Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 02

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Chapter one has been updated as of February 2018… and there are still a few mistakes here and there, mostly in the beginning…


Gentle femdom, tease and denial, cute romance

Writing improvement (many efforts in reducing sentences length)

Always waiting for constructive feedback, and I decided to reply to comments

Note: This story is a mix between a lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” and “role reversal” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls.

If you read the part one and loved the cute romance, remember the main fetish in the whole story is gonna be tease and denial and play around it.

Last, an Anon gave me examples of words I didn’t knew to replace all “…” expressing shyness and blushing etc… that really helped. And as a beginner non-native-English writer, I still am very open to constructive criticism of my writing. I still feel most of those dialogues are more direct if read without narrative interruptions, making all those “…” necessary to express a break of speech (in fact I use them to describe short silences, and silences often comes when one is speaking shyly). Removing some wouldn’t be “me”; but I’ll have more vocabulary to enhance the overall quality and replace a few where it fits better!

I also saw you couldn’t reply to a comment like on many places, which is pretty sad, so I didn’t reply to everyone until now, but I think I’ll do separately even if you can’t be notified and won’t generally come twice…

If some do, then, I value sharing, discussion and debate and I like to know as a viewer how a creator thinks of my feedbacks… sounds natural to me, so in the other side too.

Summary of Part 1:

On last year of high school, a shy girl and an average “cool” boy swap roles thanks to an unexpected neck kiss and immediately understand this is what they have always been. I am her kitten, responding oversensitively to her kisses and fondles on my neck, what feeds us for two weeks.

Despite wanting to never become an “average boring couple”, we can’t help to add some nail polishing here, a cheek kiss there, hand holding and finally rarely leaving… but never under the belt… or officially at least, since I’m way too much reacting to her presence as the result of my infinite love, and there’s no way my dirty urges come put mud all over our celestial and pure innocent relationship, the price being a pretty awful level of frustration, turning guiltily into a turn on about teasing.

Unable to stay totally true to my initial promise to myself to leave her purely out of my sexual needs, I get to find subterfuges I’m not really proud of, to still remain her cute innocent kitty. On the same time, she discovers my “promise” to myself of purity and believes I’ve always been secretly into this. Loving the idea herself, she guiltily starts to play around it, not totally knowing where we are going. It leads us to urge our first platonic night together to secretly prevent me to masturbate before, and turns out into a very erotic moment thanks to our shared guilt, need and love for each other. Going to sleep, we conclude that we can’t pretend anymore my dick doesn’t exist but there’s no way we change our innocent sexless dynamic, while I still have no clue about how she deals with the matter on her side… but she never seems really frustrated!


The two following weeks happened, closely affected by those events since the morning past our dream night. On the neck side, I was sometimes subject to the feather as well as the usual teases, purrs and tenderness. But I also enjoyed her new little tease: simply warmly blowing close to it! She realized it made me itchy for her touch, a sensation she wondered how she had played without for so long as she could watch me clench a bit my fists in anticipation when her breath reaches my craving skin. The lone evening’s texting, talks and roleplays began to incorporate more of such “safe for work tease and somehow denial” elements, whether pushed by my side or hers:

– *I greet your long waiting since yesterday by a single neck kiss that sends you to heaven for a second before I begin…*

