Hot, Sexy Librarian Ch. 06

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Benji had gone home to visit his parents and Megan and I had decided to spend some time with Darin. Apparently though, they had gotten together and planned to surprise me.

Megan’s lust always served me well…she went down on me, the minute the door closed behind me. She was sparkling and opening my pants, “Sweetie, we got a big weekend planned…and we thought we’d surprise you.”

She pulled my stiffening cock free and stroked it; her tongue lapped up and down the shaft. “You like the surprise?”

“Mmmm, yeah…yeah, I love it!”

She swirled her tongue over the head, probing the slit with the very tip of her tongue. Darin was rock-hard and ready, of course…he came into the living room, jacking it hard and grinning. “It’s a surprise threesome! The perfect start to the weekend, dude.”

Taking turns, we swatted both dicks over her tongue…then we slid them over each other, cock on cock. She grabbed them together and stroked, using both hands. Licking the bundle of cocks was an amazing turn-on for all three of us…that night’s threesome started right at the front door!

She had us both pumping through her lips, going back and forth, eventually settling on me. With both hands, she took hold of my ass and pushed me into her mouth; she took most of it, teasing the limits of her throat. Her lips were stretched tight around its girth, and I rolled my hips to pump her face.

At first, I built up a rhythm, using quick, shallow strokes and holding her head tight. I knew what she wanted and probed deeper, lengthening the thrusts and pumping slower…careful to keep her from gagging. I pushed into her throat, straining her limits, “Yeah, that’s my baby girl, take it deep…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, deep…take it deep!”

She did what she could to reply, nodding, moaning and bobbing to fuck her throat. Eventually, spit strands trickled from her mouth and down her chin.

I reached down to grab a handful and focused on an erect puffy; I played with it and pumped my dick through her lips. I felt the breast jerk from my thrusts and cupped my hand to support it, groping and pressing my fingers into the flesh.

That’s when she popped me out of her mouth and took his. “Honey, gimme that…I know you need it!”

I stepped out of my pants and stroked, while watching her satisfy Darin. After a few minutes, she came back to me and I humped through her lips, while she cupped my balls. She rolled them over her fingers and worshipped my cock, with her mouth…licking and sucking, her way up and down the shaft.

Darin was jerking hard and started seeping; it was starting to run down over the head. He groaned, “Fuck! Got cock drool, here! Gotta slow down…fuckin’ really gotta slow down!”

He slapped it hard to push things back. In another sensuous frottage moment, his precum mixed with her spit, while she licked up and down both cocks, again.

Once we moved to the couch, I said, “Titty fuck,” and she got a big sexy smile.

As she got positioned on the couch, I stuffed my dick between her tits. Darin came back with lube and she said, “Here, let me rub some over this big thing first.”

I grinned, “Well, it’s only fair, as long as I get to do your tits,” she squirted some in my hand and I worked it through her cleavage. Her tits were warm, heavy and firm; they felt good in my hands, all shiny and glazed with the lube. I tweaked the nipples; they were hard and puffy between my fingertips. Her tits were fucking amazing, but when they’re in your hands or wrapped around your dick, they’re C-cup ecstasy.

She stroked lube over my dick, and I started to fuck. She squeezed her tits together and I groaned, “Megan, I need those big titties…yeah, around my cock,” and pumped forward, splitting them with my dick.

She grinned, “I know you like fucking this way.”

“Fuck yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…your tits…fuck, they’re amazing! Stroke it with’m…yeah rub those titties over my dick!”

She didn’t say anything, but lifted her head to lick, when it emerged. Darin got my attention with loud groans, “You want some? Fuckin’ take my place…fuck’r tits.”

She smeared more lube in her cleavage to make things even smoother.

The sensation of fucking her tits had set loose an intense need for more. I lubed, stroked my dick and watched her breasts overwhelm his cock, while he bucked his hips forward. Working them up and down his dick, the fucking got so crazy, she struggled to keep him sandwiched.

I knew exactly what she was thinking when she looked up at me with those big, blue eyes; she loved this…she loved every minute of this. She loved to satisfy men and she stroked those impressive tits over his dick with even greater urgency.

“Yeah sweetie, use’m…yeah, use those titties…use those titties…fuck’m till you cum…cum on my big tits…cum all over my tits!”

I dropped to my knees and layered kisses over the softest flesh, of her inner thighs. When, my mouth covered her, I felt wetness and smelled topkapı escort the sweet arousal. My tongue traced her pussy lips and I focused my attention on the tiny slit.

