Holiday Fun

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My name is Susan Long I have shoulder length blonde hair, a 36 – 22 – 34 figure to go with it. Becky Thomas my best and lifelong friend, was a brunette with a similar figure but slightly smaller tits. We had met at Junior school and moved along through life experiencing growing up together. We had lived a few doors away from one another, even our parents got along well. Last year we had moved a mile or so away but still saw each other regularly So when we decided to celebrate our 21st birthdays with a couple of weeks in the sun it was no real big deal to our parents.

After we announced it our holiday plans it soon came around and we landed on the island of Ibiza after a short two hour flight. It was bliss, pure bliss, a lovely two bedroom apartment overlooking the sea. The sun was hot and plenty of sun cream required as we took in the rays on the beach. It was quite busy and I soon noticed Becky eyeing up the male talent who were swimming and playing football.

I had always been jealous of her stunning good looks and superb figure, although I know she had the same opinion of me, she was always mentioning my boobs as she thought hers slightly small. She developed before me, I never told her but I would gladly have traded my tits for hers in the early teenage days when it appeared every boy in the school wanted to get his hands on her two prime assets. I must say she managed quite successfully to keep them at bay by having a steady boyfriend who no doubt got his hands on them.

Unlike Becky I was somewhat of a real cock teaser and that was it. Although she never admitted how far she had gone, everyone knew Becky had lost her cherry pretty early.I managed to keep mine firmly intact, until just after my 18th birthday.

I had been dating a lad I met at a nightclub for a couple of weeks when one evening he plied me with far too much drink and we ended up having sex on the back seat of his dads car. Not the way I planned to lose my virginity. Fortunately he was a gentle lover and I have to say it didn`t hurt me. He was a virgin to I thought as he lasted only a few strokes. I regretted it later and felt I had let myself down. He certainly wasn’t the right one for me, and I soon ended the relationship despite his pleadings.

Over the next few months I had my fair share of boyfriends but fully sex wasn’t really on the cards. Heavy petting was okay and I certainly got a few surprises with the different sizes of cocks I encountered, both in length and girth. How quickly some boys climaxed also fascinated me.

I was tempted one evening by a lad named Dave Rodgers who I contemplated could have been my first proper lover. This time on the back seat of my Dad`s car when I decided to take things a little further than heavy petting and just touching and feeling by sucking his cock.

I had flirted with cocksucking a couple of times and quite enjoyed the limited experiences. Previously I had always finished them off with my hand directing their spunk away from me, especially my face and more importantly my mouth.

Dave had a nice cock and the biggest I had encountered at that time. He was surprised when I unzipped him and pulled out his very stiff manhood. I remember him saying my name and sighing loudly as I slipped his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue down his shaft, sucking and licking down to his balls, then back to the head before taking him deep into my mouth. I felt his hand on the back of my head, his cock expanded and he promptly proceeded to fill my mouth with spunk. I tried to get him out of my mouth but his hand held me firm as her sent long jets of his hot speed into the back of my throat. Finally I felt his cock soften slightly and he relaxed his grip on my head, his cock slipped from my mouth and he relaxed back onto the seat.

I called him a bastard and drove him home without another word, although I did notice he had a very smug look on his face. Needless to say I kiss him goodnight sliding my tongue deep into his mouth hoping he could taste himself on my tongue. Indoors I brushed my teeth and washed my mouth out more than once.

Lying in bed reflected on the event I concluded I was shocked at getting my first mouthful of sperm, but if I was truly honest I didn`t really mind the taste and considered my cocksucking must be good for a guy to come that quickly. However any guy who came that quickly I decided was no good to me. I felt very frustrated and my hand was soon hard at work between my legs.

Becky had been going on about how her latest fella fucked her mouth causing her to gag, she appeared to like the experience! I did wonder why.

A short while later I was whisked off my feet by a sales rep at work. Okay so he had a reputation, but of course I didn`t listen. He really knew how to treat a girl, especially a fairly naive girl like me. I thought I was in love, but I realised later for him it was just sex, and I was another of his conquests. It was just sex yes, but the best sex I had experienced up to that yalnızım mesut bey izle point.

