Her Story

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She stoops to retrieve Her mail that lies on the floor and walks to Her desk. Putting Her bag down, She sits and while perusing Her mail thinks back to a few months ago. Back when She discovered She was a Domme. OK it was only on line, a cyber Domme, but still it was something She hadn’t thought about before. She now has a collared submissive, again only on line, but the girl has brought back something She thought long dead. Emotions, love and the need to control.

She is suddenly brought back to reality by a strange letter. It seems to have been hand delivered as there is no stamp. Opening it She is intrigued. She pulls out a neatly typed letter, it address Her by name and has the following instructions.

Please be ready at 7pm on the 16th to be picked up.

Wear casually formal attire.

Dinner will be provided so don’t bother eating please.

You will be picked up by a taxi that has been paid for and taken to a destination only the driver knows so don’t bother asking him/her as he/she will not tell.

A bemused smile lights Her face, yet She is worried as to who might have sent the letter. No marks on it at all to give a hint as to its writer. Putting it aside She returns to the other letters and everyday life.

The 16th arrives and not knowing why She is dressed and waiting for the taxi to arrive. Still trying to figure out who it might be. She even asked Her submissive but she denied it being her.

The taxi arrives and She climbs in, single rose lies on the seat. She smiles as She lifts the perfect bud to Her nose and inhales it fragrance. She is definitely more intrigued.

The taxi pulls up outside a club She recognises as a BDSM club. Slowly She enters the club only to be met with by a cute female dressed in a very tight leather body suit with holes where her breasts and mound are.

“Ma’am, please follow me, Your room is ready,” she says in a very deep raspy voice. As she leads Her to a room, She admires the nice firm butt. They stop and the leather-clad beauty opens the door.

Entering the room She is accosted by the scent of patchouli and dancing shadows play on the dark velvet curtains, made by candles placed strategically around the room She is lead to a table that has been set for two for dinner. Another rose sits in a vase of lead crystal. Two candlesticks sit either side of it. The table is splendidly set with very expensive crockery and cutlery. She waits, rather impatiently.

Soft music begins to haunt the air. A song that slowly registers in Her head. She smiles at the words, as it is the song Her submissive played for Her on the occasion of the girls’ collaring.

“And when I look in your eyes

All of my life is before me

And I’m not running any more

‘Cause I already know I’m home

With every beat of my heart

I’ll give you my love completely

My darling, this I promise you”

Lost in the words, She jumps when She hears a voice next to Her.

“Mistress, may i serve You Your meal now?” a soft voice says.

Stunned, She looks down and sees, in all her reubenesque naked glory, Her collared submissive. Shocked and dying to jump up and grab her, She stops Herself. She realises that Her girl has gone to extreme lengths to make this night special. With all the control She can muster She says, “Yes girl please serve Me.”

The submissive on hearing Her command, rises slowly. She reaches to a tray that is near her and takes the lid of the dishes of food. The rich aroma of the food seems to jump up and grab Her, She realises She is indeed hungry. Carefully cleaning the utensils she proceeds to place the meat and vegetables on Her plate. She places a napkin on Her lap, and softly xnxx leans in to kiss Her cheek. She next reaches for the champagne that has been chilling in ice. With expertise, she removes the cork, not spilling a drop. Picking up a flute, she checks to see that it is clean and free from chips and cracks. Satisfied, she fills it with the bubbly liquid, then commences to fill another.

“Mistress, may i please have the pleasure of dining with You?”

“I would be more than honoured if you did girl, please fill your plate and sit opposite Me.” She says with a grin so huge.

The background music changes to soft classical music, soft and pleasing to the ears. The candles form teasing shadows over the naked body of Her girl. She looks appreciatively at her, knowing this night She will finally have what is Hers.

As they ate, the submissive explained that she had won a considerable amount of money, millions in fact. Having fixed up affairs at home, she planned this night and hopefully a lot longer, for weeks. Often came close to spilling the beans. She plans on spoiling her mistress if She will give her permission to do so. She smiles at Her girl and tells her that they will spoil each other, starting tonight.

