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When I walked through the door, She was waiting for me. She sat on the couch, still dressed from work. She smiled and my pulse quickened. Her smile still made my knees weak. She stood and walked toward me, hunger in Her eyes. She closed the distance between us quickly and pulled me close to Her. “I’ve missed you,” She said in a whisper before kissing me on the lips. I returned Her kiss eagerly, tasting Her. The kiss was passionate and slow. I savored the feeling of Her arms around me, Her lips against mine. She ran her hands over my arms and around my hips, pulling me closer to Her. I could smell Her perfume; it was intoxicating. She ended the kiss and stepped back. I felt a sense of loss as Her hands left my hips and Her body moved away.

“On your knees,” She said softly but firmly. I slid to my knees and looked up to Her expectantly, awaiting my next command. She gently stroked my hair and looked into my eyes. Her eyes were a deep blue with long lashes. When she smiled, Her eyes lit up. She put her left foot onto my shoulder and said, “take off my shoes and stockings.” I gently ran my hands down her calves to her shoe and gently removed it; a red high heel. I placed a kiss on the top of Her foot then slowly caressed up her leg until I reached the top of her stocking. I slowly rolled it down Her leg, feeling Her smooth, soft skin, and pulled the stocking off of Her foot. With the stocking removed, I gently nuzzled Her foot, placing one more kiss on the arch of it. While She watched me, she took her hair down and gently shook it to fall in loose curls down the middle of Her back. She switched by placing her right foot on my shoulder. I gently removed Her shoe and began removing Her stocking. I savored the feeling of Her skin being revealed as I rolled the stocking down Her leg and off of Her foot. She slowly moved Her it off of my shoulder and stood before me, gazing down at me with a slight smile on Her face.

I sat back on my heels and waited, mesmerized by Her. She stood before me and slowly unbuttoned Her blouse. My mouth watered as she revealed Herself to me. She was wearing a black lace bra and panties to match, I soon found out. Her body was perfect. Curvy in all the right places but lean and sleek. She prided herself on Her body and it showed. After She kuşadası escort stepped out of her skirt, she motioned to me with on finger to follow her. I attempted to stand and She shook her head and softly commanded, “Crawl.” The tone of Her voice was soft but stern.

I crawled behind Her to the bedroom. She had candles lit all around the room and soft, sensual music was playing. Once inside the bedroom, She leaned down and kissed me. It was a deep, passionate kiss, slow and teasing. She tangled Her fingers in my short hair and lifted my face to Hers. At the end of the kiss, She gently bit my lower lip eliciting a soft growl from me. When She moved away, I sat back on my heels, not daring to move without command. She reached down, took my hand, and pulled me to my feet. “Lie down on the bed.”

I walked to the bed and laid down, eyes locked on Hers the entire time. She brought out a pair of metal scissors and knelt on the bed beside me. With Her eyes locked on mine, she slid the scissors under my shirt and cut it away. I shivered at the feeling of the cold metal on my skin. She gently caressed the soft skin of my stomach and up to my breasts. I closed my eyes and arched my back slightly. She gently scratched Her nails down my stomach to the top of my jeans and unbuttoned them. She slowly pulled the jeans down my legs, caressing Her way down to my feet. A soft moan escaped my lips.

At my feet, she cuffed me to the bed. My heart began to beat faster. She was in total control. She kissed Her way back up my body, paying attention to the sensitive skin of my inner thighs, over my pussy, to my stomach. She straddled my hips and sat me up to remove what was left of my shirt and nibbled my ear as she unfastened my bra and slid it off of me. She gently pushed me back and cuffed my wrists to the bed. She reached to the bed side table and kissed me softly before placing a blindfold over my eyes. In the darkness, I could hear Her soft breathing. My heart was racing. Could She feel it? I wondered what would come next. All I could concentrate on was the feeling of Her body on top of mine. I felt Her shift on top of me and then felt a drop of hot wax fall on my chest. I gasped and arched my back. Another drop fell and then another, each drop moving kuşadası escort bayan closer to my nipples. With each drop of hot wax, I began to squirm. I could feel the heat traveling down by body and settling between my legs. “Do you want more?” She asked as I arched up against Her. She began to drip wax down my stomach.