We fucked at every opportunity for three months or so, until I caught him with a girl from the typing pool one evening. I had been working late and dropped some typing off when I heard a noise coming from their supervisor’s office. Upon investigation I saw the so called love of my life sitting in the supervisors chair and a little slapper bouncing up and down on his hard cock. Her back was to me, and I watched fascinated by her riding him hard, I listened to her whimpers as she came on my lovers cock. A few seconds later he joined her in orgasm, saying the same words he had said to me many times as he shot his load deep inside her.

End of the dream relationship, I missed him, No not him the cheating rat, I missed his cock there was little doubt about that. I even let him seduce me once again after the office Christmas party, we ended up at a cheap hotel, he came too quickly and left me high and dry, or just the opposite, low and wet, wet and very randy. I knew he was useless for the rest of the night a mixture of too much booze and sex. I left the hotel a short while later. I was disgusted with myself and vowed never to do anything of the sort ever again, and I can truly say I never have.

Since then I have had a few lovers, some for a couple of weeks, and yes a couple of one night stands usually after a couple too many drinks, and again regretted the following morning.

So here we are two sexy, good looking females on the Party Island. Myself like Becky, although not quite so blatantly eyed up the male talent from behind our sunglasses. It was later that evening we were about to order a meal when two guys we had spotted on the beach earlier came into the restaurant. They smiled and said hello, obviously recognising us from the beach. It took Becky ten seconds or maybe less to ask them if they would like to join us, they needed no second invitation.

John and Richard were two opposites, John outgoing and life and sole of the evening whereas Richard was quieter. Needless to say Becky immediately took to John and I was left with Richard. We danced and enjoyed ourselves and it was in the early hours when Becky whisked John away, leaving Richard to walk me home, Surprise , surprise he was the perfect gentleman and tried no more than a kiss at my apartment door, asking to see me again, I could hardly refuse.

I slipped into the apartment and noticed the patio doors were open, slipping off my shoes I walked towards the doors thinking I would take in the view of the beach and night sky before going to bed, I was stopped in my tracks.

On our balcony Becky was on her knees with a mouthful of John`s cock. I could hear her as she slurped all over his dick. I was fascinated by watching other people performing sex. I watched as she working his cock with her mouth, it wasn`t many minutes before she got her boobs out, she managed this without removing his cock from her mouth. John`s head was thrown back as he enjoyed her considerable oral skills.

When she slipped his cock from her mouth I got a perfect view of his equipment. My word whether it was the angle or the moonlight it appeared John was well blessed in the cock department. Becky placed him between her boobs and licked the top of his cock as her fucked her tits for a few minutes. It was then John`s turn to take over proceedings. He lifted Becky up and bent her over the balcony rail, lifting her short skirt to her waist he pulled her thong to one side before positioning himself behind her. I heard her let out a sexy squeal as he had presumably found his target. He didn`t stand on ceremony and was fucking her hard within seconds. Becky gripped the handrail as her legs buckled slightly, her head went forward as she orgasemed long and hard. When she recovered she moved off his cock, much to his obvious disappointment. Becky quickly grabbed his hard on and whispered,

“To the bedroom my lover.”

I slipped quietly into my room, out of my dress and into bed. For the next hour or so I was treated to the erotic sounds of Becky and her lover shagging. They obviously thought I was doing the same with Richard. Believe me how I wish I was. Instead I had to listen to the unbridled passion of those two. My fingers working overtime on my very wet pussy, by the time it went quiet in the next bedroom and I decided to sleep, although I had pleasured myself I was still in a very frustrated state. My desire for a cock was growing rather than waning. Richard was going to have to perform on me tomorrow.

I awoke surprisingly early the following morning, my fanny still giving me trouble, basically I had been as randy as hell last night and the feeling was just has strong this morning. I got up and made a coffee. It was pleasantly warm and sunny outside and I stood taking in the vista from the balcony. My mind kept flashing back to Becky and John sucking and yüzüklerin efendisi güç yüzükleri izle fucking in this very spot only a few hours ago. Becky`s panties were in the corner and that again reminded me of the previous nights show her and John had put on.

