Hanson House Ch. 05

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Later that week, in their bedroom after dinner, Amanda was pressed by her friends to show what she’d been learning in “anal” classes. She pulled out her latest butt plug. By mid-week the instructors had moved the students up several sizes of plug. They were learning how to accept gradually more and more in their anal passages. Thanks to Mistress Candace, the plug Amanda was given was the biggest of everyone in her class. She passed it around to her roommates and watched their eyes widen.

“You already can fit this into your bottom?” asked Jas. “Its so big.”

“You just have to, you know,” replied Amanda gently. “One day I’ll be given to someone who will use my backdoor whenever they want. I really want to be ready for giving service like that.”

“I heard the instructors use fingers and finish with something full-size.”

Amanda nodded. “You know, it feels better than you expect,” she explained. “Sometimes it also make you feel like you want to go sit on the toilet. But even that feels kind of nice in a way.”

“Still not quite the size of a good cock,” grunted Lisbeth. Everyone knew Lis had the most practical experience with cocks.

“Yeah but its big,” offered Grace. “Probably more than I could fit into my tight little butt,” she added with a laugh.

“That goes double for me,” muttered Jas. “I’m so small that a real man would probably damage me.” For Jas, “damage’ wasn’t her greatest concern. She knew that some graduates of Hanson House had to wait months or even years to be assigned to their first Dom. The little Filipina was as competitive as the others and she feared being left behind her roommates.

“This still isn’t the biggest we will get,” continued Amanda. “At the end of the week the instructors have promised us a proper butt fuck with something even larger than this one.”

“Real cocks?” Lis demanded to know.

“I don’t know but maybe not. We only have one male instructor in this class. Unless maybe they bring in some attendants.”

Everyone fell silent for a moment, contemplating what it would be like to have so many men present with their erect cocks. The fear of anal sex shared by the roommates was met with a lust to experience a man inside them.

Amanda took back her butt plug and found her bottle of lube. She had already completed the requirement to wear the plug for at least one hour. It had nestled nicely inside her before and all during that evening’s dinner. The shape and size of this toy meant it hurt when she inserted it. Once it was properly fitted, however, Amanda found she quite enjoyed the feeling of warmth and bulk in her rectum.

“I have to play with it in my arse now. ‘Anal’ is another class where we get homework. I thought you’d like to watch me since Lis will be showing us her vibrator again tonight.” There were grins all around the room. Lisbeth was, indeed, completing the “masturbation” class that same week. She’d already fucked her cunt as a show for her roommates the previous night.

“Having to move that thing in and out of your back hole would hurt after a time,” suggested Lis. “My cunt gets good and wet but what about your arsehole?”

Amanda reported that this was true. “We use lots of spit and some lube as well. But the instructors are really good. We get little rests in class and some extra soothing. The instructors make us all tongue fuck one another when they think we need a break.”

“That’s the same as we do in rimjobs,” said Jas. “The instructors told us it would give us a headstart when we get to do anal.”

Amanda nodded to confirm what Jas had been told. “I hear you use the small rubber douches as well. The instructors in anal are really big on hygiene and it must be the same in rimming.”

All that time Amanda had been undressing. It was normal by now for the students to be naked in front of one another. Amanda was the only one of this group who had not fully exhibited herself to her roommates. The others all smiled to see her young, slim body and her large breasts.

Grace stripped off too. She had already shown her willingness to perform in front of an audience. Grace had turned into the extrovert of this group and part of the reason for her confidence was her extra large breasts. They meant she had long been accustomed to getting extra attention. Grace’s class that week was “deep throat”.

The instructors had already impressed on the young women that a man’s cock was a glorious thing. The women had to learn to accept it in all their holes. Their cunts were designed to swallow an entire cock but a young submissive woman should strive to honour a male dominant by learning to take as much of his length as she could manage into her mouth.

“Its the same thing”, Grace told the group. “We started with small dildos and today we got up to really big ones. Its getting really challenging but the instructors say we won’t often find a cock any bigger than that.”

