Her Best Friend’s Daughter

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story and my first entry in this category. For readers new to me, a disclaimer. I do not write quick stroke stories and enjoy trying to build the story before getting to the part we all read these stories for. So if you’re looking for a quick and dirty story, this may not be for you. Otherwise, hope you enjoy my first attempt on this subject. LC68


I glanced up from the crossword puzzle I was working on at the sound of Mandy’s little red Mazda pulling onto our street. Watching the small car approach, a delicious wave of anticipation ran through me. I could see Mandy had her friend Kelly with her which meant she didn’t have to work tonight. Better yet, Kelly’s presence, coupled with the fact it was in the mid eighties, meant they would be going for a swim and that meant show time!

Mandy saw me sitting on the porch and gave me a wave as she passed. I waved back and laughed as she pulled into the driveway next door to me, literally only fifteen feet away. It was the same routine every day since Rachel had bought her the car as a high school graduation present last year. Anytime she went past she waved. Then she would exit the car and turning to face me, give me another enthusiastic wave and yell,

“Hi Karen! You can tell my mom I came right home like I was supposed to!”

Getting up from the porch swing, I walked over to the railing and called out, “Hey, I’m not your mom’s spy,” I laughed, “Okay, well not all the time!”

Mandy said something to Kelly, who had also exited the car. Kelly nodded and after giving me a quick wave, wandered off towards the backyard and the pool. I took a moment to check out her tanned legs and well rounded ass in her tight denim shorts. Kelly gave me a little thrill by stripping her t-shirt off as she reached the patio next to the pool, exposing the smooth skin of her back and the red string of a pretty skimpy bikini top.

As Kelly put her hair up, she turned to the side, giving me a glimpse of her impressive chest. As fun as that little tease was, my attention turned to the much bigger tease that lived next door to me. With her blonde hair, full lush figure, and features that enabled her to pass for a woman of twenty five, I’m sure most people would consider Kelly the hotter of the two young lovelies, but Mandy drove me crazy.

The physical opposite of her best friend, Mandy was tall and slender, with a pair of long legs that seemed to go on forever and a set of perky little breasts I imagined would fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. Both of those assets were being shown off well in the short low cut sundress she was wearing.

“I know you’re not a rat!” Mandy said as she reached the fence that separated our yards “I was just playing,” she winked, “You even covered for me with Rob a couple of times when we were going out.”

“Who?” I frowned.

“Rob,” she said, “You know….” She caught herself and rolled her eyes, “Duh, I get it!” she laughed at herself before the good natured smile that seemed as if it were her permanent expression appeared again.

I returned the smile, but knew mine couldn’t exactly be described as having good intentions behind it. Fact was it was getting harder and harder not to see Mandy as anything but the hot little minx she was. Her long sandy brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail and that look, along with those big brown doe eyes, gave her a look of innocence that made me think of what it would be like to be the one to corrupt her.

Adding to that sweet look was a pair of not so innocent looking full lips. Despite the provocative look they gave her, those lips could be turned into a devastating pout. Over the years that pout along with those big wide eyes had succeeded in getting her pretty much anything she wanted from me, including acting as a buffer between her and her overly strict mother Rachel, who was also my best friend since I moved in next door ten years ago.

I knew I should feel badly thinking of Mandy as an object of desire, but she was so damn precious I wanted to just eat her up; literally. Starting at those perfect lips and finishing at what I imagined would be an equally full set of pouty lips between those firm young thighs. Of course I would have to stop and linger at those perky little….


“What?” I blinked; pulling myself from what had recently become a daily fantasy.

“I asked if you wanted to come over and go for a swim?”

“Oh, um no thanks.”

“How come? It’s awfully hot out here.”

And getting hotter by the minute as looking past Mandy I noticed Kelly had removed her shorts and was now standing near the pool in her red bikini. The suit didn’t have much material in the back, exposing a good portion of her sweet young ass. I had to avert my eyes when I saw her bend over to pick something up.

“Hey Karen, you in there?”

“Yeah, sorry.” I shrugged. “I’ve got some work to do from home and I really can’t.”

“You do crosswords for bursa escort work?” Mandy pointed and looking down, I frowned at the magazine I still had in my hand.

“I was taking a break, trying to clear my head.” I explained.

