Held Hostage Pt. 04

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I had no idea how long I slept but was awakened by David. He didn’t look as angry as he’d looked the night before. I sat up, a bit self conscious at being naked even though he’d seen me naked before.

“Good morning.”


“Father spoke to Matt and me. Said that maybe I had misunderstood what you said. Said I should listen to your explanation.”

I cleared my throat and nodded. “That lawyer guy has been after me to say I’ve been raped and that you’ve made me your slave. Told you that already. Again and again, I’ve told him that you’ve been treating me very well and that I’m fine. Yet last night as we did he dishes, he still argued, saying he wanted to gather information for the prosecution. Seems that’s why he volunteered for dishes. He just wanted me to provide him with information or ammo against the community. I can’t and won’t do that. So I told him that instead of working against you, he should get to know your community and help us all get through this situation. I didn’t say I wanted to leave because I don’t. But one day, it will get resolved and I will have to leave. I have a home, a job and a family. I’m sure my sister and nephews are worried about me and my parents must be out of their minds by now. What I meant is that I want the bad part of the situation to be resolved in the best way possible. I want your families to be reunited. I’m hoping that this won’t end in you all going to jail, especially your father, your brother and you. I’m hoping that we can remain friends and see each other after this is all done.”


“David, I like you. A lot. I’d like to get to know you better and hopefully, develop a long term friendship and maybe more. I didn’t want to assume you felt the same way.”

“I do feel the same way. I’d really like to see you, romantically, when we get through this.”

I smiled and reached for his hand. We held hands for a minute before I continued “I’m sorry that my choice of words sounded like I wanted to get away from you. I really don’t and I’m trying to figure out how I can keep seeing you when I live three hours away from here.”

“And I’m sorry that I jumped to a conclusion without verifying with you. I’ve been thinking about the future too. I can do my job from anywhere. Maybe if we do develop a lasting relationship, I could move to be closer to you. Would you like that?”

I nodded and he pulled me towards him. We hugged but I pulled away. “David, what you walked into this morning…”

I couldn’t finish. This was a guy I really liked and would like to explore a long term relationship with and he’d seen me making love with his father.

“Father told me that he put you up to it.”

“David, I have to admit that there was no resistance on my part. I want to be open and honest with you.”

“Do you have feelings for him too?”

“I do have feelings for him but not the same as I’m developing for you. I feel care and tenderness for him. I don’t see myself with him, or your brother, long term. I see myself with you. I’m seriously falling for you.”

“If we were to become a couple, would you want this type of open relationship in your town or city?”

“No. If we are a couple, I’d want to be exclusive. These are special circumstances here. To be honest, I saw this as an opportunity to experiment, to satisfy a long time curiosity and fantasy but this isn’t something I’d do all the time. I want love and commitment.”

“What if we were a couple, exclusive to all except these two? I have to admit there was something really special in sharing you with my father and my brother but I wouldn’t want to share you with anyone else. Besides, Father is getting old so he likely won’t be able to do this forever and as soon as my brother gets over his anger, he will find a woman and want to be exclusive with her, I’m sure. Until then, what we’ve been doing has been good for both of them.”

“That sounds like a good plan.”

He kissed me, at first tenderly but then it got more demanding, more passionate. He leaned us down onto the pelts and started caressing me, awakening my body to receive his. I gave back in like, undoing his clothes and pushing them off as much as I could. Soon, he was as naked as I was and going down to pleasure me. He obviously had more experience and it showed in how he had me breathing faster, had me moaning and squirming.

“David, turn around. I want you too.”

Instead of giving me his cock to suck on, he came up and pushed it in me in one swift movement. He bent down and kissed my neck then said “Sorry love, we don’t have much time and I really need to be inside you.”

I moaned and arched my back as he had quickly found that sweet spot with his big tip. He focused on it, giving quick little back and forth movements with his hips. The sensations intensified and I gave into them, wrapping my legs around him and holding him tightly. I came and he patiently waited for it to ebb before switching to deeper and longer thrusts so he could come too. We lay together, panting for a few minutes.

“Sorry but we really need to casino oyna get back in there.”

