Holiday Surprises Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 — After Christmas dinner the perfect holiday ends with a bang

Christmas dinner started off as any other I suppose, everyone filling their plates and then sitting at the table in the dining room. Ann’s mother always insisted on the traditional Christmas ham, although I can’t remember a time when anyone in her family really enjoyed the ham. It always seemed a little ridiculous to me to spend all day cooking something no one really cared for.

We sat at the table in our prearranged seating, another thing I couldn’t understand, such formal treatment for people that were supposed to be closest to you. Oh well, I thought, just relax and eat. So I sat with Ann on my right and Tina on my left, across from us sat Kent and Gloria and Ann’s mother, and Ann’s father sat at the head of the table.

Kent and Gloria just kept exchanging weird glances with Ann and I, all four of us having shared in something a little exciting outside, and none of us knew exactly how to react afterward. Ann’s father finally broke the ice.

“Well, I’d like to propose a toast,” he started, “to my family, my loving wife, son, and daughters, and their loved ones whom have made this family grow, Merry Christmas!” We all toasted, and I couldn’t help myself, and I raised my glass again. Seeing the smirk on my face, she knew I was up to something as I cleared my throat. Ann was tugging at my pants leg to get me to stop. With a wide grin on my face, I started my own toast.

“I’d like to toast to the most,” I paused for a brief second, “interesting,” I looked at Tina and paused again, letting that word sink in, “exciting,” I looked at Ann as she blushed, “surprising,” I looked at Kent and Gloria, it was Gloria that was turning rosy red now, “and loving family,” I glanced at Ann’s mother and father, “that I’ve ever known, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Ann’s parents ignorantly raised their glasses, but everyone else in the room knew exactly why each of those words for them. I sipped my wine, and smiled, Ann pinched my leg under the table. She was grinning too, she was the only other member of the table that new why each of those words were chosen for each member of the family.

Tina leaned into me, “interesting huh?” she whispered.

I smiled, “so far…yea.”

She placed her hand high on my thigh under the table and squeezed, “we’ll see how interesting things get,” she said with a smirk. Her hand slipped inside my thighs and caressed my cock briefly before she removed it. It throbbed once involuntarily at the attention. Just then Ann’s hand touched my other leg; only she was more blatant about grabbing my swelling member. She gently stroked me, allowing me to enjoy the caress of her hand through the cotton pants I was wearing. My cock throbbed again and again, beginning to stiffen.

Tina was watching and as soon as Ann removed her hand, Tina replaced it with her own, stroking my now swollen member beginning to strain the fabric of my pants. My cock had been comfortably hanging, but now was semi-rigid and sticking straight down my left pant leg. Tina seemed to be enjoying herself, but this was getting uncomfortable, and I knew neither girl could possibly finish me here at the table, so I gently removed her hand.

We continued our family meal, making small talk about where Tina planned to finish school and how Kent was nearly ready to start his own plumbing company.

“You going to hire any good ‘pipe cleaners’ to get you started Kent?” I asked with a smirk. Ann painfully pinched my leg again as she caught her own laugh with a snort.

Without missing a beat he responded, “I already have one of the best in the business lined up,” and glanced at Gloria who blushed yet again and looked back at me, her face pleading not to say something like that again, I could hardly resist.

We finished off dinner, and had a little dessert, hot apple pie. I couldn’t stop making jokes of how ‘hot the pie’ was in this family. I’m pretty sure Ann had bruised my leg from all the pinching I got from her.

Shortly after dinner, Ann’s mother asked me if we could take Tina back to her apartment on our way home. Tina had her driver’s license suspended for 3 years about 2 ½ years ago thanks to a DUI conviction, so she was still reliant on others for transportation. I told her mom that would be fine, and mentioned that we’d have to be going pretty soon anyway.

Soon afterward the three of us piled into the M3, Tina in the back and Ann in the front passenger seat. It was a little cold, so I put the top back up and headed toward Tina’s place. We made small talk the entire drive, half listening to Christmas music on the radio, as Ann and her sister talked about Tina finishing up school in a few months, finally finishing her degree that, thanks to her 2 years in rehab, was now 7 years in the making.

A girl doesn’t spend two years in rehab without some serious problems. The first 6 months was ordered by the court, but she stayed an additional year and half by her own choice to make sure she was cleaned up completely istanbul escort before she left.