As they eat dinner they chat about the things they will do over the next few weeks and generally enjoy each other’s company. As the submissive cleans away the dishes and such she informs Her that she has a seat booked in the conference room below where an exhibition of Kinbaku-bi – meaning beautiful bondage. . They adjourn to the conference room, where Dominants and submissives a like are seated, and Her girl leads Her to Her seat. As She sits, Her girl goes of to get Her a drink. Looking around the room She sees that all the submissives are naked save for collars. Slowly reading the pamphlet supplied, She is amused at the concept of Kinbaku-bi. The japanese form of bondage which involves tying up the bottom in simple yet visually intricate patterns. The girl returns and gives Her a cold whisky and lemonade, she kneels beside Her and settles down to enjoy the show with Her. After the exhibition Her girl tells Her to please mingle while she readies the room she has booked for them to stay in. A bemused smile creeps on Her face as She watches her walk away. She mingles with the other patrons and compares notes and other interests. Upon returning Her girl sees Her still talking and kneels waiting beside the door. Some minutes later She walks to her and tells her she is ready to retire. Taking Her submissive arm they make their way to the room.

The room has also been beautifully lit with candles, and the oil burners seem to wave a scent around them. The girl walks Her to the centre of the room and asks permission to undress Her so She can be bathed. In a soft voice She commands Her girl to undress Her, but don’t touch. The girl smiles at Her and very slowly and carefully removes Her garb, folding it and placing it on the chair. Leading Her to a bathroom that has been carefully prepared again with candles and oils, she helps Her enter the spa bath that has soft bubbles floating in it. A She slides slowly the spa, noticing that it is just right.

“May I wash You Mistress?” she asks quietly.

She looks at Her girl smiles.

“No you may not, but you may climb in here with Me.”.

Her girl looks at Her and smiles. Slowly she enters the spa. She grabs her as she lowers herself and turns her around so that she sits with her back to Her and pulls her close. Leaning back, she smiles and moans softly at being held. Softly She whispers to her, in a tone that is unmistakable.

“Mine, and I will take you this night.”

Her hand moves to the girl’s breast and captures an erect nipple between finger and thumb and gentle brazzers twists it. The girl moans and seems to melt into Her. Her other hand moves to the girl’s mound and slowly slides a finger between waiting lips. She finds the girl’s pussy more than ready. Slowly She begins to move Her finger in and out of the willing hole.

Removing Her finger from the now lubricated hole, She moves to the girl’s clit and rubs it gently, all the while teasing the nipple expertly.

“Girl, this night I take you and you will no longer be in doubt as to Whose property you are. Do you understand?”

Her girl moans softly, both at being touched and at the sound of control in her Mistress’ voice.

“Mistress, Your girl knows already, but after tonight will have no desire to find another.” She says in a halting voice.

She bites the girl’s neck hard, leaving a mark instantly. Continuing to tease the girl, until the girl is at a stage of no return, then stops. The girl lets a groan of disappointment leave her lips and seems to sink further into the spa.

She stands and waits for Her girl to get out and get a towel. The girl moves quickly but deftly. Taking a towel of the heated rail, she holds it open and waits for her Mistress to come to her. She looks at Hers with a rye smile and gets out of the spa, walks to her and lets her envelope Her in the warm soft towel.

The submissive very carefully dries Her and when finished asks if She wishes to dress in Her night attire or something else. She answers that She wishes to wear nothing but her. Pulling her into Her arms, She kisses her hard and long. Desire working its magic, urging Her to take the girl now. She pulls away, walks to the room, and looks at the bed, then the dresser, which has Her personal sex toys, laid out.

“Girl, dry yourself then get on the bed and present yourself to Me.” she says in a demanding voice.

The girl does as instructed, dried she moves to the bed, lays on her back with legs opened wide with her feet placed as close to her bottom as is comfortable, arms by her side, hands open and upturned, arched back so her hips are of the bed. Her head turned to look at her Mistress.

She smiles and looks at Her property. She moves to the bed, gets up on it so She is between the girl’s legs. Slowly, She moves closer and leans in to lick the inviting pussy that is so beautifully presented for Her. Running Her tongue over the lips already moist from desire, tasting her sweet juice. Expertly She slides Her tongue into the waiting slit, probing, tasting. The girl lets a moan escape her mouth, and tries not to move until told to.