As we got up and cleaned up and dressed, he explained that the elders had asked him to set up an internet connection to the police so they could interview everyone and get word to their families that they were okay. Everybody would take turns talking to the police.

We made our way back to the hall and caught the end of breakfast. David went to the area behind the stage while I went to the kitchen and found a plate had been set aside for me to eat. Matt brought back a stack of plates and saw me. He stopped and stared. I went to him and stood before him. “Matt, I’m sorry my words hurt you and your brother, that was never my intent.”

“Father explained.”

“Do you want me to explain further? It’s important to me that you know that I care about you, your father and your brother.”

“No. We’re good.”

He turned to leave but I stopped him “Matt, if I have a turn at the computer, I’d like you and David to be there to listen.”

“No need, I trust you now.”

“I insist. I really want you two to be there.”


He left and I cleaned the dishes and the kitchen. Through the window, I saw family after family take their turns going into this room behind the stage and come back. Seeing how long it was taking, I figured this would be going on all day. I looked in the fridges and found that a fresh supply of cold cuts had been brought in. I also found fresh loaves of bread. I found veggies to prepare so I did that ahead of time.

When I was done, I went to find Henry and sat with him. “Thank you.”

He looked at me. “What for?”

“For sending David to talk to me.”

“I trust that all is well?”

“It is. And with Matt too.”

We sat in silence for a while. Then I said “I’ve told Matt that I want both him and David to be there when it’s my turn with the interview. I want them to hear what I say. I want to see their faces so I can explain if I see any sign of misunderstanding.”


At lunch time, I once again prepared sandwiches and all the fixings. When that was done and the dishes and kitchen cleared, I was given some roasts to prepare for dinner. I cut up onions, turnip, carrots, potatoes and put them in pans with the roasts. I set the ovens to a low temperature and put the pans in the ovens. By dinner time, everything would be super tender and tasty.

It was very late afternoon when Matt came to get me for my turn. “Am I the last?”

“Yes. They’ve been asking to talk to you and we’ve deliberately kept you for last.”

“Why would they be asking for me? They don’t even know me.”

“It’s likely that others have told them about you.”

Matt conferred briefly with David when we got to the door. David said “Go in first, put your hand on the camera lens and we can come in and stand on each side of the table.”

And so I did. Once they were in place, I sat at the chair. There was a police officer on the screen. I spoke first “Hello, my name is Cassie Taylor. I would like you to call my boss at the number I will give you and have him call my sister. Her number is in the binder for emergency contacts. Please let them know that I am doing well.”

I gave him the number. Then the officer sitting at the table at the other end of the conference noted what I had told him and then introduced himself as Sergent Anthony Gibbs and said “We have questions to ask. We’ve had other hostages tell us that you’ve been made into their slave. Any truth to that?”

“No. Now I have questions of my own I need answered. Tell me, have you verified these people’s claims? Why have their children been taken away? What needs to happen for the children to be returned?”

“Ms Taylor, while we appreciate that you may be sympathetic to their cause, we need to verify certain things before anything else happens.”

“I’ve been treated very well. That’s what you need to know, isn’t it? Now tell me about their children. I insist.”

“Ms. Taylor, I can’t comment on that. And it’s my turn to insist you answer a few questions. We’ve been told that you may have been raped. Have you?”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Excuse me?”

“Can’t or won’t answer my questions about their children? Do you know and won’t share or do you not have the information and can’t?”

“My job is to ensure that all hostages are being treated well. Please, Ms. Taylor, tell me, have you been raped?”

“No, I have not. I told you that I’ve been treated very well. So, if you can’t tell me about their children, how about finding someone who can?”

“We heard that you have not been sleeping in the hall with all the others. Where have you been spending the nights?”

“Sergent Gibbs, I really want to hear what is being done to return the children to their families. Please either talk to me about that, find someone who will or I walk out of here.”

“Ms Taylor, why won’t you answer my questions?”

“Because you won’t answer mine.”

“But I’m asking about your welfare. Don’t you think that’s canlı casino important?”

“I’ve already answered that question. I am fine. I want to know about the welfare of the children. Don’t you think that’s important?”

