Hot Streams, Ch. 06

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The drinks were starting to hit Lindsay a little harder as they reached AJ’s office door, and toilet he had told her was there. On top of the pressure between her legs, she was feeling pretty good from head to toe–maybe she could squeak some enjoyment out of this predicament. His office was about what one would expect from someone who spent maybe one or two days a week there–a clean and organized desk, empty wastebasket, and a ridiculously plush, navy blue carpet that squished under Lindsay’s feet as she entered the office.

“Where is it?” Lindsay asked, trying to determine if the wetness in her panties was from peeing herself a little or from being so turned on. AJ was remarkably comfortable, given the circumstances–and Lindsay, still hoping to find some pleasure in this, wondered if he wouldn’t be so inclined to watch her go.

“Um, yea.” AJ was suddenly nervous. What was going on?

“So, the carpet.”


“You can pee on the carpet.”

Lindsay felt her face twist with both shock and confusion. Now she was suddenly feeling bashful about how badly she needed to go–was he telling her to pee on the floor, no holds barred?

And–could she convince him to watch?

“It’s a really, really absorbent carpet. Like, you won’t even be able to see the puddle in a few minutes.”

Lindsay’s face was still screwed up in disbelief, but she was more than ready to release her bladder somewhere–right now.

AJ could see it himself. “I spill a lot of coffee,” he offered lamely.


“Yep. Coffee.” He turned his back towards her and started towards the office door. “So, I’ll just step outside and, uh…”


Lindsay knew it was the drinks, but she felt bold–bold enough to inquire. She wasn’t sure if he would even turn around, but she may never have have the balls to take this chance again! She gripped the hemline of her skirt as AJ turned towards her.


“Will you stay?”

His eyes went wide as she started pulling her skirt up her thighs. In an instant, his heart skipped with realization–she wanted him to watch.

And her underwear–already showing wetness–was pink.

It was her–the girl he’d been thinking about nonstop since that morning.

Lindsay grinned as AJ’s expression turned from shock to awe. “Do you want to watch?”

He stepped closer, suddenly aware of the tension in the air–and in istanbul travesti his chinos. As he finally peeled his eyes from her crotch, he took his final strides towards her and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she told him confidently, feeling the pleasure of anticipated relief. The pressure was returning, and she was ready to burst.

Lindsay smiled at AJ and closed her eyes as her fingers moved to slide her underwear from the crease in her vulva. Her heeled feet were spread apart, and her hips were thrust gently forward towards him, begging him to watch. The air was hot with curiosity as her labia was fully exposed to him, lightly swollen.

Then, she sighed gently and relaxed the muscles holding back her flow, almost not believing she’d really done it, despite the hissing sound from the pee streaming out of her body like a water from burst hose.

The stream hit the carpet with a powerful splash, and Lindsay heard AJ softly moan.

AJ leaned himself against the desk, his hands feeling beside him for support. He tried to swallow, but his mouth was dry, as if he’d been panting at the sight of her tanned thighs and pink panties.

The rush of her release relaxed Lindsay as it aroused AJ, his cock straining against the zipper of his pants. His gaze wavered from the relief on her face towards the stream of urine being expelled from her body and soaking the ground beneath her spread legs. AJ hadn’t even had the chance to enjoy the freedom this carpet offered him–only at home, so far–but as Lindsay opened her eyes and they made eye contact her for the first time, AJ felt that there was no one more suited make the inaugural puddle.

Her stream was slowing as she pulled her hips back and shook her heads in her hands, laughing, but clearly embarrassed. She peeked at him from behind her hands.

“Are you okay? I can’t tell if you’re shocked or turned on or–“

But AJ, maintaining their gaze as he stepped forward, only guided her to his office chair.

“Will you take off your panties?” he asked her after clearing his throat. Then, kneeling, he told her to rest her legs on the chair’s arms–he wanted her wet bottom completely exposed.

She looked down into his eyes as she nodded and stripped her wet thong from her body. AJ held the thong in his hands as she stepped from it, protecting the integrity of Lindsay’s piss from the travesti istanbul floor of the office. She sat in the chair as he requested–now, totally spread, he moved to kneel before her.

