Hotel Rendezvous

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I’m driving around the city. I have on meeting after another to go to. God, I hate lunch rush hour. Makes me insane. My a/c isn’t working, so that is making the drive even more miserable. My cell phone rings.

It’s you. You’re sexy voice makes my pussy tingle. I can feel the juices starting to flow. I can barely drive straight. You ask me if I’d like to make a bootie call. That your wife is at home, but you can escape the house for about an hour.

It doesn’t bother me that you’re married. Hell, I’m just coming out of a shitty marriage, I don’t want to walk back into another. For me, quick sex is all I need. No real emotion or attachments. Just fucking. Sometimes, that’s better than that mushy shit they talk about on Dr. Phil.

We agree to meet at a ‘no tell motel’ in the city. One of those dirty little places, where no one questions the fact that you’re only going to be checking in for an hour. A motel just seedy enough to give our fuck session a dirty ambiance.

You’re already in the hotel parking lot when I get there. You step out of your car as I pull into the empty parking space beside you. As I get out of my little SUV, I hike up my already short skirt, to show you that I’m not wearing any panties.

Your face turns slightly red, and you tell me to wait outside while you go and check in. I give you my half of the hotel fee. No credit cards for us. Don’t want your wifey knowing where you spend your money.

A few men walk by and eye me. I’m wearing a short, black, skirt, a thin white button down shirt, a black bra underneath that, and of course no panties. Because it’s so hot here in Phoenix, my shirt is clinging Escort bayan to my 36 d breasts, and making the shirt transparent. Needless to say, my petite 5’1″, 105 lb frame is very visible in this outfit.

It feels like you’re taking forever to check us in. But, eventually you come out, with the room key in your hand. You usher me to our room, and I can feel my excitement building. God, I need you so bad.

Our bootie calls are kind of funny. We’re sort of business like at first. We walk into the room, and I close the blinds. You walk over to the table and empty out your pockets.

It seems like you’re naked in the blink of an eye. You sprawl out on the bed, on your back. Waiting for me to come to you. ‘Not so fast, I say. You’re gonna undress me.’

You sit up on the edge of the bed and I walk over to you. You slowly, teasingly, unbutton my shirt, revealing my black, lacy bra. My skin feels like it’s on fire every time your fingers come in contact with it. I’m too anxious to let you take off my skirt, so I pull it off as fast as I can. While I do that, you remove my bra.

You ask me if I’m ready…..God, I couldn’t be more ready! Your huge 10 inch cock is already hard. I can see the glimmer of a little pre-cum oozing out of the head. My first instinct is to go over and lick it off.

You lay back on the bed, and say, ‘I know you wanna suck my cock, don’t you? Come here, and suck my cock. I do as I’m told. Taking your cock in one hand, I use my mouth to devour it. Going down all the way to the base of your cock.

I can feel your cock throbbing in my mouth as I suck hard and fast. You reach Bayan Escort down and start grabbing and smacking my firm little ass. Damn I love how you handle me.

I can feel your pre-cum oozing down my throat. Mmmm, so warm and salty. I tighten my mouth’s grip on your cock. Trying to milk more out of you.

You grab my hair and start pushing my face onto your cock, harder and faster. We’re moving at lightening speed. Just then, you tell me you’re about to cum. You pull my head back, pulling me about halfway off your cock. You tell me that you want to look in my eyes as you cum in my mouth. My face is a mask of utter desire as you shoot your white hot load into my awaiting mouth. A little dribbles down my chin, which you pick up with your finger and tell me to lick it off.

After you cum, you tell me to lay down. That it’s my turn. My God, I’m so horny, I feel like my heart is going to explode.

You spread my legs out, as far as they will go. Then you attack my pussy w/ your mouth. You start chewing and biting on my clit, which is already swollen and hard. Your face is being completely covered by my juices. I thrust my pussy into your face as I feel my first orgasm coming on.

My pussy starts twitching, my hips are thrusting like crazy. My whole body begins to convulse. The more I cum, the harder you suck out my juices. Pussy juice is now pouring all down your chin.

After my orgasm subsides, you tell me that you’re hard again. I tell you to lay down on your back. That I want to ride you…

I don’t grab your cock easily, nor do I slowly insert it in me. I slam my pussy down on top of your cock Escort and begin fucking you as hard as I can. Tightening and flexing my pussy around your massive fuck tool.

I arch my back, giving you access to my tits. To my beautiful, red, erect nipples. You start pinching and tweaking them. God, Baby, that feels soooo good! You pull me closer to you, then you push my tits together and suck them both at the same time. I feel like I’m going insane from the intense pleasure you’re giving me.

You reach down, and begin playing with my clit with one hand. While you smack my ass with your other hand. Mmmm, I love it when you spank me. I feel my second orgasm coming on. It’s even more intense than the first.

The fact that you’re doing so many things to me at once is making my head want to explode. The pleasure is beyond reason or intelligent thought. I can’t see or think of anything right now. All I can feel is your huge cock slamming in and out of me. Stretching out my tight, shaved pussy. Causing an ocean of juice to escape my twat.

You grab my ass and tell me that I am to wait for this orgasm, that you want to cum the same time I do. You begin reaming my pussy so hard, that I nearly fall over. You’re so deep in me, it feels like you’re cock is in my stomach.

Just then, you grab my hips and tell me that you’re about to cum. You hold me steady on your cock and push it into me as far as it’ll go. I can feel your hot cum shooting deep up inside of me. After we finish cumming, you pull me down on top of you, and we kiss and cuddle for a little while.

Eventually we pry ourselves away from each other. We take turns taking a shower. It’s funny how modest we become after having sex. Kind of ironic. Just as we’re about to leave, you get a call from your wife. She must have asked you where you’d been. You’re response was that you stopped in for a bite to eat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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