Pushing through the lips with one and then two fingers. My fingers pumped in and out, and she moaned, “Guys…this…this’s so perfect…oh my god…oh god!”

I thought, perfect? Wait till I get her clit under my tongue. She started humping into my face, when I wrapped my tongue over her clit. Sucking it between my lips, caused her to buck even harder and tighten her thighs. Then I flicked it, causing waves of pleasure to course through her body.

My tongue worked up and down the tiny gap. I pushed it deeper and she was moaning continuously, while I tongue-fucked with a slow, savoring penetration. She was hot, creamy, and super wet inside; the taste and aroma only teased my cock…I was crazy horny, but she was right there with me. With the titty fucking, a tongue deep inside her pussy and my thumb rubbing her clit, I sensed that I would have to back off, if I wanted to save her for later.

I could feel her pussy, squeezing my tongue. As if I could read her mind (or her pussy), I knew she was ready…ready to move on, but when she started riding my tongue, it was confirmed.

“That’s it…that’s…that’s perfect, Rob…Rob…I…I need cock…need that cock…fuck me…fuck me…please, fuck me!” She ran her fingers through my hair and again, “Fuck me…give my pussy that cock!”

Darin pulled from her tits and I pushed her legs way back, to where I could scoot her to the edge. With my hands gripping her thighs, I pulled her into me and slapped my dick down over her pussy.

She eagerly pulled the tiny hood back and moaned, when I started dragging it over her clit…inch after inch, pumping over that swollen bud. Then I teased her lips, running the head through the tiny crack and poking. “Honey, you’re such a tease…mmmm…stop teasing me…and put it in…put it in and fuck me!”

With a big grin, “You really want cock? How deep do you want it?”

She groaned, “Stop it! Yessss…fuck me! Fuck me as deep as you can go…you know I want it all! Just fuck me!” I leaned down to share the sex on my tongue; her response was to trace my lips with her tongue, capturing every last bit of her pussy.

My rigid erection bobbed over her belly, and she grabbed the shaft and stroked. She stuck a couple fingers inside herself and spread the juices over the head.

“God, it’s so perfect…and yummy, but go slow,” she grinned.

“Just spread your legs, sweetie…you know I’ll go slow.” The head quickly found her, outer lips, but Darin jumped in and smeared lube over it. He covered her lips, “There that’s better…you’re both ready.”

“Mmmm…can’t wait to feel it…I can’t wait to feel it stretch.”

She reached down to spread herself open for me and I popped the head inside, slowly pumping, harder and deeper. She responded by pulling her legs back farther, encouraging me to go deeper. She was more than ready; she had a burning need between her legs, that had taken over. “Ohhhh god…ohhhh…ohhhh fuck…fuck me…make that pussy feel good…make it feel…yeah…good!”

I gripped her legs, and fucked into her body, pumping hard and teasing her cervix.

“Oh my god…oh my god…oh god…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…so fuckin deep…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…yeah, fuck me…fuck me!”

She rubbed her clit wildly and Darin stroked above her face. I moaned, “Baby, cum hard…cum hard…cum for us…take that dick…take it…cum for us!”

She screamed, “Don’t stop…don’t stop…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me…don’t stop…yeah…oh god, yer…yer making me…cum…making me cum!”

With orgasm rippling through her body, her whole body shuddered, and her pussy pulsed around my dick. Her body was completely immersed; in a way I didn’t exist, it was just her and the dick for two…maybe three minutes…nothing else mattered.

After she finished, I pulled out and bent her over the couch. I came in from behind, and started slamming her, again.

“Rob…Rob…keep fuckin’ me…keep fuckin’ me…cum for me…cum for me!”

“Uhhhh…uhhhh…don’t think that’s a problem…gonna cum all over your ass…cover that ass!” I grinned, “Maybe cum in your mouth…you want us to cover your tongue?”

She looked back with a sexy grin, “Yeah…yeah, that’s good…cum in my mouth…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh god…oh god…I’d like that…cum in my mouth. I want you both to cum in my mouth…all over my face!”

Darin grinned, “Settled…gonna cum in your girlfriend’s mouth?”

“Yeah, do it…do it…cum in her mouth,” I pulled out, to jack my dick and groan, “Meg, get ready for it…get under us.

She grinned, “Sweetie…gotta cum on my face,” and dropped to her knees. “Cum on my face!”

