Housesitter Handles Her Business

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Minutes passed after Glenn left before I realized that I’d been hanging over the back of the sofa with this ridiculously huge grin on my face. I raised my arms overhead for a long, luxurious stretch and lowered them, causing my chest to rise up for a moment. Still smiling, I looked at my bare breasts and shimmied the ‘ladies’ proudly.

“How lovely you are!” I thought to myself. “And our blond-boy sure knows how to make us all feel so good!”

The memory of last night brought with it a jolt of energy that would not let me sit still. Throwing my blanket aside, I got up from the sofa and stretched again. This time, the sensation of muscles releasing their tension spread through my entire body from toes to head. Even my pussy was feeling moist and inviting again! Sensuously, I pressed my hips forward, placed one hand just above my bush and twirled the thick curls around my fingers. Sighing deeply, I almost couldn’t believe how good my body felt. Then it dawned on me that I was still buck naked from my adventures in house-sitting. All in one night I’d gone from studious good-girl to fabulous fuck-friend and exhibitionist and whatever that old man across the street came up with! I laughed aloud as I remembered how good my friend was, and especially how good the fucking was!

“What a gentleman!” I thought to myself. “He even covered me up when we were finished. Dang! I’d better ask him where he got that blanket!” Even though things got pretty wild last night, I couldn’t let the place go to pot, or else I wouldn’t get paid or laid for a long time! I decided to tend to the housework later, and grabbed the stereo remote from the coffee table. I don’t know what dainty little music these walls have heard before, but while I was running the show, we were gonna have some Nelly, Beyonce and Justin up in here! Once I found a station I liked, I cranked it up and headed upstairs to grab some grub and a long, hot shower.

The bathroom was just as posh as the rest of the house. I remembered I had to set up my bathroom stuff inside before they left. “To keep things orderly,” Mrs. Spector said. They even set aside some towels for me “for my personal use”. (I wondered if the Doc would keep them, or if his wife would burn them once I’d left!) At least they put out the good stuff. As I held up the biggest towel, it brushed against my body, and my nipples reacted instantly. I pressed it closer to me, marveling at how warm and soft to the touch it felt. In fact, it felt a lot like the thick pile carpet that blanketed the floor. Yeah, there was carpet in here, too, except for small areas around the tub and shower. That’s what really floored me; the shower was separate from the tub! Apparently, “Queen Bee” Spector had some trouble with her knees, so the Doc had a sit-down shower built especially for her. It even had one of those water massage-type shower-heads.

Hmmm….I wonder if it massaged more than just knees…!

I grabbed my shower cap (Gotta keep the hair right, you know. Can’t get it wet!), opened the shower door and stepped inside. The doggone knob looked like a VCR remote! There were commands for heat, cold, water spray…ah! This looked promising. “Water bursa escort pulse”, it read. I set the dial and removed the shower head from its base, holding it down to the floor. When I turned on the water, it was freezing! I jumped away from the cold stream flowing onto the floor, and

finally, the water warmed up. When I tested it with my hand, I noticed that the water came out in a straight line, like a water gun. One more twist of the knob, and the water flowed stronger. I sprayed the seat behind me a few times and quickly sat down. Brrr! So much for hoping it wouldn’t freeze my sweet ass! I growled to myself. Oh well. Carefully, I held the shower head over my thigh, testing the stream. It felt strong, and just warm enough. Certain the water temp wouldn’t scald me, I opened my legs slightly and aimed for my pussy.

Ooooh, Wow! My body jerked slightly as it absorbed the new sensation. The warm stream splashed straight at my pink slit, its jet-propelled bubbles created tiny pulses that slowly began to tickle my hot little opening. It was the strangest feeling, being cleansed and getting dirty almost at the same time! I brought one foot on the seat to get a better angle on my sweet puss when the stream hit my anus. ZING! Whoa! I could turn on every part of my body with this shit! Just from that last hit, my nipples shot up to attention! In fact, once again, my whole body was ready for action as I let the stream hit my puckered opening some more to allow a fantasy of my own to come into play.

“The royal pussy is clean, your highness,” I said dramatically,” and ready to receive the offerings of her blond-boy subject! I am Samantha the Bru, the strong and curvy! Obey me, satisfy my lusts, and I’ll let you stay…and play…with my treasures!”

I moved the shower head up and down my slit, letting the water stimulate all three pleasure points. When my shy little clit finally emerged to soak up every delicious vibration, I took a deep breath and set the water pulse on high.

The stream changed to a hail of gunfire. (At least that’s what it felt like!) Short, sharp bursts of water now pelted my clit with rapid-fire speed. I felt myself pressing against the back of the seat as if trying to run from this attack. But my poor little pearl had already been exposed too much, and before I could brace myself, my pussy gushed, and…

“Oh shit, yeah! YEAH!” I heard myself gasp as the electric-shock tremblings overtook me. Heat and cold, then heat again, spread all over my body as I came. My nipples stood up straight and painfully hard, and my skin was pinched all over by another wave of goose bumps. Pushing the shower-head away, I firmly pressed my hand on top of my sex. I could feel the little nub throbbing away as quickly as my heart, and I pressed harder until at last it seemed to calm down. As I heaved a deep, lust-filled sigh, I brought my hand to my face to sniff and taste my own flavor once again. Then, I changed the settings, put the shower head back in its cradle and washed away the evidence. “Oh yes, Samantha, the strong and curvy is truly satisfied!” I sighed, and then laughed aloud. “Aw, yeah! Wait ‘till I get my boy with this tonight!’ bursa escort bayan