“So come swimming! That will relax you!”

Not really, I thought dryly, if anything it would get me more worked up. Damn I needed to get some. Since I’d broken up with Carla six months ago my sex life had consisted of pretty much what I was planning on doing in about ten minutes.

“No, then I won’t want to work. Besides” I rolled my eyes and pointed over at Kelly who had turned back around to face us, waiting for Mandy to join her. “The two of you make me look bad, an old lady like me next to two hot young girls like you.”

“Aww, you’re not old!” Mandy told me, “You’re only a year older than my mom.”

“Hey thanks, hon!” I laughed.

“Well, I didn’t mean it like that!” Mandy added quickly, “God knows you look and act younger than my mom, you see how she dresses? Like 40’s old or something.” She smiled, “You dress young and sexy.”

At those words, I felt my heart skip a beat. “You think I’m sexy?” I asked, “Really?”

Mandy paused and her smile was replaced by a nervous look as if she hadn’t meant to say that.

“I…well, yeah. I like how you dress, not slutty, but you really look good.”

“Thank you, I do what I can.”

I looked down at my current attire which consisted of a black skirt that although couldn’t be considered mini did stop well before my knees. I’d had on a black blouse, but had removed it when I got home from the office and was now just in the tight red sleeveless shirt I’d worn under it. My breasts, which I would say could rival Kelly’s in size, were prominently displayed and the twice a week I still forced myself to go jogging had kept my legs looking pretty good.

In spite of the heat I always made it a point to wear my long dirty blond hair down to give me a more youthful appearance and many women, as well as men barking up the wrong tree, had told me that along with my baby blue eyes made me seem much younger than my actual age. I lifted my head from my self evaluation and saw Mandy’s eyes were right where mine had been looking, at my chest. I was leaning over the railing and I was sure she could right down to the black lace of my bra.

“So, hey,” I asked, “You in there?”

Mandy’s head jerked up and I saw she was beginning to blush. I felt my own face start to flush as well at the thought it had really seemed as if she were staring. The fact she seemed embarrassed added to that and not for the first time I wondered about her. Mandy had been with only one guy her mother and I knew about, Rob whom she’d dated for about a year.

They had broken up months ago and I hadn’t seen a replacement coming around. She did however, to spend a lot of time with Kelly, who despite her pussy inspiring body, didn’t seem to have a boyfriend. As Mandy, continued to look at me awkwardly, I told myself to knock it off. Apparently my fantasy life was trying to eek its way into reality.

“I’m here.” Mandy answered, “I was just looking at you and thinking about Kelly and…”

“Really?” I blurted out, and instantly felt like an idiot, who was the kid here?

“Yeah,” Mandy continued, not seeming to notice the excitement I’d let slip in that response. “You said you’d feel bad wearing a suit because of me and Kelly?” she sighed, “I should be the one to feel bad, I look like a damn tomboy next to the two of you.”

“Honey there is nothing about you that looks like a boy, trust me. You just have a different body type, but it’s just as nice.”

Mandy looked down at herself, “I guess my legs aren’t bad, but I don’t have a big chest.”

“You don’t need one.” I told her, In fact some men prefer small breasts, especially on a girl with a build like yours” I laughed, “Many women too.”

“You think?”

“No, Mandy, I don’t think, I know.” I winked, “Remember who you’re talking to, I’m a true fan of the female form and there is nothing wrong with any part of you.”

Mandy blushed furiously and I wanted to smack myself. Regardless of how she took it, that comment was way to forward. Rachel was old fashioned and although it didn’t affect our friendship, was not a fan of my lifestyle. The last thing I needed was Mandy repeating something I said that could be taken the wrong way. I breathed a sigh of relief when Mandy recovered and said,

“Thanks Karen, you always make me feel better about things. God knows my mother would never want to talk about me being worried about my tits and who’s looking at them.”

“She’s just protective that’s all.” I told her, “There’s a lot of perverts out there you know. In fact I know of one right next door.

“So, anyway, come swimming!” she laughed at the sound of a loud splash behind her as tired of waiting, Kelly had jumped in.

“Next time.” I told her. “Your mom said she’s going to grill on escort bayan Saturday so I’ll come for a dip then okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded, she started to turn, then stopped and giving me an adorable little shy smile asked, “Karen, you really think I’m, you know, sexy?”

