Hot in the Gym

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Big Tits

All the characters in this story are fictional and adults. This is a continuation of my series involving the fictional character Brad. It is the further exploration of my bisexual fantasies. I love to get comments from readers so if you liked it let me know please. I write for your pleasure and mine, so enjoy!


Brad had invited me to go to a “special” workout at his yoga studio/gym. It started late, 9:00 pm, a little late for me but I figured why not. I arrived at 8:45 to an almost empty gym. As I entered the facility I noticed that the sign on the door stated that it closed at 9:00 pm. My attention was diverted by who Brad was waiting for me and greeted me with a hug.

Brad said, “Glad you could make it. This is a private class and you are my extra-special guest. I know you are going to simply LOVE this workout.”

Brad tossed his long hair over his shoulder and raised his eyebrows as he headed to one of the rooms they used for classes. I, like Brad, already had on my workout clothes so we both dropped our bags in the corner of the room. The room was your typical affair, wood floors, mirrors on two sides, a small platform for the instructor, some weights on racks, and big padded mats against a wall. There were a few people already in the room.

Brad bounced in with enthusiastic hellos for everyone. He introduced me to a middle age woman with short black hair. Her name was Judith and I would put her age at about 45. She was around 5’2″, and she had a fit yet matronly build. Large breasts and wide hips, she was a pretty woman with sparkling blue eyes. Next was a young woman, Jesse, she was in her early twenties. She was wearing short shorts and a sports bra. Her blond hair was tied in pig tales and she had a slender build with almost no visible breasts although her nipples appeared as if they wanted to independently break out of her top. A large man stepped forward and held out his hand exclaiming “James.” He was about 6’4″ tall and powerfully built. He had big arms and legs and a firm belly although he was not fat. James looked a little like those power lifters you see at the Olympics. He was about my age, early 30s, and he was smooth and tan with a gentle face.

Brad jumped up and gave James a big hug across his broad chest. James hugged Brad and laughed at his exuberance. Brad said, “James is my protector, once these guys at a club downtown followed me outside and were going to beat me up but James walked around the corner and kicked their ass.”

There was another man that walked up and he introduced himself as Tre. He was interesting looking. He looked to be Asian and African American. He was about my height, just under 6′, athletically built and with a mane of dread locks. He was also wearing a pair of very tight spandex shorts that showed off his powerful round ass and an impressive package. I was starting to think that Brad was up to his old tricks when my attention was taken away from Tre by 3 loud claps. It was the instructor, Roxy, as she bounded into the studio.

Roxy’s age was hard to judge. From just her body she could have been anywhere from 25 to 40, but her face gave away a bit more of her age. She had thick blond hair with a bit of gray, cut in a bob. She wore shiny black yoga capris and a matching sports bra. She had muscular legs and an ass that was both well defined and a bit large for her frame. Her tan body sported b size breasts and defined abs, arms and shoulders.

Roxy looked at me and smiled. “Ah you must be the new ‘victim’ that Brad told us about. I know you will have a good time in our special little class. Now everyone grab some weights that are about 50% of your max bench press and let’s get started.”

The workout was tough but ataşehir escort good. It was a combination of free weights, pilates and aerobics. We were all sweaty and pumped up when it was done. Tre, James and Judith formed the front row and Brad, myself and Jesse formed the second row. I must say I did enjoy watching all the participants workout. When we finished Roxy directed us to a cooler in the corner and we all grabbed a cold drink. As we sipped the group grabbed their bags and headed for the ladies locker room. Brad moved next to me and whispered in my ear, “This is where the real work-out gets started.”

Everyone grabbed a towel as they entered the locker room and taking places at various lockers all began to strip. Jesse who was already naked was rubbing Tre’s shoulder who was telling her of a cramp that had developed. Roxy and Judith were in each other’s arms and exchanging what appeared to be intimate conversation. James was stepping out of his shorts as he met my eye and smiled. I looked down to see that he had a tremendously thick cock and balls all nicely shaven. Still holding my gaze he took his cock in his hand and gave it a few casual strokes as he headed toward the showers.

Brad put his arm around my waist and said, “Everyone is fair game in our little group, you just have to be polite. We usually shower before any of the really fun stuff gets started.” He then gave me a quick kiss on the mouth and started undressing.

