Hollywood Gift Wrapped

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As a frequent contributor of tall tales to Literotica I realized perhaps my best story submitted just might be one that really happened to me when I was a 19-year old young man. And better yet, one also that could be a truly awesome Christmas story for the readers of Literotica.

It all began during the final days of shopping madness before the Christmas of ’59.

I was an employee of the Broadway Hollywood Department Store located at the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine working the Camera Department where we also sold men and women’s electric shavers in addition to a full line of cameras.

It was a great job for a young man who had an aptitude for photography and who also was very good at repairing simple electronic devices such as Radios and TVs. Electric shavers were a cinch for a kid who built his first amateur short-wave radio from scratch when he was 12.

The department was a featured location on the main lobby floor near the elevators. And for me, it was a great location because my repair station was on the corner of two adjoining counters so when I was sitting down on the tall stool repairing or cleaning electric shavers of the Hollywood locals I had a perfect view of the steady stream of nice looking women who were waiting for the elevators to take them up to one of twelve floors of the huge Broadway Hollywood.

Even better was how, during the Christmas Season, the store assembled a portable counter directly across my workstation adjacent to the elevators where 5 or 6 women did special gift-wrapping for the shoppers of the store.

During the last Friday evening before Christmas a long line of customers, mostly women, were waiting to get their last purchases gift-wrapped. Most of them paid no attention to the young man working nearby but once in a while a cute girl would give me the eye because I was dressed in a white shirt and tie, neat, and quite nice looking. But for the most part I was just a small insignificant cog in the huge active department store and went relatively unnoticed until one special mature lady kept turning her eyes towards me.

At first I though she was just bored waiting her turn in line but then after about the third or forth glance my way she fixed on me until she had my full attention and then did a very strange thing.

First she gave me a long look, a big smile and when I smiled back, she put her tongue to the corner of her lips and swiped a long sexy 360 all around her mouth in what I could only describe as one of the sexiest, overt things a grown woman had ever done at me. Brother, she sure had my attention now and the full attention of my dick as it began a full standing salute in appreciation for her wicked, flirtatious move directed to me.

I tried to act so mature but I bet, looking back, I must have seemed pretty stupid as I leered back at this beautiful lady dressed to the nine’s. She was sporting a complete sexy outfit from black high heels, with a ¾ length skirt showing off the calves of her black stocking legs. She was something special all right. And I could tell she had money because she finished off her outfit by wearing a waist length brown fur coat and a cute black hat cocked on her perfect hairdo framing one beautiful sexy face.

Add to that the fact that her make up was perfect and the hat she wore was small and cocked just right with a black lace veil curtained just below her eyes giving her the look of maybe being an actress or Hollywood personality…maybe even TV or the like.

Well after she got my complete attention needless to say I didn’t take my eyes off her for one second of her long waiting in line to get her purchases gift-wrapped.

Me? I probably had a ‘duh’ stupid look on my face. She, on the other hand, turned away and acted like nothing had just happened. I though to myself, ‘what a stupid thing to do…get me all worked up and then ignore me like that’. Yeah, in my way of thinking she must be a haughty bitch that loved tempting a guy and then rejecting his Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort interest once she got it. You know, like a girl who’ll wear a low scoop blouse, bend over giving you a great view of her tits and then stand back up with a look that says your some kind of perv for getting an eyeful.

The longer she waited in line without any further acknowledgement of my presence the more I became pissed at her tongue teasing. But I had to keep looking…damn she was one fine piece of womanhood. The open waist length fur she wore allowed me to notice how thin her waist was in comparison to her full, wide flared hips. Her stomach was flat and her ass absolutely perfect. I could even see the hint of a panty line peeking from under her tight skirt. And in case all that wasn’t enough, the mature teasing bitch had on a thin lacy white blouse stretched tight across her small pointy breasts accenting her nipples. I bet the brassier she wore to give her tits that special look was tailor-made and cost a couple of ‘Franklins’ if you know what I mean.

Never the less the teasing bitch was becoming a fantasy and my cock totally committed to the mind fuck I was giving her. I had her stripped naked leaving her in her high heels, black stocking, panties, and tight uplifting bra and yes…even the little black veiled hat. I imagined I had thrown the cock teaser on her back. Then, grabbing her by the ankles I spread her long legs wide open before ripping her panties off making her scream with fear. I finished the rape by fucking her hairy puss with my fat cock until she begged for mercy.

