How Do You Like It?

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So here in lies the age-old question… How do you like it?

Huh? What do you mean? You have no clue what I mean? You don’t think about it? Well since you are still in the dark, please let me enlighten you and open your eyes to the broad spectrum of how it’s really done…

The next time you are on the bus headed downtown to work just close your eyes and think about the really pretty lady sitting across the aisle from you or that quirky looking man in the business suit sitting a seat in front of you on his laptop and expensive Personal Data Assistant as he ‘supposedly’ books dates and meetings. While you are thinking about them, think about how they like it. Is that lady in the business suit actually thinking about heading to work and committing adultery with her boss just to get that promotion? Is she thinking about having him spread her all over his oak desk with everything spilled on the floor? Or is she actually sitting in the seat with no panties on waiting to head home and slide up and down her husband’s hard cock for his birthday or their five year anniversary?

How about that quirky business guy in front of you? Is he waiting to head into his office on the fourteenth floor of the office complex to watch porn on his computer while he collects a paycheck? Big-busted women or how about beastiality porn? He could be headed into work to masturbate furiously thinking about his boss’s secretary or wouldn’t it blow your mind to know that he is actually screwing the boss’s secretary; with her long muscular calves and thighs trailing down from the mini-skirts that she flaunts around casino siteleri the office!

Or maybe you’re a college student… and you’re headed into class on the monorail and a beautiful specimen comes to sit beside you in the hard plastic seats that public transportation provides… She looks you in your eyes and she cordially speaks. You, a straight laced female with a boyfriend at home are all of the sudden creaming in your panties as you stare into the eyes of that female sitting next to you in the t-shirt and sweat pants. Your denim skirt is being threatened of a wet spot as you rub your legs uncomfortably… no not uncomfort… in complete arousal as you think about if she shaves her tiny pink rabbit, or if she’s even wearing a thong or panties at all under those sweats. Oh gosh, now you notice her hard nipples making indentations in her t-shirt and you question if she is wearing a bra…

Or maybe, just maybe you are that male college student… your professor is the object of affection. She always comes in dressed professionally, but what does she look like in the thralls of an orgasm? Is she the quiet silent type, or does she wreathe and grab handfuls of the sheets as she screams out loud? Another twist? Does she like it slow and smooth, or fast and rough? And yet another twist? Does she like small thick cocks to stretch out her frail fragile twat or does she like long cocks railing her completely to the back of her hot tight pussy?

More… really? Let’s go to the grocery store. Watch that mother of three pushing the cart through the produce aisle. She looks tired. canlı casino She looks worn, and in all actuality, her husband of eighteen years just left her for the cashier on checkout lane three. (She doesn’t know that though) …But she hasn’t been laid in over three months. Sexual camel, maybe, or maybe she is dying inside to feel even the slightest touch from anyone. The mailman would be welcomed at this point and he’s heading into his fifties! So what makes you think that carrot she’s picking up is for a salad or a soup? Maybe she was raised the right way so she’s never set foot into a porn shop, but at one point in everyone’s life, the ridiculous gets a try and if this carrot will bring her to the brink of an orgasm while the kids are taking their nap, then it just might have to do the job!

You still haven’t caught on yet have you? How about one more example? Maybe, just maybe, you’re on holiday, and you’re out at the beach. You spot what seems like two best friends out on the beach. They don’t look gay, and they aren’t holding hands or anything, and they seem to be having a conversation about the weather or something of that nature. What you don’t know is that they are actually an experimental couple. Really? Experimental? Yeah… they are two colleagues that have worked with each other for the past eight years at a law firm. Their peers would freak out if they found out the little secret these guys have, but who’s to say that these guys aren’t headed back to their room after a refreshing day on the beach to act out their favorite love scene in a twink flick! Both anal virgins until this kaçak casino point, with loving wives and families at home, but a surprise to you is a surprise to their families too! Skin flute is the new solo instrument in the wind ensemble… or… never mind!

SO, what do you think? Nah, don’t tell me… I already know. You’re already thinking about all of the people that you come in contact with on a daily basis… you’re thinking about that little virgin girl that sits in front of you in nutrition class. She’s waiting on the right guy to come along and take her most valuable possession. That sweet cherry that lies in-between her legs!

Or maybe you’re thinking about that minister at your church that secretly frequents strip clubs and blows his entire paycheck while he claims to be one way openly and lies to his family and complains about a ‘gambling’ problem that doesn’t really exist!

Let’s visit the librarian at the local library who is into the dominatrix scene when the sun goes down, or that police officer that enjoys pain… and not just any pain, but he enjoys that dominatrix librarian stepping on his genitalia and whipping and flogging him until he bleeds…

Or your voyeuristic neighbor… or the paperboy that steals panties from the local laundry mat… or how about your best friend that secretly is into incest…

Now that you are clued into all of the many multi-facets of the sexual world, (with many more to be uncovered if you just look,) you can ask others how they like it while you think about how YOU like it! And remember, that wet spot on the seat that Ms. Business Woman was just sitting in, just may be something other than Sprite!

Until the next installment… keep your brain cells bubbling and your erections hard! And next time you can let me know How You Like It!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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