We both jerked hard; I could feel it throbbing and flexing in my hand. Megan closed her eyes tight and stretched her mouth open. That’s when I fatih escort pumped a strand over her lips and another right after that, some falling over her tongue and the rest on her chin.

She groaned, “That’s it, baby…empty your balls all over me…all…all over meeee,” and Darin let loose.

He targeted her mouth, but it went in all directions and scattered over her face; pearly white beads shimmered on her skin and she squealed, “Yessss…more…more…empty those balls!”

Both of us recovering and stroking over her face, we tried to catch our breath. She gave us this big sexy smile and licked her lips, reaching to get it all. She swished it over her tongue and swallowed. Milking my cock and then his, she wrapped her lips tight to make sure to get every drop. She swallowed the precious cocktail and licked both of us, “Mmmm, that’s some hot stuff.”

She wiped her face and offered Darin what she had on her finger, “Swallow it, honey…you know you love it.”

“You’re a cum-slut, just like me,” grinning.

His big grin returned, after he slurped it clean and savored the seed, “I know, I am…totally a cum-slut.”

Megan’s eyes lit up, “Now how’s about we take you to dinner, sweetie? Darin and I are paying.”


I had to get some work done first thing, but I was spending the rest of the day with Megan and she stopped by my office to pick me up.

I thought I heard her voice downstairs; but then I heard a student say, “I think he’s in the office…up those stairs…um sorry…I guess you know where it is.”

We took off down the sidewalk, dodging a bike. “You know, I think we stirred up some gossip at the studio.”

“What do you mean?”

Well, the other day you met me there, at the office, and I heard the guys talking about you. It’s sort of funny, because guys are such freaking gossips…especially when it involves a hot woman.”

“Janie told me, but I do like being labeled as hot,” she giggled, “I guess they saw us kissing or holding hands!”

“She said I’ve got a fan club of male undergrads and apparently you’ve got some male admirers, too,” she giggled

“Yeah, I know that…I know who they are. Janie hears way more than I do…students tend to be better behaved around me. I’ve only overheard the whispering, but I think they feel comfortable in discussing things with her.”

“Well, you be careful,” she grinned, “if those guys ask you for a special exam, Darin, Benji and I will take’m out!”

I laughed, “Baby girl, threatening is a good look for you; you’re really too cute to be threatening.”

“Yeah, well they need to watch it.”

“Let’s grab lunch, ninja girl and I need to check out that site; come with me and it’ll only take twenty or thirty minutes…I promise. Then we could go check out that new trail.”

“I’m in…this’s our day. We had things to get done this morning, but the rest of the day’s ours,” she kissed me.

We were talking at lunch, and after the gossip discussion, I remembered Janie’s weird glances. She’s the best TA ever, and I thought it was odd…or just not her norm.

I asked Megan about it and she smiled, “Well…um…have things been awkward. I know we talked about this, but I’m sorry…I really need to apologize. I’d been so good about not talking about our relationship…after months of dating, she only knew things were going well. I think I blew it the other day.”

“What did you do…or say,” I grinned?

“Well, I got a little buzzed and talked some.”

I shook my head, “Talked about what?”

“Well…well…your penis! I described your penis to your TA; I’m so sorry.”

I laughed, “Sweetie, just calm down…it’s no big deal…really. They were only awkward glances…I’ll get over it.”

“Oh great! She’s ogling you…your crotch…your ass. That’s exactly what a girlfriend wants to hear…her cute roommate’s checking out her boyfriend…I’m so sorry.”

I couldn’t resist teasing her, “Wait a minute I heard ass, there…you talked about my ass? And I thought guys were the gossips…women are way worse.”

“In my defense, I just talked penis and she started the conversation about your butt…but I will admit to talking it up. I mean, how can I not talk about that cute, little tush?”

“Baby girl, I’m just teasing…okay” I kissed her forehead?

She grinned, “I know, but I do deserve it,” and her eyes met mine. “I promise…no more penis or butt talk…and I promise I’ll make it up to you…in a way you won’t forget…promise.”


We got a little sidetracked from the main trail, trying to photograph a hornbeam. I grabbed at her ass and shot a couple photos, several featuring details of the tree and one focused on her butt.

“Did you just shoot my butt?”

“Yeah, you got a photo-worthy ass…it always looks good. It can really be distracting…you know? You got a butt to savor…I’m not the only one with a cute butt.”

She eyüp escort giggled, “You’re a professor, not a teenage boy!” When the wind blew, dappled sun trickled over her face and brightened her smile.