It was a great brain fuck but she did me one better!

By the time she finally got her presents wrapped I had decided that if she gave me one last look I would put my middle finger up alongside my nose as if scratching so she would know I figured her for a ‘class-a-hole, cock-teasing bitch’. That ought to bring her down a peg or two.

As I said she did me one better. She turned away from the counter and looked me straight in the eye and just as I was lifting my hand to give her the one-finger salute, she smiled stopping me dead in my tracks. I didn’t know what the hell to think now.

She took a few quick steps necessary to get to my counter and said, “young man, I have a shaver in my purse that needs cleaning. Is it possible you could do and get it back to me tomorrow, the night before Christmas.

Oh my god! I was dumbfounded and my speech matched the dumb look on my face as I worked hard to take my eyes of her bright red mouth and say something intelligent. After what seemed like a full 20 seconds (long enough to generate a questioning look on her face) I finally got it together enough to say, “Well it all depends…let me have a look at it.”

She put her packages on the floor and fished out a brand new Remington Lady’s Shaver still in its original display and travel case.

I stood up as she reached out to hand it to me and for the first time noticed what a humongous boner I was sporting in the center of my dress pants. I was a fucking rude scene and looking totally randy…how embarrassing.

I slide closer to the counter hoping she couldn’t see my cock trying to worm its way out of my pants. She must have been very pleased at what she had caused because she leaned across the counter as she handed me the shaver, looked straight down at the front of my pants and said, “don’t worry honey how proud your big pecker’s acting…it’ll be our little secret between you and I, ok?”

I almost shit at the totality of the whole scene she had created and the way she spoke to me. Her voice was low and sultry. Fuck, I had never before been so overtly seduced by any female, especially one so beautiful, sophisticated, and mature. She took my breath away!

I took the display case she handed me in my sweaty palms and opened the box. Sure enough, it was brand new with the protective plastic clip and manufacture’s seal still over the shaving head.

Puzzled, I looked back into her eyes to begin explaining that it was brand new so just why would she want it repaired or cleaned? Duh!

She reached out and placing a gloved finger to my lips said, “shush honey we don’t want any one to know just why I did all this to get your attention and all do we? I saw you yesterday and bought this at the Owl Drug store hoping you might like my little plan to get you alone.”

I shook my silly face side to side and made sure I wasn’t about to drool all over myself while she continued to stand so close. She was even more gorgeous up close and the smell of her perfume went from my nose to my brain and then directly to my throbbing cock.

She took a quick glance around making sure no one was looking (that is all except the extra clerk behind me who I found out later was taking in the whole damn scene). Then she slowly took off her right glove and reaching over the counter, she placed the palm of her hand right over my bulging, hard boner and gave it a very firm squeeze to measure the heat (and size) of my meat!

My knees buckled a bit from the shock of her squeezing my cock and my heart skipped a beat or two. I gasped, to her delight, and felt my body shiver. Swear to god had she left her hand on me another few seconds I would have let go with a wad that would have shot clear throughout the fabric of my slacks and given her a thick gooey palm full of 19-year old male cum to take home with her.

But, thankfully (and yet not) she took her hand away and said, “now my young man, does that big thing of yours belong to anyone special. I mean…are you married or engaged.”

“Na…Na…no,” I stuttered (man, I could tell she really had me messed up now).

“Well, if you make a special delivery to me tomorrow evening…say around 8 o’clock I wouldn’t want to think I was taking your other package (as she gazed directly down at my hard-on) away from some lucky girl.”

My voice stupidly squeaked back, “No mam, just a girl friend and we haven’t made any special plans.”

“Well I don’t think your girl friend would mind me taking a little of your time for say…a hundred dollars for your trouble, would she? I mean, after all, a hundred dollars could buy her a nice Christmas dinner at the Brown Derby don’t you think?”

She didn’t wait (or probably care because by now she knew I’d do any damn thing she wanted to have a crack and getting into her panties and fucking her sexy big ass). She reached into her purse and extracted a crisp new $100.00 bill and pressed into my sweaty palm.

