Her Perfect Lover

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I’m 44 now and the following scenario has been going on for the best part of a year. I have a lover, who at 24 is not only much younger but the best thing I have ever ended up in bed with. Every weekend and the odd week night is spent in the kind of sexual bliss a woman only dreams about. My name is Pat; I have dark hair hanging in ringlets past my neck and a good body for my age, a legacy of having a super pair of cycling legs. I used to work with him and on the Xmas night out he drunkenly offered to go down on me. I was surprised and flattered.

“If I was 20 years younger, I would” I replied.

Thankfully, this didn’t create an awkwardness in our friendship and if anything it increased the flirtatious innuendo between us. My marriage was however drawing to a close and once I separated and the divorce was underway, I started to go out a bit more to try and live again. So did my young work colleague and as we talked in the pub, he grinned as he told me how stunning my legs were and now that I was free, why didn’t I come back to his place.

“Pat, it may be you’re horny and we just end up having oral sex. You won’t regret it” he promised.

“I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do, okay? And I’m not saying this will happen again” I declared, the alcohol probably helping my positive answer as I grinned and picked up my coat, telling him we should leave.

The walk back was short and once we arrived, he made some tea, bringing it through to me. As I sat, I could feel myself becoming horny and when he commented on how supple my legs were, I let his hands wander over them. I still don’t know what made me say what I said but as I sat on the sofa and he leaned over to kiss me, I stopped him.

“I might not want to be kissed there” I said mischievously.

He looked puzzled for a second, then his handsome face dawned in realisation and he slipped to the floor. I didn’t even bother slipping my knickers off, instead simply letting him kneel between my thighs, parting my knickers as his tongue touched my pussy lips.

I expected him to lick hurriedly inside and then suck my clit until I came but he surprised me. His mouth closed over one lip, kissing and licking tenderly before doing the same to the other one. I waited to see what he would do next and felt his tongue run a furrow until he was at the bottom of my pussy. He even gave a suggestive lick towards my arse before he swept it incredibly slowly up my slit until he touched my clit. I settled back, making myself comfortable as he repeated the sweeping manoeuvre several times. Just when I thought I would have to ask him to go inside me, he did, plunging his tongue (which felt incredibly long) inside me and making me sigh a little as I watched his handsome face press tightly to my pussy. At some point my hand must have come down as I realised I was pressing on the back of his head, helping him in his minstrations.

Over the next quarter of an hour he stayed well away from my clit and I found myself remembering past lovers including my oaf of a husband. None of them had shown the sort of attention to detail this young man was currently giving me and I almost chuckled as I wondered if I would see him again. If I did, I Ankara travesti would definitely want his mouth on my pussy again and maybe my arse I mused silently. I was also becoming more and more aroused, although I was reluctant to cum just yet. Then again, I surmised I would be climaxing more than once and that thought alone helped me relax.

“Are you enjoying that?” I asked him.

“Yes Pat, mhhmm, very much” he said, not stopping his oral ministrations.

“I’m enjoying it too. Maybe even enough to meet up with you again, but as long as you do this to me” I told him lustfully.

“I’ll do this to you every time you want to come round” he replied.

I didn’t reply but concentrated on not becoming over excited. I also wondered what turn our sex life would take. I wasn’t in the market for a full on, permanent boyfriend but a regular lover was very appealing. I could visit him whenever I wanted and when the kids weren’t around he could visit me. One thing my husband wasn’t happy about was my lack of enthusiasm for blow jobs. It wasn’t that I hated doing it; well on reflection, I guess it also stemmed from his lack of proficiency in going down on me. Sex wasn’t that great and the feeling of this young, virile tongue currently fucking in and out of my pussy was making me think I deserved to catch up on all the wonderful oral I had been deprived of. I reasoned a young stud like him probably had blow jobs regularly but this was about him seducing me and I was fully committed to enjoying it – on my terms.

“I’ve not had much of this over the last few years; I hope you can make up for it” I challenged him.

“Anytime, anywhere you want me to” he offered selflessly and that last offer had me too excited.

“Up a bit” I urged him and once his mouth closed over my protruding clit, I put both my hands on the back of his head and yelled out loudly as he brought me off.

A little later, I recovered and glanced down to see his handsome, glistening face gently licking my folds.

“Let’s go through to the bedroom but I want you to do that again later” I said eagerly.

“Whenever you want. I’ll only stop when you say” he offered me.

“Really? Well, maybe I’ll take you up on that later” I said, letting my thighs slip off his shoulders.

We rose together and by the time we fell onto the bed, his jeans and shirt were off, my skirt and blouse joining them on the floor. He slipped off my knickers as I pulled him on top of me, gasping as his rock hard cock entered me.

“I hope you can last for a while” I said to him breathlessly.

“Try and stop me” he said assuredly and I gasped again as he buried himself to the hilt inside me.

For over 20 minutes he alternated between driving fast into me, or grinding slowly inside my insatiable pussy. I couldn’t get enough, putting my legs in the air as he went even deeper. To postpone his orgasm and make sure I reached another, we varied speed, until I rolled over to my hands and knees. He slid inside me from behind and holding my ass, began to fuck me mercilessly. I thought perhaps I should try and do something for him, as I had every intention of having a wonderful selfish sex session later Konya travesti with this willing stud, so when I felt my own orgasm explode, I rode with it until I could tell he was getting close. Spinning round, I engulfed his cock in my mouth and felt the first hot jet land on my tongue. I swallowed a little but let most of it slither out of my mouth. He slumped back onto the pillow and I smiled down at him.