Filling my pouf with shower gel, I scrubbed my breasts, arms, belly and thighs slowly. The foam fell smoothly between my brown lovelies as I soaped them up, and I cupped them in my hands lovingly as the water and scented bubbles made them feel all slick and smooth, the nipples still sticking out hard and proud from my adventure with the water-pulser! Once more with the scrub and rinse, and I turned off the shower. Wrapping myself in the big plush towel, I dried my feet with one of the smaller ones. Couldn’t drip all over the floor, now could I? Anyway, I could use it for the pool later. After shaking my hair free, (and it still looked fine, thank you) I headed down the hall towards the kitchen. On the way, I glanced briefly at the picture window in the living room and allowed myself another huge grin. “Sorry; the freaks up in here only come out at nighttime!” I thought to myself. “Better stay clear until Glenn gets back.” As I reached the kitchen, I froze when I saw the clear sliding doors leading to the upper deck above the pool. If I went in for a snack, would someone be able to see me?

I looked at the grandfather clock in the living room. 10:36 AM, it said. “Hmm,” I thought. “Everyone’s probably at work right now, or they’ve got their eyes glued on Maury or Jerry!” Still wearing my towel, I walked through the kitchen to the glass doors and glanced outside. Sheesh! Their lawn looked just as plush as their carpets! Only two houses were in view, and their driveways were empty, so I took that as a good sign. When I opened the fridge, I took it as a bad sign. Except from the fruit, low-fat milk and imported water, everything else was frozen solid! Did they really think I was going to microwave a Lean Cuisine dinner for breakfast?! I grabbed the water, two bananas and an apple and made a mental note to find a pizzeria when Glenn got back, and fast! With snack in hand, I opened up the door to the upper deck and made my way downstairs to the pool.

Man, these people know how to live! The pool area looked like something from a Florida hotel brochure! The whole deck stretched to the doors of the rec room Glenn and I bounced around in last night. There was a barbeque deck, a place for seats or tables, and a changing room for the pool. There was even a hot tub in the corner, which was covered over with a tarp. “Hmm, obviously a not-too-subtle hint to stay away,” I thought. There was another room behind the tub, but with temperature dials by the door, so I guessed it must’ve been the sauna. I also guessed between the changing room, the sauna, and the fences between the both of them, the pool area was more than ready for some butt-naked parties!

Grinning to myself, I placed my snack on a deck chair and pulled my hair into a ponytail braid, speaking aloud. “With the warm approval of the sun god, Samantha the Bru will once again present herself to these healing waters! Do you think these waves have ever been parted by some freakiness? No? Well, we need to change that!” I flung off my towel and my naked body welcomed the sun’s rays. Man! Being outside without a stitch escort bursa on and feeling so warm and so good made me so glad I took this job, and I missed Glenn even more. I leaped onto the uncovered part of the deck and waved my arms wildly at the houses next door. “Woo hoooo, neighbors! What’cha got to say to me now?!” Laughing madly, I ran to the pool and jumped in. After a few laps and bare-ass breast strokes, I heard the stereo from the den announcing the “Noonday play”. Glenn’s classes are done by noon, I reasoned. So I still had time to get some more rays and relax for a little while.

I grabbed my towel, and after patting my hair dry, I spread it over one of the lounge chairs close by the pool. Another long stretch put me thoroughly in relaxation mode as the sun started to bake my beautifully bare body. I hadn’t planned on “going commando”, this weekend, but I was definitely enjoying the experience! Geez! Was I turning into an exhibitionist? I couldn’t help wondering as last night’s events played in my head once more. There I was, my body completely exposed in the streetlight’s glare while Glenn’s lips and tongue made my pussy feel as warm as my whole body did now, basking in the sunlight. “Hmm…my body was getting warm.” I thought. “Better cool it down a little bit.” I took a long drink of the imported water straight from the bottle, splashing the rest on my breasts. Ooooh! Once again, my nipples sprang to full alert mode as the water ran down my chest and belly. Okay, I’m not the “Flashdance” type, but damn! That still felt pretty good! I let my hands slide all over my body, everywhere the water flowed. I cupped and kissed each breast while one hand slowly rustled my bush again. Smiling to the sun, I lay back on the lounge chair and pressed my palm onto the moist wetness already gathering between my legs, allowing the sweet sensations to roll all over me.

I rubbed myself slowly, first raking my fingertips against my clit. As my hand became more and more slick, my fingers slipped right into my cunt. I could feel my hips rolling forward, forcing my fingers to go deeper inside me. My cum juice was building underneath my hand so much, I could feel one finger slide right into my ass! Both openings were hot and wet as both hands now worked on my pussy and clit. I put my feet on the chair and thrust my hips higher, offering myself to the sun and sky. I found myself going deeper than I’ve ever been, nudging my g-spot, my anus clenching, then drawing me in further, and my little clit taking in every motion, every move, every thrust, until suddenly, I couldn’t take it anymore. Whatever wild-ass woman I was becoming, I had to let her out now!

My hips seemed to throw themselves into the sun’s rays as I came again, my orgasm rushing through my body in overlapping waves of ecstasy. I heard myself howl with joy, but I was too far gone to care if anyone heard. My pussy spasmed for what felt like hours as both of my openings pulsed with a pleasure I never thought I was meant to feel, much less enjoy so much! When I finally collapsed on the chair, my palms were drenched by my juices, which I rubbed onto my breasts and belly with a blissful smile on my face.

Grinning madly, I let my hands continue roaming across my well-satisfied, browning body, and looked up at the sky…

…only to see a man on the upper deck landing staring straight at me…

…and the man was NOT Glenn!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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