Holiday Romance?

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*I have never written anything like this before – constructive criticism welcomed!*


The Spanish night was so warm I could feel sweat trickling down my spine. Sexy maybe but not when you’re a 40-something woman walking solo in a town you don’t know very well. I wasn’t sure that coming on holiday alone had been a great idea after all.

I turned down a side street and took a stool at a little bar which didn’t feel too intimidating. When asked what I’d like to order I requested a glass of rose and sat back to enjoy people-watching. As I sipped my glass I caught the eyes of a handsome dark-blond man opposite me. He smiled, his eyes as blue as the Mediterranean, and then dropped my gaze. I would have liked to have held his gaze a bit longer. My eyes slid away, then back again. He looked at me again and this time his eyes hooked mine. Just as I started feeling a little spark of interest, a woman in a cream Grecian tunic with long caramel-coloured hair sat next to him and he took her hand. I turned away, feeling disappointed.

“Can we sit with you?”

It was the woman who I had just been envying for sitting next to the blond man. Her tanned hand was on my shoulder. She had skin so smooth and honeyed it looked like she had been dipped in linseed oil, and her linen tunic hugged every curve. She was make-up free and her eyes were dark and feline. I felt that tug that you get when you really wish you looked like someone.

“Er – sure,” I said, a little nonplussed. I moved over and both of them came to join me.

“Possibly a bit forward, but we noticed you’re on your own and we’re friendly. If we’re annoying you, say so. Some people like being on their own.” She smiled, obviously not expecting to be rebuffed. I was charmed by her openness.

“I was actually feeling pretty lonely,” I admitted, “so I am glad you were forward!”

The waiter came to offer more drinks and we got chatting. They told me they came to Barcelona several times a year and stayed in the same apartment. Gareth was in law and Molly was an artist. I enjoyed talking to them both. They were at ease with each other and I liked the way conversation flowed between us. As the night drew on, the bar got quiet and a breeze started to chill us a little. Molly mentioned that their apartment was not far away and asked if I’d like to join them there for more drinks. Happily, pleased to have made new friends, I agreed.

The apartment was spacious with a large sofa and plenty of old carvings which gave it a luxurious air. Their room was beautifully lit by the moon but Molly turned on a lamp and let a fan blow gently, explaining she didn’t like air conditioning. Gareth rolled his eyes. casino oyna “She likes the heat.”

“You like it too,” she pouted, “because I walk around naked.”

They both laughed and he kissed her as he grappled with the bottle of rose he was opening. I felt a sudden sparkle in my stomach at the idea of Molly naked, and the ease with which they discussed it. I ignored it, put it down to the wine.

Gareth gave us both glasses of rose and we toasted our new friendship. He put on some 1920s music and danced with Molly. I liked watching them move together, her short skirt swirling out and displaying strong brown thighs. He was getting hot and he unbuttoned his shirt. Molly then held out her hand and pulled me up. I was laughing as she whirled around me. The next track was slow and sexy, and I went to sit down, but she held onto me firmly and put her arms around me. She rocked her pelvis gently into mine. Our breasts touched and I felt a pulse, sudden and unbidden, between my legs. Molly’s fragrance was warm and fruity, and I found myself wanting to lick it from her. She rotated with me slowly, her hands lightly slipping down my back and gently caressing my buttocks. Her pink-lipped mouth was achingly close to mine. I wanted to bite it but I didn’t dare move. I could feel her breath on me. I had no idea what was going on but I did not want it to end.

Gareth was watching. He came up behind me. He put his hands on my hips and then held me from behind, gently kissing my neck. I froze. I hadn’t been expecting this and I looked at Molly, scared of her reaction. But she was smiling. She leaned in and gently kissed my mouth. Desire overcame shyness and I kissed her back. Her mouth was soft, full and sweet. I’d never kissed a woman before and I relished the gentleness, the swell of her lips. Our mouths opened and our tongues entwined. I groaned without meaning to. At the same time, Gareth tickled my neck and made my stomach churn. His chest was warm against my bare back. I put my hand back to caress his face, taking my other one to Molly’s head, wanting to draw her closer and kiss her more fully. She drew away and smiled. She ran her hands down my front, feeling my nipples which were diamond-hard through the thin fabric. I gasped. Gareth pushed his pelvis into me from behind. I could feel his cock, hot and hard, pulsing, and I opened my legs a little without realising what I was doing. I could feel myself soaking my pants. My clit was buzzing.

Molly leaned forward and kissed her husband. “She is so beautiful,” he said. I thought he was talking to her, but he was talking to me. “Isn’t she beautiful? And sexy? How does it feel kissing her?”

Molly stood in front slot oyna of me, looking almost shy, and twirled her finger in her hair, waiting for my answer. “Incredible,” I said, my eyes lost in hers. I reached out and caressed her cheek. “Her mouth is so soft.”

