliged. Then he took a quick peek up her nose. “Alright, open your mouth please.” He produced a tongue depressor and inserted it into her open mouth, gently holding down her tongue as he shone the light inside. “Say ‘aaaaaah.'”

She did and soon the tongue depressor was withdrawn. “I’m going to listen to your heart and lungs now. Can you drop your gown to your waist please?” Dr. Scott asked.

Well she knew that was going to happen at some point, but still! Of course, he had already seen her naked bottom. Dr. Scott smiled at her reassuringly. She reached up behind her and undid the top tie to the gown. The gown came loose and she shifted out of it until it was down by her waist.

Dr. Scott picked up a stethoscope from the side table. Hannah couldn’t help but notice that there were still items left covered by the towel. He put the ends in his ears and held the stethoscope to her chest. “Deep breaths for me,” he said softly.

She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. He move the stethoscope from just above her left breast to between her breasts, to underneath them, and to her side. Then he stepped to the side and placed it on her back, listening to her lungs. Again, he moved it along her back.

“Great. Your heart and lungs sound good. Lie back please. I need to perform an abdominal exam.”

She lay back, placing her head up on the pillow. “Let me know if you feel any pain or discomfort,” Dr. Scott said.

“Okay,” she said.

He placed his hands in the center of her abdomen and started to almost knead her abdomen. He wasn’t hesitating to palpate deeply. His hands expertly moved up and down and to the sides, feeling for each organ. Hannah was impressed. It was actually identical to an exam her doctor would perform during a physical. Perhaps a bit longer but otherwise, the same. Without a word, Dr. Scott again placed the stethoscope in his ears and moved it around her abdomen, spending a lot of time just above her hips. He inched the gown down until the very top of her pubic hair was exposed.

“All sounds and feels perfectly healthy,” Dr. Scott said. He placed the stethoscope back down on the table.

“Now Hannah, I’m going to perform a breast exam. Do you do self-exams at home?”

“Not very often,” she said.

“That’s actually quite alright. The medical community used to recommend it but now there’s a bit of a debate. Self-exams have lead to a lot of unnecessary biopsies and surgeries after noncancerous lumps are discovered. However, I’m going to perform one for you now. Can you please place your arms behind your head?”

Hannah did so. The result was that her breasts came prominently into view. Hannah’s breasts weren’t especially large or small. Or at least, that’s what she thought. Her areola were a light brown and her nipples weren’t long at all. çeşme escort

“I’m going to start with the right breast,” Dr. Scott said. His hand wwas placed gently at the top of her right breast. The other hand came below it, holding her breast steady. He began to slowly work his fingers around in small circles, deeply palpating her breast tissue. As his fingers covered the span of her breast, Hannah felt very relaxed. She hadn’t expected that, but there she was. She closed her eyes, just trying to focus on the sensation. After a few moments, there was a pause. He had gone around her entire breast and had even palpated under her arm. “I’m going to check for discharge. This might produce an intense sensation, but let me know if it hurts.” Her eyes opened, just in time to catch his fingers press down on and then firmly pinch her nipple. She let out a soft gasp. He released, moved his fingers to a different position and repeated the procedure. It felt good.

“Very good,” Dr. Scott said. “I’m going to repeat the procedure on your left breast. Are you doing okay?”

“Yes doctor,” Hannah mumbled, closing her eyes again.

“Great,” he said. And then his fingers were deeply probing into her left breast, slowly searching and feeling. There was no warning about him checking this nipple. He pinched first-and hard. This caught her off guard and her eyes opened. Dr. Scott caught her eye, and smiled. “One more time,” he said. He pinched again and she again let out a gasp.

“Alright Hannah. I’m going to have you relax for a moment while I set up the stirrups for the pelvic exam.”

This was what had Hannah really anxious. She was excited mostly but she was nervous too. The words ‘pelvic exam’ alone set her stomach aflutter. She watched as Dr. Scott got two folding chairs from a closet and positioned them at the edge of the bed, spread just a little apart. Then he uncovered the tray on the side table. Hannah could see some of the items. There were various speculums, lubricant, swabs, and gloves. He put on a pair of gloves and put the tray on the desk so that it was closer to the bed.

“Alright Hanna, go ahead and slide all the way down for me. You’ll want to put your feet on the seat of each chair, okay?”

“Okay,” she said. She slid down slowly until finally she could feel that her bottom was on the end of the bed. She put her feet on each chair, keeping her knees tightly together. The gown was still bunched up around her waist, offering some additional privacy.

Dr. Scott sat between her legs. “Open your knees,” he coaxed. She did so, exposing herself to his view. “A little more.” She opened up her legs further still. “Excellent. You’re going to feel me touch you now. We’re just going to start with an external exam.”

She was quiet, wanting to soak in this moment. She felt his hand on her thigh and then he was touching her vulva. He gently palpated each labia majora, slowly running his fingers up and down. “You’re doing great,” he reassured her. This alone was several minutes. Hannah took deep breaths, enjoying the sensation. Dr. Scott then repeated the procedure with her labia minora, very carefully feeling along each fold.

“Everything looks good here. I’m going to expose, and then gently palpate your clitoris. As I’m sure you’re aware, this can produce a very intense sensation. I don’t want you to feel embarrassed about any reaction you may have.”

“Okay,” Hannah said. She couldn’t continue with the deep breaths at this point. Every part of her wanted him to touch her clitoris and that was all she could focus on. Two fingers gently pushed her clitoral hood back, exposing her clitoris. He wasted no time. With his right index finger, he stroked her clitoris lightly from bottom to top and then top to bottom. Hannah couldn’t help but let out a moan. But he wasn’t done. He increased the pressure slightly, and worked his finger in a small circle before again returning to the light strokes.

Hannah was moaning the whole time. It felt incredible. She couldn’t really help her reaction nor did she care to. She could feel herself get even wetter almost immediately. Dr. Scott then ran his finger up and down her introitus and then back up to her clitoris. She shuddered and let out a louder sound.

“Good girl,” Dr. Scott said. “Everything is very normal there.” He withdrew his finger, leaving her aching for more. She wanted to beg don’t stop don’t stop. But he had stopped and seemed determined to continue. He had clearly done this on purpose!

“I’m going to insert a finger into your vagina to feel inside. Try to relax,” he said. He put a dollop of lubricant on his index finger and slowly slid it into her vagina. Hannah felt his finger work its way in and out and wiggle about. He was examining every inch. She loved it.

“Two fingers now,” Dr. Scott said. He inserted his second finger and Hannah felt the large increase in pressure. His fingers worked their way in deeper and deeper until she felt a dull ache. “That’s your cervix,” Dr. Scott said, gently moving it side to side. “It feels perfect.”

He withdrew his fingers slightly, then twisted them around until he was probing the top wall quite thoroughly. She felt a warm sensation, which quickly became incredibly arousing. She wanted more. Needed more. “And this is your G-spot. This might produce a pleasurable sensation.”

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