We pulled to her apartment complex and she directed me where to go to get her close to her apartment. This was a dumpy place; I couldn’t believe Tina could be safe from crime but also temptation back into her life of drugs in a place like this. I pulled into a parking space and Tina asked if I would walk her to her door, I shot a glance at Ann so she knew I didn’t think it was a good idea, not only for safety but also from Tina’s temptations; even though a part of me wanted to penetrate her sister against her front door.

“Tina, I’ve never seen your place, let’s all go!” Ann suggested.

“Oh…okay,” Tina reluctantly complied. Ann just smiled at me.

I didn’t feel completely comfortable even leaving the BMW in the parking lot. Turning on the alarm I felt like I might as well have had a bull horn screaming at people to come and steal it. We got up to her apartment, it was pretty bare, not a lot of furniture in it, the furniture she did have was left over from her college dorm room. The apartment itself was very clean and neat but them complex itself wasn’t much of a place for someone getting her life back on track.

“It’s all I can afford, for now,” Tina said reluctantly, slightly ashamed. I thought she might be feeling a piece of her cloudy and shameful past resurface again. I saw a change in her eyes, from bright and smiling to dull and she became a little distant.

Ann excused us, and pulled us both outside.

“I can’t have my own sister living like this…in a week she’s going to be back to her old ways,” she clearly stated.

I responded quickly, “I agree, but what can we do? I’m not comfortable giving her money or something like she was a charity case, that’s not what she needs.”

Ann never minced words on important topics, “What if she moved in with us, temporarily?” She paused, “I can take her to her classes on my way to work, and we can keep an eye on her to make sure she’s staying cleaned up. Besides, based on her reaction to you in the garage,” Ann still didn’t know about the dinner table “she could probably use a positive male role model around.”

What can I say, Ann made a good case and all I could do was agree with her. I wasn’t sure if I could deal with the temptation, but having another hottie in the house was a pretty attractive offer. Ann pulled us back into Tina’s apartment.

“Tina, do you like this place?” she asked flatly.

“Hell no, I think this place is a dump, but I can’t afford anything else! I can only work part time with school coming up, and with my screwed up credit this was the only place that’d take me!” She was upset in her response now sounding even more desperate.

Ann again didn’t mince words “Get your shit and pack a bag, you are moving in with us.”

Tina’s reaction was one of pure elation. I don’t remember seeing a girl go from sheer desperation and shame to such joy. She laughed and grabbed Ann hugging her, and then she hugged me as she was practically jumping up and down.

“Ok, ok, ok, let’s just get a few things and get out of here for tonight, tomorrow I’ll come back with my truck and get the rest of your stuff.”

Tina quickly walked down the hall to her bedroom and momentarily reappeared with a backpack over her shoulder. “Let’s go!” she exclaimed. I didn’t need any more encouragement and the three of us headed back to the car.

We drove quickly across town and back to our house. Tina mentioned how nice it would be not have to take the bus all the way across town, and how we lived only 10 minute drive, or a 30 minute walk away from her campus. She could walk, and in our neighborhood, it was actually safe to do that!

Once we arrived, Ann showed Tina where her bedroom was, we put her in the downstairs master suite, so she’d have her own bathroom. We told her to help herself to any food in the house and to make herself at home. Tina was adamant about paying her own way, but we could leave those details to the morning.

“It’s been a busy holiday, I think I am just going to go to bed. Thank you so much!” Tina said for the 10th time, she hugged both of us again and closed the door to her ‘new room’.

Ann turned to me and gave me a big hug. “Thank you for allowing this to happen, I’ve been worried about her for so long, and now I feel like I can help her.”

I just smiled, and looked into her eyes, “Now that that is out of the way, we have some unfinished business to attend to…” I smirked.

“Yes we do, but I want a drink first…” she walked to the kitchen and poured us both a glass of wine. She grabbed my hand and led me out into the backyard. I must admit, for what this house set us back, I was proud of the view from the backyard.

