His Sweet Boy Ch. 06

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AU: I’m Back! I know i was a little slow to write but im working on it.

P.S. to Crven_ban: do not read my mind it freaks me out. To everyone else, 40th comment on His Sweet Boy Ch.04


Ben slammed the office door, then spotted the bathroom and shuffled awkwardly into it slamming that door for good measure.

Fucking hell. Eric was going to be the death of him. He was so embarrassed, how could he come in his pants like a middle schooler who just discovered porn. Sure, he didn’t have much sexual experience, but he had self-control… At least he thought he did.

He hadn’t planned it, the orgasm had kinda snuck up on him. Everything had been going great, the kisses had been drug worthy and that thrusting was perfect. He had been in bliss, and the next second a freight train hit him right between the eyes, making his vision go white for a second, and filling his boxer briefs with a warm flood of cum.

What made the whole situation ten times worse, was that the boy was wearing those damn maroon colored leather pants, which were so tight, it forced all that…liquid…up and around in places it really shouldn’t be and squished as he had made his way to the bathroom. It was by far the grossest feeling Ben had ever experienced, and he never wanted to again.

The boy quickly unbuckled and unzipped the pants, fighting to get the tight leather down and off his hips. It was a struggle but Ben managed it, revealing a pair of hunter green boxer briefs that were soaked through with cooling cum.

“Eugh” the boy peeled the sticky gross undies away from his body and down his legs.

It wouldn’t be enough to just try and wipe the…stuff away, the boy needed a whole new pair of underwear, fuck.

There was a gentle knock from behind him which startled a squawk out of Ben and made him hobble forward away from the door he was leaning against.

“Ben you alright in there?” Eric’s voice came through the door muffled.

“Yea, I’m fine.” Ben gasped, letting his heart settle back into his chest.

“You don’t sound fine, Ben, what’s wrong?”

The door handle jiggled and turned. The boy lunged forward and slammed the door closed as it started to open.

“No, don’t come in!” the sub shouted, panicked.

“Ben?!” then gentler, “Sweetheart, what’s wrong? You’re not still embarrassed?”

“Of course I’m fucking embarrassed, it soaked through my underwear, they’re ruined.” Ben was in tears at this point.

“Baby, please let me in so I can help you.”

“No.” Ben croaked out.

“Ben, open the door now.” the dominant voice came loud and clear from the other side.

The boy wasn’t able to resist it, slowly opening the door and letting Eric see him with his pants and soiled boxer briefs around his thighs along with his tear-streaked face.

The giant figure stepped through the door and gave him a once over glance before focusing on the boy’s face.

“Oh sweetheart, it’s ok, baby. Come here.”

Ben let out a wail and shuffled the two feet into those open arms and hugged the dom’s middle, tight.

“You’re ok, babe. It’s alright.”

“No, it’s not, my underwear is ruined, I came like a 14-year-old and these pants are too tight!”

“Oh Sweetheart, it’s ok. It’s all easily fixed. We can get you out of those pants and we can always get you more underwear. And I find it very flattering that you came from what we did.”

“You’re just saying that.”

“I’m not just saying that. When have I ever just said something? Now let’s start by solving the easy problem and get you out of these pants and boxer briefs.”

“Ok.” Ben sniffled too miserable to care that he was nude from waist to thigh.

“Alright, can you do it or do you want help?”

“I’ve got it, just… don’t leave?”

“Never, sweetheart.”

So Eric waited while Ben fought with the lower half of his clothes. He managed to get them down to his knees before sitting on the toilet and tugging off his converse so he could get the pants all the way off.

Finally, he was free of the confining clothing and unsalvageable underwear. Feeling much better Ben now started to feel even more humiliation and embarrassment about sitting half-naked on the toilet, his genitals still covered in drying cum.

“No no, don’t start crying again. Here let me grab you a washcloth so you can clean yourself up.”

The boy sucked in his tears and tried his best to keep them contained as Eric put a grey washcloth under the water in the sink before handing it to him. The washcloth was damp and warm in Ben’s hands.

“Could you…”

“Oh yea, sorry baby.” Eric quickly turned his back to the boy to give him some privacy.

Ben wiped the grossness from his skin, careful to make sure he got all of it off from every crack and crevice, he didn’t want any lingering, anywhere.

One he was finished, the boy wasn’t sure what to do with the cum soaked washcloth. So he just sorta held it awkwardly.