“I am a professor, but I am that teenage boy, too…you know that.”

She reached up and kissed me…with a deep, lingering kiss. She held my face with both hands, and I kissed down over her neck, and groped her chest. I could tell she was wearing a thinner, light-weight bra; I could see puffy, mounded outlines. Her nips were pressing through it and the t-shirt.

Things got a little heated and she got a sexy grin, “You know I promised you at lunch…I’d make it up to you.” She pushed me back to sit on a big, log and we both looked around to see if we were alone. The woods were empty…almost; you could only hear some kids on the trail, off in the distance.

“It’s no big deal, sweetie,” I grin, “but I’m not turning down make-up sex.”

Our eyes locked, while she worked my jeans down…she had her hair pulled back and I watched it bounce, as she bobbed over my dick.

Taking hold of the ponytail, I pulled her off. With the spit-soaked head, I dragged it across her face, and poked at her forehead. Then thumping her cheeks with the shaft, I watched the smile grow and she giggled, “You, big tease…gimme that thing…put it in my throat!” She jerked her head to the side and grabbed it with her lips.

Yeah, she said it! She said, “Put it in my throat.” You never…ever…turn that down. She took it just past halfway, but I gently pumped forward and pulled her face onto the cock. After she mastered the art of throating cock, she loved having her head forced…and she really loved face-fucking (and so did I).

I held her in place, letting her adjust, before I started. Pumping my hips and pushing into her throat, “Yeah, sweetie! Take that cock…yeah, take it…take that cock!” Feeling it go into her throat, I groaned, “Ahhhh god…fuck, that’s amazing…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…keep that going…keep it up…keep it up…uhhhh…uhhhh!”

She loved to hear my groans and sexy rants; she got great satisfaction, knowing that she could give me such pleasure…it turned her on…it made her wet.

“Fuck yer throat…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it…fuck yer throat with that dick…ride it…ride it with your face!” I pumped her, driving my cock, in and out…in and out, “Mmmmmm…fuck…that feels good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…so fuckin deep!”

With one last thrust I groaned, “Oh god… I’m going to fucking…cum…cumming, babe…already cumming,” and grabbed her head again. My dick throbbed, swelling each time I rewarded her throat; it ran straight into her belly.

We sat on the log and caught our breath; she looked around again, to see if we were still alone, “Baby, I want you more than ever.” She looked down at my half-hard dick and rubbed a hand over her pussy, “I know I can get you hard again.”

I smiled, “I know you can…and it won’t take long,” as she kicked her shoes off and stepped out of her pants…and panties.

She started to stroke it; I was standing straight up and rock-hard, by the time she pulled off. I spread out my flannel shirt, took her by the waist and helped her up onto the log. She was already wet, when I spread her lips, but I knew it was tight and she was going to need more.

I went down on her, fucking with my tongue…and spreading her with my fingers. Once I got three inside and pumping, I knew she was ready. I rubbed the head through her, spreading the juices and adding a little more, by spitting on my hand.

I could feel the lips stretching and watched her mouth gap, with a whispered moan, “Ohhhh…ohhhh god…oh Rob…slow…yeah, slow…yeah…yeah, that’s it.” Once I was all the way, she groaned, “Fuck me, slow…just take it slow.” She giggled, “The next time, I’m bringing lube!”

I laughed, “Thinking the same thing.”

I pulled back some, and gently pushed forward. I pumped slow, lengthening each stroke…another, then another…then another…and another.

My baby girl was tight and working hard…working my cock, like she always did; she pushed herself forward to force it deeper. With my dick fully buried, her belly moved with the thrusts; I could almost see the outline.

Her head rolled back, she closed her eyes and moaned louder. Pushing in and pulling out, over and over, my dick was dragging her tight pussy lips with it. You can’t imagine how hot and pliable her insides felt…she was tight as fuck and steamy hot. I gazed up into the trees and moaned, with the same ecstasy that she felt.

I watch her shudder and writhe beneath my pounding thrusts; the sensations were driving us closer and closer to those final moments of pleasure. She looked angelic, almost like a fairy in the woods, as she stared directly into my eyes. Her fingers worked her clit and she moaned with mounting urgency, “Fuck me…yeah…yeah…fuck me, Rob…fuck me, Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…yessss…fuck me!”

I fucked with long greedy strokes, “Oh god…oh god…fuck me…fuck me…don’t stop…don’t stop, baby!” Her body shuddered and bucked with orgasm, while my pace got more frantic.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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