Finishing my coffee I decided to have a refill and went back indoors. My state of arousal wasn`t helped one little bit by the sounds coming from Becky`s bedroom. John had obviously woken up with a stiffy on and Becky was getting the full benefit of it judging by her moaning and groaning. I listening intently and it wasn`t many minutes before I heard the somewhat by the now familiar sounds of Becky approaching her orgasm. A couple of shorter louder moans followed by a long low squeal as she came. A long, and I imagined very pleasurable orgasm judging by the time it took her to stop moaning. They carried on for a while and I poured another coffee and stood on the balcony with the doors closed.

About half an hour or so later it was a slightly embarrassed Becky who made her way to join me on the balcony. She was only dressed in John`s shirt the swollen lips of her well shagged pussy on display. She pulled the shirt down in a bid to hide her most intimate parts when she noticed me looking embarrassed, we may be best friends but I didn`t really wish to view her well fucked fanny

Sorry Susie,” She apologised to me. “How long have you been in, I never heard you come home?”

“I was home just before you and John last night,” I lied not wishing to let her know I came in whilst they were performing so admirably on the balcony

“Oh,” she exclaimed blushing, her cheeks turning bright red, “Hope we didn`t disturb you?”

“No you didn`t disturb me,” I assured her, “You were quite entertaining actually.”

She blushed again, “How did you get on with Richard?” she quickly changed the subject.

“Perfect gentleman, just a peck on the cheek to say goodnight.”

“Oh never mind, I mean,” she looked flustered, “Sorry if John and I got carried away,” she still looked a little sheepish but a big smile was on her face.

I laughed, “From what I heard I`d say you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.”

“Can`t deny it he was a good shag,” Becky whispered looking to make sure John couldn`t hear her praise of him in the bedroom department.

“So good you had a second helping this morning.”

“Sorry were we that noisy?”



“Lucky cow I`d say.” We giggled as John came to join us, I must say he did look a little tired. Hardly surprising Becky had worked him hard and more than once.

“Morning girls,” he scratched his ruffled hair, and yawned.

I had arranged to meet Richard by the pool at lunchtime and left Becky and John drooling over each other in the apartment, I had little doubt they would be at it again like rabbits as soon as I was out of the way.

Richard and I spent a nice couple of hours by the pool and had a couple of drinks before the other two joined us. Becky was full of the joys of sex, John looked completely knackered, and fell to sleep at the first opportunity on the convenient sun bed.

That evening the four of us dined and danced at a small restaurant come bar on the sea front and by two in the morning I was ready for some serious action with gentleman Richard. Becky had arranged it so John would take her back to the boys apartment leaving Richard and I to go back to ours.

Ten minutes later and we were standing on the balcony having a glass of wine. Thoughts of what had occurred here 24 hours earlier came to mind, placing my glass on the table I turned to Richard and kissed him passionately. My tongue darting into his mouth, he responded nicely. My fingers began to open the buttons of his shirt, proceeding to the belt of his trousers. I unzipped him and as I reached inside his boxers he said “Sorry Susie.”

I wondered what he had to be sorry about and delved further into his boxers. My hand found their way onto his rapidly hardening cock. And my god what a cock it was, I had difficulty in freeing it from his boxers, but when I did I was more than impressed. In fact I was gobsmacked. My fingers couldn`t fit around his girth and by a considerable way, he was also by far the longest cock I had ever, ever seen. I placed both my hands on it and there was more cock than some of my previous lovers had sticking out of my grip.

“Sorry Sue,” he said again, “I really like you.”

“Sorry, don`t be bloody well sorry,” I said and dropped to my knees. Moving my head forward I placed a kiss on his huge plumb sized knob end. I moved my hands up and down his mighty shaft as I took what I could of it into my mouth. He moaned in appreciation as I slowly licked and gobbled on his rampant cock.

My pussy was wet, very wet, the events of the past day quickly catching up with me, my mind was racing and I knew I had to have this cock inside me quickly. Still sucking Richard I fingered myself increasing my wetness, then getting to my feet I grabbed his cock and led him to the bedroom. Pushing him back onto my bed I pulled his remaining clothes off and quickly stripped down to my red thong. I noticed a sharp intake of breath when I slipped off my dress to expose my firm breasts.