“I’m done.” Ben choked out.

Eric turned and went to grab for the, now, cum rag. The boy izmir escort snatched it out of reach.

“What’s wrong?” Eric asked voice quiet.

“I’m not handing this to you, it’s gross.”

The dom rolled his eyes. “It’s just semen it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Yes it is, just tell me where you want it and I’ll put it there.”

“Sweetheart, I have had many different kinds of people’s cum all over my body including in my mouth and down my throat, now hand me the rag.”

“Ok, 1 ew and 2 that’s other people’s cum, not mine.”

“Oh, and yours is that much different. Babe, you’re being ridiculous.”

“Oh, I’m being ridiculous for not wanting the guy I like to touch a rag stained in my cum or see me like this.”


“Well fine let me be ridiculous and throw away my own cum rag!”

“Babe, it needs to go in the laundry basket which is out in the hall, and you’re naked from the waist down so just…let me do it.”

“Ugh fine, but this is the worst.”

“I know,” Eric said as he dropped a kiss on Ben’s head, taking the cum rag from the boy and walking it out of the bathroom.

When the man came back, Ben was still sitting there glowering (the boy had also pulled a hand towel over his hips to hide his cock from view).

Eric let out a small sigh. “What is it now, sweetheart?”

“I can’t wear my underwear and I hate going commando.”

“That, I can fix.”

“You just randomly have men’s underwear in my size?”

“Well…it’s a little hard to explain.”

“I’m confused, what’s hard to explain about underwear?”

“You would have found out anyway, It’s not a secret but…”

“But what? Eric, you aren’t making any sense, what the hell are you talking about?”

“One of my kinks. I’ll explain.” The man took in a deep breath and looked…nervous? “I have a thing for men wearing panties. I think it looks extremely attractive and it turns me on. So I have some pairs here. You don’t have to wear them if you don’t want to but it’s an option. Otherwise, you can wait while I go pick some up for you.”

“You like your subs to wear panties?” Ben asked not sure he was hearing right.

It seemed like such an odd thing for Eric to be into.

“Yes, I do. I love seeing my subs crossdress, playing with those gender boundaries, and embracing both sides of themselves. It turns me on to see subs experimenting and trying something that others might consider taboo.”

“You mean like sissies?”


“But your gay.”

“Yes, and I’m very happy being so. I love the effect that cross-dressing can have. Ben, you’re beautiful, clothing should accentuate that beauty, both masculine and feminine. But I would never ask you to do something that you feel uncomfortable with, if it’s not for you then we never have to talk about it again, and I’m ok with that.”

Ben paused trying to process. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Eric let out a chuckle. “There was never a good time, it’s not something you just say to a person when you first meet. And it’s not that big of a deal.”

“If you just happen to have some panties lying around your office that sounds like more than ‘not a big deal’. And who the hell’s panties are they. Did you keep some other subs panties and think I’d be ok wearing them?!”

“God no Ben. Breathe, sweetheart, they are brand new.”

“Why the hell do you have brand new panties in my size?!”

“Oh, that.” Eric looked uncomfortable as he ran a rough hand through his hair.


“Alright fine, I bought them…for you. Now before you go off on me, I wasn’t planning on giving them to you anytime soon, I was just scrolling on amazon and they came up, made me think of you…so I bought them.”

“You bought panties for me?” Ben repeated, again having no idea how to process it all.

“Yes, I did.”

“Can I” Ben swallowed before getting the rest of the words out. “See them?”

“Sure sweetheart, let me go grab ’em.”

Ben watched as the dom moved with an almost giddy stride out of the bathroom and into his office, the boy lost sight of the man but heard rummaging before Eric reappeared carrying what must be panties in his large hands.

“Here, pick whichever one you like, I’ll give you some privacy and if none fit your fancy then that’s fine too and I’ll go buy some boxers for you.” the dom handed over the underwear and turned closing the bathroom door behind him.

Fingering the fabric the boy looked down at the four pairs of men’s panties that he held. The first pair he examined was a dark blue sheer lace bikini style with a g-string and wideband. It was covered in a rose pattern and had a little pouch that was not see-through that his cock would obviously hide in.

Gulping, Ben moved on to the next pair and wished he hadn’t. They were a light pink and black lace ensemble with a short see-through skirt that hit mid crotch and g strap panties. Quickly putting those aside he pulled out the third pair.