“Well then, it’s settled. You’ll bring both packages to my house on Franklin Ave tomorrow around 8 o’clock and I’ll have something special that will take care of that little…or should I say…big problem you have there in your pants.” As she looked down once again to see the size of my tented pants she said, “oh my!…Honey I think you’ve sprung a little leak down there haven’t you?”

I looked down and sure enough, a wet spot of pre-cum about the size of a quarter had leaked past my underwear and clear to the surface of my trousers.

Now, I finally became an intelligent, proud, young stud with a more sophisticated attitude as I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “well its all due to how beautiful and sexy you are lady. It looks like you’ve given me enough man oil to lubricate anything you need to have fixed around your house. Give me your address on Franklin and I’ll bring ev-ery-thing-your-heart-desires.” Yeah, I came through with that slick reply as I stood in front of her wetting my trousers. I was being had by her all right but I let her know I could give as good as she gave.

With that she gave a sexy, throaty laugh and taking my hand in hers, kissed the back of my hand. “Why thank you kind sir…I’ll keep that in mind because I have a lot that needs adjusting and I know you’re the young man that can do it!”

Then brusquely she said, “I live at _________. See you at 8 and don’t be too late!”

As I picked up a pencil to scribble the address she picked up her packages and made a speedy departure. The only thing she left behind was her expensive perfumed fragrance ‘White Roses’…still today my favorite with memories to last an eternity.

Now I had the first opportunity to put my self back together. I quickly put my hand down my trousers and tucked my wicked boner down to a less conspicuous position and where a dribble or two of pre-cum wouldn’t be so obvious.

As I turned around the extra salesman was grinning from ear to ear and I knew he must have heard the last of our conversation.

“Wow boy! What an absolute sexy doll. Why the hell would she want a kid like you to ball her elegant uppity ass? Give me that shaver of hers and I’ll save you a lot of time and trouble my young friend. Noooo problema!”

This was the moment and the first time in my young life I realized had transitioned from a dork head to a potential lady killer who had just been paid a hundred bucks to bone a fine lady.

“Well old man, unless you can show me you’ve got a nine inch cock that can attract a woman like that, I wouldn’t insult her taste in manhood by sending her an older man to do a young studs work.”

Not only did that get a big smile from him in acknowledging my prowess, but also he went right out and as many Broadway employees what I had accomplished. He told the guys…and the guys told the gals.

Funny how for the length of my remaining time there, I was offered more pussy than I could literally handle. From the teeny boppers who worked part-time to the older gals (including a few who were married) I had a steady stream of female employees who wanted to see if I really was the Stud of the Broadway with a cock as big and fat as they were told about.

The next evening I arrived at Gwen’s home right on time. As promised she was wearing the sexiest thin negligee with nothing underneath except her beautiful proud pointy tits and a fine silky bush that she trained my young tongue to service with each and every hundred dollar bill she insisted I take. Eventually I moved in with her and rode her needy body for about two years.

Let me tell you what she did the minute she closed the huge castle-like wooden door behind me and…oops that’s for the next installment!

Stay tuned dear readers and I will tell you about the night before Christmas and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…

Sincerely, thanks for reading my offering. This story and maybe a couple more could add to Gwen’s lip-licking seduction of a 19-year old kid. And again, this is all absolutely, 100% true. She taught my young ass things that totally changed my sex life forever. Maybe some of what she taught me will change yours when it comes to bedding some fine sophisticated pussy similar to hers.

And that goes for you gals as well. I know your fingers are buried right now in the folds of your wet pussies thinking how you would like to seduce the right young man like she did. No, not some dumb geek that would just make a mess of sexing your little greedy cunt but a real stud that can bring some hard, cock pulsing sex into your otherwise dull life.

I’ll tell you where to go, how to find, and how to teach him to be the lover who’ll worship your body in every way you could possibly desire. There’re so many college aged young men who are ready and willing to deliver. But the trick is how to find the ones who are mature enough and worthy enough for you to teach on how to deliver the goods. And how you should dress and act when making such a move is just as important. Finally once you get him into your web, what you need to know to keep him.

I tell my closest friends it’s a lot like fishing. The fish are all over the lake. But without the right knowledge about where to find the biggest and best, all the expensive boats and lures ain’t worth a damn at landing and keeping the big ones.

This might be the first of an ongoing Christmas Story from Gwen and I to whoever desires to read it. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing more. Thanks again.

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