Hello Ch. 02

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With thanks to angel-love for her expert editing.

Hello Part 2

We’ve been in the hotel a day or two enjoying a holiday with nice meals, a few sights, seeing a show and of course lots of hot sex. This afternoon we’re in the room having a break before we decide what to do. You ask me to order a snack from room service. Lots of nasty, messy thoughts go through my mind. Yes I think it’s time for fun!

Eventually the order arrives. You ask me what I got as the bellboy leaves with a knowing smile on his face. “Oh just some fruit, cream and some champagne,” I say.

You see me smiling and realize what I have in mind as you smile too.Quickly we begin to strip one another teasing with touches as we do. We kiss deeply, our tongues twisting and I move my mouth to your nipples. As my tongue flicks out and caresses your nipple you stop me. You push me away as you pick up the can of cream.

Spraying some on each nipple you tell me, “Here baby suck me, feed from me.”

Laughing, I move my mouth back to your already hard nipples flicking a little cream of both before opening my mouth and filling it with your breasts. Sucking each one deeply, I hear you moan with pleasure. I raise myself again for a kiss, my hard cock pressing on your belly as my hands grip your cheeks pulling you tight.

You reach a hand between us gripping me then drop to your knees. This time spraying the cream on the head of my hard engorged cock you softly lick the cream off tasting my pre-cum within it. Then you spray a line of cream along the length adding a strawberry casino oyna to the end.

“Time for dessert,” you coo.

You take the head into your mouth biting the strawberry, your teeth grinding on my cock as you do. Slowly you begin to slide your mouth along my length sucking up all the cream. This time the moan comes from me, deep and throaty.

Eventually you stop and tell me to close my eyes. Fascinated I do. I hear you spray the cream again. “Ok, you can open. Time to play hunt the strawberry.”

I look up and you’re lying on the bed, breasts and pussy covered with the cream . . . lots of cream. I move to you and start licking your breast. I find a strawberry quickly. Holding it between my teeth I kiss you feeding it to you after biting it in half.

“There’s more,” you say.

I return to your breast licking all the cream from it. Your nipple seems to be stubborn giving up the cream as I concentrate on it. I move to your other breast starting this time on the outside licking up the cream as I circle my way round. Eventually working my way to the center again I find another strawberry and again feed it to you. As we kiss juice from the fruit runs seductively into our mouths.

I move to your sweet pussy lapping at the cream. First your mound . . . no fruit, your inner thighs . . . no fruit, then your labia. Lapping all around I can taste you in the cream. Your juices are flowing freely. All the cream is now lapped up . . . but no fruit.

“Mmmmmmmm you’ve hidden it well. I wonder where it can be,” I tease.

I suck and lick canlı casino at your clit before opening you wide. Pushing my tongue inside you searching, sucking you at the same time, I feel the strawberry and wrap my tongue round it. Hooking it I ease it out. I carefully clean your juices from it, that wonderful taste filling my throat. You and the fruit together are a heavenly mixture.

I slide it back in you covering it again with your flavor and then seductively feed you once again. Kissing you deeply our tongues dance sharing the taste before I go back to your pussy . . . my reward for finding them all.

Licking you till you cum, my tongue starts lapping at your hard bud drawing it into my mouth were I suck it between my teeth. My fingers enter you, massaging inside you . . . searching for your g-spot, wanting to give you the best climax I can. The more my tongue licks your clit the faster my fingers fuck you and the more your juices flow.

Finally your body shudders and a deep moan fills the room as you cum, filling my mouth. I drink greedily from you then take another strawberry and insert it into your pussy covering it with your juices before dipping it in a glass of champagne and feeding myself. My fingers begin playing with your pussy again. We’re not finished yet.

I begin to fuck you with two fingers, my thumb rubbing your clit. Soon your juices begin to flow again. I pick up a banana and push it in you slowly moving it in and out; thumb still rubbing your clit. More and more I push the fruit into you, fucking you with it. Soon I take it kaçak casino out and peel it. Pushing it back deeply into you I put my mouth to you once again. I begin to lick around your lips nibbling on your clit before licking down one side of your pussy to your ass lapping it all-round before making my way up the other side.

Little by little I fuck you with the peeled banana spreading it within your pussy. I place my mouth fully onto you and I begin to eat it straight out of your cunt. Inch by inch I pull it from you with my teeth and tongue, your sweet taste mixing with the fruit. At last I have all of it.

“Oh I wanted to taste it,” you pout.

“Don’t worry you will,” I assure you.

As I push my hard cock in you, at last we begin to fuck, but I don’t think it will take long as straight away we begin to move furiously with each other my cock sliding in you mixing with the banana residue. A squelching sound and the smell off sex and fruit fills the room as we fuck harder and harder. Eventually I feel myself tense, about to cum.

I pull out and quickly move to your mouth. Now you can taste the banana and yourself. You open your mouth and suck me deep into your throat, bobbing your head up and down once or twice before I explode in you and you swallow it all keeping you lips tight round me not allowing any to leak out.

You pull away till just the head is in your mouth still sucking and begin to wank the shaft wanting it all. Pumping it from me . . . sucking me dry. Slowly, still in your mouth I begin to soften and withdraw from you and we kiss tasting each other as we do.

Another furious sex session over for now. “Time for a shower,” I say eventually.

“Mmmmmm yes please,” you respond.

But that’s a story . . . for another day . . .

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