Holly Likes Handcuffs

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– For holly_delight –

* * *

“Ted, this is Holly, remember me?”

I instantly pictured the beautiful 30something engineer whose employer had flown her all the way from Germany to attend the seminar I presented on “State of the Art Security in the new Century”. I had wanted so badly to cradle my face in her firm ripe breasts, but the crowds of well wishers and time wasters interfered. All we managed was a coffee in the Airport lounge, where she mentioned her interest in handcuffs.

Okay, we did pull off a quick straight fuck in the airport ladies room, but that didn’t count, it was almost totally vanilla. The foreplay was primarily verbal, describing to each other our tastes in kink. She admitted never being tied with real rope: “Doesn’t it burn?” she asked.

“Only if you want it to,” I replied, “or play with amateurs.”

I expressed a preference for handcuffs: “There’s something about chrome, it’s become a fetish with me- nipple clamps, handcuffs, even chrome butt plugs.”

By that point, Holly’s skin was glowing; her breath was becoming a pant. “If I slipped my fingers into your panties, would I find dampness?”

“Who’s wearing panties?”

I ran my hand up her leg right in the coffee shop, not carrying if her remark was a tease, a dare or an invitation. Her whole thighs were drenched in sweet dew. I just had to taste her. I removed my hand, and with full drama, looking her directly in the eyes, licked every drop off my flesh, languidly savouring the flavour. “I think we just have time before your flight for you to go to the ladies room.”

“Wha… I ‘m fine….”

“No, Holly, you need to go into the ladies room.”

Her eyes sparkled with awareness and fear. Although she had confessed over cocktails the previous day to a few affairs, at this stage she was very married. Her husband however was too straight to excite her. She knew she needed a newer, rougher, lover. I waited patiently, staring into her eyes. After a moment, they gleamed with excitement. The moment of acceptance. Just as quickly, fear, and shame at her weakness, took over.

Her shoulders slumped in surrender, and she shuffled dejectedly to the ladies room off the lounge. I followed discretely, ensuring the waitress was across the room. Holly’s defeated attitude temporarily caused my hardness to flag, but upon seeing how the modern powder room featured chrome on every possible surface, I broke into a huge grin. Holly was in the first stall, her skirt hiked around her waist, her blouse open, panting. Passion had overcome indecision.

“Out here,” I beckoned.

“But what if we’re caught, what if they tell my husband?”

I sneered. I waited. Slowly, she emerged. Her breathing was even more rapid. The fear of discovery seemed to excite her after she had accepted her fate. I bent her over the counter, facing the mirror, her reflection shining up off all the bright surfaces. I mauled her breasts forcefully with both hands, paying special attention to her huge erect nipples. Straight fuck or not, she deserved some painful pleasure. She moaned in response, almost a bark.

Realizing time was not our ally; I unzipped quickly and drove my already rigid cock straight up into her dilated pussy in a single stroke from behind. I added to the sensation by biting her ear, cihangir escort pistoning rapidly, driving her into the counter top. Holly came almost instantly with a groan, then a yelp. I doubt I had stroked more than four or five times. It may have been the public location; it might have been the infidelity. Perhaps a mix of both. Holly continued bumping back into my, pushing back away from the countertop. My orgasm followed soon after. I continued pumping as my cum flooded inside her, the excess seeping out, running down her thighs.

As we slumped gasping for breath, a woman exited the second stall. Calmly, this matron soaped up, washing her hands thoroughly. I expected a censorious remark. Instead, as she left, she whispered “I had to make sure to wash all my cum juice off- can’t be turning on the son-in-law, or shocking the grandkids.” Grinning, she left.

“Too bad she didn’t help out,” I remarked to Holly, who was still recovering. Before she could even respond, her flight was called. She ran to catch her plane so quickly; I never got her phone number. In fact, she left me there with my wilted cock hanging out of my fly, soaked with her nectar. I must admit, I took a taste, and enjoyed the ripe odor until my next shower.