Roxy had taken off her shirt and I could see her large brown nipples erect and contrasting with her tan line as she walked toward me and said, “I am glad you could make it, Brad is such a cutie and he’s told us what a good guy you are.” She gave me a little peck and squeezed my cock and balls at the same time.

Judith was naked and her big breasts were capped with large broad nipples. She had lots of freckles on her chest and back and a sexy little tummy that ended in a trimmed but full beaver of black hair. She walked arm in arm with Jesse who’s perfect round ass cheeks jiggled as she walked and laughed at something Judith said.

I removed all my clothes and I was the last one in the shower. The scene that greeted me was both steamy and steamy. Roxy was working a lather up on James’ chest while occasionally traveling down to his massive cock that was semi erect. Tre was soaping up Brad by first lathering his chest and then rubbing up against him. Tre had a nice long uncut cock that slid between Brad’s ass cheeks as he soaped him up. Judith was on her knees and gently working up a bubblely froth on Jesse’s clean-shaven pussy. Judith motioned for me to come closer. I approached and her warm soap covered hand moved up my thigh and over my stomach. Jesse put a hand behind my head and pulled me to her parted lips. As we kissed warm water ran over my body and Judith caressed and cleaned me. I was instantly rock hard and throbbing.

Jesse was a great kisser and my arousal was further heightened when Judith took my cock in her mouth. As she licked and sucked on my cock head she worked her soapy hands around my balls and another between my cheeks. Judith soaped up my asshole good and then slowly started to push in a finger. Jesse dropped to her knees and replaced Judith’s finger with her tongue as she rimmed my clean hole.

Judith looked up at me and said, “I think you will be happy that we relaxed your little rose bud. I think your chances of getting fucked tonight are pretty good.”

My head was spinning as I took in the vision of all the bodies in the steam. Brad and Tre were making out as they rubbed their hard cocks together. James was on his back on the floor in a 69 with Roxy. Roxy would often take her mouth off James’ big cock to grind her avcılar escort clean-shaven pussy and ass into James’ face. James seemed to love this. He moaned in appreciation as Roxy slid her pussy and ass over his mouth and nose, her eyes closed, mouth open and head back in ecstasy. At one point she was grinding her ass on his face as she rubbed her clit. James was spreading her ass cheeks with his hands and I could tell he was going to town on her ass hole. As I watched she convulsed in a powerful orgasm.

Judith stood up and Jesse went to work on her pussy. I kissed Judith as Jesse ate her pussy. I decided to return the favor and slid my head under Jesse who was on her knees. I first gently licked her bare labia then went to work on her clit. She appeared to enjoy this but her face was firmly implanted in Judith’s bush. Judith had both hands on the back of Jesse’s head and was moaning in delight. After Judith could take no more Jesse slid down my body and cave me a long pussy-flavored kiss.

Still in a lip lock with Jesse I felt something wet on my hard cock. It was Tre and Brad who were taking turns sucking my cock and rimming each other. After about 5 minutes of this intense oral stimulation Roxy and James walked over and said,

“Hey you fuck machines the sauna is hot and ready to go.”

We broke apart our chain and as I was helped to my feet by Tre. My face and mouth were covered with Jesse and Judith’s essence. Tre pulled me to his muscular frame and gave me a hot kiss with plenty of tongue. I reached down with one hand and grabbed his round ass cheek, it was like a rock, with my other hand I took his 9″ cock in my hand and moved the foreskin back and forth over his bulbous cock head. I dropped to my knees and turned Tre around so I was facing his ass. He pushed his cock and balls between his legs and I spread his hot buns and alternated between rimming his hole and sucking his cock.

After a couple of minutes of me working Tre near to orgasm, Brad moved behind me and nestling his hard 8″ between my ass cheeks he whispered in my ear,

“Somebody is going to get some cock tonight.”

The rest of the group grabbed us and drug us into the sauna. It was large with tiered benches. Roxy entered last with two bottles of cold champagne. We passed the bottles around. Roxy poured a little on her tits and Judith eagerly licked it off. Jesse poured some on her ass and Brad and Tre went to work on both her pussy and asshole. I glanced over at James, he was sitting on the top bench his body shiny with water and sweat. His cock was pointing straight up. He motioned me to come forward. I obeyed.