– I’m taking a nap, focus well on your homework and I’ll offer you to fall asleep with my voice tonight Kitty <3! – *I patiently wait for the week to pass until you’re finally back in the castle, but only to offer the kissing of your princess hand and whatever attention that would make you relax or feel great since I can’t feel greatest pleasure!* – I’ll fall asleep thinking only of you with recording of your voice in my ears so that I wish so much to be with you tomorrow that I’m the cutest and happiest kitten ever for my owner and guardian angel <3!" Well, teasing and denial are great words at that alaçatı escort point, yet teasing alone isn’t exactly on point, but it’s the general idea that counts, we’re just playing over the « devotedly waiting for her attentions” side. Maybe it’s the emotional equivalent to tease and denial though, as I feel both the emotional relief to push my devoted side further with her approval, and the emotional gut-moving wait of my phone to light up and display a new message, followed by the innocent happiness of those certain times when a special message ends by a “<3". *** Well… well… well… Sorry for the cute start after the sexual matter we finally went through at the cost of my evening wank, speaking of the following days was supposed to stay at least closer to the belt if “under” is too soon. Guess we really can’t help to be so cute… Now, in that gross world of lust and dirtiness; I had no choice but to pass through a third day, Wednesday, will full balls and a cock constantly putting blood at work. That and a surprising willpower to try and do the full week without cumming (mostly because I started to realize she knew my cock existed since we slept together). By my side on Wednesday morning, at hers, she said with a reassuring voice that “honestly”, to quote her, if I needed to “do things” although she was there, I could. She knew I was refraining for 3 days but I believed she only thought I probably needed it after 8 hours of sleep with her leg against my member, making me aware she knew she got me horny somehow. I survived well through that third day and fought against my will to not jerk off by the evening, Success! However, Thursday was absolute hell when she wasn’t here, and yet I spent the whole evening and night with her again; while I had first decided to abandon my masturbation-less school week by 10AM, past only 2 endless hours of class. She proposed that we stay together all night by the last afternoon break, and I couldn’t be happier! So I finally did it for the whole week against all odds! I had no choice but to actually, even if a night in her arms has the power to make the next day fairly non-frustrating even in such a need. That Thursday night, like two days ago, the intimacy, hours ahead and shy love we shared made the evening 10 times easier to take that any long and lone class hours I had during the day. I felt like my balls would explode during them if I didn’t masturbate right now, drown in dirty thought, disgraceful of such a cute kitten like me. But despite that, I blushed right after she asked if we could spend the evening and night together again, as I had more than happily nodded and innocently felt like the happiest guy in the world, the happiest kittycat too! I remember my whole body shivering at that thought… an all-day-long wish to finally cum that got blown away in a second for not even a guilty wish of sacrifice for her pleasure; but the transcending innocent love of being with her and only that. *** Lisa asked me to kiss her goodbye Friday at 5 PM, or more like to have her kiss me goodbye; and she took me to a lonely place for 5 minutes. “You know I’m at my grandparents this weekend, well, your earned… hmmm… no, not earning, how to say it… … … If you agree, I’ll make an exception on our contract, I’d like you to not masturbate right when you’re home, because I know you didn’t do it for at least our first night together Tuesday… … partially because of me.” She added in a soft voice with the perfect mix between a little smile full of kind empathy and just a hint of a playful smirk. It made me experience one of the worse kind of blushing ever and I could feel my cock skyrocket rock hard as a rocky rock in 10 seconds and pour precum all the way with the unbearable friction: a total failure of self-control under my pants that liberated such an adrenaline rush that it dazed me for a second, answering with a silent nod. “I also knew a bit more that what I pretended I guess… since we’re not supposed to speak of it you know… but I want to allow you to masturbate while I write you a very very cute and gentle « kitten neck care” scenario, only through text of course. And it’s not an opening to anything sexual in our relationship, that must be very clear. It’s an exception, first because I’m proud you did it mostly for me despite you thought I didn’t know, second because I’m happy to do it now, just making me proud again won’t do, nothing will do actually, it’s a unique reward.” “That’s a lot of information,” I smiled back, re-awakening. “I should but I’m physically unable to say no at this point, I’m really happy it’s a unique reward, I make you proud as I can because I’m yours and there’s no better place to be, I don’t do that for a reward.” Lisa suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline pass through her, as I did, it maybe wasn’t as strong, but she deeply blushed too. “Do you love when I tease you? When we play on that alaybey escort line?”

“I crave it.”

“Then… I… I just thought of it right now, do you prefer that unique reward or another unique one: my lips on yours?”

“I… I… won’t we be a couple?”