“How come you don’t get homework?” Jas asked. “Do you just take a big cock Isparta Escort in your mouth and that’s it?”

“I have been doing a little extra practice on my own but your throat does hurt. The instructors told us to get used to that feeling because its important to focus on our breathing,” said Grace. “I guess I did OK at first. Up to the size of a six inch cock I’ve been able to fit it all in. Though I usually end up coughing and choking every lesson. We all do.”

“How big will they get?” asked Jas with eyes wide. Grace wasn’t sure.

“Today I could really feel the tip of the dildo resting inside my throat. It was hard work but I concentrated really hard and I was able to let my throat open up a little to take in the cock. It is a lot harder when the instructors use their strap-ons on us.”

“Their what?” demanded Jas.

“You don’t know? Its a harness a woman wears, leather or whatever. She puts a belt around her waist. A dildo goes in the front and sticks out like a cock. That way the woman can fuck just like a man.” Jas hadn’t watched much porn before coming to Hanson House.

“The instructors use them on us when we’re in class. They already did it once to give us an idea of what to expect later on. Supposedly its better because its more realistic. The angle is like a real cock and the thrusting is more real than us inserting the dildo slowly.” Grace stood up and thrust her hips to give everyone a visual demonstration.

“I just try to swallow as much as I can by thinking about a real man and his cock and what it will feel like. I don’t know if I want to wait much longer to find out from those third year boys.” Everyone nodded, trying to imagine the sight and the feel of having a man fuck their mouths so hard that his cock would enter their throats.

“Our instructors will use strap-ons for the last class. They want us to take large cocks right past the entrance to our throats. I hope it doesn’t end up in me having to vomit.” Everyone laughed at that thought.

By then Amanda had climbed into position on the bed. On hands and knees she had her arse sticking out for the others to see. Everyone was looking at her, which made Amanda feel slutty and aroused at the same time. The lube was applied. She dropped her shoulders to the bed so her hands were free. One hand reached back to grab an arse cheek so as to open her a little.

In truth this was not the easiest position to insert a plug into her anus. But on this night it was the show that counted. Amanda positioned the tip of the plug against her anus. She was aware the others were watching intently. In the corner of her eye Jas had covered her mouth with her hand.

Amanda was experienced at this now and so was her little opening. She casually pressed the plug into her anus and felt again the pleasant sensation of her arse opening up to accept the intruder. There was a slight wince as the widest part of the plug went past her sphincters but that, too, was familiar enough. Amanda felt her usual sense of triumph to have filled her back passage. Doing it in front of her roommates was a naughty bonus.

“That is pretty amazing,” whispered Jas.

Amanda went on with her show. Holding the base of the plug, she gently wiggled the invader back and forth. She knew well enough by now what to do. At the same time Amanda brought her other hand to her cunt and began to flick her fingers across her hardening clit. She stifled a moan of pleasure, happy to act so crudely for the enjoyment of the others.

Then Amanda started to fuck her anal passage. She was excited to show the others how well her anus had been trained already. She used only small movements, enough to give extra stimulation to the nerve endings bundled so tightly around her tiny passage.

Mistress Candace had explained how great pleasure could come from the sensations of a toy or a cock as it stroked the delicate membranes inside the arsehole. Which was just as well because a male with his cock inside the rectum would want to thrust and ream the tiny passage. Amanda understood she needed to learn to accept having her back passage fucked and stroked by a cock.

After a few moments, however, Amanda was confident that she had done enough. She knew she would need to preserve her passage for class the next day. Besides, she hadn’t quite reached the point of being able to orgasm from anal play.

Amanda carefully withdrew the toy from her abused hole. Jas gasped “jesus your hole stays open even after the thing comes out.”

Lis took over then, exhibiting her masturbation skills. She quickly had her vibrator buried deep in her cunt. Across the room Jas was on her bed and she was stark naked as well. Without urging Jas had decided she would join the others in their play. Using her own toy, she started fucking her cunt with her usual two-handed grip to shove the toy hard into her swollen cunt. Jas had confessed that before Hanson House she’d never used a vibrator or even fingers inside Isparta Escort Bayan her cunt. For Jasminda the “masturbation” class had been a licence to bring herself off as often as she liked.