Molly was still caressing my breasts. Gareth pushed the thin straps of my dress down my arms and the simple shift pooled at my feet. Molly’s hands came to my bra and rubbed my nipples through the lace. I arched my back, pushing out against her fingers, and groaned. Gareth unclipped my bra and slid it off my shoulders. His hands found Molly’s at the front and together they caressed me as they kissed occasionally dropping a kiss on me. I rolled my head from one to the other and moaned in desire, leaning back. My clit was jumping, almost painfully. My pussy lips were swelling and I longed to touch myself. I had never been so turned on in my life.

“Would you like those lips on your breasts?” Gareth asked, nipping my ear. His hand dipped over my stomach, swirling his fingers before touching me just above my pubic bone. The need for him to touch me was so strong I bucked. Molly smiled at me, holding my pelvis so I couldn’t move and had to submit to Gareth’s teasing.

“Yes, yes,” I managed to gasp out. Molly looked delighted as I held out my breast to her, offering it to her with longing. “Please,” I whispered. She smiled and took the breast I offered in her own hand, cupping it and admiring it, before her beautiful pink mouth settled around my nipple. I cried aloud with the sensation. Molly sucked on me like a baby, mewing with pleasure. Looking down at her beautiful face with those perfect rosy lips curled around my breast I felt so turned on I thought I would come. My breath came in jagged pants. It was the sexiest thing I had ever done in my life – up to that point.

Molly then took her mouth from my nipple and flicked it with her tongue, thumbing the other one into a stiff peak before she turned her oral attentions to it and repeated her nursing. “Oh baby, baby,” I whispered, holding her head to me and stroking her hair.

Gareth’s fingers slipped down the front of my pants and I cried out as he found my clit. I lay my head back on his shoulder as he stroked my clit through my lips, abandoning myself to the pleasure. I groaned and whimpered as he pinched my lips together and rubbed them in a circular motion, creating an almost unbearably exquisite sensation. My clit got hot, my heart started pounding and my knees shook. “Oh God, oh God,” I moaned. Molly, still suckling, began moaning with excitement too. Her arousal turned me on even more. “Please, please,” I whispered, and then louder. “I’m canlı casino siteleri coming, I’m coming, hold me, Oh God, yes, I’m coming,” and then I cried out loudly, shaking with the incredible pleasure, shuddering and pulsing all over Gareth’s talented fingers which held my swollen pussy. Molly cried out as if she had come too. Gareth propped me up as the pair of them soothed me through the orgasm. Molly’s urgent sucking turned into gentle licks and kisses before she stopped, held me and kissed me, kissing her husband behind me whose fingers were still cupping my soaking, throbbing cunt.

“That was incredible,” I murmured as they guided me to the sofa and sat me down. My knees were still trembling and every nerve on my body felt alive. I felt as if I was covered in liquid gold. I felt sexy as hell. I wanted to fuck them both. I wanted to watch them fuck. I wanted both of them inside me, his cock and her tongue, and I wanted to be inside them too. I didn’t care how. The primal urge was so strong I felt overcome with it. With one hand I fumbled at Gareth’s zip, telling him how desperate I was to suck him, but the other was pulling at the fabric tie which held Molly’s dress together, as I told her I wanted to taste her pussy. I was greedy and unashamed. I wanted to come over and over again, but I wanted to make them come too. My pussy wanted them. It was swollen and aching to fuck and be fucked.

Gareth stood up and pulled off his chinos and boxers. His cock was long, thick and firm and I whimpered with desire, preparing myself to take it wherever I could. But I felt suddenly cold and abandoned as he took Molly in his arms, and kissed her. “Did her nipples taste good?” he asked as he ran his hands over her body. She gripped his cock in her fist.

“So sweet,” Molly told him. “I thought she would produce milk, they’re so full.”

“You looked so fucking sexy nursing on her,” he told her, stroking her bottom and pinching it with pride. “My sexy bitch. God, I love you.”

I felt left out for a second, but then she turned to me and smiled. “Your breasts are so beautiful. Sophie, you are so sexy. You know how sexy you are, right?”

In answer, I propped myself up on my elbows, holding out my breasts to her, desperate to feel her mouth on them again. In desperation I let go of any pride I had left and parted my legs. Surely she must see how wet my pussy was, how gaping and longing. He must see it too. I could smell my own desire. It was tangy and raw and I wanted to eat myself.

Molly looked at my pussy. Gareth played with her mouth and she sucked his fingers. She closed her eyes. When she opened them she was smiling. “Your pussy is beautiful too, Sophie,” she told me, “and it tastes so good.”

I whimpered and spread my legs wide as she got down on her knees in front of me while Gareth began rubbing his cock over her seeping pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer for what was going to come next.

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