“We are already… our fears of the first day have vanished, we can’t deny we’re a couple now, yet we still play that unique game we’d stop for nothing in the world…”

“True… we keep failing at not doing things at all, we do them “rarely” so that it’s more powerful, hearing your soft voice form “I love you” is like an orgasm for me…”

As I had just muttered the last words and those before too, I felt her come very close and whisper in my ear:


“Lisa!!” I pouted while quickly looking aside, downcast, my face burning. “I want what you want, I can’t choose!”

“I want what’s the most frustrating for you, ’cause I like to tease you too.” She tickled the tip of my nose with an adorable little laugh.

“Help me cum then… it doesn’t even compare…”

“You just did! I said “I love you”, remember? Sure you can wait till monday now! »

“Lisa!! No more…”

“Don’t you wanna be a good kitty?”


“Relax, you’ll just have to wait 5 or 6 hours today from now on, and it’s not my will to tease this time, I’ll really be with my family before I go to sleep, no accidents okay?”

“Obviously, who would ruin such a thing you’re allowing me…”

She began to leave after a blissful heavenly goodbye-neck-kiss and I prevented her with my arms.

“Sorry, I didn’t ask if holding you exceptionally before two and a half long days without you was a valid “rare couple thing” to do.” I purred as we hold tight.

“It feels so good it can only be…”

“Too bad mixing two rare couple things make them not so rare, cause there are 3 words I’m craving to tell you…”

“Repeat them in your head endlessly before tonight’s game begins and I’m sure some wi-fi of love will make me feel happy.”


So, here we are, our next attempt to explain how did my freaking tense nasty cock and balls cope with it all, now they’re a bit more present in the relationship, and yet more denied pleasure than ever in my life. So we’ll do that quick before being cut again by any crappy teenage romance dialogue… Can I go? Sure? No smell of cute kitten, kind words, “omg we’re so much not a couple like others »? Will I say “I love you” to her anyway and keep adding more of that shit? All right, here we… hey, you fucking… oh you… you’ll pay one day…


“Did my kittycatty went through the wait?”

“Yeah, no homework left for the weekend, even reading or videogames didn’t work… and it was sunday night I last did just so you know… I’ll die if I wait more.”

“Poor kitty… So vulnerable right now, awakening slowly in a basket – meow -”


” *I put gently my hand down his fur, on the back for a while, then the head and the ears and finally under the neck* ”

“It feels nice…”

” *I draw little circles with my index, and move up and down as he opens to my pets by putting his head up.* ”

“Lisa… well…”

” *I begin to kiss it gently…* ”

“… Lisa… sorry but I feel weird right now… it’s maybe not the best time for actual “real kitten” roleplay…”



“Didn’t you like real kitten roleplay before? Isn’t it the cutest of all?”

“I like it when I’m supposed to imagine I purr with my eyes closed… not when you know what…”

“Guess I’ll remove the fur, the triangle ears and the basket so that that “thing” too can “purr”!”


“*I’m holding my blushing kitten kindly and begin to pet his neck with my two forefingers so that he begins to moan cutely* ”

” *moans cutely* ”

” *I’m giving it a very kind kiss to the left side as I blow all around it to raise goosebumps all over him* ”

” *blushes and begins to purr while getting closer against his guardian-angel* ”

” *My fingers reach to tickle under his chin as I respond to his getting closer to me by a kiss on the cheek* ”

” Lifts its head, mouth slightly open, only for you. Your grateful kitten is in ecstasy and can’t reply anymore.”

It went on and on as I got off slowly into the silent night.

“I’m close…”

“The light scratching makes the poor lovely neck more sensitive than it ever thought it could be, while the blowing of her mouth sends him to almost cry of desire and plead for it to come.”

“I’m begging for the last kiss Lisa! Please, I’m begging!” I wrote what my mind truly said and left the phone I restarted to use when I began to get close. I resumed my hand actions for half a second before an idea flashed in my mind; my altered state of reaction made me aroused realizing I let my tense aliağa escort crazy shaft alone before I ever had the thought.

“Wait!” I re-texted her before she sent the one last “kiss”. “May you allow me to feel that kiss without cumming? I want to feel it for real, like if you were there, just a kiss, not an orgasm over it, I want to feel the most divine kiss on my neck!”

