Horsing Around Behind the Barn

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Jack was behind the barn cooling off three of the brood mares. They were on a cement slab with a five foot solid wall on three side. Misting hoses were strung across the top on a metal frame and three large shower heads were spraying low pressure patterns out over the horses backs. He had his shirt unbuttoned as he stood just outside the range of the overhead misting spray.

It was the middle of July and hotter than hell. He was considering stripping off naked and joining the mares in the cool showers. The boss was gone for the next two days to an auction up north, the two cattle hands were out checking fences for the day, and Marcy the cook was shopping in town.

“With my luck she would show up and bust me,” Jack said as he fanned his open shirt. Then he grinned as he thought, more than likely she would join him. That old jeep she drove didn’t have air conditioning. He slipped his shirt off and hung it on the wall.

As if on cue, Marcy’s old jeep came around the end of the barn in a cloud of dust. “Slow that damned thing down,” Jack yelled and waved.

Marcy flipped him the bird and sped on toward the bunkhouse. “That silly ass woman is going to kill someone one of these days,” Jack ranted as he headed for the bunkhouse. He had to smile thought, Marcy had a very nice ass for a woman her age, not to mention a set of tits that would make a baby cry a block away.

The jeep slid to a stop in front of the bunkhouse. Marcy jumped out and hauled ass in the front door of the place. Jack slowed as he wondered what the fuck was going on. The woman was acting crazier than normal. Why was she even down here at this time of the day?

Marcy lived in the big house along with the boss. Jack and the two hands lived in the bunkhouse. They took care of the place for the most part and cooked their own breakfast most mornings, which consisted of coffee. Some mornings, Marcy rang the dinner bell up at bosses house and everyone gathered there for breakfast. That usually meant orders from on high. Lunch was usually at the big house, if anyone was around. Supper was almost always around the big table in the bosses dinning room.

Tuesday was laundry day and that was yesterday. So what was so important that Marcy drove like a bat out of hell all the way to the bunkhouse? She should have stopped at the main house. Jack shook his head as he climbed to the bunkhouse porch. The front door was standing wide open.

He went inside and yelled, “Marcy, you’re letting all the flies out.”

“Fuck you Jack, I was in a hurry,” Marcy’s voice came from the direction of the bathroom.

Jack grinned. “A bad taco, I take it.”

“Something like that.” Marcie replied with a groan.

Jack shook his head. “So ya got to come down here and stink up our bathroom.”

“Miss Gail is home,” Marcy said as if that explained everything, which it did for the most part. Gail was the bosses daughter and supposed to be away at college.

“If she ain’t smelled a bad taco by now then it’s high time,” Jack said with a laugh.

“She has two friends with her and I didn’t want to embarrass her.”

Jack looked thoughtful for a moment. He and Gail had had a thing in the stud barn a few years back. On top of hay bales, draped over a rail or two, even on the breeding pen floor. Every time she saw the big dick on Big Jack, Jack’s prize stud horse, she went into heat and somehow he ended up fucking her until they were both exhausted.

The door to the bathroom opened and Jack gave a start. Marcy came out buttoning up the front of her blouse. Jack looked at her questioning. She had on a skirt so why did she have her blouse unbuttoned. Marcy looked at him and saw the look. She grinned. “It’s hotter than hell in that bathroom.”

“It’s July, what do you expect?”

“This place has air conditioning, why don’t you use it?” Marcy shot back.

“It’s hard enough to get used to the heat in the Spring. Why would I want to do it every morning?”

Marcy shook her head and started for the door. “I have frozen stuff in the jeep I need to put away.”

“Why isn’t your jeep air conditioned?” Jack asked even though he knew the answer.

“It didn’t come with A/C when my daddy bought it thirty years ago.”

“You enjoy the heat and sweating as much as I do,” Jack said to her back as she went out the door. She flipped him the bird as she got in the jeep. That and gave him a flash of leg all the way up to her inner thigh as she didn’t use the running boards to step up.

“Sweating is good for a woman,” she said with a grin as she started the jeep.

Jack grinned and watched her drive away. This time she drove slow enough not to stir up the dust. The two of them had hooked up a time or three and there had been some major sweating going on. Once out at the old stock pond and once bent over a rock up by the canyon. That last time under the stars on a blanket had been the best of all.

With a sigh at the memories and a twitch in his dick, he started back for the washing station. He was halfway there when he saw three people casino oyna coming out of the barn. One of them waved, it was Gail. He waved back. That’s when he remembered he didn’t have his shirt on.

