Hotel Rendezvous

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We meet at the hotel room. The room is mostly dark with only a little light on as we take off all of our clothes. I ask you to join me in the bed and you happily snuggle alongside me. As I lay my head on your chest, close my eyes, I start to listen to your heart beating. You make me feel so safe and comforted.

I rest my hand on your stomach, gently moving it side to side, caressing you. Wondering what you are thinking about. 🙂 I roll onto my back and pull the sheet to the side allowing my fingers to gently caress my stomach. I sigh as my hands move slowly up my torso. Before my fingers even reach my breasts, my nipples harden. As i feel the skin tightening, I gently rub each nipple in a circular motion, enjoying the response to their extreme sensitivity. I love watching you watch me.

As much as I want to keep playing with them I want them on your body instead. I lightly trace a trail up your chest to see if I can get the same reaction out of your nipples too. You respond by gently kissing my forehead. I reach my hand behind your neck and pull your lips to me, kissing you deeply. You immediately respond by climbing on top of me. As I kiss you with my tongue sliding in and out of your mouth, I tilt my hips, pushing against you. Mmmmmm, I moan into your mouth as I continue to kiss you. I feel you slide your hands down and underneath me, squeezing my ass and pulling me up to you.

You immediately move to kiss my neck, knowing how much it always turns me on. I feel your teeth graze me as you gently bite me, making each bite excite me more than the one before it. My hands move up and down your back before my fingers start lightly scratching the back of your neck and running through your hair.

Slowly moving down my body, you move the sheet, pulling it off as you continue kissing me. I arch my back as I feel you nibbling at my breasts. You look into my eyes as your lips caress me. I move my body, to expose my hardening nipples to you. I hold my breath as you flick my nipple with the tip of your tongue, teasing me, making me squirm and ache for more. I move my hand to the back of your head and pull you down towards me, wanting to feel your mouth covering casino siteleri my nipple, sucking it into your mouth. To my delight, you respond to me by doing just that to each breast. I moan as I feel the suction, the pressure, and incredible pleasure of your mouth.

I push up against you, my hips angling upwards. You are so hard! The attention my nipples are receiving is making me wetter and enhancing my need to feel you inside me.

You release your hold on my nipples and move upwards, kissing my neck again. Your lips quickly close over mine, your tongue slipping between my lips. I greedily suck on it as my excitement and arousal levels are rising rapidly. You rub your hard cock against me making me hotter and wetter by the second. You caress and massage my breasts with your hands as we deeply and passionately kiss.

You move slightly off me, and I feel your hand moving downward and then I feel your finger push inside me. It is easy for you to feel my urgency and you slowly massage me pushing another finger into me. Your fingers feel my wetness. You tease me for a few seconds then pull your fingers out of me. I moan quietly in frustration.

You get up out of bed and ask me to join you. You have me bend over the end of the bed with my feet on the floor and my upper body resting on the bed. You pull my hips up so my legs are straight, as you want my ass in the air. You slide your fingers inside me again massaging me and making me so wet. I moan with pleasure. You insert another finger and I let out another moan. You curl your middle finger upwards and immediately begin to massage my G spot, making me squirm and moan even more. I don’t want you to stop so I squeeze my vagina around your fingers, enjoying this deep pleasure. As I feel you pushing harder with your hand, I gyrate my hips in rhythm with you.

Your fingers are making me squirm and I shudder all over in anticipation of cuming. You find my clit with your thumb and rub it gently at first, gradually increasing the pressure on it. My body starts to spasm and my fingers dig into the sheets grabbing them tightly. I start to cum as your fingers penetrate me again. You feel my juices canlı casino start to run down your forearm and you move your fingers deeper and faster inside of me, you bring me to orgasm. You watch me for a few seconds as my orgasm sweeps over me, and you keep your fingers lightly rubbing me. Breathing deeply, I slowly come down from my waves of ecstasy.

You ask me to get up on the bed on my hands and knees. You stand behind me, caressing my ass. I glance over my shoulder at you, looking at you stroking your cock. You rub your hand in a circular motion over my ass cheek, and then the other, squeezing each one firmly. You then move forward rubbing the head of your cock up and down my wet vagina, pushing just the head into me. You know how much I love feeling you slide in from behind, and you make a point of sliding just the head of your cock in and out of me.

You slide your cock in just a little deeper, then firmly grab my hips, driving your cock deep inside me. You thrust into me with such intensity, you shove me forward, then pull me back to you. I push back toward you, taking your cock into me with full force. Your hands move from my hips over my ass cheeks, your thumb pressing against my puckered hole. I respond and clench my muscles tight anticipating what you will do. You immediately feel the increased pressure on your cock.

You slide your cock out of me then push your thumb into my vagina, making it wet with my juices. Just as quickly as your cock came out of me, you slide it back inside and rub your thumb over my ass again. You sink your thumb into my ass, probing it and moving it around as you pump your cock in and out of my vagina. I close my eyes tightly as you forcefully fuck me. I push back to you, my body bouncing off yours. I squeeze my muscles around your cock and thumb, moaning loudly as I feel every inch of you. You thrust harder and faster, pushing deep into me. I can feel your balls slapping against me as you do. I concentrate on you feeling so good inside me. Soon I am moving in rhythm with you. My juices are everywhere and I feel them running down my thighs. You grab my long hair pulling it as you are thrusting deeper and deeper kaçak casino into me. You are doing things to me I have never experienced before.

You pull out your thumb and then lean over me. Your chest and torso pressed against my back. I feel your hands reaching under me, cupping and squeezing my breasts. The angle of your cock driving into me changes with you pressed against me, and your demeanor changes with it. I hear you moaning louder, as you slow down your rhythm. You lift yourself off of me sliding out of me. Gasping loudly, I lay down on my stomach, but you pull my hips up and back towards you. You slap my ass and continue to thrust in me again. I can’t believe how much stamina you have.

After you pump me for a bit longer, I pull away from you to catch my breath. I turn around and sit at the edge of the bed with your cock right at my eye level. I look up at you and you lean over passionately kissing me deeply with your tongue. You then look at your very hard cock that has just been inside of me, and you stroke it full length, covering your hand in my juices. You are surprised by the addition of my hand on your cock. I stroke you several times and then I start kissing, licking, and sucking your cock. With a lot of wet slurping noises, I take most of your cock in my mouth and you start to pump my mouth. You push it deeper hitting the back of my throat. You find this extremely erotic. I know that you really like to watch me sucking your cock.

You are getting close to cumming from all the action and stop pumping my mouth. I stop sucking and ask you how you want to finish. You push me back on the bed and lift my legs up, pushing them back and wide with your arms and the weight of your body, which causes my pelvis to rise up. I feel your cock enter me again. You are so deep inside of me I can feel the head of your cock hit my cervix and push way up inside of me. You are really rock hard. I feel the start of another orgasm and I start to scream and moan which started at my toes and moves through my body. You start to moan and groan as you are climaxing with me. Your cock is pulsing inside of me, and you let out a big groan, injecting me with your cum. You let my legs down, but you stay inside of me until you go limp.

We lay on the bed cuddling with each other and softly kissing each other until we fall asleep.

I do feel lucky to get to experience you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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