I returned to my midwestern base of operations, alternating sales of high end computerized security systems with samples of the neglected trophy wives found around the community pool of our condominium. Holly was not forgotten, but was certainly not on the forefront of my plans, either future or immediate. Until she called.

“I got your number from the program bios. I’m in your part of the world, doing some special assignments. I have a few days to kill.”

“I’m sure you and your husband will enjoy playing tourist.”

“Oh, he’s still overseas. I’m all alone. And lonely.”

“Looking for a tour guide?”

“The tour need not go much beyond your chamber of painful pleasures, master.”

“The tour begins as soon as you arrive.” I gave her the address, and directions from the airport. Quick changes to lighting and a quick visit to the toy chest, and all was ready well before she arrived. As she entered, adjusting to the dim lighting immediately disoriented her.

“Start stripping right there and come into the bedroom.”

Holly obeyed, entering my darkened bedroom half naked. I stepped from behind the door, grabbed both wrists and handcuffed her arms behind her. I tossed her quickly onto the bed, not letting her eyes or other senses catch up. Before she could do more than gasp in shock, I manacled her ankles spread-eagled on the bed. I stood, admiring how just thinking of surrender made her flushed, her nipples distended, pointing upwards towards the ceiling like a pair of rockets straining to defy gravity.

Having established control, I dialed it way back and slowly kissed all over her body. “I want to taste every inch of you. I want you to scream in anticipation of the sex before it even starts. I want you to beg for my cock.”

I began with her toes, sucking each tiny digit into my mouth individually, my fingers caressing her foot gently, arousing without tickling. “Mmmmmmmm, Ted, you’re playing me like a flute.”

Holly’s moans continued as my tongue snaked around her left ankle, mecidiyeköy escort then her right one. I paused, silent, tracing my fingers across her belly. “One more thing!” I added. Swiftly, I grabbed a silk scarf and blindfolded Holly. As I tied the fabric over her eyes, my hard cock tickled her nipples, teasing them to an even greater arousal.

“Oh, Ted, this is perfect.”

I began by nibbling her ear, my breath softly invading her. My fingers busily twisted her nipples. My tongue ran down her throat to the base of her neck, the perfect spot for a serious bite. As Holly gasped in pain, I kissed her nose, piling sensations in rapid succession on top of each other. Without pausing, I reached under the bed and grabbed a pair of delicate clamps. One for each nipple. She grimaced as they pinched. I made soft calming sounds and stroked her sides.

“Trust Ted. I know this is new to you, but it will be special.”

I slowly bathed her chest with my tongue, lavishing particular care on the valley between her breasts. I added a thin chain to the clamps, so each movement created a random shock jolting through the raw nerve endings of her nipples. My fingers became busy exploring her wet thighs, just teasing her labia. This continued for several minutes, my beard rubbing her porcelain skin red. Before moving down further, I blessed each breast with a healthy bite, sure to leave a mark.

Holly began begging, “Fuck me, Ted, I need your hard cock.”

“Hush, I didn’t plan to gag you, but I will if I must.”

Ignoring her pleas, I lifted a bottle of Bordeaux off the nightstand, dribbling it across her breasts, making sure it ran into her navel. Cupping her breasts in my hands, I lapped the liquid refreshment clean, my tongue tracing a trail down, then vacuuming the remnants out of her navel. I rewarded her with an intense wine flavoured kiss, transferring the sacramental offering from my tongue to hers.

Our tongues twisted like baby snakes wrestling to practice killing prey. I recognized a fellow predator at play. Despite her desire for domination, I sensed at that moment that Holly had a future as a domme. I pictured her in leather, cat-of-nine-tails at the ready. Might we share a sub someday? Only the future would tell about that. In the moment, my cock rose to greater girth, inspired by Holly’s rugged side.

Holly’s teeth chattered on my lower lip. I tasted my own blood, so I savaged her lips, drawing life, mingling our essence.

“Now, Ted, I’m begging now. I need your cock.”