As he got closer, Gail said, “Good to see you Jack.” And walked over to hug him.

“You’re going to get that shirt all sweaty,” he said as she let go of him. The shirt he was speaking of was a western shirt, mostly unbuttoned with the long tails tied in a knot just below her breasts. A pair of tight white shorts and boots completed her outfit.

She winked at him and grinned. Sweaty wasn’t all she had gotten the last time she was home. “Come on, I want you to meet my friends.”

Jack wanted his shirt but Gail pulled him away from it. “This is Dee,” she said indicating a tall blonde wearing a bikini top that was screaming for its life trying to control a huge set of tits. The little skirt below would have been better for a tennis court.

“Glad to meet ya,” Jack said but Dee was all but drooling over his bare chest and washboard stomach.

“And this is Tammy,” Gail said indicating the slightly shorter and more slender second girl. She had on one of those tube top things that was one piece and went all the way around her chest. It was molded to her smallish cone shaped breasts. She also had on white shorts but hers were way shorter than Gail’s were.

“Glad to meet you,” Jack said and looked from one to the other to the other, around and round. When no one said anything, he grinned. “I need to get back to the horses before they drown.”

“I’ve never seen a horse in a shower before,” Dee said without taking her eyes off Jack.

“It cleans them up and cools them down. All three are pregnant.”

Gail grinned. “No stud barn for them until next Spring.”

“Stud barn?” Tammy asked. “Is that what it sounds like?”

Gail laughed. “It sure is. Big Jack lives there and he is big, believe me. He’s named after Jack here,” she said with a wink in Jack’s direction.

Tammy’s eyes moved from Jack’s face to his boots and then back up. It was a short trip since she was taller than he was. Dee was taller than she was. “It’s an old joke and my bosses sick sense of humor,” Jack said.

“That’s my daddy,” Gail said with a laugh.

Jack shook his head and went in the barn. A moment later all the water shut off. Jack came back out with an old towel to wipe down the first horse. Jack had the back of the mare slicked down when he heard Tammy ask, “Can we go see that… uh… stud horse?”

Then he grinned as Gail asked, “Are either of you on your period?”

“What? Tammy asked sharply and Dee giggled.

“Your period can make him spooky and hard to control,” Gail said.

“Seriously?” Tammy said and Dee laughed.

“Seriously,” Jack said over his shoulder.

Dee was still looking at him with lust in her eyes. He turned back to the mare and Dee said, “You guys go on, I want to watch Jack dry the horses.”

“We need to get her a bib,” Tammy said to Gail.

“Two, unless I miss my guess.” Gail replied with a grin.

“You guys behave. I’m a city girl. I don’t know anything about horses or farms,” Dee said.

“This is a ranch, not a farm,” Jack corrected her.

“What’s the difference?” Dee asked.

Jack looked around at her to see if she was pulling his leg. She looked serious so he said, “A farm grows crops and a ranch grows livestock.”

Dee nodded. “Got it.”

Gail shook her head and looked at Tammy. “Then I guess it’s just you and me.”

Tammy grinned as she eyed Dee. “Should we find him a chair and whip before we leave him alone with her?”

Gail laughed. “Don’t worry he always carries a club for such occasions.”

Jack gave her a hard look and Tammy looked at Jack. “Ya don’t say,” Tammy said with a wiggle of her eyebrows and a grin.

Gail laughed again and whispered, “I can’t take you two anywhere…” as she turned and headed into the barn.

Tammy sighed and with one last look in Jack’s direction set off after Gail.

Dee grinned. “I thought those bitches would never leave.”

Jack gave her a sharp look and continued to wipe the mare down. He had both sides done and most of her front legs. As he moved to the back, Dee walked over closer to him. “I don’t have any panties on under this dress.”

Jack nodded. “I’d watch the wind around here. It can get gusty in places like that barn door.”

Dee giggled. “The chance of that happening and someone seeing me makes me excited.”

“Seeing you would probably get me excited too,” Jack said as he crossed cautiously behind the mare. He took a moment to ring the towel out, his eyes on the young woman in front of him. She had her fingers on the hem of the short dress and was fiddling with it.

He started working on the mares hip and then squatted down to do the leg. Dee pulled the skirt away from her body once and then a second time. Jack could see well up her thighs when she did. He smiled and shook his head. “Teasing won’t do it.”

