Hannah’s Repair

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Hannah was busy pottering around the house tidying up and filling time in the expectation that the washing machine repair man would turn up on time today. This was the second day she had taken off from work. He had already failed to turn up on two previous occasions so she was starting to get more than a little annoyed with the growing pile of laundry in the bathroom and the time and fuel she had already spent going back and forth to the launderette in the City.

Just after 1pm the door bell sounded, Hannah marched to the door and opened it in that stroppy angry way that only a woman can.

The repair man introduced himself as Alan as she gestured him inside. Hannah didn’t say anything to him as she only wanted her machine repaired and wasn’t really up for a fight so offered him a coffee.

Alan finished his coffee and placed the cup on the worktop. As he turned to pick up a few of his tools his arm accidentally caught the cup sending it flying across the work surface. Hannah rushed forward in order to catch it and as she did so she slipped. As she fell forward she landed pressed up against his body which she couldn’t help but notice was muscular and firm.

“I got it” he said.

Hannah felt a pulse of sexual energy surge through her body at being so close to this mountain of what she could only assess as pure sex.

Hannah looked up into Alan’s eyes and the couple moved slowly together. His arms gently brought her towards him as their lips touched softly. As they did so she felt another surge of sexual energy reverberate around her body, before it landed between her legs as a damp patch in her knickers. As he pulled her towards him his tongue probed deep into her mouth, exploring in a warm and purposeful way. His hands ran around her back and shoulders as they kissed. The damp patch was slowly expanding and getting wet as nature prepared her swollen pussy for what she was about to demand!

The kissing continued with both tongues going into overdrive. Hannah’s hands moved up and around Alan’s broad firm chest and then down his sides and around his midriff.

Hannah was by now losing all control, his tongue deep inside her mouth, his large hands all over her top, fondling and squeezing her tits and teasing the nipples until they were poking into the materiel of her bra in an attempt to break free.

Hannah moved slowly back from this man beast to allow her hand to run down over the front of his jeans. A further surge of pure sexual energy shot through her body, pinging her pussy as her hand slowly moved over the lump in his jeans. Alan let out a long slow sigh as her hand moved slowly over the throbbing mass. She knew by the feel of it through the cloth that it was large and particularly thick around the base with a monstrous pair of balls and very,very hard.

Alan’s hands by now were all over her tits, feeling, rubbing and squeezing, before taking hold of her tee shirt and pulling it up over her head and flinging it to the floor. His hands by now all over her bra covered breasts as she squirmed in pure lust. Hannah slowly undid the buttons of his shirt, her hand inside the shirt now rubbing his firm hairy chest as he tongue fucked her open willing mouth. Slowly she undid all of his shirt buttons pulling it off over his arms.

His warm hunky chest by now pressed against her. She felt his warm hands move slowly up over her ass and up her back sending tingles through her. Slowly fumbling with her bra clasp, Alan undid her bra letting it fall down, the straps rolling down her arms before it too the peripheral izle went to the floor.

Now freed, she pressed her hot breasts and tummy against his gorgeous muscular chest and small belly, feeling the warmth from his body against her hardened nipples as he pulled her towards him. She felt his hands over her ass pulling her in toward him. Hannah felt dizzy as one of his hands moved around her waist, slowly she felt it creep inch by inch before he cupped her pussy with his large masculine hand. Slowly he moved his fingers over her swollen clit, spasms of pleasure shooting up her body as he stroked her.

Kissing slow, long and passionate, Hannah’s hands explored his chest and waist. One cheeky hand slowly teased the trapped lump in his jeans. Slowly rubbing up and down, clasping and cupping his balls in the palm of her hand as she kissed him. She could feel his hard cock throb and struggle to burst out of his pants. Alan by now was in agony, his cock throbbed in pain. He was almost at the point of begging for mercy when Hannah slowly changed the direction of her kisses.

Slowly kissing his neck, rubbing his chest, toying with his nipples as her kisses turned to gentle bites, the smell of his masculinity filling her head and making her a dithering wreck with only one thing on her mind.

