Harem University Ch. 01: Orientation

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So I have to keep a journal of my “Adventures” at Harem University. My Written Pornetry professor insisted that it would help with his class if we could describe the way we felt so we could accurately describe the experience in our fictional works, or use the experience for our essays. Honestly, I just think the old man is a pervert who wants to collect smut from his students for free, considering he will be taking these at the end of the year. Hello, Mr. Jarz, hope your day is going well. So I’ll start recording today but I’ll describe the last couple days.

This is the first semester at Harem University I, Lucas, am attending. My girlfriend started here a semester earlier. When I saw she was improving in bed I decided I wanted to join, especially after I helped with a video assignment. I started my first day and learned the rules that were enforced on campus. The first couple were obvious, regular college rules, but there were some that are unique to HU. One of them was the alcohol policy. It is allowed anywhere on campus, however not outside of a building before 6 p.m. and the brand and type must go through a “customs” of sort in our school just to make sure there is nothing illegal. The other rule is public sex is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. It, however, is not allowed outside of “red boundaries”, which is a painted red line within the university to prevent us from going to close to public streets and letting small children see us. The last and final rule that was odd, was not unique to HU, but it was stressed more than any other school or university I’ve been, and was simply the “no means no” rule. Rape is wrong on all accounts in the university and, when you are caught, will lead to immediate expulsion. I suppose it’s really important here of all places for quite obvious reasons.

After the rules and zeytin ağacı izle tour they set us up with our dorms and we were sent off to meet our new roommates. We still had a couple days before classes so we had time to explore and see what there is to see. On the application it asked for our sexual orientation, and I assumed it was to not bunk us with the gender we were attracted toward. However I was extremely surprised to walk into my room to find a very sexy woman standing there, staring at the wall.

“Um, hello,” I spoke. She nearly jumped out of her skin before looking toward me and sighing with relief.

“Oh you must be my roommate!” she exclaimed, “Hello, my name is Angélique, however most of my friends call me Angel. What’s yours?”

“Lucas,” I replied, “My friends call me Lucas.” She giggled a little before telling me to feel free to take up half of the room. The Dorm is a pretty good size with each of us having full desks, the drawers of which I saw Angel filling with different dildos and vibrators, and our own armoire. Apparently when I walked in she was deciding where to put the poster of her favorite pornstar, Dillion Harper, who she resembled remarkably. She had medium length brown hair that was wrapped into a ponytail, brown eyes, and pouty lips. Her skin was tanned, which was revealed by her clothing since she wore a red crop top with denim shorts and matching red heels.

I set my suitcase down next to my bed and started to converse with my new roommate, “So Angel, is this your first semester?”

“Actually this is my third,” she responded, “This is your first, I can tell. You have that shy look about you, but you’ll warm up quickly, I promise!”

“Oh, I see, and how will that happen?” I quizzed her.

“Well Lucas, keep up that the terminal list izle attitude and you’ll have people lining up to show you,” she winked at me before continuing to hang posters of different porn stars. I was kind of upset that she didn’t show me but I could not say I did not try.

After that encounter I left the room to explore the campus a little more. I was starting to get hungry so I headed over toward the food court. When I got there, I saw a few fast food restaurants and a classic looking café. I went in and ordered a coffee and a sandwich. While I waited for the food to be made I text my girlfriend, Alessandra, and we met up to eat. She asked me how I liked the place and what I thought about my roommate. I told her both seemed very nice. After dinner she begged me to let her show me around to some of the more popular spots. I obliged. She took me around and I realized just how big the campus really is, which is the size of a small town. There was a club, an art building, the library, and a rec center that she showed me, all of which were confined to this campus. She walked me back to the dorm and we snuck to the side of them for a quick blowjob, though I don’t know why I felt I needed to be sneaky. She left the strings of cum on her face as she walked back to her dorm so she “Could get back into the spirit of things after being gone for the summer”.

I walked back up to my room and as I unlocked the door I heard soft moans coming from the other side. When I opened the door I was granted the sight of Angel bouncing on a purple cock suctioned to the wall next to her bed so that she was on all fours, her C-cup sized tits bounced underneath her. She didn’t stop when I entered the room, however she did eventually pause for a moment.

“Come the traitors izle here and drop your pants,” she demanded. She must have seen my look of confusion, “I need a cock. I know you’re hard, I can see it. So come here.”

“My, um, my girlfriend just blew me out in the front so I’m fine. I think. Thank you though,” I responded.

“Obviously you’re not, and besides I’m not fine. Plus you telling me there is another girl’s fluids all over that cock makes me want it more. Please?” She pleaded. I figured fuck it, Alessandra said she wouldn’t mind me screwing other girls, so why not? I walked over to Angel and dropped my pants as she requested. My cock sprung out and she quickly and greedily took it into her mouth, slurping and sucking it while still bouncing on her dildo. Her moans resonated around my cock as she took me all the way into her mouth. Her hand reached up and cupped my balls, which she massaged before she took my cock out of her mouth and latched onto my balls. She sucked and licked my sack for a couple minutes, her hand stroked me all the while. After a couple more minutes I told her I was close to cumming.

“Cum for me,” she exclaimed after letting go of my balls, “Cum on my face, in my mouth. I want to taste you!” She stuck her tongue out while pumping my cock. When the strings of white shot at her she wrapped her mouth around my tip and drank every drop my cock granted her. She moaned louder and louder until I was done. When I pulled my pants back up she got off of her dildo and I noticed the entire area around it was soaked. She must’ve orgasmed while I was. Bonus, my roommate is a squirter.

I spent the next couple of days getting cozy with my surroundings. I walked around campus to get the layout and stopped every once in awhile to watch a girl getting her pussy pounded while she leaned over a picnic table or ride a guy on a bench. When the week started, classes started as well and nothing too exciting happened on the first day. And that’s all I have for this entry. Tomorrow my second day will start up, and I am more than excited because we get paired with our Practice Partners in our Sexual Techniques class. Wish me luck.

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