Home for Seniors Ch. 03

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Well, things here are the “Home” sure wasn’t what I expected, but it sure has been fun! It has been a couple of days since I met up with Mike. Wondering what sort of thing will happen this upcoming weekend.

It is the third Friday of the month, and that means it is “social hour” at the home or as the residents call it, “happy hour”. Every third Friday of the month, the Home has a get together for all the residents. There is entertainment; usually it is a singer who brings his computerized music and a guitar. Plays the “oldies” from the 50s and 60s most of the time. There is beer, wine and you can bring your own bottle of whatever if you want, mixers are available, and snacks of various kinds. Have a small space if people want to dance.

This is the first time that I am attending this “social hour”, looking forward to meeting up with some of the friends I have made since moving in, and hopefully meeting new ones! I see Dave sitting at a table, with him is a lady. I came over, asked if I could join them, and was given the okay. Dave introduces me to Helen, and I take a seat. Helen is sipping on a glass of wine, while Dave & I are having a beer.

Just general conversation, Mike stops by the table says “hi” and sits at the table next to us, with a couple of other guys. Helen says she is going to the “powder room” and off she goes. Dave leans over and says, “What do you think of Helen?”

I replied, “Well she seems nice, not bad looking, and obviously she is our age!”

“Yeah” says Dave, “she can be real nice, if you know what I mean. She knows about our private little parties, and has even joined in on occasion. Sometimes, she just wants to watch, think it turns her on.” Dave tells me that Helen is widowed, and has been at the Home for almost 2 years now.

“Wow that sure sounds interesting, hope she thinks that I’m okay.”

Helen comes back, we are having a drink or two, and her and Dave get up and dance together. I turn to the other table where izmir escort Mike is sitting. He introduces me to Gene and Max. Max, a heavy set African-American, shakes my hand, and says, “Hope we can get together sometime” and Gene tells me the same thing. I’m thinking that this could be something to look forward to!

Helen and Dave come back, and another lady is with them, and I’m introduced to Gloria. Her hair is quite grey, almost white and quite petite in size. She joins us, and we talk about life at the home. We even get up and dance together to one of the “slow” oldies that are being played.

However, all good things must come to an end, and the entertainer is putting his equipment away, and the residents are starting to head back to their apartments. Helen and Gloria stand up to leave, and Helen says that she wouldn’t mind meeting up for more socializing in the future, and Gloria adds “We do like the company of men you know” gives a wink and off they go.

Just as I’m getting up to leave Gene asks if I have any plans for the weekend. Tell him no, and he invites me to his place to play dominoes on Saturday afternoon, tells me that Max and another guy will be there too. I say “Sure” and head off to my apartment.

It is Saturday afternoon, and I go up to Gene’s apartment, he is on the second floor. Knock on the door, Gene opens it, but kind of hiding behind it, and tells me to come in. I enter and see that Gene is standing there in the nude, and sitting are a small round dining table is Max and another guy, also in the nude. “Come on in and get comfortable, we do this all the time” says Gene. Max makes note “We are sort of nudist enthusiasts you might say” and points to the chair next to him.

Well, not wanting to spoil the scene, I slip off my shoes and then strip down; Gene takes my clothes and puts them on a different chair. I’m then introduced to Alfredo, he tells me to call him Al. He kind of gives me a good alsancak escort looking over before I sit down at the table with them. Gene asks if I would like something to drink, and he brings me a Coke.

“Okay guys, we have a foursome and now we can start the game” and he dumps a bunch of dominoes onto the table. We are going to play something called “Mexican Train” and we are in the nude!

About 10 minutes into the game, Max reaches over and puts his hand on my leg, rubs a little and asks if I’m doing okay. I tell him I am a bit confused, but “hey, all okay so far” and I gently pat his thigh.

Little while later, I can feel that Al is rubbing knees with me, and I slide my hand onto his leg and slide up to his crotch area. I give his cock a bit of a squeeze, he looks at me, gives me a smile. Next thing I know, Max is giving me a squeeze too, and I take my other hand to reach over to hold his cock. Gene is also getting some attention from Al. Max’s cock is starting to rise, and he definitely has a good one. It has a large bulbous head, which I rub with my finger. He is really starting to rise to the occasion now!

Well, we all decide that it is time to get away from the dominoes, and play some other games! I’m getting nice and hard, and I see that Al and Gene are standing tall. Max puts his arm around me and leads me to the sofa. He takes a seat, I’m next to him. He asks “Have you ever played with a black cock before?” I tell him no, but I think I will enjoy doing so! He sort of leans back, and says “Be my guest” and spreads his legs.

I get down on my knees, in-between his, and start to play with his enlarged dick. I cup his balls with one hand, and rub my finger up and down the underside of his cock. I rub the head of dick with my palm, while I continue to gently squeeze his nuts. He smiles and says “Oh yes, that is quite nice, don’t stop” and I don’t. I’m now giving him a slow handjob, up and down, up and buca escort down my hand slides. With my other hand, I release his balls, and start to rub my finger around his butt hole. I give my finger a lick to moisten it, and go back and insert my finger into his hole while I continue to jack him off. He gives a little moan, and I know that I’m giving him a most pleasurable treatment.

I now bend over a little, and lick the head of his cock. I go and lick up the underside of his cock, and give some tongue action to the head. I take it into my mouth and start to suck on it. I’m now bobbing my head up and down on his member. I’m not able to get the entire thing into my mouth though, but I certainly try. I’m fingering his ass, while sucking on his cock as he sits back and enjoys.

While I’m doing this, I notice that Al and Gene are standing next to us, watching, while frigging each other’s cock. Al says “Max, I think you’re going cum any second now” and Max replies, “It will be cumming soon” so I know what to expect. Max suddenly stiffens up and groans and shoots his cream into my mouth. It is too much, streaming out the sides of my mouth, while I continue to suck him off.

Gene and Al head off to the bedroom, Max has me stand up and turn my back to him. With one hand he reaches under me and starts to massage my balls. With the other hand, he reaches around and grabs my cock, and starts to pump. He is running his up and down on my cock, while tickling my balls and it feels great! I can’t help myself, and cum all over his hand. He continues to stroke me until I start to go soft.

The two of us, look into the bedroom, and see the other guys sucking each other’s cock, in the 69 position. Soon both of them have their orgasm.

We all are exhausted, and once again sit at the table where we were playing dominoes. We actually start the game up again, and play through all the rounds. Gene ends up winning and we jokingly tell him he has won a blow job, but will have to collect it later.

We all get dressed, and head back to our apartments. That was one hell of dominoes match. I’m looking forward to more games.

The Home is having an outing to the art museum in a couple of days. I’ve signed up for it, wonder who else will be going.

To be continued.

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