Heaven on New Years

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It is New Years Eve, you and I plan an evening at the hottest club in town it’s call HEAVEN, and everyone there was dressed to kill. You have on a very striking looking business suit, and I am wearing a shimmering long silver gown and matching silver high heeled pumps. You escort me to a quiet round booth way in the corner, and order us a bottle of the finest red wine to be brought to the table. We sit and talk a bit, all the while you are gazing into my deep brown eyes. Your cologne is intoxicating enough, but after a few goblets of wine, I begin to lose all sense of what is going on around me.

My dress is strapless and very low cut, and you began to caress my neck, and shoulders. You commented on how smooth my skin was, and my face blushed a bit. I place my hand on your upper thigh, and worked it upwards to your crotch, and started to rub your cock from the outside of your pants. You let your head fall back, and a small gasp escapes your lips.

You turn my face, until we are looking at each other. You place a small kiss on my lips. When I return it, you part my lips with your tongue. Our kiss seemed to last for hours. I started to izmir escort feel as if we were the center of attention, and stopped. We looked and notice another couple looking at us, from across the way.

We invite them over, and they accepted. They introduce themselves, and we ordered another bottle of wine.

After a while of chatting, with our new friends, we all got up and worked our way toward the dance floor. The music is electric, and very seductive. We dance hard and fast, through several songs. once we start to get tired, we sit back down. You edged me toward the ladies room, and requested that I remove my bra. I went into the ladies room, and did as you wished.

When I return to the table, I notice that the other man, has shooed his companion away, and there is a seat between the two of you for me. Once seated, the other man begins kissing the back of my neck, and sucking on my earlobes.

You look down at my creamy breasts, and asked that I slouch a bit in my seat, to give you better access to them. I suggest, why not us getting a hotel room, and we can have a bit more privacy. alsancak escort It was a general agreement, and the man got his companion a taxi and we all left.

Once we get to the hotel, and get the room I quickly slip into the bedroom to get ready. You two join me a couple of minutes. I order you both to strip for me, and look at each other as you do so. You put up a little fuss, but then I throw off the covers for you to see my soft body waiting for your pleasure and you quickly do as you are told. You are both a bit bashful but you realize it is turning you on looking at his body. The man is very aroused by looking at your body also. Once undressed you join me on the bed. One on either side of me. I lean over and kiss you hard on the mouth, as you take one of my firm breasts in your hand and give my nipple a small tweak.

I reach down and began to caress your now fully hard cock and grind my ass into the other guys cock I want him in my ass but not just yet. I roll onto my back and you get between my legs and lick my clit to get me even more wet. You then slide your cock into me and just buca escort hold it there. It feels so good to have you in me. The man slides up and starts to brush my lips with his cock. I open my mouth and he lets it fall in, it is so smooth and so warm. I savor it as you pump in and out of my pussy to the rhythm of me sucking him. You watch as he pulls it in and out of my mouth, I look up to you and you know what I want. You bend over and start to lick his shaft.

Oh Yeah, that’s what I want to see. You feel the warm head of his cock and you start to pick up the pace. We both lick and suck his cock and I play with his balls. He is going to cum, I can feel it. I reach down and start to rub my clit and I can feel you sliding in and out of me. Fuck me harder, make me cum all over your cock. Oh yes, that’s it give it all to me. I am going to cum, right as I start to so does the man. Watching him shoot his load and feeling my pussy wrap itself around your cock even harder pushes you to the edge. You start to cum inside of me, you lean down and catch some of the mans cum in your mouth.

He is bouncing his cock off of my lips, when he is done he moves a little bit and you lick my lips and cheeks and then kiss me deep so that we can share his cum. It is just too much for you, you pull out and finish cumming all over my stomach! Its warm, the man leans down and licks some of it up and kisses me. Mmmmm, your cum, his cum, my cum-I am in Heaven now!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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