I quickly took him back into my mouth, feeling his cock twitch and hearing him groan as I did so. I quickly straddled his face, blatantly offering him my wet pussy. He slipped a finger into my thong and pulled it to one side exposing my sex to him. He tongue snaked out and licked my slit. I confess I had nearly cum with the first touch of his fingers, the first touch of his tongue sent a small wave of pleasure through me. I was by now very randy and endanger of getting out of control, wantonly I pushed my cunt harder onto his tongue. He licked my swollen pussy slowly and teased me just as I like it.

To repay him I took his monster cock deeper into my throat, deeper than any of my previous lovers by a distance. A major orgasm was approaching rapidly and I was almost there when I felt his cock quickly stiffen and expand. A huge wad of his spunk hit the back of my throat, followed by several more. The bastard had shot his load, long before I thought he would, and long before I needed him to. Not to be denied I ground my fanny onto his tongue, searching for the pleasure I desired. All with no effect, alas dear Richard and his cock softened as quickly as it had risen. He pushed me off his face.

“Sorry, sorry Sue, ” he apologised, “I`m so sorry.” He was almost crying his apology

I was left in little doubt he was finished for the night, when he turned over a promptly fell off to sleep. I confess I was in an uneasy sleep soon after despite my unfulfilled desires.

I awoke early the following morning. Looking at my failure of a stud, thankfully I noticed a huge tent in the bed sheet. I lifted the sheet to get a better view his magnificent tool. No doubt about it, it was an absolute monster. I wondered if he could perform any better in the morning, than his previous attempt. I slipped my fingers as far around his shaft as possible and wanked him a little, a moan came from him as my hand worked gently up and down.

“Good morning,” he whispered and we kissed passionately. My head was swimming again with the idea of getting fucked stupid by his big cock. “Kiss it,” he whispered, “Please.”

I had a feeling he could contain himself this morning so I had little hesitation in slipped under the bed sheet and licking his cock all over whilst massaging his balls. My mouth took him a few seconds later. He appeared even larger in my mouth this morning than I remembered last night. After a few minutes of giving him oral pleasure I moved up and straddled his torso. Kissing him passionately I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. Rubbing the head along my wet pussy I slowly began to work his knob end into my outer lips preparing myself for the invasion of my sweet pussy. My mind was racing in anticipation when to my horror I felt his cock jerk and a streak of spunk landed across my bum, followed by four or five other jets.

What the fuck was wrong with this guy? He was blessed with a massive woman pleaser but so far as I was concerned couldn`t use the bloody thing. A plan, a cunning plan was needed and lying by the pool with Becky a few hours later I explained my disappointment of last night and this morning. She didn`t say anything just lifted her sunglasses and looked at Richard playing football. I had no doubt she was looking for some evidence as to my description of his cock. We didn`t speak for a while before Becky said, “I tell you what?”

“What,” I was slightly irritable probably due to my sexual frustration.

“We`ll swop.”

“Swop what.”

“Swop partners.”

I was dumbfounded by this statement especially after relating my disappointing experiences of both last night and this morning to Becky.

“Well I`m up for a challenge and one things for sure.”

“What`s that?”

“John`s got a pretty big dick and believe me he can use it pretty effectively that`s without doubt.” She went on, “And he fancies you, fancies you a lot.” She continued, “Don`t tell me you don`t fancy him I`ve seen you flirting.”

I blushed knowing what she was saying was true, caution to the wind, “Okay I`m up for it if you are.”

“As I said I`m up for a challenge, now to convince the boys.”

We flirted all afternoon teasing them with innuendoes and the like. Becky even bent right over almost with her fanny in Richards face as she picked up her towel. I noticed his cock twitch. So did Becky as she winked and raised her eyebrows when she looked at me.

Dressing fairly sexily we met the guys for an evening of food and dancing as pre arranged, the teasing continued until our plan became obvious even for men to understand. Walking back to our apartments I linked arms with John as Becky did with Richard.

Ten minutes later I was in Johns arm and we were eating the face of each other. Boy this chap could kiss. I knew I would become aroused easily but to feel like this after a snog was most unusual for me. John`s hand soon found by boobs and when he tweaked my nipples I felt my legs go weak.

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