Her labia now framed the opening of her vagina, and the smell of her pee filled the space between his nose and her legs.

“May I?” His voice almost cracked with anticipation. He looked into her face, hoping that she could hear a most intimate begging in his voice. Lindsay, a little quickly, whispered “yes.”

He waited only long enough to loosen the tie around his neck and gaze at the picture of beauty before him: a pee-soaked crotch that needed cleaning. The scent of her musk and urine pulled him in closer and his tongue slid into the salty crevices of her vulva.

A lust so immediate poured from his mouth to her skin.

He licked her with broad strokes, top to bottom, pulling gently on the her labia as he cleaned her. Gentle, low groans escaped his throat as he sucked her into his mouth, as a starved man would, preserving every drop of nourishment while feasting ravishingly on the offering before him.

Lindsay’s left hand was brushing the locks hair from his eyes so she could watch as AJ hungrily swept his tongue over her clit and slipped a finger, then two into her pussy. When he moved into her, his palm pushed against her anus. It was then that she groaned with pleasure, the small hole already starting to relax with anticipation.

AJ’s lips released their suction for a few seconds as AJ inhaled deeply, his lips and tongue still brushing against her labia as he savored every sensation he was feeling.

But only briefly. His fingers, soaked with the lubrication of her pussy, now rested on the puckered hole.

“Yes–” she said breathlessly. Her right hand fell to her clit as AJ’s mouth instantly changed course, now sucking the taste of her pee from the cracks in her butthole. The tip of his tongue pressed eagerly at the opening, reaching for every taste her body could offer him. The tight hole was yielding to his insistent, eager probing. He wanted in.

Lindsay’s fingers circled her clit with equal enthusiasm, now brushing her own hair from her face. AJ’s hands were firmly gripping her buttocks, tenderly spreading her apart for uninhabited access to her anus. She’d never been pleasured so intensely before–the lingering pee on her skin had long been licked istanbul travestileri clean, but AJ was sucking on her with the same unbridled passion that erupted when he first tasted her.

He heard her breaths shorten, her gentle groaning lengthen, and dug furiously into her ass with his tongue. Her body tensed up as her orgasm built, and she squeaked, almost shy, when the intensity of it rushed through her body. But she didn’t wait for her body to relax before tugging lightly on AJ’s hair, bringing his face away from her sensitive holes and up towards her lips. As their mouths met, finally, she whispered her request.

“Please fuck me, AJ.”

Only a fool would hesitate longer than he did. He kissed her hard, deeply, as his shaking fingers freed his cock from buttons and zippers and Lindsay’s fingers held his face close to hers. Their kissing was wild and unorganized, but still passionate, probing. She broke away from him, slinking to her knees and crawling over to the quickly drying puddle of her piss on the carpet. Looking back over her shoulder at AJ, who was still on his own knees and gazing at her with a hard, interested look in his eyes, she lowered her chest and elbows–her face was just inches away from the piss she’d sprayed all over the floor just a few minutes ago.

He finally broke free from the hold with which her body and passion was gripping him. As AJ resisted the pressure in his bladder–the pressure that threatened to release all over her buttcheeks and the backs of her thighs–and cautiously positioned himself behind her, his dick was fully erect and ready to penetrate her anxious opening. He swear he heard her breath catch as the head of his penis made contact with her skin.

“Ready?” he asked from the depths of his tight throat, still in disbelief that he was about to fuck Lindsay right into her own piss puddle.

“Yes, baby,” she whispered back.

With that, he pushed in. The folds of her labia offered little resistance to his stocky member, and he moved only slowly enough to let her body relax around him. Lindsay let out a moan as his full length entered her, and she could smell and taste the stink of her pee as she breathed in again. His fucking was tight and controlled, and he moved between her legs with a steady rhythm that matched her breaths.

It didn’t take long before he knew he was going to finish, and he shot his load right under her hips into the dark spot on the carpet before falling back on his heels and staring at the ceiling.

Lindsay glanced back at him, her voiced labored but sweet. “Are you okay?”

AJ grinned, then chuckled.

“I’m great–I just really have to piss,” he said.

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