With increased pressure She begins to tongue Her property. Noticing that the girl is finding it harder to not push against Her tongue, She moves it to her clit and rubs it hard. The girl can take no more and pushes against her Mistress tongue, moaning. Pulling Her tongue away, She begins to suck on her clit, pulling it into Her mouth. She gently pushes two fingers into the very wet pussy, all the way in. Then commences to take her with Her fingers. Her tongue now teasing the captured clit and the girl is beyond caring if she should move or not. Riding her Mistress fingers harder, she pleads softly for Her to fuck her, to take her, to make her Hers.

She stops, and moves up the girl’s shivering body. Reaching her lips She kisses her hard, raping her mouth with Her tongue, hard. Moaning at the response from the girl, She pushes Her fingers in and out harder and deeper. Urging the girl to exotic heights. The girl grabs at her Mistress, pulling Her into her. She senses the girl is close and pulls out Her fingers.

“Not yet My girl, not yet. I will say when.” She tells the withering girl.

She gets of the bed and moves to the sikiş izle array of toys. Picking up a harness She slips a medium dildo into it and puts the harness on. Her girl watches with a soft smile, know that tonight she will scream Her name and know She will hear it.

Returning to the bed, She moves to lie over Her girl. Kissing her softly, Her hands wandering over her body, pinching occasionally. Looking into the girl’s eyes She flares lust, desire and an urgency to take her, but She keeps it slow, tender, for now. Moving to her neck She kisses it softly, moving to nibbles and then bites her. The girl moans in appreciation, moving under Her, urging Her to take her with the dildo.

“Soon baby soon,” She says in a husky voice.

She licks down the girl’s neck to her ample bosom, drawing circles around her nipple. Pulling the nipple into Her mouth She sucks it and flicks it with Her tongue at the same time. The girl moves her hands so that they run fingers over Her back. Gripping the nipple between Her teeth She tugs it, tongue now pushed against it. The girl begins to beg.

“Mistress, please take me. Make me cum. Make me scream Your name.”

Hearing this She slowly enters the girl’s waiting pussy, very slowly. The girl pushes up and is told to lie still if she wishes to gain her pleasure. The girl groans but complies.

She begins to move in and out, very slowly yet deeply. She bites the girl’s breasts each in turn. Her hand moves to the girl’s clit and She rubs it softly. The girl is beyond keeping still and moves to meet each slow thrust from her Mistress. The pace is picked up and the dildo now moving all the way out and then back in with hard thrusts, deep to the girl’s core.

The girl now moving faster, urging her Mistress to take her hard and fast. To make her scream, to rake her nails over her Mistress body.

She stops to pleas from Her girl to keep going. She gets off her and She orders the girl on her knees. The girl moves quickly, only to willing to do as she is told. Wanting that dildo back in her so bad, she is beside herself.

She Mistress looks at the inviting sight before Her. Slapping the bare bottom hard several times. Each slap brings a “Thank You Mistress may I have another.”

Moving so that She is right behind her, She slowly enters the girl’s pussy, slow and evenly. Holding the girl so that she can not move back without permission. She then commences to fuck her hard and fast. Slamming into her so that the resounding sound of her butt cheeks slapping against Her thighs. She reaches around, finds the girl’s clit with Her finger, and rubs it. The girl moves to meet each thrust from the dildo begin to breathe heavily.

“Please Mistress may i cum for You, please i need to cum.” The girl begs haltingly.

“Not yet love, not yet.” She says enjoying the sound and the sight before Her.

She grabs the girl by the hair and pulls her so she is kneeling and leaning back into Her. Biting her neck and growling softly. Bidding her to stay like that She returns Her finger to the girl’s clit and with Her other hand, moves to Her own. She beings to rubs Herself and before long can feel the sweet pressure of an orgasm building.

“Girl, you may cum and make it good. I want to hear you say you are Mine.” She growls lowly in the girl’s ear.

With those words ringing in her ear the girl moves faster on both finger and dildo and before long reaches that pinnacle she has been climbing to.

“I’m Yours Mistress, Yourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssss’, she screams long and hard, bucking and riding the dildo furiously. As she does her Mistress also cums, biting the girl’s neck in Her throngs of ecstasy. They both collapse, breathing heavily. She withdraws Her strappy from the girl and takes it off. Laying on Her back She pulls Her girl to Her, kissing her sweet lips.

“Now girl you are truly Mine, now and forever.”

Hearing that the girl cries softly, with tears of love, devotion and posts orgasmic relieve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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