In a few moments Lis was moaning. As the others watched Lis pinched and twisted her nipples. It looked painful to the others but the longer Lis went the louder her moans got. The others all knew Lis was the most relaxed of them all when it came to sex and to performance. Amanda and Grace had discussed Lis’s masturbation and agreed she had acquired a lot more experience in that department as well.

Grace noticed the way Amanda looked at the two roommates with their toy cocks. “I think you’d like to help them,” she grinned at Amanda. “Maybe the lesbian class was just right for you.”

“I am not allowed to help them,” retorted Amanda, laughing. “But I’d help you any time. You have the most wonderful breasts.”

Grace put her hands under her tits, lifting and squeezing them together. She locked eyes with Amanda, knowing her little display would have an effect on her roommate.

“Just how big are they?”

“Almost an E-cup. And yes, they’ve been that way since I was about fifteen and I have always received plenty of attention from boys.” Actually, that wasn’t the full story. For the last couple of years Grace had noticed plenty of older men ogling her. It had felt creepy at first and then she’d started to enjoy the idea they liked her tits so much. Grace had been unaware of it, but that had been the first stirring of her submissive side. Her ample bust had been bringing some extra attention inside Hanson House as well.

Amanda admitted her tits were nothing to complain about. She measured at C-cup and a little more. They were firm and round and Amanda knew she could give any of those “page three” models a run for their money. She’d long thought her nipples too big but had seen so many bare breasts in the previous two weeks that those worries had receded.

Across the room Lisbeth had finally decided she’d cum for them enough for one night. The roommates were chatting quietly but none took their eyes off the lovely Danish beauty. Everyone smiled at Lis as a “thank you” for her performance. Lis returned the compliment by letting them watch as she licked all of her wetness from the toy.

“I am glad we weren’t chosen for Hanson House based on our bust size,” complained Jas. “Look at mine. So small compared to all of you.”

The roommates all protested Jas’ negative assessment of her tits. Their size fitted her tiny frame, after all. Her beautiful brown skin made it impossible to take one’s eye of her tits. The dark nipples hardened quickly whenever she was aroused.

Amanda ignored the rule against sexual contact and reached over to Jas. “Like lovely brown mangoes,” she said to Jas, feeling the soft skin and the weight. All the roommates agreed that Jas could be proud of her small boobs.

The four young women were sitting naked on their beds. It seemed a natural state of affairs for them now. The comments from Jas had them all wondering as to why exactly each had been chosen for Hanson House. Lis was quite clear on the reasons in her case.

“We Scandinavians are known to be relaxed about sex. Also we don’t have many boundaries so almost anything goes with us. That stereotype is very true.” She looked around carefully at the others.

“Actually, I have known for a long time I wanted to enter this place.” The others all demanded to be told how that could be possible. They’d only just started becoming aware of their submissive desires.

“My cousin is a little older than me. She graduated from here only two years ago. One day I was walking past her bedroom and I overheard her tell her boyfriend that she was his to use. Once I walked in to her room by accident and saw her on her knees sucking another boy. Another time she didn’t know I was watching. She let a guy push her onto her knees and she pulled out his cock and sucked him too.

“I spoke to my mother about this. She told me a little and then she suggested I needed to do my own research. I discovered this thing called submission. I discovered dominance as well of course.” She giggled at that. “Straight away I knew I was excited about being submissive. I didn’t know about Hanson House at that time. I just knew I would take every opportunity I could find.

“It might even be genetic,” Lisbeth continued. “Yes, truly. I think about the way my mother looks at my father and I am sure she is his submissive. I know she likes being fucked in her rear because she made a comment to my father once when she thought I wasn’t listening.”

The friends all giggled about that for a time. They all tried to assess what the governors of Hanson House had seen in them, that they warranted an invitation to join such a special college. None of them really knew the answer and eventually it was time to get some sleep. Every day at Hanson House was demanding and had Escort Isparta the potential for surprise. They all wanted to be ready.