They were similar to the first. The only difference was alsancak escort the color. A dark grey. Finally, the last pair were white and appeared to cover the most. They were also lace and sheer (Eric must have a thing for lace). But they looked like a combination bikini style and boy shorts panties with a little covered pocket for his cock and a v shape design in the back with sheer and non-sheer fabric.

Clutching the last pair to his chest, Ben thought to himself was he really going to do this? Wear panties for a man? Then he thought about Eric, and how utterly amazing he had been, even when he was frustrating, intimidating and pulling the boy out of his comfort zone, he was always there with a hug and a kind word of reassurance.

Anything Ben said, the dom listened, he cared. All Eric had asked (and he hadn’t even asked it, he had offered the opportunity) was to try on panties that were bought specifically for the boy. No one bought anything for Ben, he always took care of himself, he didn’t even get money from his parents.

And a man that Ben barely knew had bought him not one but four pairs of panties because they made Eric think of him. Even if the boy never wore them he would always treasure that. So what would be the harm in just trying them on? If he didn’t like it, he would be the only one who knew he even tried it. And Eric had said he wouldn’t be mad.

Taking in a deep breath, the sub bent and slipped first one socked foot then another into the white panties. He glided them up his semi hairy legs and stopped when they passed his knees.

Ben breathed in another steadying breath before standing and continuing to pull the white lace farther up his body. He stopped just below his butt before holding his breath as he pulled them the rest of the way on.

He readjusted his cock and balls so they fit comfortably in the pocket and finished pulling and pinching at the fabric until everything fit where it was supposed to.

The boy closed his eyes tight before turning to the mirror. He opened first one then the other to see how he looked.

Ben’s mouth fell open in shock. The panties actually looked…good. Better than good, he liked them. The boy turned to check out his rear and couldn’t help the flush of pleasure at the sight. The fabric cupped his ass perfectly.

He hadn’t expected to be a fan but… damn it all he liked it, no he loved it. It was the same feeling when he looked in the mirror back at Harley’s and saw a sex kitten looking back at him. He felt hot.

Well not quite, the hair on his legs bothered him a little because it didn’t fit the feel of the outfit but that was easily ignored.


Jumping almost out of his skin, Ben clutched at his heart for the second time that night.


“You ok in there? Want me to run the store and get you some boxers?”


The knob jiggled and turned. Eric opened the door as he spoke: “you don’t have to, I don’t mind goi…”

The dom’s voice trailed off as he stopped and stared at Ben. The boy had never seen Eric speechless before and it was kinda nice, especially as the dom’s pupils dilated in pleasure.

“Oh sweetheart, you look beautiful.” The man finally spoke, his voice full of appreciation. “Give me a turn, let me get a good look at you.”

Ben trembled with nerves but did a slow twirl.

“Fucking gorgeous.” Eric’s whispered voice sounded like it was punched out of him. “What do you think of them?”

“I…like them.” The boy said blushing at the admittance.

“I’m really glad, they’re yours same with the other pairs, do whatever you want with them.”

“Thanks,” Ben mumbled, staring down at his socked feet.

Silence filled the room until the dom spoke.

“Can I touch you?”

The boy gave a jerky nod, his throat too dry for words.

Eric reached out and caught Ben’s hand in his own before tugging gently, encouraging the boy to follow him out into the office. The dom sat in his office chair and guided the sub to stand between his thighs, making them close to eye level.

Ben stared down into Eric’s face as the man refocused his attention on the boy’s body.

With slow grace, Eric started with his hands on Ben’s wrists and slid up to the boy’s shoulders and then down his sides to his hips.

“If I do anything you don’t like, or you get nervous or you just want me to stop. Tell me immediately and I will, ok?”

Ben nodded.

“I need words baby.”

“Yes, sir.”

Eric’s lips quirked with a smile. “No sir. Not right now, right now is just us as equals.”

“What if I like calling you sir?”

“That’s good, I like hearing it. But right now, I don’t want to deal with any more added layers, earlier was even borderline for me. We need to sit down at some point, go over kinks, have a talk about consent and all that jazz, but right now I just want to get to know you, and your beautiful body.”

Ben couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and running his fingers hesitantly through Eric’s hair. buca escort He felt emboldened as the man closed his eyes and rested his head against the middle of the boy’s chest.

