Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 04

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I woke up around 7:30 to find Donna drying her hair. She had already showered, which she said she needed after the previous day, since I had left her such a mess. “Don’t wear panties again today, and see what happens,” I warned her, slapping her bare ass as she stood at the counter.

“We’ll see about that,” she said, smiling at me. I went into the bathroom and got ready. She was still naked when I came out of the shower.

“So what are you going to tease me with today??” I asked. “Keep in mind, it will be hot, and I have something planned that will have us doing some walking.”

“I think I have something that will work for that,” said Donna, pulling a pair of cutoffs out of her bag. She stood facing me, smiling, as she stepped into them, pulling them up over her blonde fur patch. They were long enough so she wasn’t hanging out of them as she stood, but the legs were wide, and I could see I would be often seeing her charms today.

“You’re asking for trouble, you know.”

“Yup-and I bet I find it too!!” Donna put on a loose tank top, guaranteeing I’d be seeing a lot of her tits, and she was ready. I got dressed and we were off. We grabbed some Krispy Kremes for a quick breakfast, and I took her out to Cadillac Ranch, just west of town along I 40.

“I’d heard of this place, always wanted to go here,” said Donna, a look of fascination on her face. “It seems so stark, the cars are just stuck in the field with all this flatness. Interesting art.” We walked through the cars, Donna looking up and down in them. As she moved around, I enjoyed the view of her tits swinging inside her top. It was going to be a good day. We were really getting along-aside from all the sex-and really enjoyed being together. We were getting comfortable with each other as well, and had some deep, intimate conversations about life and love.

“That was fun,” said Donna. “I’ve read about much of the odd art around the country, but never had the chance to see it. I really appreciate that you will take the time.” She leaned over and kissed me sweetly, more affection than the lustful kisses we shared most of the time. “Thank you. I could not enjoy this more.”

“It’s my pleasure,” I said. “I’m having a great time with you, really enjoying spending time with someone who appreciates all the odd and quirky things I like too. I could spend a lot more time with you, as I really enjoy a companion who is smart and well rounded. Too bad your husband doesn’t get it.”

“Maybe I’m just married too long. Oh well-his loss.”

We looked at each other a moment, realizing that maybe there was more to this connection than just a hot sexy joyride.

“I have another place I want to show you,” I said. “I think you’ll like this. It’s not like anything else around here.” Donna looked at me quizzicaly. “Let’s take a slight detour.”

I headed back to I 27 and went south to Canyon, then east on Texas 217. As we drove, I pointed out Amarillo across the flatness of the landscape.

“How far away is that??” asked Donna.

“About 20 miles, give or take,” I said.

“Funny, this is the image that always comes to mind about this part of the country, flat as a pool table in all directions.”

“It’s about to change. Give me five more minutes.” Donna looked curious. Soon we were seeing ravines coming up on each side of the road, and then at a gatehouse. “Welcome to Palo Duro,” I said. “This is the wild west landscape that comes to mind when you think of Texas.” We went in, and started down the road into the park. Donna was wide eyed as we got farther in. “Hard to believe this is here, after you’ve been out on the high plains. It’s a different world.”

“I’ll say,” said Donna, still agape. “This is amazing, and so beautiful.” We drove down to the end of the road and parked. There are several trails down in the river bottom, which I thought would give us a chance to get out and walk some. Donna was up for it, so we grabbed a couple bottles of water and headed off into the sagebrush. It didn’t take long before we were some distance from the parking lot. It was warm, and we were both starting to sweat a bit. Donna was getting that glow that comes from a workout, and she was looking really hot in her cutoffs and tank top.

“Time for a break??” I asked.

“Sure. It gets hot here fast, but I guess that’s Texas,” she said, sitting down on a rock.

I looked at her. “You’re hot at any temperature!!”

“HA!! You’re just trying to get into my pants!!” said Donna, laughing.

“You know I will,” I said, moving closer to her. The rock she perched on was just high enough that I could kiss her without leaning too far forward-and just the right height for me to go down on her if I knelt in front of her. On the way down to the park, I had taken advantage of her cutoffs, my hand on her thigh, caressing gently, reaching inside her pants leg just enough to tease her blonde curls and occasionally her labia. She, on the other hand, was a little more aggressive, stroking my cock through my shorts, getting me hard, something she was remarkably good at. We were primed casino siteleri for a little outdoor adventure. I kissed her gently, then more deeply, pushing her top up so I could play with her small but sexy tits. I soon had her moaning and her nipples standing up. I pulled her top off, stepping back to enjoy her tits in full sun. There’s nothing like feeling open air on your body, or seeing it in daylight, so it was a treat to see her out in the open. I knelt in front of her, taking first her right tit in my mouth, then the left, gently tugging on each til Donna was holding my head and sighing.

