Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 17

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Ella was the first to make a move, taking Kat and Kelly Ann — one by each hand — and adjourning to a back bedroom. There she allowed the two cheerleaders to undress her. The three of them kissed, made out, and explored each other’s bodies with hands and tongues.

But Ella had something more in mind. She knew her way around Jessica’s house so it was easy for her to find three pairs of handcuffs, which she used to attach Kat’s right hand to the left bedpost, Kelly’s left hand to the right bedpost, and Kat’s left hand to Kelly’s right.

Ella stood back for a moment to admire her handiwork. She wished she had her camera on her to record this wonderful sight, but she didn’t, so she did her best to fix it in her mind: two naked teenagers, bound for her pleasure. Then she walked over and sprawled herself across the two girls diagonally; tall as she was, she was able to do a sort of crossways 69, tasting Kelly’s red-haired pussy as her legs straddled Kat’s head. They went at it this way for a while then Ella repositioned, licking Kat as she pushed her crotch down onto Kelly’s face.

Some time and several orgasms later, Ella finally rolled off and stood looking down at the two girls, straightening and arranging her disheveled hair. “Wow,” she said. “Wow.” And with that she went to refill her wine glass, leaving Kelly and Kat alone, still cuffed to the bed.

“It’s kinda weird knowing my mom is out there,” said Kelly.

“Yeah, it is,” agreed Kat. “But kinda hot, too.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah! I mean, I don’t want to fuck my own mom,” said Kat, smiling devilishly. “But I’d love to fuck yours.”


“Well, I’m sorry, tuzla escort she’s beautiful! What, you don’t think my mom is sexy?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” admitted Kelly.

“Well then,” said Kat. “Let’s just see what happens.”

* * *

On her way to the kitchen Ella walked through the living room, where Jessica was fucking Janice doggy-style with the enormous dildo. Janice was sweating profusely, holding on for dear life, shouting every dirty word in the book as Jessica hammered into her. In the kitchen, Marie was splayed out naked on the kitchen table, covered in chocolate that Jackie London was in the process of licking off her. Ella paused to take a taste off one of Marie’s breasts, refilled her wine, and helped herself to the bowl of warm chocolate that Marie had heated up in the microwave.

As she crossed back through the living room Ella nearly stumbled over Adriana, whom she had completely failed to notice as she was walking through the first time. Ana was still trussed up in that same awkward position, watching Jessica give it to Janice. Ella felt sorry for Ana, who looked up at her with helpless, pleading eyes. Bound and naked as she was — with legs spread wide, revealing dark pussy lips and a hint of the bright inner pink beneath — Ana looked lusciously tempting. Ella was sorely tempted to smear warm chocolate all over her chocolate skin.

But Jessica’s instructions had been very clear, and in her house her word was law. So Ella left Ana as she was and returned to the two cheerleaders waiting for her in the bedroom. She ran lines of chocolate up and down Kat and Kelly with her finger, paying special attention to the pendik escort strategic locations of course, and went slowly about the process of cleaning them off. Then she uncuffed one of Kelly’s hands so the girls could lick each other as well.

When they were completely clean, and had come a couple more times for good measure, Kelly asked to be excused so she could go to the bathroom. Ella obligingly freed her and she ran hurriedly to pee; she had been holding it in for a long time.

As she was walking back Kelly noticed that a door to one of the bedrooms was ajar and peeked in. What she saw amazed her: There was her mother on hands and knees on the bed, head nestled between Samantha Bowman’s legs as Olivia fucked her with a face-dildo from behind. Betty Ann was moaning rhythmically as the black phallus moved in and out of her and her red mane bobbed up and down.

It felt wrong to watch, but Kelly couldn’t tear herself away; she spied there from shadows for a few minutes until Samantha suddenly opened her eyes and looked right at Kelly. A look passed between them, a look that Kelly knew meant something, though she couldn’t say exactly what; then Samantha pulled Kelly’s mother’s head tighter against her crotch and threw her head back in ecstasy. Kelly walked away feeling shaky on her legs, like a young deer.

When Kelly came back into the room Kat had turned the tables on Ella, who was on her stomach with her hands cuffed behind her back and one long leg cuffed to each bedpost, spreading her wide. “Where’s Olivia?” Kat asked Kelly. “I wanna see her eat Ella’s pussy.”

“Um, she’s kinda busy, I guess,” answered Kelly.

“What aydınlı escort do you mean?”

“I saw her in the other bedroom with our moms.”

“Oh… wow,” said Kat. A quick succession of conflicting emotions and exciting images flashed through her consciousness.

“Hey Ella,” said Kat. “You ever fuck Kelly’s mom?”

“Of course,” answered Ella. “Many times.”

“What’s she like?”

“Delicious, of course,” said Ella, licking her lips lasciviously. “I guess it runs in the family.”

“You hear that, Kelly? Ella is a motherfucker. Should we punish her for that?”

After fishing around for a bit Kat located a leather flogger, which she handed over to Kelly. Then Kat climbed onto the bed and pushed her pussy into Ella’s face as Kelly Ann flogged the older woman’s ass and thighs. Ella wasn’t complaining; this was the best time she’d had in months, maybe years. After the punishment, Kat decided that Ella could use a good fucking, but couldn’t find a strap-on in the bedroom. She headed toward the living room to look for one, but on the way she passed the same doorway Kelly had and stopped to look in.

Kat’s mother was the center of attention now; Olivia was pounding her with the face dildo as Betty Ann sat on her face. Kat was riveted by the sight, getting a good look at her mother’s naked body for the first time in quite a while. Samantha was holding up very well, thought Kat; she hoped she looked that good at her mother’s age.

Betty Ann had a great body, too; in fact her breasts were a little bigger than Kelly’s, and they bobbed up and down nicely as she rode Samantha’s face. Kat couldn’t wait to get a go at Kelly’s mom, and just at that moment Betty Ann looked up, saw Kat in the doorway, and smiled at her. It was a smile Kat had seen many times before, but it had a different meaning now. Betty Ann raised one finger and beckoned for Kat to come closer.

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