In fact, the rest of the week proceeded much as they’d expected. Jas was made to perform a series of rimjobs back-to-back. She licked the arse crack and the anus of every other student in her class, without rest, and then tongued the rosebuds of her two instructors as they spoke softly to one another and wrote notes about Jas’ performance.

It left her jaw and her tongue aching. Jas bore the discomfort the best spirit she could. She was still worried that she’d not be assigned or be forced to wait untold years till she was given to a Dominant. In the meantime, however, the lovely Filipina got to enjoy having her backdoor licked and pleasured by five of her classmates.

Lisbeth had eagerly fucked herself in front of the entire class, using her vibrator and her preferred method of abusing her own nipples. With her previous sexual experience Lis found it easy to relax and allow herself to climax in front of the group. In fact she was grateful to have attended “masturbation” that week. She’d been encouraged, ordered, to bring herself off as many times as possible. Up to that point Lisbeth had been wondering ever more desperately about when she’d be able to resume her normal habits.

The instructors noted how well Lis had followed everything she’d been told that week. They gave her good scores in their written report. There was no doubting the power of her orgasms. Still, they could not have helped but notice that Lis wasn’t fully engaged in the activity. Lis was thinking more and more about when she’d be able once more to get her hands, and her mouth, onto a live cock.

In “deepthroat”, Grace had had the disadvantage that there was little sexual pleasure in trying to swallow a rubber cock. Still, it did at least have a shape and size like a man’s shaft. Having her throat used by a female instructor wearing a strap-on was a fun challenge for the same reason.

As it was, Grace shined in class and managed, with some choking and gagging, to accept into her throat the entire length of the fake cocks wielded by the instructors. They had taken turns to put Grace on her knees and have her wrap her lips around their rubber cocks. First one and then the other had fucked the young woman’s mouth, steadily working deeper as Grace allowed her jaw and her throat to relax for them. Each of them held her face just as a man would, swinging their hips so they could slowly piston their cocks in and out of the mouth of their busty student. In turn the instructors had pushed beyond the opening to Grace’s throat.

The obedient student had, of course, performed just as she’d been instructed all week. A little afraid still, she had stayed on her knees despite repeated coughing and choking on her part. A couple of other students were reduced to vomiting as they struggled to accept that extra inch. Grace never wavered, however, while each of the women thrust their hips and fucked her throat. The instructors noted in their reports how her neck had bulged very nicely around the tip of their cocks.

Imagining it was a real cock with a real man on the end was, indeed, really helpful for Grace in getting high marks. Two of the other students would have received only low marks as they failed to take the full thrusting administered by the instructors. Grace was buoyed further when the instructors suggested she could be a candidate for “special duties”. It was the practice for Hanson House to give additional training to some graduates, especially those still waiting to be assigned. That meant a possibility of older cocks for the students chosen to assist.

For Amanda, in “anal”, the week had a very intense finale. For the last class all the students had stripped naked and then administered a douche to themselves and to a colleague. They had been ordered to lick and gently finger one another in their bottoms. These preparations were rounded-out with the application of a little lube to everyone’s little hole. Then they were ordered to ready themselves on the special chairs used for that class. It put them into the classic “doggy style”, as Amanda knew well.

The whole class was excited and nervous. They all felt a strange tingling in the mass of nerve endings clustered around their anal passages. All the second year students regarded “anal” as one of the most difficult classes. This group was about to prove its proficiency at this most important skill.

Mistress Candace and Master Stuart had been joined by two other female instructors. All of them were soon naked and wearing their strap-ons. The students had only the barest knowledge of these devices but they looked fearsome. Amanda wondered to herself why male instructors with their cocks weren’t used for the final lesson. It seemed harsh after a week of effort to be denied their first introduction to the male weapon but Amanda told she herself it was all part of the training she was receiving.

Each student was to receive a bumfuck from each of the female instructors. To pass this final session each of the young women would have to accept an arsefuck three times over. They expected the instructors to go hard and really abuse their tender passages.

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