Moving slowly down, licking, biting and toying with his firm chest before latching her lips around his firm man nipples. As she did this one of her hands explored his side rolling around to stroke his gorgeous bottom, whilst the other moved over his hairy small, but firm belly. Kissing slowly down his chest, nibbling, licking and biting gently Hannah reached his belly, falling to her knees in front of him like a topless slut.

One hand was fiddling with his belt buckle whilst she continued nibbling around his belly button, biting licking and probing with her lips and tongue his belt was un-looped from its buckle before moving on to the jeans popper. Belt undone and jeans un-popped Hannah gave him a slow rub over the denim as she continued to nibble and kiss her hunks tummy, slowly tugging down the brass zip and slowly pushing all four fingers of her hand inside the open fly.

As Hannah’s hand gently slipped through his undone jeans Alan let out a gasp as her fingers stroked over the horny hard throbbing bulge covered only by his boxer shorts. By now it was painful. It was also by now very obvious that he was in a high state of excitement not only because of the size of his hard bulge but also the ever expanding wet sticky patch of precum around the tip of his cock which was soaking through his pants.

Hannah, on her knees, continued rubbing his bulge with one hand whilst rubbing his gorgeous ass and kissing and nibbling his tummy. Slowly she pulled down the waistband of his boxer shorts, still kissing and nibbling as the stiff glistening purple circumcised head bobbed out next to her face. Pulling down his boxers she freed his parts, leaning back to take a good look before helping to run his trousers and boxers free from his ankles.

Taking hold of the long thick 8 inch shaft Hannah moved forward slowly kissing and nibbling again around his tummy whilst at the same time gently moving her hand up around and down around his tool.. Still kissing and nibbling around his lower belly whilst breathing in the sweet erotic scent of cock wet throbbing cock it was only to be a matter of seconds before her lips were distracted.

Slowly wanking him up and down in front the recruit izle of her face she grinned up at this helpless giant from her knees. Topless, but still in her jeans her pussy was working overtime pumping out a river of juice, so much so that a small wet patch was now visible through the materiel. Putting him out of his misery Hannah again gently kissed the tip of his cock whilst gently wanking down and around with her hand grasped firmly around it. She could feel the heat and smell his manhood as her lips cupped his lush knob end, sending a shiver through to her wet clit making her soaked knickers stick to her.

By now the urge to devour him had overcome her. Holding his shaft with one hand she gently cupped the end of his cock with her lips, her tongue dancing around the swollen rim. Taking him into her mouth as her tongue ran down the inside of his rod she could feel the heat and taste his precum over her tongue. Slowly building up her rhythm, wanking him gently in and out of her mouth whilst rubbing his muscular ass with her free hand, urging him forward and deeper into her mouth as she worked on him. Taking him deeper, his thick rod filled her mouth, licking and gently sucking on him, working his cock back and forth in a carousel, driving him nuts before licking down the long thick stem to his huge full balls.

Alan cupped Hannah’s head as she continued to suck him, guiding her head up and down as she got on with her work. He had by now worked himself into a total sexual frenzy and his hard cock throbbed to maximum hardness feeling as though it could explode at any moment through the build up of pressure. Alan reached down with his left hand and gently stroked Hannah’s right tit. As he did so he immediately felt her nipple stiffen and grow, Hannah gasped as he tweaked it, gently squeezing and nipping her. She responded by taking his throbbing hard wet cock deeper into her mouth and throat until she almost choked with each thrust. Licking and sucking him like a true bitch on heat, her tongue swirling around the swollen knob lapping up the sticky tasty pre cum as her free hand urged his gorgeous bum to thrust him deeper into her mouth and throat until she reached choking point.

Hannah’s tingling pussy was now swollen and dripping like a tap as she continued to suck on his pole. She was now fully turned on and ready for a long slow deep fucking from this hunky sex machine. Squeezing his full ball sack she slowed down and the gently kissed the end of his cock before uttering the words,

“Fuck me hun! I want you deep inside me doggy!”