“Uh… do what?’ Dee canlı casino asked as she let go of the skirt.

“Get my dick hard enough for you to see if what Gail told you was true or not.”

Dee blushed and whimpered softly. “Is that what you think I’m doing?”

“I know that is what you are doing.” Jack stated flat out.

“What if I pulled the skirt all the way up?”

“You’d probable end up getting fucked with more than you ever bargained for.”

Dee’s eyes grew wide and then she groaned softly. “Was that supposed to scare me?”

Jack stood up. “Nope, just a warning.”

Dee shivered hard as Jack walked to the front of the mare and unsnapped her lead from the wall. He led the mare into the barn and put her in a stall. Dee followed along behind. “I love the smell in here.”

“Sweet alfalfa hay,” Jack said as he headed back for the door. Dee was still standing where she was looking around as Jack stopped and hung the damp towel up on a rack. He got a dry one and went outside.

He was working on the second mare when Dee came out the door and walked over to stand next to him. “Uh… how much more are we talking about?”

Jack chuckled. Curiosity had gotten the better of her. “What is the largest you’ve had?”

Dee blushed as she held her hands about six inches apart. Jack reached over and moved her left hand about four inches farther. Dee shivered and then groaned. “Yeah, a lot more,” she whispered quickly.

Jack went back to wiping the mare down. Dee sighed and walked over to the barn door. “Can I look around in here?”

“Sure, just don’t open any of the stalls.” Jack replied.

Dee nodded and went into the barn.


Jack finished the second mare and put her away in a stall. He didn’t see Dee in the barn so he figured she went to find the other two young women. He went out to finish the last mare. She was drying naturally so it wouldn’t take as long.

He finished the last mare and put her away. As he turned to go get his shirt, something landed on his head. He grabbed at it and saw the bikini top Dee had been wearing. It had come from the hayloft up above. He looked up and grinned. “So it’s show and tell time now.” He heard Dee giggle and then her skirt hit the ground a few feet from him.

Jack picked up the skirt and walked over to the ladder in the corner. He hung the skirt and the bikini top on the top rail of the stall behind the ladder. He looked up and saw Dee grinning down at him. “Are you coming down or should I come up there?” He asked a moment later.

Dee’s head disappeared and she giggled again.

“Naked in a hayloft can get you in all kinds of trouble,” Jack said as he started up the ladder. His head cleared the floor and he looked around the stacks of hay in the dim light. He didn’t see Dee.

He climbed on up to stand in the hayloft. He moved away from the ladder and found a hay bale with several more leaned up behind it. He sat down, leaned back, stretched out his legs, and relaxed. He listened for a few minutes and didn’t hear anything.

“Your clothes are at the bottom of the ladder. You get one free pass to climb down and get them,” he said to Dee and then he waited again.

A few minutes later, he heard Gail call out from below, “Hey Jack are you in here?”

“Up in the hayloft.” He replied.

“What are you doing up there?”

“Playing hide and seek,” he said with a grin.

Gail chuckled and said, “I’m assuming Dee is the one hiding.” She sounded closer to the ladder. Then there was a laugh from her and a groan from Tammy. “Now I see why she is hiding,” Gail said as she spotted Dee’s clothes.

“How… how did he get her undressed?” Tammy asked a moment later.

“I didn’t. She did it all by herself and then dropped her clothes down there. I’m waiting for the show and tell when she goes to get them.”

Gail laughed. “Can you take a time out so you can show me how to turn the shower on?”

“Why do you need the shower on?” Jack asked in confusion.

“We were wrestling around in one of the breeding stalls and found a big sloppy surprise.”

Jack chuckled. “That happens on occasion when you don’t check things out before hand.”

“A lesson learned,” Tammy said and then added, “A stinky lesson at that.”

“Hay and oats smell much better going in than coming out.”

“Ewe!” came from a stack of hay bales to Jack’s left.

He got up and eased that way quietly. He was right beside the stack when Gail called, “Jack?”

Jack stepped around the bales and found Dee in all her glory. She was in the back corner of a little pocket. He was blocking the only way out. Her hands were at her sides and she moaned loudly as his eyes ran up and down her naked body. He licked his lips and sighed. “You’re lucky Gail and Tammy showed up to save your ass.”

Dee whimpered softly and then gasped as Jack used his left hand to point out the outline of the large ridge down his left pants leg. “I… I… I…” she stammered and then groaned loudly.