“Good girls put their toys away first. And I see one here that will fit nicely…. right…. there.” Grabbing the big purple dildo that my chum Alice had named “Barney”, I rammed it into her gaping demanding wet cunt. First, I worked it slowly, in long strokes, lubricating the textured rubber. As Holly dampened even more, I worked Barney deeper inside her, increasing the tempo and the pressure. I described the toy in precise detail, explaining its name.

“Oh, yes, Ted, fuck me.”

“What do you want?”

“Your cock. Your miracle of manhood.”

I shifted around, still pounding Barney fiercely into her bucking middle. I teased her lips with my cock. I felt her tongue instinctively touching my cock head, even as she pleaded, “Inside kurtuluş escort ME Ted, not in my mouth. I need to be fucked. Long and hard and not just by rubber.”

“Where should I put Barney, then?”

“Up my ass, Ted, shove the big purple cock up my butt, and fill my cunt with the real thing.”

I twisted the clamps on Holly’s nipples as I nibbled down her body, marking her breasts again. I then slid my tongue once again up her chest, and drew blood from her neck. I kissed her, enjoying her shock at the strong taste, unadulterated by wine. Before she recovered her poise, I rubbed the tip of my cock across her nipples, and fucked the valley of her tits, still pressing Barney into her cunt.

“Oooooooooohhhhhh,” Holly exclaimed, pelvic muscles contracting around the dildo as she came. I filled her open mouth with the fat head of my cock. “I want you to come in my mouth,” Holly said.

“No taking over. Just for that, you get spanked.”

I grabbed the paddle stored under my bed, flipped her over, and held her on my lap, Barney still buried deep within her. My hard cock pressed against her belly, the tip swallowed in her mammaries. Smack, the paddle sounded out the blow. “How many til you behave?”

“Three, three should do it.”

Smack. “That’s two,” she counted.

“Did I tell you to speak?” Smack. “For that, three extra.” I reached and twisted her nipple. She winced just as the third blow landed. I reached and pulled her opposite teat. “Four.” I pulled both by the chain. “Five.”

“Oh, Ted, I’m coming again.”


“Thank you, Master.”

I grinned.

“Please, please, fuck me now Master.”

She was exhausted, ready. Taking a damp cool cloth, I refreshed her, paying particular attention to her inner thighs, drawing the cloth back along her ass. Just as she relaxed totally, I slid a vibrating chrome dildo into her anus. As she gasped in shock, I sunk my shaft into her cunt, thrusting deeper and harder than I had with Barney. Holly bucked against her restraints, her entire body consumed by lust. Her cunt was eating my cock, swallowing it to the base, my balls almost inside of her, as I felt the buzzing vibrator through her membrane. My cock throbbed, pulsing against the walls of her increasingly wet pussy, which started clamping then releasing. “That’s it, Holly, suck my cock with your cunt.”

With each beat of Holly’s heart, with each intake of breath, she sucked my cock even deeper inside her. Her anus clamped in counterpoint rhythm on to the vibrator. Holly was screaming with pleasure, or with the pain of her nipples being stretched away from her melons. Her pelvis bumped up off the mattress, writhing against the whirring vibrator, tossing my cock forward and inward, piercing her further. Her body shock with the spasms of orgasms building upon orgasms. I found her tender clit, twisting it. I tugged the nipple chain down in a final intense stroke, creating one final orgasm for Holly as I pumped my load into my condom.

We collapsed on the bed, sated. I unbound Holly slowly, treating it as a ritual. With each item removed, I treated her to a kiss, then a nibble.

“Was I as good as those sweet young trophy wives I saw lounging out by the pool on my way in?” asked Holly. Ever since our airport encounter, with the other woman almost involved, I had suspected Holly would be interested in adding another woman to our fun. “Did I satisfy you?”

“Yes, but I think nothing could be as delicious as you and one of those beauties bound together.”

“Lets nap, then make our selection.” Holly purred in response, drifting off to dreamland.

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