Household Chores Ch. 02

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Diana threw out the coffee that she had made earlier — before we had embarked on our mutual masturbation session — and made a fresh pot. ‘Would you like some toast or something with that?’ she asked.

I told her that I was fine. ‘But thanks anyway.’

We drank our coffee while sitting out on the little terrace beyond the sitting room’s French doors. Diana kept glancing back into the room, assessing the new furniture layout. ‘Yes, I think that’s much better,’ she said after the third or fourth glance. ‘We’ve done good work this morning, Jamie. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling quite … well … satisfied, I suppose.’ And she smiled knowingly.

I know that I, too, should have felt satisfied. But when I went back to the flat and had a shower before getting dressed, I still couldn’t resist soaping up my cock and having another quick wank while thinking about Diana and wondering how it would feel to have my hard cock in her pudgy pink pussy.

The following Monday, I started my new job. And by midday Monday I had reached the conclusion that ‘art trainee’ was just another way of saying ‘personal slave of one of the senior art directors’. By Thursday I had also worked out that 14-hour days were just the norm. Still, everyone has to start somewhere.

Happily, on the Friday my ‘slave master’ — Bucky — had some lunch or something to go to. ‘I probably won’t be back today,’ he said. ‘You may as well go home early.’ And so I did.

On the way home, I stopped off at the supermarket and grabbed a few groceries. But, even allowing for this little detour, I was still home by three. I put away the groceries, changed into a pair of shorts, and went out to the garage to investigate Diana’s lawn-mowing equipment.

At my parents’ place, I’d been used to a petrol-powered lawn mower — a trusty Briggs & Stratton or Johnson Iron Horse. But Diana had one of the electric mowers that seemed to be all the rage at the time. It took me a moment or two the get the hell of it. Apart from anything else, I was wary of the possibility of running over the power cable. But, in the end, I managed to turn the slightly-overgrown patch of grass into an (almost) immaculate lawn.

I was sitting out on the garden bench, admiring my work and enjoying a long glass of cold lemonade, when Diana called out.

‘Oh, there you are,’ she said. ‘The lawn looks great, by the way. You’ve done a really nice job.’

‘Thanks,’ I said.

‘I don’t know if you have any plans for this evening,’ Diana said, ‘but I’m going to make paella. I take it that you like paella?’

I don’t think I’d ever had paella at that point in my life, so I had no idea whether I liked it or not. I wasn’t even that sure what it was. But I nodded anyway. Whatever it was, it trumped having to make my own supper.

‘Good,’ she said. ‘Come over about 6:30. Oh … and Dawn’s coming too.’

When I arrived next door at Diana’s place, she had a big pan on the stovetop and she was cooking pieces of chicken with chopped red onions and garlic. As we chatted, she gradually added some red powdery stuff (which I later discovered was smoked paprika) and some rice, and stirred it all about for three or four minutes before adding chopped tomatoes and various herbs. ‘Right. That now has to cook for about ten or 15 minutes,’ she said.

While the chicken and rice mixture canlı bahis was cooking, Diana produced a bottle of wine and three glasses. ‘I take it you’ll have a glass of wine,’ she said. ‘It’s a pinot gris.’

Again, I hadn’t really had a lot of wine at that stage of my life. My parents weren’t really drinkers. But I thought, yeah, why not? I was about to try paella, so why not add pinot gris to the list? ‘Thanks,’ I said, doing my best to sound suave and assured.

It was at about that point that Dawn arrived. She was looking great — no, make that fantastic. I don’t know if it was what she was wearing (a knee-length floral skirt and a plain navy silk blouse), or maybe the fact that she seemed to have been out in the sun, but she just looked great. Diana greeted her with a kiss — not on the cheek, but right on her lips. ‘How are you, darling?’ she asked.

Dawn said that she was really good — and even better since Howard had decided to go fishing for the weekend. ‘And I’m really looking forward to your paella.’

‘And how are you, Jamie?’ she said. ‘Settling in?’

I told her that I was, and that I was starting to get to know my way around town, and that work was starting to make sense, and … well, a whole lot of other stuff. Although, of course, I didn’t tell her about the mutual masturbation session that Diana and I had had — or how I had had at least one great wank every day since, just thinking about my landlady and her pudgy pink pussy.