James said, “Do you like my cock?”

I was speechless as I positioned myself between his legs on the tier below him. It took both my hands to go around his swollen dick. It was thickest at the base of the mushroom shaped head and I slowly pumped it with both hands. It was about 8″ long and as I pumped a large clear bead of pre-cum appeared at the pee-slit. Never breaking my eye contact with James I licked it off the tip of his monster cock. I stood in front of him my own 7″ cock hard as steel and I squeezed the shaft producing a drop of pre-cum. He leaned forward and licked it off my cock. Then placing my cock against his own I stroked both our cocks together. I dropped back to my knees and in a lustful trance went to work sucking his tool. My mouth was stretched as I drooled and sucked on the monster. I hefted his balls and sucked them one at a time into my mouth. His balls were the size of large plums and my spit ran down his balls to his asshole. I took advantage of the wetness and worked my index finger into his ass. I went back to work on his cock, that amazing fat cock, I had to have ataşehir escort bayan it in my mouth. James was now moaning and turning me on as he talked to me,

“Yes baby suck it…suck that big fat piece of man meat…mmmmmm you are my cock bitch baby…..yes man do me good…you want my big load of cum baby?….mmmmmmm I know you want it…”

I moaned in the affirmative as my finger found his prostate. I could feel James tense and a deep moan come from inside him. His big balls were pulled up against his body when something happened that I did not expect. James was cummingn yes, but his orgasm was not like any I had ever experienced. I could feel his cock swell in my hand and mouth. Then my mouth and throat were completely filled with cum. White gooey jizz spirted out from the corners of my mouth as I gagged on his massive load. I swallowed once and then pulled off cum running down my chin. Still holding the monster James shot another thick rope of semen across my nose and cheek and then another. I went back down on his fat dick determined to finish the job and received another large shot in my mouth. I swallowed and pulled off when Roxy pushed me aside and with gusto finished off James milking at least a mouthful out of his cock.

Brad appeared to licked my face and kissed me sharing James’ load. My face sticky with cum everyone in the sauna clapped and Tre said,

“Now you are an official member. We have all been the happy recipients of James’ special gift!”

Before I could refocus, Judith had traded places with Brad and was kissing me and stroking my cock. She fed me her massive tits which I sucked on with zeal. Her nipples were puffy and swollen. I could feel something warm and wet on my ass and I looked behind me to see Tre rimming me with his long wet tongue. I was a bit concerned about his intentions but I was so filled with lust that I didn’t really care.

Judith had her tongue in my ear and whispered in a husky voice as she twisted my nipples, “Mama needs you to fuck her soft wet pussy.”

I obliged and easily slid into her well lubricated box. As I slowly pumped Judith, her big tits and belly jiggling with each thrust, Tre was rubbing his cock head against my asshole. I felt a shock of pain as his cock head pushed past my sphincter. Tre was gentle, yet insistent, as he worked more of his cock into me. I gasped as the sensations of fucking and being fucked practically made me pass out in exstacy. Soon I was relaxed and beginning to truly enjoy Tre’s big cock inside me. I had a full feeling and Tre was fucking me in long steady strokes. Judith was moaning and rubbing her clit as I supported my self on my outstretched arms and fucked her cunt.

The three of us had worked into a good rhythm and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. We were covered in sweat, and the noises in the room were both obscene and highly erotic. I looked to my right and Brad was fucking Jesse hard in the ass doggy style and James had come back to life and Roxy was riding his cock like a cowgirl in heat. The scene and the sensations were too much a gasped, “I have to cummmmmm!”

That set off a chain reaction between the three of us. I let go first with Judith and Tre following closely behind. We all pushed into each other holding on tightly in an orgasmic embrace of delight. We collapsed in a heap of gasping, laughing, spent lovers. The three of us kissed and wiped the cum and sweat off our bodies as we watched the other two couples orgasm. Roxy and James were the last to cum. Roxy let out an unbelievable series of gasps and yelps as she came, and she was a little embarrassed as James’ fat cock slid out of her pussy in a flood of their combined fluids.

We all were feeling great as we headed back to the shower.

Jesse said, “Hey who’s hungry?”

We ended the night with great conversation, burgers (salads in Judith and Roxy’s case) and many beers at a casual restaurant…the perfect workout I would say.

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