“You’re making me so hot. Go down on me,” she said, almost pleading. I kissed her, then pushed her legs apart, giving me good access into her cutoffs, and a great view of her spreading pussy. I knelt down, kissing up her left thigh til I was nuzzling her muff. I ran up her slit with my tongue, which made Donna push my face into her more closely. I licked deeper, savoring her aroma and taste, although I could still taste the results of the previous day’s episode. Donna sighed and pushed her pussy into my face as I ate her eagerly.

“Someone is still a mess inside,” I said.

Donna looked down at me. “You know you had me dripping a ton yesterday. Even after my shower this morning, there’s still a lot of your come inside me.”

“There will be more when I’m done. No panties again. You’re asking for it.”

Donna smiled down at me. “I don’t have to ask. I’m getting all I can handle, and more.” I put my tongue deep in her, and she moaned as her pussy quivered around me. I pulled my tongue out, running it over her clit as I withdrew. She held me close again, her fingers grabbing my hair as her hips shook. I played on her clit some more, getting her closer to the brink. I backed off a moment, stood her up and undid the button and zipper on her cutoffs, then pulled them off. Donna was now on the rock naked except for a pair of sneakers. I knelt in front of her again, now with nothing between me and the prize. I went at her once more, now licking up and down her open slit, rolling my tongue over her clit. She started to shake as I rolled my tongue around her clit, finally crying out and dousing me with a generous amount of her juices.

“I want you in me,” she said in a loud whisper. “I want your cock.” I looked at her in the sunlight, her tits puffed out and nipples standing up, her pussy spread wide, framed by a carpet of blonde curls, golden in the sun, in anticipation of being penetrated. I stood up, and Donna, almost in a frenzy, opened my shorts and dropped them to the ground, revealing my erect, drooling dick. She stroked it a couple of times, looking intently at the pearl drop of come that had formed on the head, and pulled me to her. I entered her easily, though not before rubbing the head on her clit, smearing the drop of semen all over it, making Donna squirm.

“You drive me crazy,” said Donna as I rubbed my sperm onto her clit, then filled her with my cock til my balls were resting on her ass, and the head was bottoming out. “Oh!! You’re so deep!! I feel your head pushing at my womb.”

“I’ll be filling it with sperm very soon,” I said.

“Mmmm…I can’t wait. I want to feel it in me, mixing with your come from yesterday,” said Donna.

“If you were thirty years younger, I’d be sending you home knocked up, you have so much of my seed in you.” Our eyes met. Donna looked up at me and took my hands, our fingers locking together.

“If I were thirty years younger, I’d let you.” We kissed deeply, and I started pumping in and out of Donna’s slick pussy, slowly building intensity as I stroked over her clit. She was soon reaching climax, as was I. She shuddered and wrapped her legs around me. “Come inside me,” she said in a hoarse whisper. “Fill me with your hot seed, fill my womb.” With that she thrust her crotch into me, taking my cock deep. It was more that either of us could stand, and she started to come around my cock, soaking me, even as I was filling her with a huge load of come, filling her and spilling back onto my balls, making them stick to her as I pulsed inside her, and dripping down onto the rock Donna was sitting on. We stayed joined for a few minutes after our orgasm as we caught our breath. I savored the feel of Donna’s flooded cunt around my still firm erection. I finally slipped out of her, rubbing the leaking head of my dick in her bush. Semen dripped from her pussy and onto the rocks. As we came apart, we heard voices from a short distance away.

“Oh, check it out, old people fucking!!” I turned to see a couple of guys on the trail about 100 yards from us. Busted, I thought. A second look told me it was the two guys who were at the table eating the big steak the previous evening.

“Just hope you guys can do this well in 35 years,” I said. Donna looked at me, a puzzled look on her face. She didn’t try to cover up, even as the guys approached. I guess she figured there was no point in trying.

“I’ll still be doing it in 35 years, but not with an old woman,” said kid

. His friend just laughed.

“Old woman??” canlı casino said Donna. “Get over here. I’ll show you what an old woman can do, and you’ll never go back to your 22 year old girlfriend,” she said in her best teacher voice.