While Dawn and I chatted, Diana added seafood and broad beans to the paella and then set the table for three. ‘Twenty minutes and counting,’ she said. I remember that the aromas wafting from the gently simmering paella had my taste buds tingling. And I was also starting to get a bit of a buzz from the wine. But then — before the wine had done too much damage to my equilibrium — we were eating.

After three or four mouthfuls, I decided that Diana’s paella was just about the best thing that I had ever tasted. Or maybe I was just in the mood. After all, there I was, away from home for the first time, drinking exotic wine and eating exotic food with two very attractive older women. It was almost better than sex. Mind you, the moment I started to think that, I got to thinking about Diana sitting on the edge of her bed, with her nightgown pulled up around her waist, strumming away on her glistening pink pussy. I wondered if maybe we would get to do it all again. Maybe even that night? After Dawn had gone home?

‘So what do you think of the new layout in the sitting room?’ Diana asked Dawn.

‘I like it. I like it very much,’ Dawn said.

‘Yes. It works, doesn’t it? Jamie helped me — didn’t you, Jamie?’

I remember kind of nodding.

‘In fact you helped me quite a bit on Saturday morning, didn’t you?’ Diana said.

I think I just nodded again. It was probably the wine, but I could feel myself getting a bit hot and flustered. I’m sure my cheeks must have been getting a bit red.

‘It’s nice to have a good-looking young man to help out about the house — you know, for a bit of variety.’ And Diana winked across the table at Dawn.

‘Do you think Jamie might help me as well?’ Dawn asked.

‘Oh, yes, I think so,’ Diana said. ‘You could give Dawn a helping hand, couldn’t you, Jamie?’

‘Of course,’ I said. ‘If you have any little bahis siteleri chores that need doing … you know … just ask.’

Dawn and Diana both smiled and nodded — a little conspiratorially, I thought. ‘Thank you,’ Dawn said. ‘Yes, I’m sure that I can find something you could help with.’

To follow the paella, Diana had made little individual orange flans. They too were delicious. Even after the paella, I managed to eat two of them.

‘Why don’t we move through to the sitting room,’ Diana suggested when we had finished eating. ‘I’ll get some more wine.’ And then, as she joined us in the sitting room with the second bottle of wine, she turned to Dawn and asked her if her shopping trip had been successful.

I remember Dawn’s eyes lighting up. ‘Very successful,’ she said. ‘What do you think?’ And she raised her skirt to show us her (presumably new) red satin-and-lace knickers.

‘Very nice,’ Diana said. ‘Very, um, sexy. And is there a matching bra?’

‘Oh, yes,’ Dawn replied. And she began unbuttoning her blouse to show us her red satin-and-lace bra. One button. Two buttons. Three buttons. And she didn’t stop there. Soon her blouse was draped — elegantly — across the back of one of the chairs. And then the skirt came off too. ‘What do you think, Jamie?’ she asked.

I thought that she looked fucking fantastic — but I couldn’t really say that. So I just said something like ‘Very nice’.

‘This satin is so smooth,’ she said, gently caressing the satin panels that were supporting the underside of her breasts. ‘Come and feel.’ Dawn was looking at me when she said this, but I remember being sort of glued to my chair. ‘Come on,’ she said. ‘Don’t be shy. Come and run your fingers over this nice … smooth … satiny fabric.’

I got up and took a couple of steps towards her.

‘Here,’ she said, and she took my hand and placed it on her bra-clad breast. ‘Doesn’t that feel good?’

It certainly did. It felt fucking fantastic — smooth and warm and slippery. And her breast felt firm and yet slightly soft.

‘Do you like my new bra?’ she asked.

I nodded.

‘Yes, I thought you would,’ she said. ‘And this bit here? I think you’ll like this bit.’ And she moved my hand down to the satin panel that covered her tummy and disappeared between the tops of her well-toned thighs. ‘Doesn’t that feel … well … sexy?’

It sure did. I could feel my cock beginning to struggle in the confines of my jeans. And it seems that this did not escape Dawn’s attention. Nor Diana’s for that matter.

