Happiest of Endings

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The following is a combination of a girlfriends and the work of a couple of masseuses I have had over the years. Enjoy!


After months of wondering, I finally enter the small massage studio with the Yin-Yang symbol two blocks from my house. I always thought it was a little shady looking, but one night after happy hour I decided to take a look for myself. I am greeted by an Asian lady, probably in her mid 40’s. She’s cute, nothing special. She introduces herself as Ling. I follow her to a room marked only with a “2”. In it is a standard massage table. Towel covering the bottom half, with a circular head rest at the top.

“You come here before?” Ling asks. “No, first time.” I reply.

“Good. Take off clothes. Get on table. I come back.” And with that, Ling leaves me in the room. I take off my socks, pants, sweater, and shirt. As I get to my underwear I get a little nervous, that is when Ling comes back in the room. “Take all off.” I oblige her.

I get on the table face down and move to cover my bottom with the towel, but she removes to the side before I have a chance. “Just relax. I make you feel good.” A few moments later the music finally begins to hit me and I feel myself unwind. I lie face down, looking through the massage table’s head rest when she puts a bowl right under my nostrils. Lavender and mint fill my sinuses as I feel my body relax even more.

Ling pours some oil over my back. Standing Taksim escort to one side of me, she runs her fingers in long strokes from my neck down my spine, stopping at the top of my bum. Each time however, she goes slightly lower and lower. Before I know it she is starting at the top of my spine and running her hands down stopping right above my anus. The next time she strokes my back her hands sweep out at my buttocks, around the sides of my hips and between my legs, her right hand running light traces over the back of my scrotum and her left forefinger and thumb rubbing the along the top of my sack cupping it.

“Mmmmm… Yes… You like?” She whispers. “Very much.” I reply. She continues until she feels my shaft get hard, then she stops.

I feel a cool breeze hit me and know she is gently blowing. The effect of the air and the oil cools me and I feel myself soften.

She starts up on my right shoulder, working and kneading every muscle. This woman is a bona fide pro. She works her way down my right side, when she gets to my hips she moves her hands back to the base of my scrotum. Left two fingers working the top while her right hands works the bottom. “Mmmm… Yes” she whispers to me, encouraging me to harden. Once again after getting hard she stops, and blows gently until I soften.

Ling repeats this process on my left side. Massaging every muscle, getting every kink. When she gets Taksim escort bayan to my hip, she once again slips her hand around to my balls. Massaging them to get hard, teasing me and then cooling me off with her gentle blowing. She is absolutely maddening, I think. My mind is spinning with horniness, this is one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

Ling starts working on my feet. Drilling her knuckles into the soles of my feet, I feel the tension melting away. She begins to work her way up to my calves, and when she gets to my thighs I spread my legs apart allowing her more access to my balls. This time when she gets to the top, she skips my balls and goes right to my buttocks. She kneads them deeply, pulling them apart and pressing them together. This is a lot of fun!

Then her right hand does not go to the base of my balls, with her usual cupping. I then feel a ton of oil drop down my crack. Her left forefinger starts tracing around my anus. “You want massagey inside?” She asks delicately. “Yes, if you want to give me massagey inside.” I joke back to her. “Good” is her only reply. She stops right there and I hear her walk away.

I am wondering where she went, looking around it’s obvious she left the room. Did I do something wrong? I wonder. Moments later she returns and I see her putting a glove over her left hand. “Relax, I make you feel good.” She reassures me. Her right hand goes Escort taksim right back to cupping my balls. Her left continues it’s tracing around the tip of my asshole. If you’ve never had the opportunity for a prostate massage, I tell you it’s wonderful.

She slips the tip of her finger in me. “Mmm… Yes… relax baby.”

Between the anal work and the massaging of my balls I feel as though my clock will explode underneath me. She pulls her finger out, goes back in, pulls out and goes back in deeper a little more each time. Finally she has her full forefinger in my ass. Bending it forward she begins to rub my prostate. I can literally feel the precum flowing from the tip of my cock. I’ve never felt this turned on before in my life.

A couple of minutes into this erotic torture, Ling whispers, “Turn over.” I do so, my cock standing at full mast. “You have big cock! Me like.” Great for the ego.

Her right hand stops playing with my balls and she starts to softly and teasingly touch the underside of my cock with the tips of her nails. While she does so her other fingers returns to my asshole. In two little flicks, her finger is all the way in and she goes right to work on my prostate. I start to really breathe heavily, bucking my hips to give her further access to my ass. She senses I’ve reached my limit and begins full on stroking my cock. Just then she sticks a second finger into my ass. I gasp and she whispers to me “It’s ok. Cum now.” I can’t take it any further and it hits me. I start shooting cum as Ling keeps stroking and fingering. After an eternity of post-orgasm bliss, Ling says “Good boy. Come back.” She helps me to get dressed and out the door I go.

I’ll be back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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