“It’s not my area of focus. Now please tell me about how you are being treated.”

“I’ve already answered that. I am being treated very well.”

“But we’ve heard that you’ve been made to prepare meals and clean up and more.”

“One can volunteer to do things and still be treated well.”

“Ms. Taylor, is there someone in the room with you?”

I repressed the urge to look at my two friends. The cop would notice that. Instead I stared right into the camera. “Sergent Gibbs, seriously. I am telling you that I am fine. I am not being coerced in any way to say anything. I am speaking from my heart. Now about what I’ve been doing… I was travelling by myself so I don’t have anyone else to talk to. Volunteering to prepare the food and clean up is a way to keep busy and to not see anyone else forced to do it. Now please, I need to know how we got here. What happened? Did social services indeed take their children away? What is being done about that?”

“Why is this so important to you?”

“Because it’s the way to a peaceful resolution. Tell me, you’ve been gathering testimony to help prosecute these people, haven’t you?”

“Don’t you want these people to be brought to justice when it’s over?”

“Sure but only if justice goes both ways.”

“What do you mean?”

“Is someone investigating their claims that their children were taken all at once and without justification? Surely if that’s true, these children deserve justice too.”

“How do you know they haven’t lied to you?”

“How do you know they haven’t told the truth if you’re not doing a full investigation? How can you sit there and judge them without having all the elements, without looking at both sides of the coin?”

“Two wrongs won’t make a right.”

“I understand that but one sided justice will only breed more resentment. Do you honestly think a whole community would resort to this if they weren’t desperate? I really urge you to look into both sides and then to come to the table ready to negotiate, not just ready to prosecute. I’m sure that there’s a way out of this peacefully and equitably. I’m hoping you’ll work to find that. I think we’re done here and as I’m the last one, we need to close this video conference. Good night sir.”

“Wait! I have more questions!”

“You never answered any of my questions, why should I answer yours?”

“Because it’s important for us to get all the information we can. We’ve heard that you’re the only person who has gone out the side door, can you tell me what there is between the door and the outside?”

“Why would you need to know that?”

“We just need to know. Is it guarded? And if so, by how many men? What kind of weapons do they have?”

“Why are you asking me all that?”

Before he could answer, I understood. I looked up at Matt and David but then remembered that we didn’t want the officer to know they were there so I focused on that officer again. He had noticed.

“Cassie, is there someone there with you?”


“Then who did you look at?”

“I looked up at the wall. It’s something I do when I get an idea or a thought. You’re planning something, aren’t you? You’re planning to burst in here by force. Aren’t you?”

He hesitated. “Cassie, it’s important that you not say anything to any of them. We need that information to ensure your safety and that of others.”

“I’m sorry but considering you haven’t answered any and I mean not one of my questions, I’m really done answering yours. Good bye.”

Before he could say anything else, I closed the laptop.

David came to me “What do you think they’re planning?”

Matt jumped in “It’s clear they want to swarm in and take us over by force.”

“We should talk to Father before telling anyone else.”

Matt and I nodded. We all made our way back toward Henry. I, along with my two friends, noticed that things were different. There was a lot of whispering among the people and there were little meetings among the guards.

Henry was obviously also noticing what was going on. “Matt, go find out what’s going on.”

“Fill him in. I’ll be back. Don’t make any decision without me.”

Matt went to see the group to the left of the stage while David and I told Henry what the officer had said. Matt came back. “The whispering started after the lawyer came out. With all the whispering and the furtive glances, the elders all believe something is going to happen. I had to tell them about what the cop told you.”

Henry looked at all three of us in turn. “There is a possibility that they planted that seed to make us all panic. However, we can’t ignore the possibility that they will burst in here and it is likely to be sooner rather than later. David, you need to take Cassie out of here. I don’t want either of you near here if anything goes down.”

“What kaçak casino about you and Matt?”

“We stay on the reservation. We will remove ourselves from the hall, go hunting. We had voted against this in the first place. The ones who insisted, they can deal with it. I’ll go tell them.”

“Father, I can do that.”