“Yes…please…” I whispered, shivering.

She shifted off of my hips and knelt beside me. I felt the cold metal of the scissors as she cut my panties off. I felt a drop of wax on my inner thigh. My head was swimming. I wanted Her to touch me, to taste me. I needed Her to give me release. I pulled at my restraints and groaned. She let out a soft laugh as She gently teased Her fingers up and down my inner thighs. “Do you want it here?” I felt a drop of wax land on my vulva.

I gasped, “Yes!” She leaned down and kissed away the burning feeling. And then, another drop fell. Each drop of hot wax caused me to shiver. The teasing was exquisite.

She gently wiped the droplets of wax away and began kissing up my inner thighs. With excruciating slowness, She kissed her way to my pussy. She parted my lips with her tongue and slowly licked upward to my clit. I groaned, wanting to tangle my hands in Her hair, wanting more. She gently drew circles around my clit with the tip of her tongue. My legs began to shake. She took her time, teasing me, tasting me. I could feel the tension building and just before it exploded, she stopped.

“Don’t cum until I say you can,” Her voice echoed in my head. I was Hers to do with as She pleased. She could deny me as many times as She desired. She was in control. My heart was racing, my breath heavy.

“Yes, Mistress.” She knew how much I loved being told not to cum. She knew how hard it was for me to stop, to not give in. She knew this was torture.

She resumed her teasing, more slowly this time, letting the pressure build. I pulled against my restraints and arched my hips toward her. She was driving me crazy. My whole body was shaking as she flicked her tongue over my clit. As my moans got louder, She moved Her tongue more quickly. I felt myself falling over the edge and then She stopped. I cried out, “No! please!” only to hear Her laugh softly.

“What do escort kuşadası you want?” She asked. “Do you want Me to stop?” She sat up, tracing winding lines on my lower stomach with her fingers.

“No, Mistress…please don’t stop,’ I gasped. My whole body was on fire, shaking. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on.

She kneeled between my legs, caressing my stomach, my sides, my breasts. She kissed Her way up my stomach to my nipples. She gently sucked each nipple, teasing with the tip of Her tongue. Her kisses only made it harder not to cum.

I whimpered softly, “Please, Mistress…”

She kissed from my collar bone to my ear and whispered, “Please? What do you want?” She tangled Her fingers in my hair and pulled.

“I want You to fuck me, please, Mistress. Let me cum.”

She chuckled softly and caressed my face. “I want to see your face when you cum. I want you to beg for it.” She gently nibbled my ear lobe while grinding Her thigh between my legs. I arched against Her and groaned softly. She kissed my lips and I could taste myself. Our tongues intertwined and circled each other. She ended the kiss by biting my lower lip.

I felt Her hand move between my legs and in the moment where She slid two fingers deep inside me, She pulled the blindfold off of my eyes. She used Her hips to push her fingers inside me, fucking me. She started off slow and as my moans got louder, the more I pulled against my restraints, the harder and faster She fucked me. She began rubbing my clit with Her thumb in slow circles. When I thought I was about to explode, She stopped thrusting.

I cried out helplessly, “Please, Mistress, please don’t stop…” Her thumb continued rubbing my clit, each circle making my whole body twitch. She slowly began to fuck me again, taking Her time. It was getting harder and harder not to cum and She knew it.

“Beg me for permission” She whispered in my ear. She started thrusting faster, curling the tips of Her fingers against my g-spot with each thrust.

I whimpered, trying to hold it together and the words poured out of me, “Please Mistress let me cum, please. I can’t hold on much longer…”

She put her hand behind my head and lifted my gaze to Hers. When our eyes locked, she whispered, “Good girl…Now, cum for me…” I cried out and the pressure exploded and wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. She slowed Her thrusts until my moans became soft whimpers and my body relaxed. As the waves subsided, She smiled at me. “It’s magnificent to watch when you do that…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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