Jack grinned and turned kaçak casino to walk over to the edge of the hayloft. Looking down at Gail, he said, “Over under the window at the wash station, there are four sets of knobs. The rights are for cold and the lefts are for hot. The left three sets correspond to the shower heads outside.”

Gail was grinning up at Jack. “I see she found out the answer to her biggest question.”

When she said that Tammy looked up. “Holy shit,” she said with a groan.

Gail laughed. “Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, Big Jack dropped about half of his out to welcome us.”

Jack looked from one young woman to the other. Tammy seemed to have gotten the worse end of the horse shit. It was on her blouse and the back of her shorts. Looking back at Gail he said, “I think you’ve said that more than once.”

“I sure have,” Gail said as she turned to walk over to the controls he had pointed out. She had shit smeared here and there. Not to mention a handprint or two mixed in.

“Who won the wrestling match,” Jack asked.

Tammy groaned and Gail said, “I had her pinned but that was when it ended.”

Jack nodded and turned to look behind him. Dee was peeking around the end of the hay bales. Jack grinned. “You might as well come on out, I’ve seen it all already.”

Dee groaned loudly as she stepped out from behind the bales. She had this scared excited look on her face and her hands kept opening and closing. Her fingers would extend all the way and then spread wide. A moment later she would make a tight fist. “I… I… I…” she stammered and took a step forward.

“Yeah, you, you, you,” Jack said with a grin.

Dee groaned and took another step. Her hands went behind her back, which lifted her breasts as her shoulders went back. “Do… do I… uh… still have that free pass?”

Jack reached down and undid his belt buckle. Dee’s eyes followed his hands as he undid the snap and then ran the zipper on his jeans down. He wiggled his hips and pushed the jeans down to mid thigh. His dick sprang up and pointed directly at Dee. Her eyes got wide as she groaned deeply.

“Holy shit!” She said a moment later and then shivered hard as she shook her head.

“Is there a problem?” Jack asked with a grin.

“Too long and too wide,” Dee whispered with a blush.

“I doubt it but there is a way to find out.”

When Dee shook her head quickly, Jack chuckled. “I meant, if it’ll fit your mouth, it’ll fit the other place.”

Dee whimpered and shook her head. “I… I love to suck a dick but that thing scares me.”

Jack sighed as he reached down and pulled his jeans up. He lifted his dick and snapped the jeans with his dick pointing straight up. The big head and three inches of shaft protruded above the waistband. He left the zipper and belt buckle undone as he turned toward the ladder.

“I’ll see you down below,” he said as he started down the ladder.

Dee hurried over and watched him climb down. When he took three steps back and looked up, she moaned loudly as she realized he was going to watch her come down the ladder. Her hips twitched hard as her sex tightened up to the point it was almost painful.

“Come on down, I ain’t got all day,” Jack called up to her.

Dee moaned even louder and turned around to put her foot on the top rung of the ladder. Her legs were spread wide. She looked down between her thighs and leaned forward. Jack was looking directly at her sex with a grin on his face.

“Nice and juicy,” he said to her.

Dee felt her hips quiver and then give a little jerk. She was very close to coming. She moved her other foot to the ladder and started down. On the ladder, her feet were closer together, which help her keep her composure. As she neared the floor of the barn, something bumped her legs and then she rose in the air, her thighs on someone’s shoulders.

Jack had moved to the ladder, turned around and squatted down. When Dee was close enough, he stood up, his head between her thighs. She gave out with a little yell of surprise and then yelled louder as a thick tongue stabbed into her pussy. Hands on her ass balanced her in place and bounced her up and down.

Dee was coming long and hard before she even realized it. The tongue deep in her pussy and a nose rubbing her clit shot her straight into orbit. She held onto the rung of the ladder with just blind luck as Jack gave her a tongue lashing from hell.


Dee gave a jerk and then moaned softly. She was laying on something soft but prickly. “I think she’s going to live,” she heard Gail say with a chuckle.

“I’ve known her for a long time and I’ve never heard her yell like that,” Tammy said a short distance away.

Dee opened her eyes and blinked several times. She was laying on her back in a pile of hay. She looked around and spotted Gail and Tammy sitting on the stall rail above her. She looked around for Jack. He was standing by the stall gate. His dick was still looking over the top of his jeans.

With a groan, Dee looked back at Gail and Tammy. Her eyes grew wide and she gasped softly. They were both naked. “What… what… what…” she stammered and then groaned again as the memory of sitting on Jack’s face flashed across her mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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