“Do you have a cock ring or anything?” I asked him.

Surprisingly, he nodded with eyes closed, pointing to the dresser as he still smiled post orgasm. I rose and looked over, retrieving the device and returning, I slipped it over his slightly soft member. Taking it in my hand, I sucked the head into my mouth until he began to harden again. Then I moved up the bed and his eyes opened as I turned around and mounted his face, towards his feet. He didn’t hesitate as his tongue sought my slit and then as I leaned forward across his body to grasp his stiff cock, I felt his tongue caress my arse. This was something my husband hadn’t done at any rate and it felt good, so soft and wet. I could feel my body respond as his naughty tongue slipped inside me and as it did I began to wank him gently.

I’m not sure if he assumed I was going to give him a blow job but in any case I didn’t. Besides, surely that would only have frustrated him with the cock ring now tight at the base of his shaft. Instead I toyed leisurely with him as his wonderful tongue began to drive into me. I was really enjoying it after a few minutes and eventually let go of his cock to sit upright, pushing my arse harder against his face. I could feel my juices leaking over his chin and without warning, I pulled off him, turning round to remount his face again. This time I slid forward and watched him as my pussy enveloped his nose and my bum was once again over his mouth. It was only later that I reflected on his ability to breathe so well. He managed to somehow breathe perfectly between tongue fucking my arse as I shamelessly rode both his tongue and nose. It seemed to go on for hours but in actuality, it was probably about 30 minutes before I slid back to let him tongue my soaking pussy.

“Swallow all my juices” I said huskily and groaned again as his mouth covered me completely.

That particular moment was really heaven, although in truth the entire night was. He licked me until eventually I simply couldn’t hold back any longer. Holding his head as if I was worried it would vanish, I came violently on his tongue again. After a few minutes, I slumped off his handsome face and lay onto my stomach.

“I want you to fuck me” I said again, but in truth, I was too tired to do much else except lie there.

I did indeed do little as he mounted me and thrust in. That wonderful cock ring stopped any cum from exiting too and I lay in a blissful state as this young virile stud fucked my pussy with wanton abandon. He may have been frustrated but I was loving it too much to suggest the thing came off. Incredibly, I came again and then finally decided my lover needed release too.

“Take it off and cum for me” I said to him.

In one last supreme effort, I rolled onto my back and welcomed his İzmir travesti body on top of mine. He didn’t last long but unexpectedly came inside me. Afterwards, he too slumped off and I rolled out of bed and into his bathroom. I sat on the toilet, feeling his cum leaving me and after I was sure it was all out, I returned to bed.

The next morning, I awoke quite early and looked over at him lying on his back. Going into the bathroom, I returned and skilfully mounted his face while he slept. He awoke to find me poised above him and as he opened his mouth to speak, I sank my pussy down on top of it. Whatever he was trying to say wasn’t as important as my morning orgasm and after a few moments I felt him begin to lick inside me again.

“Next time, if you’re awake first, just slip under the covers okay?” I said to him.

He nodded while keeping his tongue inside me and I sighed as I felt him begin that technique of orally fucking me. That morning I sat on his face for quite a while but held him off from making me cum. Instead, I eventually dismounted and positioned myself on my back as he resumed eating my cunt. The broad sweeps of his tongue became more pronounced until he captured my clit and took me towards orgasm.

“Ah, that’s it, don’t you stop my pussy eater. Yeah, that’s it, mhhm, I want you to do this all the time! Ah, oh, fucking lick it, lick it, aaahhhh!” and my thighs squeezed hard as I came like an express train. I eventually – and a little reluctantly – slumped off his face and as he was about to fuck me, I pushed him away.

“I wouldn’t mind having some clean clothes and that means going home. Would you drive me?” I asked him.

“Erm, sure” he offered but I could see the disappointment on his face.

The kids were away, hence the night out so after a quick shower at his place, I pulled on the previous evening’s clothes. We made our way to his Audi TT and headed back to my place, which was in a village out of town. Once in, I excused myself to the bedroom and opened my wardrobe. I was about to pick out jeans and long sleeved top when I changed my mind. I pulled on the top which hung past my waist and laid out the jeans but neglected to put them on. Then I waltzed back through to the lounge. My own bravery surprised me, but it was a clear sign I felt comfortable with him, despite the age gap. His face was a picture as he watched me settle on the sofa.

Could you get me a glass of fresh orange juice from the fridge? The glasses are in the cupboard on the right” I asked him.

He simply nodded and went through to the kitchen, while I flicked on the tv. Returning, he found me sitting watching the lunchtime news and I glanced up at him as he passed me the glass. I knew my pussy was on display and without looking at him, I asked him another question.

“Is there anything you would like to do?” I urged.

“Well, several things. But the way you are dressed, I mean um, could I lick you and then maybe later, perhaps I could fuck you?” he asked.

“Mhhmm, I might have time for a fuck later, but what exactly do you want to lick?” I pressed.

“Your um, pussy and your arse” he offered, haltingly.

“Okay, well, you may as well start now” and predictably he sank to his knees in front of me.

I slipped my thighs over his shoulders which let me help adjust the height his mouth was at and settled in for what I hoped would be a long, enjoyable bout of oral sex before a damn good fuck.

More in part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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