“What can you do that she can’t??” said the kid.

“I’ll make you come so hard it’ll blow your head off,” said Donna, standing up.

“You?? I don’t think you can do it,” he said.

“Wanna bet??” said Donna. I was now seeing a side of Donna I didn’t think existed. Our trip was about to get a lot more interesting. I just watched to see where it would go.

“What’ll you bet me??” he said, almost mocking.

“Here’s the deal,” said Donna. “I’ll make you come in five minutes or less. If I can’t do it, you and your friend can fuck me.”

“And if you do??

“You have to go down on me.”

The guy thought a moment. “OK,” he said. “I’ll take that bet, but I’ll be pounding your little old pussy ten minutes from now.”

“We’ll see,” said Donna, licking her lips. “Time starts as soon as I touch your cock. Now drop ’em!!”

The kid dropped his pants, exposing a half hard dick. Donna dropped her shorts on the ground and knelt in front of him. She looked at me. “Ready??”

I was, having set up the stopwatch on my phone once the deal was set. “Ready, start any time.”

Donna took his cock in her hand and stroked, then put the head in her mouth. He stiffened up quickly. I knew she could give an intense and loving blow job, and I had a feeling she could get a guy off in no time with her talent. A minute in, she had the guy groaning, and I could see his cock was getting thicker, and his balls tightening up. Donna slurped him noisily, occasionally pulling off to tell him how good his thick cock felt in her mouth, and she couldn’t wait to taste his young come. At the two minute mark, she pulled off and rubbed his cock on her face, squeezing it, making a big drop of come seep out, which she massaged into her cheek, then took the head back in her mouth. Thirty seconds later, his hips were quivering and his cock was throbbing. Donna pulled off, stroking it and massaging his balls as she looked up.

“Don’t hold it back, honey, let me have all that hot sweet sperm you have in those big heavy young balls. I want to feel your big load shooting in my mouth.” I had just fucked Donna silly fifteen minutes before, and I was already getting hard again watching her work this kid over, especially since she was about to teach him a lesson. At the 3:15 mark, he cried out, and his ass tightened up. Donna didn’t miss a beat as his orgasm overtook him, swallowing as fast as he could shoot, though she released his cock from her magic mouth after a couple of spurts so his friend and I could see him coming on her tongue. She showed her tongue, then swallowed his come, getting a shot on her face and tits, then taking him back in. She let him finish, then licked him clean.

“How long??” Donna asked, looking at me.

“3:15,” I said. “I think that means you win the bet.”

“I think it does,” Donna said, looking up at her conquest. “Someone has some payback to do.” She took the kid over to where we had just had sex. “On your knees, and don’t stop til you make me come all over your face,” she said, again in her teacher voice. This kid wasn’t getting any slack. She opened her legs, exposing her wet, tangled, matted muff and slightly parted labia, which still had my come dripping out of them. The kid looked at her, not quite sure what to do next. “Well, get started. Do I have to explain it to you??”

“You’re a mess. Did your husband just come in you?? I’ve never done this on a girl with a load in her pussy,” said the kid, obviously hesitant to eat the cream pie.

“Hmm…hungry enough to eat a whole steak, but not the cream pie for dessert?? Welcome to sloppy seconds,” said Donna. “Guess you should think more carefully before you make a bet you can’t win. Oh, and my husband is in Illinois,” she said, looking at me, smiling and blowing me a kiss.

The kid looked up at Donna, who gave him one of those looks teachers give you when you haven’t done your homework. He tentatively licked up and down Donna’s thighs, finally getting to her labia. She thrust her pussy into his face, telling him, go ahead, eat it, and lick it like he meant it. She soon had him into her, and she was riding his face steadily. She motioned for his friend to come over. She undid his pants and pulled out a nice size cock that was already hard.

“Can’t leave you out,” she said, stroking his erection. While the first guy licked her, she started to blow the second guy, much to his disbelief. He wasn’t fighting it, though. Donna was taking it easy on him, since there wasn’t the frenzy of a bet, giving him the slow, sensual attention she gives me. He was still getting turned on quickly, and I could see his balls tightening as he got closer to coming. Donna let him go, as the first guy was getting her off, having overcome his fear of tasting come(or perhaps from fear of Donna), and now licking her clit eagerly. She let go of the second guy, kaçak casino leaving his dick hanging, and took the first guy by the hair and moved his face up and down her twat.