Cradling that head in his hands, Ben let both sets of fingers trace through that black mane massaging the scalp underneath. A deep purring sound of contentment left the dom’s mouth as those large hands circled the sub’s waist and clever fingers played lazily with the back waistband of the white lace panties.

It felt so good, just being with someone. The touches they were exchanging weren’t sexual as much as they were exploratory. A learning of each other’s bodies.

The fingers Ben had in Eric’s hair traveled down to the back of the dom’s strong neck, massaging it with gentle kneading fingers. The boy felt it as unexpected tension melted under the ministrations of his hands, and Eric’s head got heavier leaning against him.

“You better stop that or I’ll fall asleep, sweetheart.” Came the man’s muffled voice.

“I don’t know sleep sounds pretty good right now.”

Eric lifted his head as he spoke. “So says the one that had an orgasm, but come here we can snuggle for a bit.”

After a second of hesitation, Ben climbed into Eric’s lap and let the dom cuddle him. It felt good being held as the man traced lazy circles on his exposed left hip and legs, while his right side was warmed by the heat radiating from Eric’s massive frame.

“Baby tell me what my boundaries are on where I can touch you tonight?” The dom murmured from above him.

“Anywhere.” Ben said lazily, “but I’m not really up for coming again and ruining more clothes so keep it tame.”

Eric chuckled. “Alright, and thank you for your trust.”

Ben nuzzled into the dom’s chest.

“I love seeing you in clothes that I bought for you. These panties make it difficult for me to not take you right here and right now.”

“That’s fine, just be quiet about it so I can sleep.”

Another chuckle escaped Eric’s deep chest, reverberating through Ben. “Trust me when I take you, it won’t be quiet and you won’t be sleeping.”

“Promises promises.”

“Don’t tempt me, sweetheart, I’m trying to do the honorable thing here and respect your boundaries.”

“Why do you do that? I thought doms were supposed to just order around and use subs. Isn’t that the whole point of being a dom.”

“For some, it might be, but I don’t feel that way. I’m a dominant because I love being able to take care of someone, I love having the control to help someone make good decisions about their body and what they need. For example, some of the requirements I had for a long term sub I had a long time ago were to eat healthily, exercise weekly, and take care of themselves mentally. I also think a dom is supposed to respect and honor the trust and control placed in their hands and not abuse it. For a scene or role-play or non-consent, the rules might be different but I’m not usually a fan of those unless a very clear conversation happens before the session. It’s a misnomer that the dominant is in control, it is the submissive who has all the power, without them a dominant wouldn’t exist.”

“Is that why you’re always checking in and asking me things?”

“Yes, I want you to know from the top of your head down to your tippy-toes that you are safe with me, mind, body, and soul.”

“You know you’re the nicest giant I’ve ever met.”

“Probably because I’m not a giant.”

“That’s right, you’re half-giant.”

“And you’re a brat.”

“You love it.”

“Yes, I do,” Eric said in all seriousness.

Ben looked up and met those intense brown eyes with his own electric blue ones. The hand on the boy’s hip had stilled.

“Can I please touch you here?” Eric moved his hand with slow assuredness to just above the boy’s crotch.

Gulping, Ben nodded his head, suddenly not tired at all.

“Thank fuck.” The dom wooshed out as he cupped the swelling bulge between the boy’s legs. “How does it feel baby, having me rub you through your panties?”

Ben was already panting and couldn’t think straight that’s how he felt. The sensation of silk and lace against his sensitized skin along with the warm pressure of Eric’s hand was mind blowing and the man wasn’t even touching his skin.

“Baby. I want an answer.”

“Fuck, I don’t-I can’t think.”

“Maybe we should address this trouble in focusing, it seems to happen a lot to you doesn’t it.”

Ben gave a growl of frustration and desire at Eric. The man knew exactly what the fuck he was doing.

“God, you’re so sensitive, I love that. And I can feel how hard you are in your panties, so needy even after coming once already.”

“Whose *pant* fault *pant* is that.”

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll take full responsibility, but right now I just want to take my time,” Eric spoke as he stopped rubbing and went back to just cupping Ben.

The man bent and whispered his next words in the boy’s ear. “I love touching you like this, knowing that you’re all mine, that you’ve given me permission to treat you like you deserve.”

“What I deserve is for you not to tease.”

“What you want and what you deserve are two different things. What you deserve is for someone to take their time getting to know you and your body, from your insecurities to how you like to be touched. You deserve to be cherished.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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