Hannah stood up her mouth and swollen lips wet with his precum. She took his hand and led him like an obedient pup to her bed. Alan took her in his arms and kissed her slowly, their topless chests meeting. Hannah could feel Alan’s hands all over her tits before one of them slowly wandered down over her tummy and gently stroked her pussy. Rubbing over her damp jeans his hand explored the space between her legs before undoing the button.

Tingles of electricity shot through her as he slowly tugged her zip down exposing her wet white lace knickers. He continued to kiss her as his chunky fingers slipped inside her knickers, running a finger up and down over her hot wet slit before concentrating on her clit. Slowly rubbing it as Hannah gasped and fell down onto the bed.

As she laid back Alan was pulled off her jeans and knickers. Naked, his long thick gorgeous rod bobbed in time with the rhythm of the frantic strip tease. Now the rig izle naked, Hannah sat up on the end of the bed and took hold of his thick manhood once more before tenderly kissing the end. Slowly wanking him, she licked around the shaft before taking him deep into her mouth one last time before she climbed onto the end of the bed.

Kneeling off the end of the bed and facing the head board she opened her legs slightly arching her back, as she presented her pussy and ass to Alan who moved closer taking hold of her hips. Rubbing her ass with one hand he then began to stroke her pussy from between her legs, his fingers sliding over the wet sloppy swollen lips and clit before gently fingering her, probing her tight warm glove like hole in preparation. Hannah pushed back in response to his probing digit, enjoying the warm finger but longing for the hard cock she had so willingly sucked on a few minutes before.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

She begged.

Alan took hold of his cock and gently rubbed it between her legs sliding it back and forth, around her dripping pouting lips, teasing her as the warm feeling of the swollen tool rubbed against her womanhood. He did this for a few minutes as she moaned occasionally slapping her raised ass just to let her know who was in charge!

Suddenly, she felt the tip of his cock push into her, making her gasp. Alan toyed with her, moving back and forth, entering her a little farther with each gentle rocking motion forward, until he was all the way in up to his balls. Taking hold of her hips he began to thrust into her a little faster and a little harder. Hannah moaned in pure ecstasy as she met every thrust with one of her own in the opposite direction, just to ensure not an inch of cock was wasted. Slapping her backside Alan continued to pound Hannah as she moaned, making her yelp occasionally as his balls slapped against her.

Alan pulled out suddenly and rolled Hannah on to her back. Pushing her legs open he moved between them and pushed his fat cock into her hot wet hole. Hannah responded by wrapping her legs around him digging her heels into the cheeks of his ass. As he banged into her she bucked back meeting his every movement. As he fucked her brains out he sucked on one of her tits, biting the nipple until she moaned, digging her nails into his back in response.

As the coupling became more intense Hannah could feel herself building up to what she knew would be an amazing climax. Her pussy began to tighten and gently pulsate as his cock continued to slap into her. His rhythm became faster before she exploded in a thrashing orgasm which sent pulses throughout her body, gasping out in pleasure as he gently weaned her off his cock by slowing up his thrusts. As her orgasm faded each stroke of his cock became almost unbearable through the sensitivity of her pussy and clit. Thankfully he pulled out just in time before she could take no more!

Alan fell back on the bed as Hannah slowly kissed his lips. Slowly she kissed down his chest, again nibbling around his tummy button before taking hold of his cock and wrapping her lips around the head, Wanking him slowly into her mouth her tongue swirling furiously around the rim as she pulled back on his shaft. After only a few seconds Alan felt the surge of cum build up as his gorgeous hard cock began to slowly pulsate. Hannah felt this and knew exactly what to do as she continued to lick and kiss and suck him off. Alan lurched and almost without further warning exploded into her mouth. As he did so he pulled back to shower her face and tits with thick white cum shooting his load all over her. Hannah continued to slowly wank him dry of every drop, gently kissing the tip of his cock and licking her lips in satisfaction.

Alan got up, got ready and left without even fixing the machine!

This one is for my friend Hannah to whom I owe so much.

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