“No. I need to do it. Matt, you take Cassie to get her vehicle and take it to David’s while he goes directly there to start packing. I’ll join you there.”

All three of us discreetly went out the side door. David headed to his home past the teepees while Matt and I went towards the field with all the vehicles. I took the key out of my pocket and once there, went to the driver’s door.

Matt said “I should drive”.

“Sure, just let me do something first.”

I unlocked the door and reached in. He moved swiftly to the back of my vehicle. “Where are you going? I said I just needed to do something first, not that you can’t drive.”

“What are you doing? You got some kind of weapon in there?”

“Matt, really? I’m just pulling back the seat for you! I’ve got much shorter legs than you do and didn’t want you to hit your knees.”

He came back towards me, looking sheepish. “I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that. I’m really sorry. Trust doesn’t come easily to me.”

I reached up and touched his face “It’s okay.”

He reached up and grabbed my face with both hands and gently kissed me. Then, he pulled away and I went to the other side of the vehicle to get into the passenger seat.

He took us to David’s and we went in. David got us to help fill a couple of his bags with the clothes he was taking out of his closet and drawers. Then, he went to pack up his computer and other items he would need for work.

Henry showed up just as we were finishing putting David’s bags into my vehicle. They discussed the best route to take to get out of the reservation without being seen or heard. From what I was hearing, I was glad that we were taking my vehicle as it was an all wheel drive SUV whereas I’d only seen a small beat up car in the driveway. Henry took the guys out to my vehicle to fill it with gas from cans he had. Good thing I’d filled up just in the previous town so we didn’t need much to have a very full tank. They secured a few more cans of gas to the roof of my vehicle and then came back in and washed their hands.

Henry then said “You can’t leave until dark.”

We all agreed but then, we were all standing in the kitchen, looking at each other. Henry grinned “I think I know how we could pass time until then…”

Both David and Matt, not catching on right away, asked “How?”

I lowered my head to not let them see me laugh. Henry shook his head and started undressing. “Undress her.”

They caught on and started undressing me. I let them do it and take all my clothes off without helping. Henry came to me and kissed me, putting his hands beneath my breasts and rubbing my nipples with his thumbs. They immediately responded to his touch.

He then pushed me back onto the table. “You two, take care of those lovely nipples, will you?”

He then lowered his head between my legs and started licking me, causing me to moan. The brothers didn’t wait long and did as they were told, caressing me and taking my nipples between their lips. Soon, all their ministrations had me moaning. David made a suggestion: “Father, why don’t you put a finger inside her, find that spot at the top where the texture is just a little different and rub that with the tip of your finger.”

“How will I know I have the right spot?”

“Oh, you’ll know.”

Henry put a finger inside me and searched a bit. It didn’t take long for him to find my G spot and when he did, my hips moved up involuntarily.

“Gee Father, I think you found it! Now rub it and suck on her clit at the same time. You’d love that, wouldn’t you Cassie?”

My answer was a half word, half moan. “Yeammmmmmmmmmm.”

Soon, I was begging them not to stop. I exploded and moaned loudly. Then, I begged some more “I need a cock in my pussy, please, someone fill me up.”

Henry looked up “I was kind of hoping I could have your mouth.”

“You come up here and feed her your cock Father, I’ll fill her pussy.”

Matt swapped places with his dad but instead of filling my pussy with his cock, he lowered his head to lick me. Before I could protest, Henry had pushed his cock into my mouth. I grabbed his cock and started stoking it and licking it hungrily. David was still sucking on my nipple and, with my other hand, I reached towards him. He understood and put his cock in my hand. After a few moments, I pulled Henry’s cock out of my mouth and called out “Matt, I need your cock inside me!”

“But I’m not done enjoying this! Besides, I haven’t heard the magic word.”

“Please Matt, I really need it.”

He made me wait a few more minutes. Then, he stood up and pushed his cock into me. I moaned my appreciation and then resumed sucking on Henry’s cock. This would be our last time for a while, likely a long while and I wanted it to be memorable so I really focused on the wonderful cock in my mouth. I gave it my all and was soon rewarded with its cum. Henry groaned and when I’d milked him dry, he pulled out and sat on a chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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