We don’t live in a “rich” neighborhood per say, but the gated community we were in provided a level of peace and quiet that we both enjoyed. The backyard was large by big city standards, and had enough room avcılar escort for a large patio, built in BBQ and fire pit, large grassy area and pool with a jacuzzi. The view was what was really spectacular, the rod-iron fence opened up onto a golf course, about 70 yards from the tee box, the other side of the golf course wasn’t another row of homes but pristine mountain desert. This made our backyard a place of solitude and quiet in the evenings, no traffic noise, nothing but the desert wildlife at night. It was tranquil to say the least.

Ann looked amazing, lit up by only the moonlight and a few lights from the backyard and the pool, as she sipped her wine. I couldn’t resist her; I stood behind her and wrapped my arm across her waist holding her gently. She leaned her head back against my chest.

I looked at the view for a long time before lowing my head to kiss her neck, her eyes closed and she moaned softly. She turned just slightly to reach my lips and we kissed again. Over the years I must have kissed these lips thousands of times, but every once in a while it was like our first kiss all over again. Our lips met softly, mouths slightly open, our tongues just barely creeping out to meet each other and intertwine. She moaned softly again into my mouth.

Setting her wine glass down, she turned to face me, took me by the hand and led me over near the jacuzzi. She then started to undress me, first my sweater, then she unbuckled and unzipped my pants as they fell to the cool deck, exposing my semi-rigid cock to the cool night air. She knelt down before me and pulled off my loafers, and pants, casting all my clothes to the lounge chair a few feet away. She then gently pushed my now naked body toward the hot tub.

I climbed down into it, never taking my eyes off her as she started to unbutton her jacket. Taking a seat, and outstretching my arms along the cool deck I took front row seats to my own personal strip tease. She removed her white suit jacket and then her green silky camisole. Her milky white breasts illuminated by the light in the jacuzzi. They were perfect, sitting high on her chest, her little pink nipples hardened now exposed to the night air. She reached behind herself and unzipped her skirt, letting it drop over those sexy legs to the ground. Standing before me now, totally naked except for her heels, she stepped out of her skirt, turned around so I could see her sexy backside.

She slowly bent over, now fully exposing her heart shaped ass to me, as she bent over further her pink little pussy lips pushed through the crevasse in her legs. She began to remove her heels, one by one, taking her time and allowing me to enjoy the view. My cock began to throb in the warmth of the bubbling water.

When she finished she turned around again, now in completely nothing but her new diamond earrings and a devilish grin, she joined me in the hot tub. Moving quickly she straddled my waist and planted another sweet kiss on my lips as her pussy rested against my now pretty stiff cock. She gently ground her clit along my shaft as we kissed, she moaned again, making my cock fully harden between her smooth lips. Even in the warm water I could feel how hot her box was as she kept herself slipping along my length.

We just kissed and ground into each other for what seemed like a long time. She rose up and allowed my mouth access to her perky breasts. Her nipples for a moment grew painfully hard again in the cool air but were relieved when my mouth covered each one gently sucking and licking it, instantly warming it, and sending electrical impulses through Ann that made her grind a little harder.

She sat back down, bringing her perfect breasts back into the warmth of the water; she reached down and began to slowly stroke my cock. After only a few pumps with her tiny fist she was already positioning it at the entrance to her love canal. My hard and angry cock head pressed against the soft, plump lips of her pussy.

Water makes a bad lubricant, but she was wet, and once my head had slipped far enough into her pussy to saturate it, the rest of my cock slipped into her warm embrace easily as she slowly slid onto my rod. Our lips met again as she slid me fully inside her. She sat on me unmoving for a moment, just enjoying being filled. She could feel every ridge and vein in my dick as I continued to harden inside her until my cock was like granite.

Without moving she began to slowly flex her kegel muscles around me, beginning to pump my cock without body motion. It felt incredible, and while her pussy was clamping down on my dick, our lips never broke our kiss. Our tongues danced with each other as she pressed her breasts against my chest, still contracting her tight cunt around my cock. Unmoving, she slowing gripped and released me deep within her body over and over again, the sensation working more precum out of the tip.

My hands reached around, cupping her ass gently as she began rocking up and down slowly on my pole, filling her completely with each movement. Our şirinevler escort slow love making was increasing the sensitivity in my cock, and I felt like she was having the same reaction. She shuttered and kissed me deeply as her first orgasm washed over her. Clutching my shoulders with her nails as her pussy clutched my rigid member inside her, squeezing it tightly, bringing me closer to my own impeding date with ecstasy.