Be careful, I warned myself and took a second before responding. “I think you’re a very pretty young lady and have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Think I’m as hot as Kelly?” she pressed, then caused my mind to race again when she added, “She’s hot, really hot.”

“You think so?” I asked, dodging her question.

“Oh.” Again she seemed to have caught herself and I started to wonder if the two of us weren’t tap dancing around a similar thought. “Well, I think she’s pretty, but wow, are the guys all over her.”

“No boyfriend though.” I pointed out. “Odd, no?”

Um, yeah.” She said nervously, “She says guys piss her off, they’re too grabby.”

“That they are, it’s why I started seeing women.” I told her, “Well that and a very pretty roommate in college.”

I expected Mandy to blush, but instead she asked, “You used to be with guys?”

“When I was young, yes.” I nodded, but not wanting to go further, turned the question back to her, “So how come you haven’t gotten yourself a new boyfriend? Rob’s been gone awhile now?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said quickly, then pointing behind her added, “I’m going to get going okay? Kelly’s probably getting pissed I’m ignoring her.”

“Can’t have a girl that pretty being pissed off now can we?” I asked, innocently, “You go ahead and have fun, I’m going inside anyway.”

“Oh, you going back to work?” she asked, giving her head a toss sending her hair over her shoulder and exposing the soft creamy, and very kissable, skin of her neck.

“No,” I told her as I felt my nipples stiffening against my bra. “There’s a show I want on I want to catch.


I all but ran upstairs to my bedroom and approaching the chaise by the window, was already stripping of my shirt. Standing alongside the comfy sofa, I quickly removed my bra, sighing happily as my breasts obtained the freedom they’d been yearning for all day. Unzipping my skirt, I let it fall to the floor, then clothed only in a black thong lay down on the chaise and pulled the shade up just high enough to see outside.

My window overlooked Rachel’s yard and I was just in time to see Mandy standing by the pool untying her sundress. I licked my lips as it fell to the ground exposing the light blue bikini she had on beneath it.

The bikini was French cut, riding high over her hips and giving me a great look at the entire length of her legs. Despite being slender, Mandy’s legs did have a nice shape to them and after my eyes took in that shape, I mover to her soft flat stomach, then raised my gaze to those high, firm, little tits of hers. The top of the bathing suit did a good job of pushing them up exposing the upper half of those sweet young globes.

I wondered what her mother say when she got home, but then it dawned on me it was Thursday and Rachel worked until after seven. At just the thought of her name, I felt a twinge of guilt at not only watching my best friend’s daughter, but my hand was already straying down my stomach towards my pussy. That guilt was quickly shoved to the side as I watched Mandy dive into the pool. She stayed under the water, swimming towards Kelly who was leaning against the ladder on the other side.

The water was clear and I watched Mandy’s lithe form glide under the water. When she reached Kelly I saw her place her hands on her thighs and when she popped up from the water, their faces were less than a foot apart. As my right hand found my nipple, my left eased the thong to the side and I released a sharp breath when my fingers slid through my wet flesh. Below me Mandy put her hands on Kelly’s shoulders and after a moment laughed and pushed off her, going into a back stroke.

That’s what really happened, but even as my eyes focused on Mandy’s long legs splashing up from the water, my mind played out a different turn of events. In my fantasy world, Mandy leaned forward and placed a deep passionate kiss on her blonde bombshell friend. Their arms would encircle each other and their hands would run through their wet hair. Kelly would pull Mandy’s top down, and immediately begin sucking on those small, hard nipples.

A shiver went through me when my fingers found my clit and my mind embraced the visual of Mandy, arching her back and moaning in pleasure while Kelly sucked first one tit then the other. In the real world, Mandy reached the edge of the pool and pulling herself from it sat on the edge. I wondered why she would come out already, then saw her pick up her phone.

My fingers stayed busy, slowly caressing my swollen button and received some motivation when, rolling over onto her back, Kelly began floating in the pool. She spread her arms wide and as her body drifted lazily away from the bursa escort edge I took in her large breasts which I’m sure could keep her afloat on their own. I wouldn’t say she was chubby, but Kelly had a pretty soft set of curves and my eyes ate up the delicious swell of her hips as well as her soft, thick, tanned thighs.