“Lick it good, you have me close. Remember what I said, I want you to make me come hard.” Donna ground her pussy into his face, and thirty seconds later her orgasm washed over her and his face. “Well done,” she said when she regained her composure. “I didn’t think you were going to finish when you started. Just remember this the next time you come in your girlfriend, she’ll love you for eating her afterwards.”

Now finished with his payoff, the first guy stood up in front of Donna. She moved the second guy around in front of her, stroking his cock as she pulled him toward her, nudging the first guy out of the way. “You’ve not been getting proper attention,” she said to him, giving his cock another good couple of licks. She then took it and placed it on her clit, rubbing it up and down on her slick pussy, then pulled him inside her dripping muff. Even though Donna had been focusing her attention on the first young man, the second one, who was now starting to pound her pussy steadily, had been getting enough of Donna’s oral magic that he was not going to last long. Sure enough, after about five minutes, he was stroking her deep, and was ready to blow his load. Donna sensed it, feeling his cock swell even more as he reached his climax, and pulled him close with her legs around him.

“Give me your sweet come, honey,” Donna said, looking up at him. “I know you have a big load for me, flood my pussy.” She closed her eyes as he came, his come setting off her orgasm as well. He came for a long time, a steady stream of his sperm dripping from her, even as she was still taking his load. Finally they both stopped shaking, and her new partner pulled away. A huge glob of come spilled from her labia, followed quickly by another. She lay back on the rock, spent for the moment. She looked at me. “He came A LOT!!” she said, as more come dripped from her.

Donna now turned her attention back to the first kid, who was hard again. “Come here,” she said, taking his renewed hard on in her hand and looking up at him. “Just to show you I’m not a sore winner…” She stroked his cock to full size and put it at the entrance to her pussy. “Though you are going to get sloppy thirds. Put it inside me,” she said, guiding him into her soaked vagina. She was well lubed from two loads of come and several of her own orgasms, and he slid in easily. He started pumping, Donna pacing him so he didn’t lose his load too quickly. “Take it easy. It’s not a race,” she said. “I know you young guys can come again right away, but there’s no hurry this time.” While the first guy was fucking her, she once again took the second guy’s cock in her mouth, smiling up at him as she started swirling her tongue on the head, cleaning up the come still seeping from his cock. The first guy pushed in and out of Donna for about ten minutes before he couldn’t take any more of her hot messy pussy. I knew she was doing her best to get him to come, and her cunt had to be the hottest, steamiest, wettest, horniest place his dick had ever been. I don’t know how he lasted as long as he did.

“I’m coming, baby,” he said. “You’re too hot for me, I can’t hold off any more.”

Donna locked her legs around his. “Give it to me, give me your hot sperm deep in my messy cunt. Let me have another load in my pussy.” She ground onto his cock and he was over the edge, grunting as he blew a load into her, holding his cock in as he unloaded. I could see come dripping down from where Donna was sitting as his come mixed with mine and his friend’s, overflowing her. Donna had again let go of the second guy as the first one came. Her partner pulled out, and a gush of semen ran out of Donna, dripping onto the rock she was sitting on, and coating her inner thighs. She licked off his come coated cock, leaving him cleaned up.

“How about one more load, my little come slut??” I asked. Donna smiled, looking at my now leaking hard on.

“You know how I love your come, sweetie. Put that stiff cock in me and finish what you started.”

“Not til I get a taste of you,” I said, kneeling in front of her. The two guys Donna had just given a workout looked on in disbelief.

“You’re not…” Donna didn’t get to finish her sentence. I licked up the thick stream of come dripping down from her open cunt and pushed it inside her, sticking my tongue as far as I could up her steaming snatch, then licked all around her clit, making sure I covered it in come. Donna took my head in her hands, and almost immediately was grabbing my hair. It took about 30 seconds and she went off like a Roman candle, holding my face to her convulsing pussy. As she started to recover, I pulled away from her, kissing up her wet tangled bush, up her belly, nibbling on both tits, and finally kissing her hard as my cock found her open, dripping slit. She took me in her hand and pulled my cock to her, rubbing it on her clit, finally pushing it inside her. I slid easily into her molten snatch, soaked with three loads, and started pumping, slurping in and out of Donna with each stroke. She was grinding her pussy into my cock with each stroke. I was loving the feeling of her sloppiness, and I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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