She began rocking up and down again slowly filling herself with me over and over again. The sensations of her tightness sliding up and down in long strokes on my now rocklike erection, filling her, stretching her, sent her to heaven again, and she held me tightly as her body shook violently through another wave of pleasure. She clamped down so hard on my cock this time it was nearly painful, her orgasm rocketing through her body causing her to uncontrollably shake while driving me as deep as she could.

“Oh yes baby,” she whispered, “I want to fuck you all night just like this!”

“Mmmm, yes baby, you know I want the same thing,” I responded as her pussy slightly released its vise-like grip.

Still cupping her ass, I helped her raise her engorged lips off my hilt and she began moving again with a slightly more urgent pace. The water in the jacuzzi starting to make waves with our bodies motions. Her tight pussy was now soaked after two orgasms and she rode me more forcefully, slipping my cock in and out of her like a piston. I felt the sensations of her tight pussy stretching to accommodate my ever thickening and throbbing shaft as she plunged me inside her. The engorged head spreading her walls which enveloped me tightly as she struggled to cram my length deep within her pulsating honey pot.

I was nearing my own orgasmic peak, as my cock thickened again inside her. The veins creating natural ridges along with the rim of my distinct head as my entire member became even more pronounced inside her, her taught walls feeling every edge electrifying her nerves and sending overwhelming pleasure messages throughout her body. She sensed the changes in me, and moaned loudly in my ear.

“Oh yes baby,” she cooed, “let’s cum together, I was you to cum inside me!”

“Mmmmm,” was all I could make out in response as all my senses were focused on how good it felt to be inside her.

She would slide up smoothly and on the way down arch her back, grinding into me, ensuring that both her g spot and clit were being stimulated with each thrust. Her titties began to wash against my neck as her movements became larger, and faster. Our lips joined again for a moment, it was hard to kiss with how hard she was bucking on top of me now.

“Come on baby!” she grunted, “I’m going to cum again, cum for me, deep inside me, fill me up baby!”

She knew just how to send me into orbit. As I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock; she impaled herself hard on me. Over and over again she drove my piston inside her as if she wanted me to split her in half. Each thrust brought on a more forceful grunt from deep in her throat passing her lips to my ears.

“Ungh,” she grunted again, “Ungh, Ungh, yes baby, I am so close!”

Her words were more urgent now as she slammed my rod inside her tight little fuck hole. Damn this felt good! I can’t remember when she pounded me this hard, I loved the feeling she game me knowing she had completely given her body over to her carnal needs, and using my body to achieve her own rampaging orgasm. The water was nearly washing out of the side of the jacuzzi as she reamed herself onto me. She was possessed with wanton lust, stuffing herself with my hard pole as it invaded her bringing her to the very brink of ecstasy.

“Cum with me baby!” she pleaded with me “Fill me now! I’m cumming!”

She drove my cock deep inside her again, now I was completely engulfed in her tight canal, and I erupted, sending a torrent of hot cum into her warm vaginal walls. She exploded with her own orgasm flooding me with her own cum as my cock pulsed and twitched inside her releasing stream after stream of my warm orgasmic fluids. My cock sprayed inside her over and over again, like I was cumming a gallon of warm sperm inside her. Over and over again I thrust my hips into her, trying to force myself deeper as more batter filled her quivering box. She dug her fingers into my skin mashing me inside her as her own body convulsed, driving the two us together. I continued to strongly throb inside her long after her own spasms subsided. After a few more moments I was no longer pumping any semen into her, but my cock was still clutched tightly within her, throbbing over and over again. It felt like it lasted for minutes, continually spasming inside her, clutching her ass as her arms wrapped around my neck held me tightly in her own grip, our lips locked hungrily together again in a passionate embrace.

After a few more minutes my spasms subsided, but she continued to hold me inside her for along time while we sat in the jacuzzi talking. Finally we were both getting sleepy, and decided to go to bed; she rose up off me pulling my now limp cock from inside her and into the water. I watched her step out of the hot tub, admiring her perfect ass as she walked over to grab a towel and wrap it around her curvaceous body. She tossed me a one as I exited and we headed inside to the bedroom for some much needed rest.

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