“Stop touching yourself and enjoy!”

She phoned me and didn’t said a word before the waited ones. I lied down, arms rose behind my head, legs open, phone close to the ear, virtually feeling her over me; my throbbing cock denied at the very edge of orgasm after a minute or two of being there, as the ultimate proof of total belonging to her:

“My lips softly touch the skin of the neck and infinitely slowly slide respectively up and down* to meet in the center and escape a barely audible kiss sound, as the air moved by it arounds you and lift you up, floating, hearing whispers of my voice and sounds of the kiss. It wakes your frustrated organ whether it pleases you or not, engulfing you, engulfing you as a whole: your senses, your moans, your thoughts, wrecking up the hormonal mess you are, making your said organ come back to life as there’s no way such a wonderful kiss on such a sensitive kitten’s neck can end another way than giving him the best orgasm of his life… »

“… … … … … … … … … a goddess’ work… can’t have another explanation, all that wasn’t from this world… »

“I’m the happy owner of my cute, gentle, adorable and now relieved one and only kitten <3 <3 <3!" “Silly me, sorry to have insulted you of a mere goddess after such a moment, I’m your kitten for eternity <3 <3 <3! » *** Hi there, remember me? You know, the narrator of the long ellipses! It was “unique”, remember! She really kept her word, teasing him word for word that she was “forgetting you have needy things between your legs” a while after he came. ‘Told you I’ll get my revenge! It even makes me speak at the third person! Well, first, what he had between his legs didn’t reappear for weeks and weeks! Second, during that evening, she used the occasion past his orgasm to talk a little bit about it. She told him she used to caress herself gently through her panties when doing nothing else than talking with him, very rarely cumming. Sometimes she finished after as he used to, since she shared the “betrayal” idea that cumming would be when they text each other. But caressing herself lightly didn’t give her a hint of frustration, only sweet delight as she remained slow and warm, adding that she has a rather medium sex drive and the school-time emotions wouldn’t really arouse her like me but add a bit more warmness to everything: some physical warmness that made everything more intense in a totally relieving way! He told her he’d keep having useless hard-ons and cum on unrelated porn and hentai, rather than allowing himself to jerk off slowly without finishing, till he could bear it a least, since it would be absolutely unbearable frustration for him, but he told her he’d be honest about it. As time passes, he’d often refrain from masturbating for an evening so that he takes two days of play in a row, occasionally three. After that third week and its happy ending, he still remained Lisa’s nail painter at school, and wasn’t afraid anymore to do that in company of friends on long lunch breaks; neither was he afraid to be rewarded the “special kiss” to each of her fingers, even if he used to kiss them often. These ones were either very intimate and full of passion, or encouraged by the whole team of friends, if not more, and generally recorded for memories and parties. About recordings and being known as belonging to her at school, my group of friends with a fairly good reputation and the cute aspect of our relationship were two barriers for raw hate. Lisa was still hardly less shy than before out of my presence, but could more easily find words and laugh, have a place in the world as she said on our first day, it was one of the things that made me the happiest in our relationship, to have been the one helping her that way, and wanting to make her life heaven from now on. We naturally escaped hate, but not irony and sometimes awkwardness due to the role reversal, trying to not be that demonstrative. Yet, strong devotion was a part of me I couldn’t hide when I was with her, I wouldn’t change the tone or the words I used to talk to her if there were just my friends around, leading to be made fun of, in a generally friendly way. At home, now that we admitted having some couple needs, we began to experiment with our bodies. Oh-so lightly! Oh-so gently! It had that excruciating part for me that happened naturally after a full day of emotional madness (school, basically, yeah) if not more; depending of how full I let my balls be. It drove me wild with desire to please her, more than just lust and desire to get off. She pretty fast required me to be on my boxers, hard-on on display, and told me after a particularly hot time of hot kisses all over my face and neck that we’d kiss the day I see her little “triangle of love”; while the first cloth she removed to let me place kisses and caress that part of her was one of her stockings.

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