The red bikini was little more than a patch between her thighs and I wondered if she were smooth or if she would have left a small patch of blond fuzz between her legs. My fingers sped up at the idea of Mandy laying next to her, licking and teasing the nipple of one her large tits, while her hand slipped into the bikini and fondled her.

Kelly started kicking her feet, pushing herself towards Mandy who still talking on the phone, reached out with her leg and stopped her with a foot on her shoulder.

Kelly rolled over and gave me a thrill by standing directly between Mandy’s legs. Mandy was laughing and after a moment, passed Kelly the phone. As she began speaking, Kelly placed her hand idly on Mandy’s leg just over her knee; Mandy was looking down at her and I swore she was looking at the considerable cleavage her friend was flaunting. But at this point, with my fingers rubbing my aching clit, I’m sure I wasn’t seeing anything for what it really was.

One thing I did see that caused my right hand to leave my nipple and plunge two fingers inside my sopping pussy, was Mandy lie on her back on the towel behind her. Her legs were still in the pool and between them, Kelly leaned against her crotch to pass her the phone. Instantly my lust crazed mind was filled with Mandy reaching down and sliding her bikini to the side and Kelly burying her face between her thighs.

I began breathing harder, especially when beneath me, Mandy had begun playfully kicking her legs in the water around Kelly. My fingers were buried to the hilt in my pussy and I clamped my legs together, pressing my hand to my swollen button. Staring at Mandy lying on her back, her legs spread, my mind took the final plunge. I placed myself in Kelly’s position and could all but smell the sweet scent of her young pussy. I could feel the hard nub of her clit beneath my tongue and hear her moan my name.

My fingers wouldn’t be in my pussy, but plunging into her hot little box. Even as I gasped and my back arched off the sofa, I told myself I was a sick woman, getting off to the thought of fucking a girl I’d once babysat on a regular basis. On the other hand that little girl had blossomed into quite the young flower and a little harmless fantasy never hurt anyone. Down below, Kelly had gotten tired of Mandy splashing her and grabbing her ankle lifted her leg up.

I of course, thought of myself doing it and placing that soft wet foot on my back as I plundered her inexperienced pussy with my tongue. Mandy would whimper and her thighs would shake just as mine were beginning to. Raising my right leg, I placed it on the corner of the windowsill and began pumping my hips, using the motion to drive my fingers deeper while rubbing my clit in hard fast circles.

I gasped when I felt myself teetering on the edge and was helped over that edge by Mandy suddenly sitting up and wrapping her arms around Kelly’s shoulders, pushed herself off the edge and on top of her.

She was only playing, but as the two of them splashed into the pool, I saw their bodies intertwined, not in the pool, but on a bed, their arms, legs and hair tangled together and the moisture on their bodies not water, but sweat. For a brief instance I saw myself lying between them, their young hot bodies draped across mine and…

I released a muffled cry and my hips started bucking wildly as my pussy convulsed around my fingers and I came long and hard to the thought of lying in the naked embrace of my best friend’s daughter. I braced my foot against the edge of the window, using it to help lift my hips higher off the bed as waves of intense pleasure flowed through me. I emitted a long shuddering moan and slumped back down onto the sofa as the last of the orgasm slowly flowed through me.

With a contented sigh, I lowered my leg from the window. As I did, I felt something catch between my toes. Lifting my head, I drew my leg back to see what it was and too late, realized it was the cord for the shade. The shade snapped upwards, pulling the cord from between my toes and to my dismay loudly slammed up into the top of the window. Not thinking, I sat up and grabbed at the cord to pull the shade back down. Just as I caught it, I heard Mandy yell,

“Hey Karen!”

I turned my rapidly blushing face to look out the window and see her wave up at me. Kelly was looking as well and breaking out laughing, said something to Mandy who also laughed, before calling out, “It’s not nice to flash the neighbors!”

At that moment it struck me that I had forgotten I was topless. I quickly yanked the shade down, but not before I heard Kelly exclaim, “Wow, I hope mine look that good when I get older!”

As they both broke out laughing, I put my head in my hands and hoped to hell the two of them couldn’t put two and two together and realize I was watching them. With a sigh I lay back and resting my head on the pillow thought, smooth Karen, real smooth.

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