‘Jamie would appear to be pleased to see you,’ Diana said. ‘Maybe you should help him out of those jeans.’

Dawn smiled. ‘Good idea,’ she said. And she slowly undid my belt and then lowered the zip of my jeans. ‘Hmm, I think these need to go altogether,’ she said.

‘And those briefs too,’ Diana suggested.

There was no point in me fighting it. Apart from anything else, they out-numbered me. So I kicked off my shoes and allowed Dawn to remove my lower garments. I was then left with just my T-shirt — and a rampant cock pointing up towards the ceiling. (Ah, those were the days.)

‘Very nice,’ Dawn said. ‘Very nice indeed.’ And then, turning towards Diana, she said ‘Your description was spot on. I am not disappointed.’

‘I doubted that you would be,’ Diana said, and then she quietly bahis şirketleri left the room. When she returned, a few minutes later, she too had stripped down to her coffee-coloured bra and knickers. And she was carrying a large towel and a few bits and pieces. In the meantime, Dawn had gently removed my hand from the outside of her knickers and had slipped it down inside them, past the neatly-trimmed patch of soft girly hair, and on to the smooth lips of her warm moist pussy. And, while I tentatively explored this exquisite treasure, she expertly fondled my throbbing cock.

After a few minutes of this positively delightful carnal activity, I suddenly became aware of a low-pitched buzzing sound. Diana had spread the towel out on the couch and was sitting, with her legs spread, massaging her own satin-clad pussy with a large vibrating dildo.

‘Good?’ Dawn asked.

‘Mmm. Very,’ Diana assured her.

‘Right. Well I think you two have now had quite long enough to admire my new knickers,’ Dawn said huskily, and she slowly, sexily, wriggled out of them and let them fall to the floor. ‘I think I’m ready for some cock now.’

Dawn took me by the hand and led me over to the couch where she leaned forward, resting her hands on the padded arm rest, and presenting her beautiful arse towards me. And what a beautiful arse. Wide and womanly, but firm, with a clear valley between her two shapely globes.

‘Here, let me help there,’ Diana said.

Diana’s ‘help’ began with her licking her fingers and then trailing them, gently, along the length of Dawn’s crack, starting at the top, running down along the valley, pausing — just briefly — at Dawn’s cute pink rosebud, and then continuing on and finally burying two fingers deep into Dawn’s waiting cunt. Dawn gave out a little moan and pushed back against Diana’s hand. ‘You like that, don’t you, you dirty girl?’ Diana said. And then, with her fingers now covered in Dawn’s pussy juice, she did it all again — except this time she allowed her fingers to circle Dawn’s rosebud several time before continuing on. ‘You like having your arsehole played with, don’t you?’ she said. And Dawn gave out another little moan.

After a minute or so of Diana’s ministrations, Dawn turned and looked over her shoulder at me. ‘Are you ready?’

Was I ever? I was beyond ready. If I had to watch and wait much longer I was going to be coming all by myself.

‘Yes, I think he’s ready, darling,’ Dawn said.

Taking my cock in one hand, Diana used the fingers of her other hand to carefully spread Dawn’s smooth sweet lips. Slowly, gently, she lined up the head of my cock with the glistening entrance to Dawn’s cunt. I tried to pause, but it was no good. Almost the moment my cock touched her entrance, Dawn thrust her hips backwards, towards me, so that her cunt completely engulfed my cock. ‘Oh, yes!’ she said. ‘Oh, fucking yes! That feels so good.’

For maybe a couple of minutes, I vigorously thrust my cock in and out of Dawn’s cunt — while she frantically fingered her clit and Diana played with her arsehole and told her what a dirty girl she was, what a horny girl she was, what a horny fuckslut she was.

And then I knew I couldn’t hold on any longer. ‘Oh … god … I’m going to … come,’ I grunted.

‘Oh, yes,’ Dawn said. ‘Oh, yes. Let me feel your hot cum filling my hungry cunt.’

And so I did.

‘And now I think I should have a turn,’ Diana said. Whether she meant it was now her turn with me or her turn with Dawn, I wasn’t too sure. Well, not at that stage. But I was about to find out.

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